[DVFP] Dreams, Portents, Warnings (E 2.1, S 2.2)



  • Her hand in mine is a relief. I grip her tightly, and shake my head. "No ma'am — I do need you."

    I beckon her over to the desk, and sit down at one of the chairs on the "business" side of my desk. I motion for her to take the vacant one. "I got some interests outside the bar I've been usin' to my advantage for quite some time now... If I called in a few favors, and redirected them all to security here at the bar, that would give us a sizeable group of violent rocksuckers to play with. If business keeps up, I could sink some jingle into decent boomsticks for 'em... What are you thinkin'?"
  • I sit down nodding as Esco mentions the muscle. Makes sense for him to have a few favors here and there in that department.

    "Bruisers are good, we are going to need bruisers. But we need to look like we don't have any bruisers too. Which means no extra protection outside the mines, no blockades..." I got an idea, but it's zaradann and I have no idea how to see it through. "This may sound scorched but, we have all this free tech lying around," I motion to the wires from the camera still poking up behind him. "We should rig something up ourselves. Our own feed, so we can see 'em coming. Maybe even remote some weapons if we can. We would need to call in someone with skill but... sorry that is crazy."
  • I rub at the stubble on my chin, and nod along. "Now it's my turn to cry ignorance... If you know someone who might have some inkling about that, then I'm all about usin' their tech against 'em. Me on the other hand... I wouldn't even know where to start. Do you have someone in mind?"
  • Hoolies! How am I supposed to know? "If you don't know, I certainly don't. But, I've seen people come through with implants and other pieces of tech, so there has to be someone out there blazebrained enough to take the job. June has some neat tech, " I think, recalling her startling eyes. "someone had to be maintain' it. Maybe you can ask around?"

    [OOC: Sierra spends a hold to have Esco act as her "eyes and ears" - Current hold count 3
  • June... the name alone makes me a bit uncomfortable. Not that I dislike June — she's a fair customer when she's around — I just don't trust her is all. And to hire her to set up a defensive feed for the Irons? That's a big leap of faith...

    None the less, I don't know anyone else... "Yeah, OK," I nod, "I'll check it out. June wouldn't be my first choice — but if she's our only choice... Well, we can ask. It'll take me some time for word to circulate out to my boys, and I'll tell JD to keep an eye out for June — there anything we're missing?"
  • I laugh, nervous, "A solid story for Fat Man, A driver, and luck?"
  • I pull Sierra's hand up to my mouth, and give it a kiss. "Cinch is bound to come through here at some point — we've got 'til then to perfect the story... You're not going to regret this — I promise."
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