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It's late morning and Sasha is scratching at your door, again. Another emergency that doesn't have the decency to wait for a respectable hour. Do you lock your door?

Someone's in your bed this morning. Who is it? How did they end up here, and how do you feel about it? They stir slightly, but don't get up to answer the door, unfortunately.

What does your bedroom look like? Any pictures on the wall? Any curios around that you're fond of?

What do you do?


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    My room... Like I said: I've got an office upstairs, with a desk, and chairs, and the like. The walls dividing us off from the rest of the Diamond are corrugated steel, scavenged from the collapsed building that was out at the entrance of the mine. There are huge wooden beams JD and me reinforced by hand that add extra support to the stone ceilings hanging overhead. I've got these old Edison bulbs on dimmers lightin' the place up.

    There are no windows, or anything like that... When you walk in, the bed's on the left, the desk is on the right, and the far wall has a book-case I made out of scavenged wood, filled with oddments I've gotten in trade that I couldn't bring myself to part with... Books in readable condition, the skull of a sand-snake (all cooked up, and emblazoned), the rusted-arse piece-of-shite knife I used to gut that fekin' fipper arsehole who tried to stop me from takin' JD and the girls out here to the Irons... Random shite like that.

    I've also got a bathroom with a big-arse tub I sometimes let folks with lots of jingle use with a pair of ladies... It costs a pretty penny, considering the disruption to my privacy... I like my setup. It comes on the heels of a long life of doing other folks' dirty work. This place is mine in a way... JD's too, in part, but we built it. I'm proud of it.

    Of course, it doesn't matter how pretty a room is when you're dragged kicking and screaming from your sleep into the waking world... Sasha'd better be holding someone's decapitated head in her hand. I don't take kindly to business waking me up unless it actually is an emergency.

    I wake up next to Wanda — our resident girl with curves-extraordinaire. She's somehow managed to wrap herself in all the sheets, leaving me with none, and sleeping on her belly, crooked, and sprawled out. I'm a little fuzzy on the details — 'cause those drinks with Cinch lasted a little longer than 10 minutes, and JD and I stayed up late helpin' Rufe clean up blood-stains — but I seem to remember bein' disappointed Sierra never came back to take up my offer with my room, and beckoning Wanda to come fek about... I think I needed that, 'cause I'm not as pissed as I was last night — wasn't anything to write home about, though.

    I kick her feet back onto her side of the bed, and reach for the bottle of swill next to me, taking a big chug to wash down the gunk in my mouth. I get up, and walk over to the door, unlock it — 'cause I always keep it locked — swinging it open wide and cringing at the flood of light that pours in from the bar. It doesn't even occur to me that I'm stark naked.
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    Sasha was standing by the door, expectant, prepared for your verbal assaults. She did not expect to catch you in the nude, and pauses for a moment, mouth agape, to look over your body. That gets a small laugh out of her, not at you, a nervous one.
    Then she gets down to business, "Esco, Ziggy set up a roadblock this morning. Right outside The Irons. Her gang is charging entrance to the mine." She glances past you when you hear Wanda groan and start waking up. "Motley's crue came through, and Gigg is with them. And, well, some Amazons, too, but they look like they're riding with Motley for some reason. They're coming to see you."
  • Loopy fekin' witch... That won't stand. I gave her the damn tribute — it's time Ziggy gets a lesson in respecting folks. I stand there a minute, percolating thoughts.
    "Give 'em drinks until I come down. I won't be long..."
    Gotta get the phlegm situated, and put some fekin' pants on... I grab the door, and look Sash in the eye,
    "That all?"
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    She looks up to meet your eye, she was half turned to leave, but still staring. She blinks, "Yes. That's all. I'll take care of it." She turns all the way round and leaves, moving for the front.

    Wanda is sitting up, eyes bleary as she looks for her dress. She asks in her light British accent while stretching, "Want me to help with company, or stay here, Esco?"
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    I shake my head, and close the door behind me. Sasha's a weird fekin' woman... A whore, and a business woman, who looks as shocked as ever to see a blazin' cock and balls. I decide not to give it any thought. I clear my throat, and flick on the lights as I start lookin' for my clothes.
    "Best be gettin' back to work, Wanda." I slip into my pants, and shirt, grab my jacket, and knife, hand her the bottle of booze, and motion to the door. "Keep yourself available for them folks — I like 'em distracted with thoughts of snatch while I do business."
    Then I reach for the handle, and motion for her to step out so I can lock up.
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    Wanda steps into her sandals and comes over to take the bottle from you, taking a big swig of it, swallowing it without a hitch. She steps into the hall, then says, "If I'm distractin' them, I'll need to freshen up." As she sashays away from you, she looks over her shoulder to say, "Don't kill any of them before I get to distract at least one of them, alright?"
  • I shoot Wanda a wry look,
    "You're insatiable, woman... I don't know how to feel about that."
    I step out of my office, and lock the door. Then I slip into my jacket, and make my way down to the bar, to find our guests.
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    You spot Motley's crue immediately. As early in the day as it is, they are covered in road dust and eager to wet their whistles, perhaps enjoy what else is on offer. Sasha is talking at Gigg, and Motley isn't far off. You also spot a few Amazons mixed in the bunch. How are Amazons as customers, normally?

    What do you do?
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    Gigg and Motley,
    Esco is here, coming down the stairs to the bar. He's headed towards you.
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    "Gentlemen," I call, making my way over to them, "This shite better be good if you're wakin' me up before noon."
    I tap an Amazon on the shoulder getting a little too chummy with one of my girls.
    "You gunna snog, or what? We don't serve chit-chat on the menu."
    The Amazon's and me have a strictly business-like arrangement. I like how they make money for me – but I hate how they sit here, chatting up the girls, not payin' for snatch – which is the real money maker in the Diamond – and railing on some poor sap who tells them to buy something or get out...
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    " 'Lo Esco, I need to get logging for my crue but thanks to Fugging Ziggy and hers, the last of my barter has gone to that. On the plus, that allows me and mine access in and out of her roadblock for a time.
    Do you have any gigs you need doin' Maybe stuffs that need taken through that roadblock? Blaze, we aint that picky and we got a good size to accomplish near anything you aim to do.

    We could do something in exchange for a place to shack up temporarily. Only until we can find a more permanent place. We could even offer a little protection should you need such a thing."
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    "Hrmph. Will you even be open in a month, Esco?"
  • I'm about to answer Motley, a little annoyed that I got woken up for this shite, when Gigg opens his fat mouth, and questions my business acumen. My jaw drops.
    "What the hell is that supposed to mean, Gigg?"
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    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 1, 5. Total: 7)
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    "Uhhh. I don't mean nothing Esco, nothin' 'cept I don't have to pay no toll rolling up at the The Depot.
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    Esco, Gigg, and Motley,

    Last and her band are getting drinks and chatting up girls and guys. One of them, a lanky brunette, has already left with one of Esco's boys, heading for a room. Last probably encouraged her to get a move on.

    As you're chatting, Sierra comes in from the outside. She looks confident as she strides in, a sense of purpose, which looks rather good on her. Her robotic owl flaps in over her head and lands on top of the piano, then waits. And watches.
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    When you come into the bar at Diamond, you spot Esco chatting with Gigg and Motley. Motley's gang is all in here, drinking and chatting, taking up four tables. It feels like it might get a little rowdy soon. How do you get along with the crue? any of them you find interesting or have chatted with before?

    Oh, and as soon as you come in, this woman:
    She looks at you, then a few other girls sitting by her, says something you can't hear, which causes Last to chuckle. Then, she hops up from her chair to head up to you. She's moving to intercept you, like she wants to chat or something. She meets your eyes and she isn't moving like she's threatening.

    What do you do?
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    I smile at the boys and start heading in their direction. The bar is busy today - which is to be expected with the Crue in attendance.

    My first interaction with the crue was not under the best circumstances. I was super green, just a few days in to the DVFP and the crue had stopped by to let off some steam. Something must have happened out in the scorch because they were rowdier than usual. Esco was frack knows where, and JD could barely keep up with the drink orders. That's when I saw a few of the guys being rough with the girls. When I saw Roses pull Claudia back by her hair after she tried to leave, I got angry.

    Honestly, I don't know exactly what happened. I said some harsh things, acted a bit out of line, scolded might be the term I would use. But, they listened, they backed down and Motley got them back under control after that. Motley is a decent fella. He has his work cut out for him though, dealing with all these misfits.

    Other than Mots, I like Sis, she's fun, always tells good stories and works to protect the crue. Guns and Roses, though, they have short tempers and look at me with that hunger stare. I try to avoid them when I can. The others, I haven't gotten to know so well, but seem alright to me.

    I watch the girl watch me and see when she makes her move towards me. I always look for new eyes in the Diamond, and hers are new. My initial reaction is to turn tail and head to the bar, avoid being intercepted, but I don't. I look her in the eye as she moves into my way and forces me to stop.

    Running my hand along the edge of my short ivory leather jacket, I quirk my head to the side. "Hello."
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    My eyes narrow at Gigg's suggestion — like I don't know a toll to enter the Irons is a hardship for business here. I turn back to Motley, but keep my eyes on Gigg.
    "Yeah, I got a fekin' job for you. Rooms are at a premium; but your boys buyin' booze, and snatch, guarantees them a roof over their head here any time, and I might be able to set you up with somethin' temporary-like for sleeping..."
    I lean in close to the two of them, conspiratorially.
    "Ziggy's decided she wants to spend her time and resources makin' our lives hell — I think we need to remind her that every minute she's here, is a minute her responsibilities back home are being neglected. You boys put some fekin' pressure on the witch, hittin' her hold's resupply, and causin' some mischief for folks that pay good money for her protection, and someone important will eventually remind her to stop wastin' time here..."
    I eye the room, and spot Sierra comin' in the door... I wonder where the hell she got off to last night, for a split second, before feelin' bitter about her runnin' off to play nurse for Reese, accordin' to Cinch.

    Pretty faces are trouble... Why the blazin' hell can't I ever remember that?

    I turn back to Motley, and Gigg.
    "You boys fek up Zig's action, and I pay you. We got a deal?"
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    It's obvious she finds that hand gesture adorable, Sierra. The left corner of her mouth quirks up, "Hey there. I'm Krin. You're lovely. Haven't seen you before," She reaches out to touch your arm, "What brought you here?"

  • Farthoom, I don't know what to do. When she calls me lovely I blush. Lovely isn't a word I've heard lately and the way she says it has meaning. "I liv..." I start to answer, intending to smile and move on, but stop when I notice her arm.

    I sidestep just out of her reach, my body turning into itself, making itself smaller. It was an automatic response. Cinch grabbing my hand to help me up and this stranger aren't so different, but to my instincts she might as well have been handing me a gun and telling me to shoot.

    I try to relax my posture and smile a bit. "Sorry, just not used to people touching me is all..." I give a shrug and straighten out, try to appear normal. "If you're looking for some company, one of the girls might be a better choice."
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    Krin's hand remains in place, sort of hovering there like an unintended threat. Her brow crinkles with confusion, she doesn't get what just happened. "You've never had someone touch like you I can, lovely girl," she purrs. Then you mention company, and she purses her lips, then smacks them audibly, like "well, that's unexpected". "You mean... you aren't one of the girls?" She smiles, a genial look on her face, "If I'm not your type, that's green. Just say so."
  • I relax a fraction, she's not a threat. She does think I'm one of the girls, which the girls won't like very much. I don't want to be stealing away from their livelihood.

    I let my arms fall naturally, hoping to appear casual. "I play the keys and sing sometimes, but that's the only work I do for Esco and JD."

    Her curt nature catches me off gaurd and I laugh a little. "Honestly, I have no idea what my type is. I've never really thought about it...
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    Something you said confuses her, "The keys?" When you reflexively glance towards the piano, she laughs lightly, "Oh. Oh that. That's green. Really green." She reaches a slightly dirty hand up to trace fingertips along your forearm, "Tell you what. Tell me your name, even though I'm happy to call you Lovely. And let's get a drink. Maybe figure out this whole... type stuff."
  • I watch breathless as her finger tips draw lines on my skin. Goosebumps rise in their wake. It feels electric, intoxicating.

    It's been months since someone touched me like this and years since it's been so sweet. I'm tempted to stay, but I made a promise.

    "Name's Sierra," I say, meeting her gaze. "Tell you what, I've got to have a conversation with boss man over there, and I may have to play a few tunes, but if you aren't busy later I may take you up on that drink."
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    Krin smiles, her eyes brighten, and she squeezes your arm, answering, "It's a date then. Sierra." Then boldly, she reaches up to touch your cheek, fingertips only again. That's when she notices her hand, "And... I'll wash up." She huffs a little laugh at her dirty nails, and turns to head for the restroom.

    That leaves you free to step in on Esco, Gigg, and Motley, like you promised.
  • Well, that wasn't so bad. I smile and watch Krin walk away. That was even nice.

    I'm smiling to myself when I make my way to Motley, Esco and Gigg. Gigg, I have only met the once. He's an unusual character to say the least, not sure what he is doing with the other two. I didn't even know they knew one another. Well, everyone knows Esco.

    "Morning, boys" I say with a smile and turning to Mot I add, "Watched your crue come through the barricade this morning. I'm sure Esco's mentioned, but it is looking like we could really use your help."
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    Esco, I consider you a real friend. You do good here giving the gals shade and jingle, even the ones with little teeters and sprouts, and bein fair square with 'em. And you helped me out once with something that meant a lot to me. So, when Chaz told me that Ziggy was takin' over the Irons, I came straightway to offer my help.

    If you think playing cowboys and indians out in the scorch is best, you're the Pops here and I respect that. But, I don't see a reason why not just hightail down to the roadblock and let me take that turret while the rest of ya clean up the rest of them cowboys. With your own turret, won't no one likely mess with ya again.
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    I look surprised and glance at Esco, "Well, that certainly is a plan."

    I look at Esco, it's his call. The wall has to come down and a turret, that could be very useful, but I don't know Gigg. Could be really take down that thing himself?
  • I shake my head.
    "Sierra and me busted our arses yesterday to get Ziggy in line — if we up and kill her now, all that work will have been for nothing, and we'll just be stuck teachin' this lesson to the next blazebrain that fancies himself a king."
    I look between Motley, and Gigg, tryin' not to pull Sierra into this muck, if I can avoid it.
    "We piss off the people she's supposed to be protectin' — make it look like Sandsnakes takin' advantage of her stupidity."
    And I do like the thought of Ziggy lookin' stupid...
  • I smile sadly when he shares the credit with me. We did work hard, but I'd be okay never working that hard again.

    I nod at Esco, like Ziggy said, the next one could be worse.

    "I agree with Esco, but seeing if we could secure that torrent at the end of all this might not be a bad idea."
  • I sigh heavily through my breather box, and shake my head slightly. I can't really follow all the politics of what Esco just shared, and I'm not understanding all the hard work done yesterday to get Ziggy in line with the presence of a turret and toll out front. I'm confused about who's in line here and who's lookin stupid. But that's why I just do gigs. It's easier than trying to figger out all the questions. "OK, Esco. It's your yard, so it's your rules. I'm down with being all rascally to Ziggy."

    I look over at Motley, "The way I see it, we can do this two ways. I can ride out with you and your cowboys, or we can split up and double dog Ziggy. If we split up, I'd be willing to ask Last if she and her cowgirls wanna ride out with me. Whatever you think best..."

    I make a quick glance at Sierra with a tiny awkward nod, and look away and down at my shoes, making sure my tie is straight. I'm sure she doesn't remember me from that day in the tunnel markets, how kind she was to me, so I won't make her pretend that she remembers me. "I'm Gigg," I mutter.
  • I smile at Gigg. "We met once before, I'm sure you don't remember. I'm Sierra, thank you for offering your help with Ziggy."

    He seems almost like a child to me, a shy child. It's amazing that he seems so capable here, but I guess that's what the DVFP does to people.
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    I listen to everyone's plans, most sound good and getting back at Ziggy for what's been done is sweet sounding. "Esco, its a deal. You want us to fug up Ziggy then we will do it." I stretch out my hand to grasp Esco's arm to seal the deal.

    "Esco, how soon you want us our there? We will have to find some gear to make us look like those chums sandsnakes but shouldn't take all that long. We will hump that place so hard!" I smile, this is turning out to be a good move after all.

    "Gigg, you want to ride with us I won't turn down the extra muscle. It'll be good to have more riders out there who can handle themselves.... you can handle yourself, right?"

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    I look at Mot while he is talking but he doesn't acknowledge me. Neither did Gigg when he was talking about the situation with Ziggy. Esco didn't even really acknowledge me after giving me a bit of the credit.

    I feel a bit awkward about my initial bravado now, perhaps I should have waited to talk to Esco until after Mot and Gigg had left. But, Mot and I have always been friendly before, well I thought we had. Mot's always been nice to me - maybe they just don't see this as any of my business.

    Maybe they are right, I'm new here and it isn't like I have anything to offer in the art of war or sabotage. I don't even recognize half the names they mention. I'm just making myself a nuisance. Well, I could offer some entertainment at least. If these guys are going to go to war for us, might as well send them off smiling.

    With a bit less pep in my step I turn to Esco, "Sounds like you found us a solution. Do you want me to play for a while, entertain the crue?" Then softer, getting to the real reason I came down to The Diamond,"Then maybe after we can finish that conversation we started."
  • Gigg is being truthful about considering Esco a friend, insomuch as Gigg understands friendship, which is different than most people. He's never really had a friend, not in the classic case. All his life, he's just been ignored or rejected, except when someone needed something. Even his own mother didn't want him around except when she needed food or water or that next hit of smack. Getting good at acquiring things is a matter of simply being needed or wanted by someone else. For Gigg, friendship is exhibited when someone helps him or engages him that doesn't involve doing something for them. So, when Esco helped him avenge his mother's death, that was probably the most significant act of "friendship" he's even sniffed at.

  • I nod at Motley's suggestion we just ride together. "I can handle things for sure. Don't worry yaself about that. But I ain't dressing up like some sandsnake, and fugging Ziggy don't mean paying tolls to me. As long as your cool with that, I say we get to rhymin and stealin."
  • Gigg is a character... I normally like keeping folks at arm's length – but it seems like I ain't doing the best job of that these last couple days. Certainly since Sierra showed up, with her whiles, and the like.

    Hmm... I suppose there's no rush since this is more of a long con, than a single operation.
    "Take the day to get provisions, and fek about. Head out at dawn tomorrow. I'll arrange for lodgings through the moon."
    I turn back to Sierra.
    "I've gotta work the bar today. You can play, or just stay – but that conversation sounds good, either way.
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    I smile, relieved he still wants to talk. "Well, I did offer and maybe I can get a drink or two out of it." I wink at Esco.

    Turns out when I'm playing for me, I really do love it. Maybe this can be what I do?

    I turn to Mot and Gigg, my voice quieter, less playful then it was with Esco. "Any requests?"
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    When Sierra turns to me, I realize I was so focused earlier that I overlooked her presence. "Good to see you again. It's been a tense day. I promise my crue will behave this time around. For a song, how the old rock ballad 'We're not gonna take it'? It seems appropriate at the moment." I smile at Sierra, truly glad to see her again.
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    I catch Sierra as she's walking away so that Mot can't hear me. "Miss Sierra, I-I just wanted to say that I have many rememberin flashes of that day we met in the market. Not many girls come out to the junkyard, so I'm not that good at saying Hi." I draw in closer so no one hears, "I do have one request... 'Mystifies Me'. If you know it, would you dedicate it to Last, but please don't tell who its from, ok?"
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    I smile at Mot, "Sounds like a perfect choice, but you're gonna have to sing it with me, something tells me your voice would work best for the song."

    I reach out to touch Esco's hand, briefly, for just a second, to grab his attention. I swallow, feeling daring and dangerous at the same time. I'm inordinately proud of myself. "I'll come by to talk later."

    I move away, but stop with Gigg approaches. He's sweet on someone and for some reason that makes me feel light. "I'm glad you remember me. And of course, I'll try to make it perfect for her." I nod at him and go to set up at the piano.

    Artemis is waiting for me there. He spreads his wings and puffs up as I approach, then settles in to watch.
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