[BtI] Date 1, Turn 5 (Active Player=Rich)

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[OOC: As the first date continues, our Attraction is at 2, and there are two Compatibilities established: "we like kids" and "playfulness".

That means, Andrea, that you will have five possible dice to award initially, if I do my job right: 2 for Attraction (beginning the turn with something that might make the Active Player's character more attractive to the Guide's character); and 3 Bonus Dice.] We can also draw upon the compatibility dice to give us more to roll.


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    I paid for the meal and we headed back out to my truck. After some conversation about tooth fairy prices, I park near the ocean and ask, "Hey, do you like the Pavillion? I thought we could ride some rides, maybe take a walk down to the beach later?" I give you a little smile like "the night's still young".
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    Aw, that's adorable, wanting to keep hanging out. And you were obviously listening when I said I liked amusement parks. Roll your dice!

    "I would love that," I begin with a smile -- because, you know, I do love amusement parks. Even with their crowds at this time of the year. "But I'm not going to make you hike up and down the coast with a bad knee, Zach. If you hurt it worse..." Well, I don't really want to say anything else about it, just in case.
  • Attraction dice:
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 5)
  • zach
    I know you're worried about it, so I'm not angry. A little embarrassed, though. "Well, let's have fun at the park, and see how it goes, ok?"

    I pay for tickets at the booth and we're soon walking down the rows where they have cotton candy and hot dogs and I'm so full I barely look at it. "Do you want to hit the ferris wheel or maybe the tilt-a-whirl?"
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    Take a die for not immediately trying to prove how tough you are by doing something stupid!

    "It's a deal." I'm still a bit worried, though, for obvious reasons, but I want you to know that it's alright, so I slip my hand into your's and give it a squeeze with a smile.

    Inside the park, I have to go with the ferris wheel. "I love looking out over the park. It's easier to plan where to go next. Plus -- and I know I'm being selfish -- but this way we can keep talking for a little while."
  • Bonus Die:
    (Rolled: 1d6 . Rolls: 3. Total: 3)
  • zach
    I am so thrilled when you take my hand. I'm sure for other folks, it's a little thing, but it fill me with pride to have you openly display yourself as my date. I'm proud to have a witty and pretty girl like you on my arm.

    We chat for a while when standing in line. We we get up to the attendant, I give him a nod, and pull him over for a second. It probably seems like I'm telling him about my knee, at least I'm making it seem like it. If you're really nosy while buckling in, you might see me slip him a twenty.

    Then we're off! Feet dangling, in moments there's that weird feeling of flying without flying. It moves slowly and we get an incredible view of the park below and the shoreline. It's amazing. I take your hand, since we're good with that.

    We hit the top, and it's insane how high up we are. I've flown a bunch of times, but there is something special about ferris wheels. Some kind of magic. I look over at you, "This was the perfect choice, Summer."

    And the ferris wheel stops. Just locks up. We're in this bench, side-by-side, stuck up on top. Just us. I'm grinning as I say, "Damn. Looks like we might be stuck up here."
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    I'm curious what you're saying to the operator, but I don't snoop, and I miss the exchange of money entirely. But when the ferris wheel stops, high above the park, your grin tells me all I need to know about who is responsible.

    "What did you do?" I ask, although I'm laughing. I love surprises. And it's a breath-taking view with the lights sparkling below us and on the water, which looks incredible with the extended view we have of it, thanks to you. "It's so beautiful up here."

    Take both remaining Bonus dice! Stopping us at the top of the ferris wheel is so romantic!
  • Bonus Dice 2 and 3:
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 1. Total: 5)
  • zach
    I play it off innocently, "Me? Oh, it's a major mechanical malfunction, Summer. Seriously, we could starve up here. Or, or, the wheel could fall over." I can't hide the little smirk on the corner of my mouth. "It's probably best if we make our last wishes. For posterity."
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    I gasp and twist around to slug your shoulder. "Zach! That's terrible!" Although I'm laughing as I scold. "I was thinking about how romantic this was, but now you've gone and spoiled the mood." I lean my elbow on the safety bar and smirk at you. "And that's just too bad for you."

    Not sure if you were fishing for a playfulness compatibility thing, but I think that would apply if you wanted to roll it.
  • Playfulness
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 9)
  • zach
    I inwardly curse myself for a moment as I realize I might have missed an opportunity for a kiss. But seeing you smile is pretty great, too. "You know, it could still be a little romantic."

    I stretch my arm over your head and behind you. I let it rest against the back of the bench. I don't want to force things. I do like this moment, though, as we look out over the dark sea.
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    "It could." You haven't lost your opportunity for a kiss -- not yet, anyway -- and I lean in to let you know it. I stop just short, but I think my intentions seem pretty clear. Even by moonlight, you're rather handsome -- I'm glad it doesn't wash out your face and make you look all vampirey-stalky. Our eyes meet, and though I'm still teasing, it's no longer quite as light or empty. "You could write me a poem about my eyes."
  • zach
    "I haven't written poetry since high school, Summer." I answer, my voice suddenly quiet, the din of the crowd below only echoes, the waves and the surf a steady backbeat. The way the chill wind up here moves your hair, you look incredible.

    I swallow, adding, "For you though, I could make an exception." I'm leaning in for a kiss now, Summer. I know I probably owe you a poem, but your lips are too inviting. I hope this isn't too sudden, it doesn't feel that way to me.
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    I don't mind that we skipped the poetry. For half a second, I thought you were really going to try it -- but that would have just spoiled the moment, and I have no idea how long we have up here. I meet you halfway, naturally a little hesitant. But it's a good kiss, sweet and natural. It's pretty perfect, the kind that takes your breath away and makes you feel 16 again.

    And you can't beat a first kiss on the top of a ferris wheel...
  • zach
    I come back from the kiss, which was sweet, and chaste, and pretty much perfect, looking into your eyes. I grin for a moment, clear my throat, and say, "Roses are red, your eyes are blue. As blue as the sky, to which I'd write your name, ah... to." My grin falters, because that was pretty awful.
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    Well, it rhymed. You get points for trying! But it was pretty awful, and I laugh out loud. That's pretty much what happens when you get poetry on demand, though.

    "Close enough." And before you can start again, I stop you with another kiss.
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    Okay, if bad poetry makes you kiss me, this is NOT a deterrent, Summer. Just saying!

    The sudden kiss is inspiring and my arm's still around you. I pull myself closer, my left hand coming up to touch your face, gently. I don't want to mess up your makeup. But I really do want to touch you.

    I decide to deepen the next kiss. When you pull slightly back, I smile wide for the bat of an eye and flick my tongue out an inch to dab at your lips, then pull it back into my mouth. I'm a little snake! Then I lean back in, and I'm going to french kiss you for a bit if you'll let me. The wheel should be starting up soon, so I'm making my move.
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    I don't mind the closeness or the touching at all, and my make-up is really the last thing on my mind right now. And I would have been happy to let you go on, except...

    ...What was that? Did you just lick me?

    With an embarrassed and somewhat baffled expression, I lean back a little and put a hand on your shoulder to stop you from leaning in. I don't even know how to address...that. So I decide to look out at the park again and move my hand to tuck my hair behind my ear. "So, how much did it cost you to get him to stop the wheel?"

    It comes out sounding kind of forced, but I'm at something of a loss.

    Definitely take your reroll. All the rerolls. I can't stress that enough.
  • 5 Re-rolls!!!!!
    (Rolled: 5d6. Rolls: 1, 6, 2, 6, 3. Total: 18)
  • zach

    I straighten up, realizing that was a stupid move. I look out to the sea as well. The ferris wheel starts up again. I'm thankful, actually. "Oh, I slipped him a fifty. I wasn't sure how much, you know, to pay him. Not like I've done it since... well, high school."

    I'm going to use those three successes to buy up our Attraction to 3. That's the end of this part. Tag, you're it!
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