[SWAW] An Eviction Notice [Kelb S1]

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You meet up with the rest of the crew at Pem's defined co-ordinates. He's leaning against a beautiful T-2c shuttle, smoking a death stick and smiling widely. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Chez-Pem — please mind the paint, as I just got this thing."

Squall whistles in appreciation, "nice ship! How'd you swing that?" She walks over and starts running her fingers over the finely polished metals. Pem slaps her hand away playfully, and buffs out her fingerprints. Squall squints at him in mock annoyance.

Jazz chuckles stiffly, "by making us work, duh!" Burr snorts to himself, and makes his way into the shuttle, not wanting to waste time.

Pem looks to you, as if he's waiting for approval. What do you do?


  • I watch them all work together and it makes me grin. Maybe my mood is colored by the fact that I got lucky last night, and let's say Captain Jaina is a hard worker at most everything. But the way this group clicks is great. I have a solid team.

    Pem's looking for a pat on the head? I walk around the ship, saying nothing for a moment, doing a quick visual inspection. This ship is really, really impressive. "Good work, Pem. This will do in a pinch, that's for sure."

    As I'm boarding the craft, I mutter loud enough for him to hear, "Gonna be awfully hard to give this one back." Then the moments of appreciate are over, and I'm checking all the pre-flights so we can get this bird in the air.
  • Pem looks to you in utter disbelief, "in a pinch? Kelb, this ship could steal the panties off the Queen of Naboo!" He puts his arm around you, and follows you back to the craft. He smiles when you comment about not wanting to give it back. "Jazz was saying our employer agreed to cover our expenses... You just let me know if I should start talking the dealer down!"

    The pre-flight for this thing is a dream: most of it automated, and everything that isn't is done in minutes. Jazz comes in and takes up the co-pilot's chair. Squall is in the back of the bridge, checking out the comm relay, and hyperdrive. Jazz looks over to you, sizing you up. "You're in a good mood today — you ready to kick some people off a big ball of space-dirt?"
  • I slip into the pilots chair, which is padded. None of the Mandalorian birds have padded seats. I drop my grin and get to work, but Jazz has to mention my mood, which bring my grin right back. "Let's get this baby in the air. I'm looking forward to seeing how she handles."

    Once we take off, I'll ask Squall, "Hey, any more details on this mine or the corp?"
  • The ship flies like a dream, Kelb. It's responsive, and nimble — like Jaina. What would you say it's best built for: speed or evasive maneuvers?

    You're almost out of atmo before Squall finally replies. "It looks like a group of 20 or so people, running under a Socorran prospector named named Druto Anes. Apparently he was contracted by some major conglomerate to scope out the asteroid field when they fired him for gross incompetence... Then he lands a major find in their territory, and decides he owns it."

    Jazz smirks, "called it."

    Squall continues, "it looks like most of them are just some roughnecks with mining equipment, and a blaster or two... They've been pretty vocal to the local authority about how a guy named Harlan Qorbin has been trying to strong-arm them out of "their find" — Druto sounds like an idiot, Kelb, but I think they'll be expecting trouble."
  • Figures. "Are you sure Qorbin's claims are legal? Does he own the survey rights?"

    I'm still heading on, we're doing this job. This only helps me set the price.
  • Squall wiggles a little uncomfortably... "YYYYyyyyeaaaah.... Well, I mean, he's definitely got exclusive legal rights to prospect there... Right to mine is a little fuzzier. I would guess the Imperials would side with whoever gives them the biggest kickback."
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    "Good enough for me," I quip as I kick in the thrusters.

    As we're headed in, I give the crew a lay-out of the plan, "I want to get a view of the place before we put anything concrete into place as far as a plan, but I'm thinking Jazz and I go in hard, then fall back as a feint, drawing them out of the mine. Pem will be our second line of defense, with Mr. Burr up in a snipe position and Squall as support and acting as Mr. Burr's spotter. If Mr. Burr can get his sights on Druto, he takes the shot. Then we can offer the rest of the miners a chance to surrender. Who knows? They may even keep their jobs. But that's up to Qorbin. We're hired to secure the mine, we do not have to eliminate the entire workforce."
  • You're about 20 minutes away from the compound, just outside of long-range sensors, when you gather the crew for the briefing. Everyone seems to accept your plan, asking for the few details Squall already provided you, and becoming familiar with the layout of the asteroid.

    At one point, Jazz asks, "so do you wanna do a flyby, or just touch down on the opposite end of the asteroid, and hope they don't spot us?"
  • "Let's touch down and hump it for recon. No reason to scare the natives... until we scare them on purpose." I'll fly us to a good landing spot, avoiding their visual range, and touch her down.

    Once we hit the ground, I have them moving out. No need to dawdle. And yes, for a few moments, I'm making them hurry so I can get back to Kestic. But I clear my head, ease back, and we get our game faces on.
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    Give me an Act Under Fire to touch down safely without anyone noticing you.
  • Kelborn's Acting Under Fire:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 1, 2. Total: 4)
  • You come in the other side of the asteroid, and pick a spot that looks decently hidden from the sensors. Jazz and Burr suit up, and join you by the catwalk when you're ready to go scouting.

    Unfortunately, when you open the airlock door, and step out onto the surface of the asteroid, you're greeted by a whirring probe droid. Red alarm lights flash in the silence of space, and you know it's alerted someone to your presence. You also know these things are unarmed, largely clumsy, and slow.

    What do you do?
  • I point it out to the team, then move on. I'm tempted to move on, but Qorbin can use it for security after we re-take the mine. I'm frustrated at this wrinkle, but Mr. Burr and Squall as our eye in the sky still gives us an edge. I call over my comm, "C'mon Jazz, let's waste some fuel on our jetpacks and zoom in to crack down on these guys hard. Pem, you've got our backs. Mr. Burr, Squall, get up to that peak and set up as quick as possible. We've got no time to lose being sneaky."

    I check the gauge on my fuel meter and say, "Shock and awe, Jazz. Time for some shock and awe."
  • You come up on the mining compound, a small glass dome with multiple points of entry . Burr is already double timing it for the peak, and Squall is joining him, struggling to keep up. Jazz kicks on his jetpack, and roars off for the complex.

    How do you get in the compound, Kelb?
  • Death from above. We'll zip up to the top of the dome, then drop gently onto the frame, pop an airlock, and make our way in. They're expecting ground troops, of course. It should be the best way to slip in behind their defenses.

    But if the airlock isn't working, then frak it, I may blow the dome and drop in that way. Shock and awe indeed.
  • Jazz attaches a remote splicing tool Squall gave him to the panel, and after a few seconds, the airlock pops open. It takes a bit of time for it to cycle, and you hear alarms sounding by the time the oxygen fills the room.

    The inner airlock door opens, and you hear boots scuffing down the hall of the upper level, "They're using the upper airlock! C'mon! Don't let them in!"
  • I look to Jazz, then once we're inside, I'm flying over their heads and firing down at these guys. Nothing throws a man off like an attack from a direction they can't hide from. No cover, and I've got speed on my side. Plus, one errant shot might put a hole in their dome. Well, that's a lie. These domes are much more sturdy than that, but I'm betting these miners don't know that.

    My goal is to suppress these guys long enough to spot my target. I'm after Druto Anes.
  • Sounds to me like you're Threatening them into staying put, Kelb.
  • Indeed I am
    Threatening Miners:
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 2. Total: 8)

    (+1 XP)
  • Jazz was giving you covering fire from the ground when you fly over their heads — they scurry to cover as you pass, and lay down a wall of bolts on Jazz's position. He's fighting back as best he can, but they're not giving him an inch. He comes over the comm. "I'll keep the door open. Nail Druto for me!"

    What do you do?
  • I'm taking down Druto fast, that's what I'm doing! I'll make them scatter some more before I fly past.

    I want to Read the Situation here.
  • Reading Sitch
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 3. Total: 10)

    (+1 XP)
  • • what should I be on the lookout for?
    • what’s my enemy’s true position?
  • Squall comes over the comm. "I just got into the system. Druto is in the control room, issuing orders and keeping an eye on you guys... Watch out for Druto's right hand man... Er, Wookiee. He's in there with him, watching the door like a hawk."

    You receive a transmission to your wristband, with a map of the station, and a waypoint to the control room.
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    • what’s my best way in to the control room?
  • There really is only the one way in — the main door. The air vents are too small to crawl through. This is a civilian space station, after all... Budget duct-work. Causing a commotion outside, and drawing them out is your best way past that wookiee without facing him straight on.
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    I land behind some huge sorting bins or mine carts or whatever. So sue me, I know jack about mining! I check the station map, calling over the comms, "Pem, move up and head towards the control room. I want you to lure the Wookie out, then pull back, let him chase you. Mr. Burr, see if you can cut down some of the fire Jazz is taking, they should have their backs to you. Squall, watch my back.once Pem draws Big Furry out, then get to Druto."

    Unless they misunderstand my orders, I'll wait a moment for Pem to move up. If I can take a cheap shot at some of the miners firing on Jazz, I will. Otherwise, I'm hiding until em comes up.
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    There's a whole lot of orders going out here... Let's custom move this.

    When you issue orders to a crew during combat, roll+hard. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9 hold 2. Spend your hold 1-for-1 to:
    • Expose someone/something to you.
    • Provide cover to a teammate.
    • Extract someone who is pinned down.
    • Redirect an attack on yourself.
    • Cover your six.
    miss, your orders are executed to the T, but an unforeseen circumstance complicates things.
  • Issuing my Orders:
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 7)

    (+1 XP)
  • Choices:
    · Expose someone/something to you.
    · Provide cover to a teammate.
  • You hear Burr come on the comm, and whisper in that "eye-of-the-storm" calm he has, "Roger. Moving to intercept."

    A few moments later, you hear a blaster rifle go off, and a Wookiee charges out of the control room chasing the fire, growling like a wild animal. Pem comes on the comm, "Better hurry, Kelb! This furry kriffer's angry!"

    The way into the control room is empty. Druto should be alone in there.

    What do you do?
  • Oh, I'm hurrying. I'm moving in there quick, no cry of battle, just a spec ops-style encroachment. My rifle is up, I'm looking for targets. I'm aiming to find Druto, and take him down.

    I've flicked my rifle to stun, just in case I might need him as leverage.
  • Druto's already got his blaster up. He was ready to shoot at anyone who came through that door that he didn't recognize — and he doesn't recognize you.

    What do you do?
  • He looks pitiful, "Druto!" I call, hard and tinny through my mask's mouthpiece, "Have your men stand down and nobody has to die! Call them off, or I drop you!"

    I fully expect him to shoot me, of course. With his pea-shooter, I can take a hit.
  • "You come here, on my rock and make demands? No! No, I think you're the one who needs to stand down!" You can practically see him squeezing the trigger — you're about to be shot, unless you do something about it.

    If you want to put him down first, or get the hell out of the way, give me an Act Under Fire.
  • "Not gonna happen, Druto. Qorbin sent us." I bark back.

    I'll take the shot. I want to Read this guy.
  • Reading Druto
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 6, 4. Total: 12)
  • • how could I get Druto to surrender this mine without further combat ?

    (holding two)
  • Druto was fired for mass incompetence, moments before finding the biggest deposit in his pitiful little career. This mine is all he has. It's proof he's not a kriff up. It's his ticket to riches. He knows giving this place up means living in poverty for the rest of his life. He's even convinced his people this place is worth dying for.

    If you want him to give up this mine, you need to either buy him out – for the whole mine – or kill him, and use him as an example to his crew.
  • Just because I'm curious:
    • what does Druto wish I’d do?
  • Druto wishes you'd stop killing his men, and talk to him.
  • Too bad I can't afford a whole mine. I'm clicking the rifle off stun with a quick, practiced motion and putting him down.
  • OOC: Harm move. 0-harm.
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 9)
  • The shot he took pings your armor, and stings like hell — but you'll be OK. If you're taking that shot, Act Under Fire now.
  • AUF:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 1. Total: 4)
  • OOC: Harm roll, 1-harm.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 5. Total: 12)
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    You end him. He didn't stand a chance. There was a look of defiance in his eyes as he stared down your barrel, and at the last second — a smirk. His blood peppers your vizor, and you hear Squall on the comm, "oh poodoo! Kelb!"

    But it's too late... You feel a huge kick square in the spine, likely from a blaster rifle of some sort, and you're launched onto the console in front of you. You flip end for end, and land on the floor. Your ears ring a second and you spin around to find a raging Wookiee standing over you. His fur is caked to his paws with blood, and he's going to tear you apart.

    Take 1-harm (after armor). What do you do?
  • Pem! Why didn't you stop this big fuzzball!

    I'm flicking my wrist to turn my jetpack on. This should cut the distance between us right quick, and hopefully I can keep him from shooting me. If I can get my heavy blaster pistol out, then I'm shooting him full in the chest.

    Failing that, I'll go for my trusty vibro-sword.

    Jazz, you better be alright out there.
  • Kelb, give me an Act Under Fire to shoot this furry bastard before he can tear into you.
  • Here we goooo!
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 6)
  • I'm burning Pem's Bond to give me a +1 on that roll.

    Because he shoulda kept this guy at bay!
  • So would you rather shoot this guy now, risk to your personal health be damned? Or not let him get at you, and get out of here?
  • I want out of here. I'm quite alright to leave him alive for now. I have a crew to depend on, who depends on me. Knock down, dragged out fights with Wookies does not get the job done.
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    You can't get your blaster out by the time you leap past him with your pack, and he just barely misses grabbing at you as you do. He roars in anger, and chases after you, but you're too quick for him...

    When you cross the threshold out into the door, you spot Pem stumbling towards you. He's barely standing on his own two feet, and bleeding profusely from a fight with — what one can only presume — was a wookiee. "Hey Kelb," he says with a serious look, "I got some unfinished business with a talking rug that just walked in there." He's got his blaster out, pointed behind you. "Go get Jazz."
  • I almost tell Pem to be careful, but you know what? He's a grown man, he can take care of himself. Still, that Wookie was tough. I hope he makes it out.

    Right now though, I'm looking for Jazz, "Team, Druto is down!

    I'm going to hover up, trying to get the attention of these miners. I tap the volume control on my mouthpiece and while I'm looking for Jazz, I broadcast loudly, "Asteroid miners! Your leader, Druto Anes, is dead! We were hired by Harlan Qorbin to take him down, and re-take this mine for his company. If you surrender NOW, we will let you leave. If you want, I will even put in a good word for you with Qorbin, you might keep your job."

    I let that sink in, then add, "If you continue to fight, we will kill you. What do you say?"
  • That's a big arse Threaten. Roll them bones.
  • Threatening Move!
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 2. Total: 9)

    (+1 XP)
  • I'll burn my bond with Mr. Burr to make this happen.
  • You hear blaster bolts flying in all directions, including the direction of the control room — but they all slow down when your voice booms over the comm. When you finish, there's a pregnant pause in the fighting — followed by Jazz's voice. "Well ain't that something?" He's quiet, "One of 'em just said they're laying down arms. I'm seeing blasters slide my way."

    You hear the roar of a wookiee behind you, and more blaster fire. It seems not everyone was willing to lay down arms... Pem's voice comes over the comm, "I'm gunna need a band-aid or two... And a place to put my new rug."
  • I call out over our private channel, "Alright, let's round these folks up. No killing unless they're a threat. We can let our employer work on their severance package or whatever. Keep it tight, and once we gather them up, we'll sweep the place. Jazz, where are you?"
  • Jazz comes on the comm again, "Same place. Letting people file out the way they came. Door's open for you when you're ready to make an exit."

    Pem calls again, "Actually, Kelb, I think I'm gunna need more than a band-aid... Can you come help me up?"
  • I call in Squall to help with crowd control while I hustle back to the control room. I'm already pulling out my little first aid kit to bandage him up. "Pem," I say as I come in, looking for him, "You bucking for some danger pay?"
  • Pem's in a bad way — his armor plating was ripped clean off, and there are gashes in his chest. He's got a broken leg, and he's still sporting that busted up face. He smiles when you joke about danger pay, "just find me a mantle for that kriffing wookiee's hide when we get back, Kelb — danger pay be damned."

    This is going to take a roll to fix, Kelb... At your leisure.
  • We're done with this mission, I think. Well, I hope. I'm going to blow two stock on my man Pem here, try to get him ready to travel. "Take it easy, handsome," I say and I remove my helmet and put it on the deck so I can get to his injuries.
  • Healing roll:
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 9)
  • It's like I said Kelborn, he's in rough shape — but you're a damn fine medic. He tries his best to work with you. By the time you're done, you realize just how bad things really are. He'll be bedridden, completely out of action, for at least a week in recovery. With some chillstabs, this won't be a problem for him.

    What will be a problem is how he needs about 24 hours to stabilize from his wounds before you can move him out of here.

    What do you do?
  • Great. Just great.

    I call over the comms, "Team, Pem's in rough shape. We're going to have to hunker down here for a day or so. Let's round up these miners for a chat."

    The plan will be to house them for a day while we use the transport's comms to reach out to Qorbin that he can re-take the mine. Man, it just keeps getting worse.
  • Let's skip ahead a bit. A screen wipe later, and you're in the mess hall with the few remaining miners... about 8 in total who got stranded when the other miners bolted with the only shuttles.

    There's a Twi'Lek here named Jasp'ah Do'lik who seems to represent the group now. He's not a pushover, but he's a lot more co-operative than Druto was. Everyone except Squall and Pem is here with you. Jazz is leaning against the far wall giving everyone a stony gaze.

    What do you do?
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    I organized these miners into a little team, just to make sure food was prepped and they had a place to sleep. I even let them scrounge through their buddies' stuff that they left behind. I mean, why not, right? No cost to me and should calm them down a bit. We just need to bide our time until the corp shows up.

    I'll head over to Jasp'ah. I'm in my armor, no helmet, no rifle. I incline my head to him slightly, a little bit of respect, "Hey. Do your people need anything right now?"
  • Jasp'ah stands stoic as you approach, nodding as you bow. "Some of my men need medical attention. Camp medic got dragged off rock with the second batch of runners. Some of them want their guns back."
  • "No guns, unless we're attacked. If we wanted you dead, you would be." I answer that one right off, no need for them to get ideas. The first thing, though, "I've got some first aid training, but I used up my kit on one of ours. If you can scrounge a kit from somewhere, that would help. Either way, I'll take a look. Who is it?"
  • Jasp'ah seems disappointed, "I understand you don't trust us, but some people only came in with just the clothes they was wearing, and their blasters ... Flintlock, Teetree and Ko'rol all need something for small stuff. Nothing serious. Tikk Rendar could use some bandages though... He got shot up something serious."
  • I listen to him list off the names, that's half of them! I tell him, "Listen, Jasp'ah. We will turn over their blasters to the corp. If the corp wants to give them back, that's fine. I'm not going to treat you guys without respect. You surrendered. It's just going to be a standard day, then my man is ready to travel."

    I shake my head, babysitting is not what I signed up for. But, I'm being paid by the hour, "Let's go see Tikk Rendar now."

    Do they have any first aid kits I can use? Is there one in our ship?
  • Mining compounds like this tend to be stocked full of medical gear — but these guys have been too paranoid to leave the rock, and they were being blockaded for resupplies by Qorbin's corporation. They're really bone dry. At best, you've got a chillstab or two and some gauze until you can buy some more stock at a supplier.

    With constant attention, you could likely keep him in decent enough shape to survive until the corporation arrives. Of course, they'd need to bring some medical supplies too... Which they may be reluctant to do for people they were prepared to kill.

    What do you do?
  • This is where I have to make a decision outside of our contract. I chillstab and gauze Tikk Rendar, then excuse myself to go see Jazz. "Hey Jazz, I need to chat."

    I lay out the injured men, the lack of supplies, all that. Then I ask, "Should I send Squall off to buy some supplies at the closest rock of civilization and come back or let these guys wail, and maybe let one of them die? I mean, I don't even know if the corp would want them back. So, it's pro bono work."
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    That Gauze and chillstabbing will likely last a few hours, so that frees you up to chat with Jazz. Jazz is keeping an eye on a big, muscular Zabrak, with tribal tattoos out the wazoo. More appropriately, they've been giving each other the stink eye.

    Jazz listens to everything you have to say, attentively, without breaking eye contact with the man he affectionately calls, "Big Z over there." Jazz takes a minute to consider the facts, and his response, before answering. "I dunno Kelb... I'd say leaving us here without an escape shuttle is a bad idea, but then being stuck here with no supplies is even worse."

    He sighs, and finally looks over to you, "I'd back you either way, you know that, but I say we let these kriffers squirm a bit. Prospectors and miners shooting off blasters to hold onto some rock? They knew what they were getting into! If they didn't wanna get shot, they shouldn't have started shooting. Let Qorbin decide if he wants to pay out for 'em."

    He looks back to "Big Z" and whispers, "now if one of us needed medical supplies — that's a different story, you know?"
  • I'm watching the Zabrak, too, now. Man, those tats are all over. That's one big boy there. I agree with Jazz, "You're right, Jazz. Just... no, you're right." Am I doing this because I feel bad, or because I think Jaina would want me to do it? Wow, how dumb is that?

    I'm walking over to Big Z, walking right up to him, in his personal space. "Hey, big guy," I say in a neutral tone. I'm not exactly looking for a fight. "Is there a problem?"
  • The Zabrak is still watching Jazz pretty intently, and Jazz doesn't feel the need to follow you over to him — he could probably put a bolt between his eyes from the wall if he had to, so there's no sense in letting him get close, right?

    The Zabrak's got a deep voice, hard and cold like metal, and he's rock solid. He shakes his head, "not yet. Tell your boy to stop looking at me like I owe him something."
  • "You owe him your life, that's what you owe him." I say, same neutral tone. "Our contract was to wipe this mine clean of the folks who, according to our employer and the Empire, stole it from them. I ordered him to stand down when you eight surrendered. Why don't you expend your energy on something else? Before you get in some real trouble."

    Then, what the hell, I add, "With me."
  • Oh, that gets his attention. He's sitting at one of the tables alone, and he turns and looks up at you with a white heat, "good for you, playing police for the Empire and that pissant Qorbin's poodoo contract, and being all generous with my life." He stays sitting down, obviously expecting trouble. "I'm playing nice 'cause my boy Jasp'ah told me to — but if you guys think I'm afraid of doing anything just 'cause I'm alone, try again."

    He leans in close, "Druto and Grubacca were close friends of mine, and you coming here taking what little he had for some kriffing rich sleemo that'll never step foot on this rock? I'd gladly get into some real trouble, with you, for a chance to make that right."
  • When he leans in, I don't flinch. I've had meaner and bigger. I look up at him, and my eyes harden a bit, "I shot Druto dead. My man Pem killed Grubacca on my order. This is my team. And right now, you have a problem with me. Now, sit down and shut up, or I will rescind my magnanimous acceptance of your surrender, you big, oafish, mule-headed moron. And then, I will boot your dead, tattooed carcass off this rock. But, keep this in mind. You will not be the only. You'll just be the first. You will be my excuse when I waste all of your friends here. Because right now, you're just the babies I'm sitting because I had a moment of weakness. Of compassion. For some regular folks who just wanted to do a job, but ended up a fly in the ointment of a much bigger part of the universe."

    "Believe me when I say that I'm sorry things didn't work out for your friend." I say it neutral again, trying to let him know I really don't want a massacre, but I don't have time or resources for a second insurrection. "And trust me when I say that some of my peers in my particular line of work would not be having this conversation with you. Because you'd already be dead."

    "So, big guy. Think that over. And if you want to make a move, take your best shot."
  • This is the most kick-ass manipulate I've ever read. Hit the dice please.
  • Manipulating
    (Rolled: 2d6-1. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 3)
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    Big Z can't get past what you said about Druto and Grubacca. The insults didn't help... He wants to fight. You can see that plain as day, and you've handed him the insult to his character that he needed to get this going.

    Jasp'ah has been paying close attention to your little conversation; and while he's definitely hurt by what you just said about Druto and Grubacca, but what you said about spacing his people? That's got him on his feet. He walks right up beside you, and stares right into the Zabrak's eyes. "Brous — shut up, and sit down. You're going to get us all killed."

    Brous doesn't hear him. He shifts in his chair to stand up, keeping his hands on the table. He's a big kriffer, and his movements are slow — deliberate.

    There's a loud BANG and his head flops forward, and to the side. There's a hole where his right eye used to be, and he flops down to the ground — dead. Jasp'ah spins around, shocked, to find Jazz holstering his sidearm. Jasp'ah looks furious — but his anger is contained by fear.

    Jazz calls out to you, "C'mon Kelb. Stop wasting your breath on morons like that. I've got this place covered — go make the call to get Qorbin and his minions in here."
  • I'm reading Jazz. The shot on Brous, that was a bit more than I expected, but not out of bounds. The way he said he has this place covered seems odd.
  • Readign Jazz
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 6, 6. Total: 14)

    (+1 XP)
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    Asking of Jazz:

    • what’s Jazz really feeling?
    • what does he intend to do about these remaining miners?

    Holding one
  • Jazz is feeling embarrassed that you went to bat for him, when he should have just handled that himself. He may also have been a tinge worried that that big kriffer would have gotten lucky and bested you. He's relieved that's not an issue anymore.

    He intends to stand guard, and off anyone who makes trouble. No more bullshit. He won't look for an excuse to shoot someone — he's not out for blood — but he isn't taking any more chances.
  • I walk by my man Jazz, pat him on the shoulder, "Jasp'ah, keep a lid on your people. And have someone haul off Brous."

    I'll hump it to the shuttle and raise Qorbin on the comms. I need to check how long till they arrive, and ask for some med supplies.
  • Jasp'ah doesn't answer you, but he does get right to work. It's evident to him what's going on here, and he's trying to come to terms with it.

    You hail Qorbin on the comms. He's still in his office, working on something or other. "Kelborn," he says, slightly surprised, "I didn't expect to hear back from you so soon... Has something come up?"
  • "A couple things have, actually," I reply in a crisp, respectful tone. "Seven of the miners surrendered. They say that Druto was the head guy, and once he wasn't there to make them keep working, they want their old jobs back. I figure that might be a plus for you, getting the operation back up. They will need some med supplies, and the sooner the better, or there will be six miners here who want to resume their old jobs."

    I pause, letting him take it all in, then ask, "How long until your company arrives, sir?"
  • Qorbin listens attentively, and waits for you to finish before answering, "thank you, but that won't be necessary Kelborn. There are legal issues involving treatment of prisoners, and the costs of medical treatment for them, that simply go away if they died in the fight. I've got a full crew destined for arrival within the day, and they are entirely capable of getting operations started as quickly as possible. Please terminate the old crew before they arrive."
  • I nod, holding my emotions in check. "The old crew won't be here, sir. Do you need me to hold the position until you arrive?"
  • Qorbin nods, "I would appreciate it, given the location's history with theft. You will be compensated for your time, of course."
  • I nod, "Of course. Thank you, Mr. Qorbin."

    I cut the comms when he's done. I'm headed to see Pem, if he's awake. If he's not, then Mr. Burr.
  • Pem's awake. He's been placed on a stretcher in the control room with Squall — is the comm in the control room? Or is there a separate comm room? Burr is in the cafeteria with Jazz, for the record.
  • The comm's in the control room. Which means they both overheard that exchange. How did Squall take it?

    "Hey Squall, give us a minute." I tell her. If she's shaken, I'll be gentle. Once I'm alone with Pem, I ask, "Could you find mining jobs for five, maybe six guys somewhere in the Outer Rim, out of this corp's notice?"
  • Squall obliges, and Pem is lounging there like he's the Emperor — spoiled rotten. He takes a deep breath and furrows his brow, "I mean, I'm sure I could, Kelb... It might just take me some time. I don't have a whole lot of mining contacts, you know? I'd have to dust off my old contact datapad. Are you hoping to goose that schmuck?"
  • I shrug, "I dunno, Pem. I'm considering it. I mean, he hired us to clean out the mine. We wouldn't be violating the contract, just... wiggling it a bit." I scratch at the back of my left forearm, a tell when I'm frustrated, at least that's what Pem told me once. "One of them is gonna die if we don't get him more meds. I'm a merc and a soldier. I'm not some Night Witch assassin."

    "What would you do?"
  • Pem looks up at the ceiling, the wheels in his head spinning with ideas. "Well," he answers, "a few creds would definitely speed that process along... Some of my old contacts are difficult people to get a hold of, and begging for jobs doesn't exactly put me in a good bargaining position, you know?"

    He shrugs, "a job's a job Kelb. I get that we're not a death-squad — part of why I joined on with you is because I needed to keep my conscience light, and my pockets heavy — but you gotta ask yourself: are you here to make friends, or make money?"
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