[SWAW] Colder Days [Kelb S2]

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A few days later, and Pem was back on his feet looking for work — but this time around, he's complaining about a lack of good work. You're all in 14's cafeteria, eating lunch when Pem breaks it down for you...

"We've got a few potential contracts... None of them are overly fantastic." He pulls out a datapad and sets it to projection mode. "The first one is a pirate clear-out on Hoth... Apparently some snot-nosed Wookiee thinks he can do hit-and-runs on Hutt cargo, and the usuals want him cleared out." He flips to the next scene, "the next is a collection gig on Tattooine for a guy named Bib Fortuna... Apparently his master's got a problem with one of the smugglers there, and he wants to send a message. Got that one through the guild."

"The last one," he starts, "is security for some Imperial Noble named Wrexer that is trying to stronghold his way into a new settlement in the rim... Small town, unaligned... Pay's all the same: our standard fee plus expenses."

Do you have any history with those people, Kelb?


  • First of all, I have a strong suspicion I know exactly who Bib Fortuna has a contract on, and I'm staying way far away from that. I have no luck chasing smugglers, and I met Han Solo once, more like saw him at a bar in Nar Shaddaa a while back. He's really, really hot. Also, he is scary good with a blaster and his ship, which I hear he stole, is fast. Like he does the Kessel Run in record time. No, not interested.

    Wrexer is a bully. He preys on the weak, and his fortune is built on the backs of those who mistake his nobility and free-flowing credits as some kind of kindness. They aren't, he's just trying to get his hooks in you.

    The pay would be better with Wrexer, but I'm still sore at the Wookiee who put a hurt on Pem, so that's my choice. I look at Pem and smirk, "Hey Pem, you want to double your Wookiee pelt count? Let's go hunt some pirates, yeah?"
  • Pem shrugs, through you can definitely see a smile lift the corners of his mouth. "I wouldn't complain if I got myself some new slippers."

    Burr adds, "are we set up for a winter load out?"

    When was the last time you saw snow, Kelb?
  • I grin at Pem. I should invite him to a trash talking game with me and Jazz sometime.

    I look to the old man, "No, we aren't set up for the work, Mr. Burr." I glance to Pem, "Can you outfit us for this, Pem? Not off your dole, of course. I'll back it, but mix as much of it in with expenses that you can. We'll sell off what we can when we're done. Have to travel light. Mandalorian armor should do in a pinch, but that's only half the team, plus we can't bank on it. We'll need food, portable shelter and thick clothes that still allow us to fight."

    Looking at Pem still, "You think we could use that shuttle again?" That makes me grin, the idea of flying in that bird again.

    A thought strikes, "Mr.Burr, is that shuttle conditioned for the kind of weather we'll see on Hoth? Are we going to need to rent a dropship and do an orbital drop?" Oh man, I haven't done an orbital in forever, now I don't know which sounds more fun.
  • Pem hems and haws at using the shuttle again, "I can get us outfitted for sure — that'll be cheap — but the Shuttle? Out to Hoth? ... It'd be expensive, Kelb, but I can arrange it for three... Maybe two if I'm really lucky..."

    Burr nods, "most shuttles are meant for hostile environments. So long as we don't get it stuck in a storm overnight, we should be OK. An orbital drop would be pretty wicked though," he laughs and takes a drag off a death stick. Jazz gives him a high five.

    Squall is a little unsure about it all, "Some electronics fail in cold environments... I'd like to make sure we have some spare parts, in case we get stranded."

    Jazz waves a hand dismissively, "Worse comes to worst, we steal their kriffing ship, right? I mean, pirates are usually loaded!"
  • "What if we rent out Jaina and do an orbital drop?" I ask, looking at each of them. "Jazz and I can drop in our armor, and we can buy a drop pod for pretty cheap. Then steal their ship, like Jazz said, and more than recoup for the expense."
  • Jazz smirks, "Jaina, huh? Yeah, I could see myself working with her again!" He leans back in his chair, as though he's remembering something fondly.

    Squall giggles, and shakes her head.

    Pem shrugs indifferently, "Saves me the trouble of negotiating that deal again. You wanna talk to Jaina? Or should I add it to the pile?"
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    I shoot Jazz a look, then just ask, "Was she your hot date, big guy?" I'm surprised, to be honest. If she and Jazz hit it off, that's great, really.

    To Pem, "I've got Jaina, it's fine. Just don't skimp on the arctic gear, I don't want frostbite, alright?"

    If there's nothing else, I'll see if I can get ahold of Jaina. Is she around?
  • Jazz shakes his head, "I wish... Jaina's hot stuff, Kelb, but I don't think she plays for my team, if you know what I mean." He smirks, "and yeah, I guess that means I tried, doesn't it?" He bums a death stick off Burr, and lights it up. "Don't mean I'm against riding on her boat or nothing."

    Pem nods, "I wouldn't want your cute little nose to fall off." The meeting concludes, and everyone heads off to prep their portions of the job.

    You find Jaina working on her boat, exactly where it was last time. Apparently she's had some trouble securing cargo for the ride home. "Hey Kelborn," she says with a smile as you approach, "good to see you survived your last job."
  • I can't help but get in a jab at Jazz, "Maybe she just didn't have the right motivation. You must be losing your touch!" I'll let him jab me back, he knows better than to talk about our past.

    But enough with that, I'm talking to Jaina.

    "Yeah, one of my guys lost a soft punch contest with a Wookiee, but we all made it." I say as I come up, looking at her ship. It's looking good. "You know what they say, battle scars are sexy."

    I grin my lopsided grin and say, "I want to hire you and your boat for a trip to Hoth. We'll be doing a sub orbital drop, youll need to stick around ffor a possibke pickup. Interested?"
  • "I touched plenty last night, Kelb," was Jazz's parting jab, "don't you worry about that." He tried to bump fists with Mr. Burr — Mr. Burr did not reciprocate. Pem filled in.

    Jaina chuckles at the thought of a "soft punch" coming from a Wookiee, and throws the rag she was using to clean her greasy hands with over her shoulder, "Sure! I'm not making any money here — when were you hoping to leave? I've got one more day's worth of repairs to do, and then I'm basically back on the market." She smirks, realizing her double entendre a moment too late, "so to speak."
  • Yeah, he touched plenty. In his own pants! Hah! I wish I'd thought of that one before...

    Anyways, Jaina. Captain Jaina, who looks surprisingly hot with little bits of grease on her cheek like that. Ok, I lied, it's not surprising.

    Oh that smirk. Its almost like the fruity explosion of that ale, except this one doesn't make my head ache in the morning. "How about this, Cap? I help you with repairs for the rest of the day, then we have some fun tonight, and ship out tomorrow?" I return her smirk with my grin, then wiggle my eyebrows, just for fun, and to let her laugh it off if I'm coming on too strong.

    There, I'll keep her off the market for just a little bit more.
  • Jaina stares you down, a dubious expression squinting her eyes and pursing her lips. "So I get a free worker, and a night of debauchery?" She hands you her spanner, "you're on, Kelborn — help me install this new airlock door."

    How long do you end up working before ending up in her quarters?
  • Debauchery? Should I have brought back-up? Nah, I'll soldier on, work twice as hard.

    Speaking of which, the promised night of fun is quite an incentive. I let the team know to be ready by tomorrow morning, of course, then I'm all hers. We work until dinnertime, or that's what we call it when she's satisfied that the Hawk is in flying condition.

    When I radioed the team, I did step away for privacy, and asked Pem if he could track down some more of that ale. I don't know if he had any luck. If he did, then I'll be bringing it as a gift to my hostess. Otherwise, it's just me.
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    Pem totally did track down that ale, and your tight timeline has the whole team pushing to deliver. You find Jaina in her quarters, setting the mood. You're standing in the door with the ale. She seems really happy to see you...

    "Come in Kelborn," she says with a grin, "lock the door behind you."
  • I do that. It's prudent.

    I show her the ale next, "Not only do you get my hard work and sweat, Jaina. I even bring you gifts." I'll head over to where she keeps the glasses, pour us each a glass. After maybe the second glass, I'll ask, "Jazz told me he made a move on you. How did that go?" I'm smiling, this is amusing, I really want to hear this tale. Secretly, I wonder if her impression of Jazz is as good as Squall's.
  • Jaina's face lights up with a devious grin when you show her the ale. She produces glasses, and moves over to her bed to sit. She chuckles when you ask about Jazz, but she doesn't really do impressions – it's not her gig. "Oh. He told you, did he? Well, in my line of work "dinner and drinks" usually means, "bend over, I'm about to kriff you twice." That and I've just never really been into men."

    She toasts you when you offer her the glass of ale, "So I set him up with the dockmaster's daughter for dinner last night." The dockmaster's daughter here is one hot little number – what do you know about her?
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    On her comment about not being into men, I sit on the bed near her, my leg up on the bed so I can face her, sitting sideways. I take a sip, "Not into men? Lucky me."

    The dockmaster's daughter? Well, I'm really into Jaina, so there's no way I'd consider it "trading up", but P'shann is one serious consolation prize. She's half-Mirakulan, and I've heard rumors about her sensitivity and well, ability to read a person to give them what they most desire. That's, well, good for Jazz. Really, good for him.

    "I didn't know you were close with P'shann..." I say as I move a bit closer, consider making some joke about being jealous, but cast it aside because I don't want to mix signals, "He wasn't forthcoming with who he ended up with. Good work, keeping my team happy."

    "Anyways..." I purr as I gently take her drink away with mine and put the glasses on the table, and turn back to her, "I wanted to talk to you... about dinner and drinks." I give her my best sexy smile, then saunter in "for the kill", as it were.
  • She shrugs when you mention P'shann, "it pays to be friendly with the dockmaster when you own a ship... It's either "How's the family" or "how much for a week in bay 9" – I know what I'd rather be asking."

    She moves the glass out of your reach when you try and take it from her, teasing you. When she finally yields, you're close enough that she can pull you into her – which she tries to do. Do you let her?

    In response to your comment about "dinner and drinks," she responds, "only if we can kriff after ."
  • Well, yes, she can pull me into her. I mean, if she's all insistent and everything, why not? I slip into her arms, and try to ease her back onto the bed. I drain her glass and kiss her, letting her share some of the ale, if she's interested.

    "How bout we skip the dinner, then?" I say into her ear playfully. This girl is my kind of girl. I really wonder if she's like this with all her dates, or is this "no strings attached" agreement starting to slip? No, push it aside, focus on the moment, concentrate on what we have right now, when there's no hurt feelings or unmet expectations.

    If she'll give in to my direction, I'll place the empty glass on the deck, and proceed to pull her clothes off of her, kissing everywhere I reveal her flesh, until I have her fully unveiled. Then, staring down at her, I say, "Captain Jaina, you are a beautiful girl. What did I do to be so lucky? To be right here with you tonight?" I mean it, too. I savor these moments, and I plan on remembering them in the bitter cold of Hoth.
  • Jaina isn't one to simply sit back and take direction. She's the kind of girl who swims out to meet her ships... But she does let you undress her.

    When you ask her what makes her so lucky, she shakes her head. "I like competent people – I rely on them every day – but finding someone as skilled and beautiful as you? And convincing them to join me here? That's a rare opportunity." she starts returning your kisses. "Luck has nothing to do with it."
  • Between kisses, I start shedding my clothes, too. My top comes off first as I sit up while sitting on her lap, I relish in the feeling of being free from it. Then as I push her onto her back, again, and kiss her chest, I'm working off my belt (not my gun belt, I put that over the chair a while ago) and shucking down my pants and underwear in one fell swoop. I look up at her, "C'mon, Jaina. It didn't take any convincing. I've had a crush on you for cycles. From the first day you showed up in that cute little uni with your beret, I've had the hots for you." I kiss my way up to her face, sliding my naked body against her in that delicious feeling of skin to skin contact. "Where is that little beret? Still have it?" I grin down at her, then kiss her as she tries to reply, just for a moment.
  • Jaina cocks her head, and pulls away from you a second – not recoiling per say, just wanting to make sure she heard you right. "Is that so?" she says with a surprised look, "well... The beret is buried in my closet somewhere, if you're that into it."

    She looks over to the closet, then back into your eyes, almost daring you to let her grab it.
  • I giggle, which is quite unlike me, whispering, "Go get it,,.. right now!"

    I watch her cute butt as she goes to her closet. I wonder if she'd be interested in a long term lease of the ship, being our long term, well, home, I guess.
  • Jaina obediently hops over to the closet, and ruts around in there for a few minutes before emerging stark naked – save her academy beret. She stands at ease, and authoritatively announces, "Captain Jaina Dene reporting for inspection, ma'am."
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    Oh stars, this is a dream come true. I hop up off the bed and give her a thorough "inspection", which includes a "dressing down" for infractions of various made up kinds, and lots of drill sergeant-style talking at the side of her face while innocently brushing against her arm, and yes, I can barely keep a straight face for more than a few moments before giggling and having to start over.

    This is too much! Best night ever.
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    == END SCENE ==

    Fire off your sex move Kelb... It'll come to that eventually anyway.
  • Kelborns' Special Move:
    When you have sex with someone, you take +1 forward. At your option, they take +1 forward too.

    Jaina takes a +1 Forward, too!
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