[Junk XIII] Marco Polo (S 7-3)

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You and Omo have been holding down the infirmary by yourselves for three days straight without rest. You've grabbed a couple cat naps and actually fell asleep writing a report at your desk this morning. The infirmary is completely full of patients, and they all have needs. Omo is learning on the job, and she learns quick, but by the time she figures out how to find a vein, she's having to figure out how to run a catheter. Payday and Spunk have been helping out from time to time, when they can. Even Star and Svenja came by, just to watch over folks.

It's afternoon on the third day. Kiddo, Rinso and VB just came back, and Kiddo is already working on the prisoner. Rinso comes in to resume his duties as an orderly, and Omo begs you to get some sleep. How did she finally convince you to go lay down?

When you get to your quarters, the ones you once shared with Metro, hopefully will again someday, and find that Amelia is gone. All of her stuff is gone, too. You're barely able to keep your eyes open.

What do you do?


  • Omo finally convinces me to sleep when I try to place an IV three times and she has to step in and do it for me. I didn't even realize how tired I am, I've been going for so long on empty. Really empty, too- Metro's been gone and Kiddo is busy.

    I exhale and sort of deflate when I see Amelia's things gone. I suppose I knew she wouldn't stay forever, but especially since Metro's been gone it's been nice not being all alone. I stumble over to the bed and fall in. The emotions I've held at bay for so long finally break the floodgates and I weep.

    Not for long, though. I'm very tired.
  • You have a good long cry. That drains you to the point of sleep. All the fight gone, you drift into the abyss of unconsciousness.

    You're not sure how long you've been out. Feels like hours. When you finally stir, you realize your shoes are off. It's dark. Someone put a blanket over you, too. You're still in your clothes, though.

    What do you do?
  • I snuggle under the blanket for long enough to realize that Metro is working.

    I sit up, looking around my room.
  • In the dim light, you see a few small forms in the room. One is watching you, the other two sleeping on the floor.

    "You snore real loud, Stitch." Sapphire says low and with a smile.
  • I smile. "Hey." I say to her. "It's ok because I only sleep once a week." I joke, but it's not as far off from the truth as I'd like.
  • "You should sleep some more then," Sapphire says, real low. "You cold? Sunkist is like a little heater. Little asshole always wants to snuggle, too. Damnit."
  • "Yeah." I answer her. "Who's the other one?"
  • Still smiling, Sapphire slides off the chair she was sitting in, and moves down to the smallest of the two forms on the floor, "Well, she calls herself Amelia now. What with nice ladies putting weird thoughts in her head."

    She picks up her little brother with a little effort, in a practiced manner, and carries him over to your bed, gently laying him near you. The kid looks so much like Sapphire, just a bit rounder face, slightly wider mouth. Without completely waking, he shifts in the bed until he's closer, slides a thumb into his mouth. The kid is like a small heater, Sapphire didn't lie.

    This close, you see Sapphire smiling while watching you. It comes natural, she doesn't even realize she's doing it.
  • I smile at that. "Why'd she take her stuff out just to come back?" I ask Sapphire quietly, snuggling in closer to Sunkist. I pat the bed behind me- plenty of room for her.
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    The smile disappears, she looks down at Amelia, says wryly, "Dumbass thought I wouldn't let her stay here anymore." Sapphire says soft. "Your man told her you missed me, an' she decided to come find me tell me what I already knew. I mean, hell, Stitch, it's not like you're hard to find. And everyone talks about you, all over."

    She shifts, uncomfortable all the sudden, looks at you with what feels like a guilty expression, "But then... I guess I wanted to come check on you."
  • Everyone talks about me? I mean, I've interacted with a lot of people on this ship- helped as many as I could- but I wonder what they say. I laugh when she says I'm not hard to find.

    "That's awful nice of you." I tell her with the tiniest mocking tone. I'm still tired and Sunkist is a heater for all intents and purposes. I feel my eyelids getting heavy again. "How are you? I looked for you... unsuccessfully." I tell her.
  • "Fine. I'm fine," she answers quickly. Then, she looks over at her brother, "He's not so great, though. Really misses his parents, poor kid. Doesn't even know they don't care." She looks back to you, her eyes flashing in the dim light, "I'm not telling him, either. But, he keeps asking for them. I feel awful for him. He's... a good kid."
  • I want to ask where their parents are, but I know it's a sore subject. "I'm glad you're here." I tell her in that space between waking and dreaming. I smile at her, "I missed you."
  • Sapphire is watching you, sitting in your chair like she owns it. When you tell her you missed her, she grins a little, "Why? Somebody need killin?"
  • "No, silly." I answer. "Are you coming over here or not? I got off a doub... trip... a long ass shift a few hours ago and I'm not done sleeping. In or out?"
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    She looks at your bed with some longing, pondering. Then she says, "Out. Take Amelia. She's missed you more." She slips off the chair and rouses the girl gently and helps her onto the bed with you.

    As Amelia snuggles in, Sapphire sits back in the chair and says, "Sleep good, Stitch. I'll keep ya safe."

    What do you do?
  • I roll my eyes at her, though it's probably dark enough she doesn't see. Why can't she just be a kid for even a second?

    I feel a little better with Amelia next to me. A bed full of kids- what more could I ask for? I miss Metro, but it's a dull ache rather than a sharp pain. "Thanks." I whisper to her before falling asleep again.
  • --END SCENE--
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