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You head away with Pem for the Market district, although a different direction than Kelb and Jazz. Pem is talkative, as always, telling you about how Kelb is a great leader, how Squall is a bit high-strung, but a great way to dig up dirt on pretty much everyone, and of course how Jazz is tougher than a bucket of nails. You reach the hall filled with stalls of merchants selling everything from food, to clothing, to blasters and holovids. Somewhere in here is the stall of Tivudi the Gran.

What do you have to look out for down here in the market district?


  • Besides the usual petty thievery and touting, the worst thing is the lines. Or lack thereof. Pushing, shoving, cutting, utter chaos. Half the time, you think you're waiting to move through the market, and then you find yourself in front of a stall selling cheap perfume as nectar of the Goddess. The merchant, never mind the people in line, get belligerent if you try and say "sorry, no thank you, wrong line". I laugh as I bump and jostle my way through. People respond better to joviality than threats, generally, and are less likely to remember you later.
  • You eventually make it to Tivudi the Gran's stall, it's bigger than most stalls on this level and filled with some pretty harmless looking stuff. He's got big crates in the back filled with who knows what. Pem pats you on the shoulder, and whispers, "I'll strike up a conversation with him — do you wanna have a look around?"
  • "Can do."

    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 5, 1. Total: 7)
  • OOC: In response to your question "What should I be on the lookout for?"

    You should definitely be on the lookout for Tivudi's big friends who are drinking casually at a stall across the hall. The three of them — two Gamorreans and a Trandoshan — could be here in a moment's notice, and would seriously hurt you.

    After a few moments conversation with the shopkeep, Pem bows respectfully and your scouting of the area comes to an end. He pulls you aside, "Seems the guy sells something illicit... I'm guessing spice, based on his demeanor. He's got lots of credits... Spot anything useful?"
  • "A couple of bruisers across the way." I shoot a friendly nod in their direction, as if we're passing acquaintances, to indicate who I mean as we pass by. "It would be hard to take them down without killing them."
  • Pem's gaze follows your nod, and he scratches his chin casually. "Should we drag a few of them off now? Ease the effort for later?"
  • I consider this. I'd really like for this first job to go well, to make an impression on Kelb. "If you think it's wise, I'll go along."
  • Pem brings you over to the stall after a short walk, and orders some drinks right next to the trio of Tivudi's men. "I tell ya," he says out loud to you, though obviously intending for the trio to hear, "number 37 was hot for a while there, but when he took that punch it was all over. They're giving him good odds next fight, but I don't think he's gunna win." He turns to the trio, "Hey! What do you guys think, huh? A prize fighter takes a brainer in the middle of a cage match, but doesn't go down — would you give him good odds?"

    The Trio look midly annoyed, and the Trandoshan hisses, "go away, friend. We are not interested in your gambling."

    Pem smiles crookedly, "Awe c'mon — there's good credits to be made here! Surely a Trandoshan like yourself should know a thing or two about fighting!"

    The Gamorreans look confused, like they can't believe Pem just said that. The Trandoshan narrows his eyes, and tastes the air. "Go away, friend. I am not interested in your petty gambling."

    What do you do?
  • "Don't look at me. I can't place bets, it's unethical for the fighters to involve themselves. I give a shy smile, a shiny baby cage fighter embarrassed and proud.
  • The Gamorreans raise an eyebrow when you mention you're a cage fighter, and the Trandoshan gives you a dubious look. "You are a fighter?" he hisses, "You are built like one, but you are too pretty to fight in a cage."
  • "I figure a few months will help me get some awesome scars. Don't you think, Reg?" I turn to Pem, mugging for him.
  • At this point it looks like the Gamorreans are interested in you, but the Trandoshan is still very skeptical. He looks to Pem, who answers, "Not the way you fight — 37 doesn't stand a chance."

    The Trandoshan hisses, "Do not play games with us... Why are you speaking to us of this fight?"
  • "I can't speak for Reg here, but to my eye, you got the stance of a warrior. Noble bearing, graceful like a predator, all that stuff." I glance at Pem. "'Course, it could just be that Reg is flirting with ya. What better way to woo someone than by earning them a lot of cash?"
  • He looks at Pem, disgusted, then back to you, "You are attempting to earn us cash through gambling? ... We are not allowed to leave here. Could you make the bet for us?"
  • "Sadly, no." I shake my head, make big, watery eyes. "They use a holographic registry. Too many people offering to place bets for friends and running away with the winnings, causing problems for the house. You understand."
  • OOC: It sounds like you're trying to manipulate them away from their post. If so, feel free to hit the dice!
  • (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 3, 1. Total: 5)
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    OOC: Burning a bond point thingie with Squall and Pem, brings me to a 7
  • OOC: With your two burnt bonds, that puts you at a 7.

    The Trandoshan sits up straight and looks down on both of you. "If you could mitigate the risk of this danger, say by purchasing something from our friend over there," he points over to Tivudi, "and if you don't like what you bought, after we've won, you can get your creds back."

    Trandoshans don't smile — but if they could, this one would be smiling right now. "My name is Ssissth, by the way. This is Grot and Breg."
  • "I'm Mazer, this is Reg." I tilt my head, considering. "I wouldn't normally say yes, but for a fellow warrior..." I clap Ssissth heartily on the shoulder. "Go on, Reg. Pay the man while I take our new friends to place some bets." I smile winningly at Pem.
  • OOC: If you drop 1-credit here to pay the man, then they'll leave with you no problem. Pem doesn't have that kind of money.

    What are you going to do when you get the three of them alone?
  • I slip a cred into Pem's hand, not without regret.

    I consider my options for incapacitation. Blood choke or cranial blow, I don't have any drugs on me. Knock out Sssissth and Grot, jump on Breg and choke him out.

    What could go wrong? Sigh.
  • Why don't you Act Under Fire to execute this plan without hurting yourself?
  • (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 5. Total: 10)
  • Oh yeah, without a doubt. Ssissth goes down as soon as you hit him — he wasn't nearly the warrior you pumped him up to be. Heck, he didn't even see it coming, so he was worse off. Grot and Breg take a little fisticuffs, but you eventually put one down, and jump the other.

    Pem comes around when they're all on the ground and laughs, pleased with himself. "Nice job, Tott! What are we going to do with them? Kelb said no killing, right?"
  • "Right." I rifle through their pockets, looking to recoup my business expenditure. "Truss 'em up, throw em in a cargo bin?"
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    They were broke — but they did have some spice on them... With some effort, that might be worth your coin. Pem shakes his head, "They'll probably just get found before we leave, and cause trouble..." he pulls out his blaster, "I won't tell Kelb if you don't."
  • "Whoa! This is to to scare them some, not put holes in 'em. They're just hired muscle, like us." This place may be outlaw friendly, but nobody likes unsanctioned murder. I did not sign up for a blood feud. "Let's get creative, then. Get some knock out powder, hang 'em from something high but concealed. Maybe some rafters near an industrial vent - nobody'll find 'em for a day or two." Or six. I can always play it off to Kelb, or anyone else who manages to sniff it out back to me, like I anticipated more rigorous inspections of the equipment, that I didn't intend for them to die.
  • Pem chuckles at that, "That's a bad-ass idea. Right creative! Yeah, alright — let's do that. Just give me a second to get us some help." He gets on the comm, and you can hear him calling Jazz. If you have no qualms, Jazz will come along and help you hide them somewhere.

    Once they're dealt with, what's the plan?
  • "Who's the biggest, baddest spice seller around?" Whoever he is won't like this upstart edging in, I'm sure.
  • Pem looks over your shoulder, "The Hutts. They own every spice racket from the rim to the core, except a couple of small-timers. Why? You looking to break out as their competition?" He chuckles.
  • "Nope. I'm trying to convince them to break theirs! Lead the way."
  • Pem leads you down a hall for a short ways until you arrive at a small structure built into the walls of the station. Pem knocks a few times, and a little bar slides open to reveal a door-droid that pops out, and says some things in Huttese. Pem argues with it fervently a minute, and then it shrinks back into its hole, and the door slides open.

    Pem leads you into the building, that is draped with fine textiles, and smells of spice. The dim candle light filling the room makes you feel a little drowsy. You're greeted by a Sullustan named Piri Soti, who lazily pulls you in. "Welcome! Welcome! Can I get you gentlemen a place to sit?"

  • "No, thanks, though. We're looking for whoever's in charge, or whoever represents someone in charge. We have a business proposition to discuss." I toss the packet of spice we bought into the little dude's hand.
  • Piri points to himself and bows respectfully, "I am the master of the house, you might say, and I am always interested in expanding my business..." You toss him the packet of spice, and he looks at it. Smells it. Tastes it... He looks confused, "this is Giggledust — where did you get this?"
  • "From a small-time guy snapping up property quick around here. Starting to seem a real threat."
  • He closes the baggie, and narrows his eyes at you. "Tivudi? Hmm... He has been trying to undercut my business here for some time — I provide an atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves! And he comes in and says "get high in a dumpster for cheap." PAH! I am not interested in his games... You say you want me to buy his dust? Why would he sell it to me?"
  • I smile brightly. "We'll take care of that part. We'll be in touch to let you know when you can scoop the product. We'll make sure it's a good price." I feel my head tails twitch in satisfaction. Kelb will be so pleased.
  • Even Pem looks impressed, are you heading out to fill Kelb in?
  • Time to head back to Fourteen's hotel and deliver the good news.
  • == END SCENE ==
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