[Junk XIII] Enough Armour? (J 7-5)

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Both Ro and Topps slept in the next morning. Not together. There were a half dozen folks who crashed in the room with them, their young bodies giving out after binging on booze and drugs and dancing. The trip to Armour was amusing, with the two of them now chatting like lifelong friends, Parfait seems to be quite please at her friends' moods.

You arrive at Armour in the afternoon. Its drizzling outside, and chilly, the kind of "see your own breath" cold. Regardless, the place is active, lots of folks moving crates in from a recent shipment, loading up a truck for another shipment to head south, about ten folks bustling about. Actually, you notice that the activity is from a much smaller group of loaders and lifters than the last time you were here. Ro heads in to chat with Monte Blanc, but ends up having to pay for a couple rooms. He gets adjoining ones, of course, which leaves a question where Topps will sleep, since the rooms both have single beds.

All four of you are heading up the stairs towards your rooms, taking the interior concrete stairs, when you hear a pair of people talking. You recognize one of the voices, right as she comes round the corner from a level above you, chatting with big, strong Fridge about the weight limit on the truck. You see her before she sees you, Jack. It's Aquafina.

Of course, Parfait is right beside you, quiet and observant, she senses your tension, but doesn't know what's wrong.

What do you do?


  • I imagine Topps returning to something familiar, playing music, has helped her come out of her shell a bit. I share in Parfait's good spirits, and hop up the stairs with her, undoing a few buttons as I get used to the relative warmth of the hotel's interior. I barely even realize what's going on until I spot Aquafina ... I am actually relieved to see her alive at first; but then I recall the look she gave me last — like I was some sort of animal, barely recognizable... This could be problematic.

    I grip Parfait's hand tightly, and lower my head in hopes that I can pass by her unnoticed... Good gods — of all the people I could encounter in a stairwell... I whisper to Parfait, "that woman drove the truck that brought me to you."
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    Parfait slips slightly ahead of you, trying to shield you from any harm. Aquafina is about to pass you by, completely engrossed in her conversation. Then, in a reflexive move borne of nervousness, she looks up, meets your eyes.

    She stops walking, actually staggering back a couple steps, coherent speech stolen from her. She reaches for her sidearm, fumbling for the button that keeps her gun in its holster.

    Parfait sees this, and hisses a warning to her. If Aquafina draws on you, you know Parfait will attack her before she brings it to bear. Fridge has this look of confusion and alarm. He doesn't have a weapon, but he's a big guy. Ro is totally flat-footed here.

    This is about to go pear-shaped. What do you do?
  • What happens next was done purely on instinct — I feel myself pulling Parfait and my son back, away from the danger, and reaching around to put myself between them. I holding out a desperate hand out to stay them both. "NO! Wait! Please! I don't mean anyone any harm! Nobody does! Let's please, calm down." If she truly feels the need to shoot me, I am all but offering her the chance if she'll just calm down.

    I whisper, pleading with Parfait, "our son, my love... Think of our son!"
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    Aquafina ignores your words until she is able to draw out her pistol, a Colt, many centuries old. She takes a step back and aims it at your chest. You are standing in front of Parfait, and she hisses again over you at Aquafina, "Shoot him, and I wear tear out your eyes!"

    "He's a WENDY! He's a frakking Wendy! Fridge!" Aquafina hasn't shot you, but she's either going to pull the trigger or run.

    Calling you a Wendy puts Fridge on edge, but Ro says calmly (out of the line of fire), "Hey yo, he's cool. He's no Wendy, he's got some half - brother, but that isn't his fault."

    "Aqua, he don't look like a Wendy to me..." Fridge says carefully.

    "He is! He's one of THEM!" She says as she squeezes her eyes and starts to pull the trigger.
  • I close my eyes in preparation for the pain, and shield Parfait as best I can...
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    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 6, 2. Total: 9)
  • Parfait screams when the Colt fires a bullet into you, she catches you against herself and slumps down to the floor, holding you tight.

    Aquafina shrieks and drops the gun, starts to run, but hesitates, looking down at you with a mix of horror and shock.

    You take 2 Harm before armor. You weren't wearing any, right?
  • Harm move
    (Rolled: 2d6+2 . Rolls: 5, 2. Total: 9)
  • You're on the ground. Fridge is reaching for Aquafina, who has dropped her gun. Parfait is holding you and Ro's at everyone to calm the frakking down.

    What do you do?
  • Well. That certainly isn't a sensation I've missed. I crumple into Parfait, grunting in pain. I look up at her, my expression as stoic as I am able. "I'm all right, my love... Be calm, and think only of our son. In all other matters, we must be calm and understanding."

    I suppose I should have expected this... Armour doesn't have a doctor – do they? Is To succeeding at calming everyone down? I would hate for this to be the second time I beg someone to let Aquafina go.
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    Parfait glares at Aquafina, and Ro kicks the Colt away, it skitters down a step.

    Fridge pulls Aquafina behind him and she says angrily, "He lied about everything, Ro. He led me into a trap, straight to the Wendys. He's a liar..."

    Ro says calmly, "He already told us about that, Aqua. He bought your life off of them, didn't he?"

    "Yes, but he tricked me into... he told me I would feel better about myself if I.... he used me." Aquafina stammers, the emotions draining ber, confused and hurt and scared of you all at once.
  • It may be the adrenaline talking, but common sense escapes me just long enough to blurt out, "you would have felt better about yourself, had we had the opportunity to stop safely, and honor your friend. How was I to know there would be a raiding party staking out that exact location? Rinso's insistence we drive that path in the dead of night, and my overconfidence in my familiarity with the trails are what led us into that trap — but I did everything in my power to ensure you and Rinso could escape alive, and I would do so again if it was even a possibility."

    Well... Maybe I'm a little less so inclined now that I've been shot, but the sentiment is still the same. Good gods this hurts! If I'm going to be taking bullets for Parfait and my son on a regular basis, then I must get something a little more resistant to them. I strain to sit up, but my body isn't cooperating. "Ro... It's clear Aquafina wishes to take her leave of me. I can't move very well right now — if not for that, I would happily oblige her. Surely any further assaults on my character can wait until I've received medical attention of some sort, yes?"

    I reach up for Parfait's hand. I know she would like nothing more than to pounce on Aquafina, and do some measure of harm to her — but we are merely visitors here, we are not permanent. I will survive this, and so will Aquafina if she'll listen to reason — but so help me — if anyone feels so inclined to threaten my dear Parfait again, I'll flood this room with pain and put this nonsense to an end.
  • "Leave us alone, Aquafina. My husband means you no harm!" Parfait says on the verge of tears mixed with worry for you and fury at her. She adds, a bit more calmly, "But if you remain, I will mean you harm.

    Fridge pulls her past you both down the stairs and out. He says, "Closest medic is Trench. But Kelloggs can pull a bullet out of ya, he's on second level west."

    Ro waits for the pair of then to leave, then drops down by you and Parfait. After looking at your wound, he asks, "Jack, you alright? I think the bullet blew through and through, right? I see an exit wound. I can help cauterize it, if you want."
  • Well, I suppose a burst across Aquafina's bow is as good an outcome as I could have hoped — considering Parfait did promise to rip Aquafina's eyes out if she shoot me. I nod in thanks to Fridge, and search idly for the ricochet, or bullet hole in the wall behind me before asking Ro to help me up. "Do you have any disinfectant? I'd prefer not to be put down with illness if it is at all avoidable..."
  • You find the hole in the concrete with the blod-covered bullet hit the wall.Topps answers, "I've got some in my pack! Gods, Jack, I had no idea she was such a bitch!" She fishes a small bottle of hand sanitizer out of her pack and hands it to Parfait.

    Ro says calm and sure, "We need to get you up to the room, Jack." He reaches down to help you up. It hurts, but with their help, you get up the stairs and Topps opens the door to your room. Ro and Parfait help you in while Topps moves into the bathroom, pulling a shower curtain down. She moves in to put it on the bed while Parfait nimbly helps you take off your shirt.

    They lay you down on the curtain, which is vinyl, and sticks to your back a bit. Ro says, "Jack, we can put pressure on the wound and it should close. Or I can burn it closed and know for sure. What do you want, brother?"
  • Well I'm certainly thankful I've got people here with me... I suppose it's possible I'd have been killed by Aquafina's hand — I don't know if she'd ever fired a gun before, considering she all but closed her eyes and prayed it strike true... I cringe a bit as they lie me down on the cold tarp, and I shake my head when Ro asks if I want to cauterize the wound. "No," I point over to the antiseptic, "infection might take if we close it prematurely. I'll just have to stay put a few days until I'm sure the wound won't fester. Do you have any gauze?"
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    Without thinking about it, Ro answers, "As luck would have it, I do. Picked it up in Salt for trade." Topps elbows him for his "luck" comment and takes the roll of gauze. She directs Parfait and Ro to move you around so she can get at the entry and exit wounds. You end up on your side for a bit, with Parfait pressing on both sides of you. She's not terribly happy about hurting you, and it feels like she's pushing the gauze into you or something, which she probably isn't. It just hurts like a plaguedog's bite.

    Ro asks, "Jack, you want something to dull the pain, brother?"
  • Ro can use whatever parlance he pleases, especially considering he has clean gauze on hand... It saves me the trouble of needing to send them out for some immediately. I nod over to my jacket, and call to Topps, "when you get a moment, if required, take a bag of jingle and restock our medical supplies, would you my dear?" I close my eyes, and focus on breathing through my nose as Parfait applies pressure. I repeat pain is temporary in my head, like a mantra. I must get through this. I need to be there for Parfait and our son.

    I shake my head when Ro asks if I want something for the pain. "Save it for later. The adrenaline rush will suffice for now." I chuckle, "I'm sorry to put you all through so much trouble... I suppose I should have been better prepared for such an eventuality..."
  • "I should have protected you, my love. I am sorry." Parfait says her breath on your ear. Her hands covered in your blood as she works with Ro to swap out bandages. Your hands look so pale, Jack.

    Tops hops back from you, hurrying to get some jingle, "I know where I can trade. I'll be back soon!" She heads out the door, and Ro follows her to lock it.

    You notice that Ro takes a seat near the door, he has a pistol out, which he puts on the table. Time creeps along, and the stabbing pain in your gut seems to stretch and grow and throb. Parfait starts singing you the gentle lullabies she sang to you in the bunker just a few days ago.

    Do you plan on staying awake through this, Jack? If so, let's see you Act Under Fire.
  • Have my hands always been this pale? I suppose I have just been shot... Perhaps I've lost more blood than I recall. I shake my head when Parfait apologizes, and whisper through gritted teeth, "my love... What if she had shot you? What if she had shot our son? I would suffer a hail of a thousand bullets to keep you both safe." Though of course I would prefer not to... Even speaking hurts. I think I might be a little less trusting the next time someone points a gun at me.

    This pain is temporary...
    This pain is temporary...
    This pain is temporary...
    This pain is temporary...
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  • You suffer through the pain, staying awake, speaking with Parfait and Ro. Topps comes back after a while, bringing back a couple stock of medical supplies, including some pain-killers.

    At the second changing of the gauze, Parfait announces that your wounds have closed, at least to the point where only a trickle of blood seeps out. You feel hungry and your body aches. Topps has been pacing for the whole time, and Ro keeps an eye on the door.

    The night passes.


    You waken feeling stiff and sticky. It is morning and Parfait is there, right with you. You remember at some point they moved you enough to clean the tarp underneath. Parfait undressed you, moved you onto the bed and held you tight. The pain subsides most of the time now, but the ache of it is like someone has a pressure pushing against your temple.

    Topps comes in, bringing some warm food, fresh from Touch o Gold's. Its fried pastry of some kind, and a mushy kind of grits with butter. It hurts to eat, but Parfait talks you through it, spoon feeding you for a few bites.

    After a bit of quiet breakfast, Topps says gently, "Par, you should take a shower or something. You've got bloodstains all over. Ro and I will watch over him. Just freshen up a bit, alright?"

    "No. I am well enough. I do not need it." Parfait says in clipped tones, like some mama bear. She probably does. She probably has aches, too. But it feels so much better having her close, and she knows it.

    What do you do?
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    It seems that in times of tragedy and turmoil, we find the people who matter most to us. This is twice now I have come to death's doorstep with Aquafina, and twice I have walked away with people who would stand by me. The woman is a catalyst, it would appear, for finding love in hatred. I suppose, in a roundabout way, I should thank her for giving me the opportunity to see this truth; but I am not thankful for her, I am thankful for Parfait, and Ro, and Topps. These travelers I've found who care so deeply for me, in spite of the confused hatred Aquafina spewed forth last night. My friends.

    A shot of pain jolts through me, and I open my eyes as I catch myself trying to roll over onto my side. It is morning? I suppose it is. I feel the weight of Pafait's arm on my chest, and it grounds me to reality. I suppose it's been a long night for all of us...

    I feel much better when Topps returns with some food, the pain dulled significantly by the good company I keep, and I try my best to eat in spite of the pain it causes me. I know showing signs of recovery will bring my companions some peace, and I endeavor to give that to them. I smile when Topps suggests Parfait take a shower... In truth, I'd imagine we could all use one — me in particular — but removing the blood would likely do her a world of good.

    I lift my hand up to gently grip her shoulder, "a clean body, and a few moments away from caring for me would do you a world of good my dear. If I could, I would join you in an instant — but I should probably stay put while I heal." I lean in, my effort labored by the quickcrete that was once my body, and kiss her gently on the lips, "listen to our friends, my love — they're here to help us both."
  • Parfait listens to you, leans in to kiss you back gently, "I will return soon." She leaves you laying there. She asks Topps to show her how to work the shower, and the two of them leave to the bathroom together.

    You hear the water come on, spattering aganst the floor of the stall. Ro says, "Hey Jack, if you didn't have bad luck, I don't think you'd have any, brother." He shakes his head, "You need something to drink? Something for the pain?"

    Before you answer him, though, there's a knock at the door. Ro picks the pistol up and heads over to check on the door, see who's there.

    What do you do?
  • A pained chuckle escapes my lips when Ro comments on my luck, and I wince uncomfortably. I seem to recall a doctor advising against drinking when shot — but some painkillers would be fantastic. I lift my hand to gesture for the box of supplies Topps brought back, and open my mouth to speak when the door knocks, and my heart sinks.

    Who in the world is this?

    I reach over for my jacket, and pull it over me. I need access to my projector, and my scalpels... Just in case, of course. Before Ro answers the door, I raise a hand and call to him. "Ro — easy my friend. Let's not cause a commotion if we can avoid it, yes?"
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    Ro nods, opens the door. From your crap vantage point, it takes a minute to recognize Monte Blanc's voice, since you cannot see him. Turns out he's heard about the shooting, came to check on you. Not out of concern for your well being, to check on the damage to his room.

    Ro lets him in, heads to the bathroom to let the girls know. Monte Blanc comes up to you, looking at the shower curtain sheet you're on, sees the blood stains on the floor. He looks at you, "What happened?" He doesn't look terribly concerned , more asking out of courtesy and to know if you're about to die.
  • I expect everyone would have heard the shooting... Armour is a rather small place, and it's not like the sound of a gunshot is particularly quiet. I relax a little when he enters, though I expect he's going to try and gouge me in a different way. I look up at him blankly when he asks what happened. "I got shot," I answer tersely. You would think, by the blood on the floor and rumors no doubt in circulation, that it would be obvious. "The assailant mistook me for someone I'm not, and shot me in the stairwell. As the wound was through and through, my friends decided it was best we stop the bleeding as soon as possible — so they dragged me up here, tried their best to keep the place clean, and performed the required triage. As I'm not dead, and the wound is not terribly inflamed this morning, I would imagine I'll survive the ordeal."
  • "Glad to hear you'll make it, friend." Monte Blanc says with a polite smile. "I appreciate the effort to keep the room clean, but I feat getting these stains will cost another jingle."
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    And there it is. "I wasn't aware being shot in the stairwell was a known risk here. My friends and I are already immobile for the next week, in spite of a very important and brief trip out to the Ascendant... Are you saying the misfortune that's befallen me here is my responsibility?"
  • "Well, yes. I am. If you knew how many drunken parties and family scuffles gone wrong have caused damage to our rooms, I think you might understand that this isn't a fun conversation, but a necessary one." Monte Blanc says with a little bit of weariness.

    Ro says with a confident grin, "Do you know who I am?"

    Monte Blanc replies, unimpressed, "Yes, but we don't count on tourism. Or luck. We make our own here. No free rides."
  • I bite my lip, and eye him skeptically. This is a bit ridiculous... I sift through the pain out into the whispers of Mont Blanc's mind filling room.

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    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 12)
  • OOC: Holding 3.
    Q1: How can I get Mont Blanc to waive the fee?
  • The easiest way is to offer him Parfait or Topps for a night.

    Barring that, saving him the trouble of cleaning by really scrubbing the place down would steal his thunder.
  • My eyes narrow into thin slits as the insatiable tone of a predator whispers Topps and Parfait's names. These women saved my life — I would not dream of asking them to sleep with someone to get out of paying this extortion. No... I think I must teach him a lesson for abusing the misfortune of others...

    Q2: How can I make Mont Blanc feel horrible for accepting this jingle?
  • He did come from the Valley, used to work hard for a living with his dad. He's vat grown, you know. Also, if his dad knew about him trading favors for sex, he'd be pissed. His dad lost his wife in the big slaughter at Cloe's at Station.
  • I reach into my jacket, and produce a bag of assorted jingle for him — the exact price he asked for — and reach out to hand it to him. Should he reach out to take it, I'll hold onto the bag just long enough to add, "this is extortion, plain and simple. My pregnant wife in there, and my young friend who recently lost her father are not chits to trade with over blood — my blood — that another guest of yours spilled. You would be wise to consider that, and the feelings of your father, the next time you come in here and tout "making your own way" as the primary motivation for holding me over a fire."
  • Monte Blanc comes over, takes the jingle, but man, when you throw that in his face, he scowls, it hit home. He hesitates, like maybe he won't take the bag. But he does anyways, then heads out in a huff, shutting the door firmly. Not slamming it, of course, but firmly shutting.

    Ro whistles low, "Man, what an ass.... make our own luck. What a load!"

    A couple minutes later, a freshly clean Parfait comes out in a towel. The water comes on again, this time for Topps. Ro shows some interest from his vantage point, but it's not like he can see anything.

    Parfait dries herself off, and at one point drops the towel down to wipe at her legs, basically flashing Ro. Ro immediately looks at the wall, not grossed out, you can tell, just trying to respect you, or both of you, or something. Then she finishes and puts on some fresh clothes, slides onto the bed beside you, kissing your forehead gently. She smells nice, like lavender.
  • OOC: Based on his little huff...
    Q3: What does Monte Blanc intend to do?

    I nod at Ro's comment, and slip my jacket back down onto the floor beside the bed. "Someone should remove that stick wedged so firmly up his ass, if you ask me." I relax, and wait for Parfait to get out of the shower. I am flattered by Ro's show of respect for Parfait — or me, or us, or whatever, as you put it — and I breathe in deeper than I perhaps should when Parfait's lavender scent wafts into my nostrils.

    "You smell wonderful, my dear," I whisper pleasantly, "are you refreshed?"
  • "Yes, I am well. The smell was in the soap Topps used on me. It is very strong, but nice." Parfait responds, not whispering, but close.

    The mention of Topps using soap on Parfait gets a curious look from Ro, but he lets it go, like it is none of his business. He stands up, "I wanna get some food. You guys good? I'll be back soon, I'll bring you some, too." Unless you object, he'll head out, probably to Touch o Gold's.

    Monte Blanc's going to avoid the four of you as much as possible for the rest of your stay.
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    I share in Ro's sudden interest at this "Topps on Parfait" extravaganza, and joke, "damn this bullet wound." I chuckle, and wince painfully... Damn this bullet wound, indeed. I nod thankfully as Ro stands and announces his intentions. "Don't let the experiences we've had so far sour your fun, Ro. We can't be hailed as heroes everywhere we go."

    Once he leaves, I turn over to Parfait. I need to get my mind off of Monte Blanc and his thoughts. "So tell me more of this soapy exchange of yours," I grin widely, half teasing, "were there bubbles? Girlish giggling? Is she a better washer than I?"
  • Ro waves that off, like he's not going to bail over one asshole who doesn't believe in luck.

    Parfait doesn't get the implications of the "soapy exchange" right away. However, she catches on when you ask if Topps is a better washer. She narrows her eyes, "No, you are much better. I was... stubborn. She became insistent. When I stood in the shower angry, she came in and washed me. There was... it made me laugh, yes."

    She leans in, as if Topps could hear over the water, "Why do you ask, my husband? Do you want her to share our bed? Do you find the young girl pretty? She thinks you are very sexy. She told me this."
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    A flash runs through my head of the voices which led me to the bunker all those days ago... She will cheat on you... I'm beginning to wonder who the "she" in that sentence was — as well as the "you". The voices in our minds do not often speak to me — but rather to their intended recipient. The thought could very well have been KellyTires', and intended for Humphrey — perhaps a desperate attempt to distance him from his daughter, or a father's truth gleaned from years of observation.

    The thought of sharing our bed with Topps is ... interesting. She is quite young, and I don't particularly see her that way — but I do try and keep an open mind. Is this something Parfait is interested in? Topps is interested in women as well then? "I never would have guessed," I whisper back, "and I hadn't considered the thought. She is, of course, an attractive young lady — but my attention is conquered entirely by the beauty lying beside me. Is this something you would like?"

    I pause, then add, "not that I'm in any shape to share a bed with anybody in that capacity just yet." It occurs to me this week will be something like the reunion Parfait and I shared back at the tribe... Nursing me back to health. "Topps is a mere stone's throw away from the young Humphrey — surely she is anxious to reunite with her beau."
  • "No matter who shares our bed, only you will have my heart." Parfait says with a deep look into your eyes. "You are my world and love, my one and only husband. I will never break faith with this. But if you want others to play, I am interested in such things."

    She leans in to kiss you as if you're made out of delicate paper. "I do not think Topps wishes to be with me. She is impetuous and wanted me to be clean. I am sure I could convince her to join our bed, if you like. But it would ruin her reunion with Hump, as you say."

    The water stops, but Topps spends some time drying, and fixing her hair. Parfait continues speaking low into your ear. Her breath tickles lightly, "Do you lie with men? As I did with Barinet? I am curious."
  • I smile to myself, content with her answer. "I love you too, my dear Parfait, and I do not need to share our bed to be happy; but we could, from time to time, partake in the company of a few close friends. I do not wish to take her away from her beau – we cannot offer her a life at a radio tower, only a life on the road." I kiss her gently again, though I'm suddenly very aware of how disgusting I feel. I wish I could shower... This is certain to be a long week.

    I am comfortable when the shower stops, relaxed. I nod when Parfait asks if I've slept with men, "I have, on occasion, slept with a few men. It takes a special mind for me to truly desire one, but I have had the pleasure of meeting a great many people... Some of them more beautiful than others. None as beautiful as you though." I smile, figuring she must have asked that question for a reason, "why do you ask?"
  • Parfait grins when you compliment her mind. You ask if she has any men in mind and she replies quietly, "I wonder if Ro would want to lie with us. He has been very good to us."

    Topps comes out in a towel, her dark hair still damp. She smiles at you two, "Feeling any better, Jack?"
  • I figured she would suggest that. I smile back and raise an eyebrow, "Ro is an attractive enough young man that I could share a bed with him. His mind is very open, and kind. When I am better, and you are feeling so inclined, we can speak to him." I squeeze her shoulder lovingly, and kiss her forehead.

    I can hear Topps' mind racing with a silent admiration before I even know she's standing there. I turn to her, and nod. "Much, thank you. The medicine you brought last night seems to be doing its job." I move my legs and invite her to sit with us, "how are you holding up?"
  • "I'm doing alright, but I can't wait until we get to the Ascendant." Topps replies with a grin. Then she pauses, "Oh, wait, Jack. I'm not complaining that you're hurt or anything! I was just. I mean, seeing you two. I miss Humphrey, that's all."

    Parfait says, "We are not offended. We want you to see him, too."

    Topps nods, relieved. After she finishes drying, she fetches her clothes and disappears into the bathroom to dress. She comes back out, and hands Parfait a wet washcloth, "Why don't I give you guys some time alone?" She heads for the door to leave.
  • I shake my head, "don't fret my dear, it's exactly as Parfait says — we're not offended... I'm at least as frustrated by my newly forced sedentary lifestyle as you are." I pause and let her go about her business, drying and dressing and whatnot. A thought occurs to me when she returns and announces her plans. "If you are anxious to get out to the Ascendant, I'm sure Ro could drive you any time. There's no sense in you both staying cooped up here for the next few days while my body recovers."
  • Topps blinks in surprise. For a moment you can tell she strongly considers it. Finally, she says, "No, Jack. That's not right. I wouldn't even have come this far without you!" She opens the door, "I'll stick around. It's just a few days. It's okay, Jack." Topps heads out, leaving you with Parfait.

    Parfait takes the washcloth and starts gently wiping you clean. It doesn't feel terribly comfortable, of course, with your body still sensitive. She tries her best to wash you without hurting, her eyes completely focused on reading your expression, trying to adjust each touch to avoid your pain.
  • --END SCENE--
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