[PILOT] Chapter 3: Old jobs [Utseo, Alex]

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Utseo, think back 11 years ago. You're working for Josine with Alex's assistance. You've been tasked with liberating a hard drive from an undersea research facility where cybernetically enhanced dolphins were used for uplift-technology research. The place is swarming with Nanotech troops ransacking the place after the megacorp bought out the facility and shot down “trespassing” scientists who refused to leave.

You're outside the central lab, monitoring activity within via fiber-optic camera and a signal-interceptor earpiece. You count maybe six or eight Nanotech gunmen. All you have is a knife, your metal legs, and a damned lot of chutzpah. Every second, the goons get closer to the encrypted backup drive Josine wants.

How did you get the drive?

Alex, this was one of your first jobs on Josine's payroll. You're here to observe Utseo, and offer whatever assistance you can. Once Utseo retrieved the drive, how did you save his life?


  • [Utseo]

    I fancied myself a good little spy back then. I actually snagged a lab coat earlier and used that to cover up my skin-suit and kevlar to get a chance to "innocently" walk right up to them, pretending to be scared out of my wits and begging for mercy. That's how I got close enough to gut the first two.

    I might have been able to continue the ruse, but the second one, a tall German fellow, sprayed me with some of his blood when I slit his throat.

    And yeah, I was young and dumb, so I didn't check for their backup. I was exposed. Outgunned. Not that I was smart enough to be honestly scared. I was so hopped up on adrenalin, I was ready to just charge them. Thankfully, Alex decided to pull my ass out of the fire.
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    You both returned to the safehouse a few hours later. Josine was waiting for you. He cracked the encryption in a matter of hours — a ridiculous feat. Josine happy to get the data — enough that he didn't comment on your methods, Utseo. What did he tell you, after Alex left that has stuck with you to this very day.
  • [Utseo]

    With those sharp eyes that never miss a thing, he made me recount everything that happened. He drew the details out of me with precise questions. Of course, he had to have been monitoring me. No other way. I'm still pretty sure about that. Relatively sure.

    Then he told me, "Utseo, you win the battles with your head, not with your hands. The sooner you learn that, the longer you'll live."

    Yeah, it's stuck with me. And yeah, I'm still here.

  • [Alex]
    I stayed in the background while Utseo worked his little con. It wasn't a bad plan. It would have been better if Utseo had briefed me on the specifics beforehand. By the time I'd come into this job, I'd shaken off the green already. Utseo wasn't quite there yet.

    The scar on my left shoulder is a reminder of my intervention. It was the first time I'd used my cable harness as a weapons platform. It was untested, and frankly, moving outside of its intended use. I was injured by the retaliation, but Utseo managed to overpower the remaining sentries and get us both out of there.

    It was the first time I saw Utseo kill someone. It still gives me nightmares.
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