[PILOT] Chapter 3: Friends in need [ALL]

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Utseo & Alex, you go to Emily's hotel room — a posh affair in a high-price hotel. What were you up to before coming to get her?

Emily, what were you up to when they knocked on the door?


  • [Utseo]

    I had a holo-screen up, broadcast from my watch. Daimyo was checking in, made a few cracks about his l33t skills and I realized he needed his ego stroked. So I fawned over him a bit, via touch-type-text.

    Alex was telling me about something flash, but I wasn't paying attention. I knock on the door and wait. I'm sure Alex will continue to fill me in on the whatever-it-is.
  • Just FYI: It's late evening by the time everyone gets there. The sun is just starting to kiss the tops of the high rises in Bristol.
  • [Emily]

    I'm pulling the last curler out of my hair when I hear the knock. I sprinkle some ZeroGravity on my hair, combing it quickly through with my fingers, feeling satisfied as my locks begin to wave and float a few centimeters around my face. I shimmy into a minidress, then answer the door. With a half smile, I turn to show Utseo the long sliver of my back and waist.

    "Seal me up, Flower?"
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    I glance over at Alex, a smirk on my lips, "If you insist, Em. But it is a shame to hide such a lovely back from the rest of the world." I close the holo-screen and place a hand on the base of her open dress, another on her hip, and deftly run my finger up the seal, and also her spine. Such beauty, she is still so breathtaking.

    My hand lingers on her hip as I pretend to check the seal. "Yes. I think that's just divine." Then I let go and brush past her, heading into her place. "You look beautiful, Em. As always."
  • [Alex]
    So this was how it was going to be. If he even knew the truth. That would swipe that smug look from his face. I felt the edges of my subdermals twitch, but I calmed my reaction before they could be seen.

    I walk over to Em and smile. I place a gentle hand on her should as I pass by. It was outside of the dances and the games. I found myself without the words and that was all right.

    So much in my life had be lies, and obfuscation. There were some things that had to be real.

    Considering what I had just discovered the night before, there would be time to talk later.
  • So you're all collected in Emily's hotel room, when the topic of the information recovered comes up. Alex recovered four access attempts from the Hoefler databases, and has managed to trace them all back to specific points in four places:

    • Dezhou, China. OOC: Which is a Stealth + Action scene.
    • Lagos, Nigeria. OOC: Which is an Intrigue + Action scene.
    • Seattle, USA. OOC: Which is an Action + Intrigue scene.
    • Sydney, Australia. OOC: Which is an Stealth + Intrigue scene.

    Yoshi, Tank, and Henry are following some leads they got from the second server farm, but they intend to meet you at your next destination. What's the plan guys?
  • [Utseo]

    I'm scanning the data-stream that Alex is displaying on Em's wall-screen. "I haven't been to Nigeria since... since that concert you did, the benefit. Member, that, Em?" I'm sure Alex remembers, they were extra close then. Pretty sure they were sleeping together, at least, it seemed like it.
  • [Alex]
    I start running through the parameters. I remember just fine. Was that jealousy in Utseo's voice? Well... isn't that interesting...
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    Oh, that's right. It's the first show I did in a designer number. I didn't know then how allergic to sweat obscenely expensive clothing is." I glance at Alex, my eyes playful. "But of course, I don't sweat. I shimmer." I slip my arm around Alex's waist. "What do you think, Sexy?"
  • [Alex]
    I remember when she was sweating, when she gave birth to her child and the look on her face as I handed the baby to her. She was never as radiant as she was in that moment.

    I put my hand on hers and drank deeply in her gaze. The banter is safe and keeps everyone loose for the challenges ahead. This wasn't the time for the deep seated secrets and powerful emotions, especially with Utseo's eyes on both of us.

    "You are..." I pause, sifting through my rapidly failing emotional hold for the right word. "radiant, my dear."
  • [Utseo]

    I watch the two of them flirt, which is fine, really. I like when Em is feeling confident in her own skin. But she's also obviously avoiding the job at hand. As is Alex, he seems distracted. So, it falls upon me. "We should work on the job in Lagos. We can divvy up the other points with the team, but I'd like to work on Lagos with the two of you. Alex, can you open the files?"

    There, that was polite, to the point. Let's get to work.
  • [Emily]

    I'm about to correct Alex, letting him know I was asking his opinion about which avenue to take, when Utseo speaks up. My jaw tightens slightly in irritation - I'm out of the habit of having someone boss me around. I slip away from Alex, moving towards my shoes to hide my retreat.
  • [Alex]

    I blush. I totally misread the situation. I shook my head and got back to the issue at hand. "Yes. Give me a couple of minutes with them, I'll have them straightened out quickly." I tapped an image of a map that displayed. "Seattle is the best destination. The access is better there and we will be at a smaller risk."

    Plus they're there. I need to know.
  • [Emily]

    My irritation is swept aside in amusement as I slip on my strappy sandals.

    It seems Alex, too, has fallen out of practice in accepting Utseo's lead. I personally prefer the idea of Sydney, I love Sydney, but I'm not about to interject and tangle this conversation further than it already is.
  • [Utseo]

    "Smallest risk? Since when have you looked for the smallest risk, Alex?" I ask curiously. Honestly, I'm not trying to belittle his recommendation. I wouldn't mind Seattle myself, but since when has reducing risk been a consideration for Alex?

    Is he covering for Em? That must be it. I shouldn't have jumped in so quick. Doesn't he realize I've got her back? I brush it off, not forcing him to answer. No need to shame Em, Seattle is less risky, of course.

    I nod, "I have contact in Seattle, we can work that job, no problem." I glance over at Em, making sure she's still in with us.
  • [Emily]

    I meet Utseo's eyes and give him my business smile with a touch of personal warmth.

    "Who's your contact?"
  • [Utseo]

    "Kore Flix, a gadget whiz. He's not very social, but he does good work." I smirk at Alex, "You'll hate him."

    To Alex and Em both, "What should we prep before we go? I'm ready now."
  • [Emily]

    I reach into my packed bag, pulling out a thigh harness and sliding it on. In it, I secure my 5-shot, .357 cal Magnum pistol. Letting my dress slink back down to just above my knees, I flash some pearlies.

    "I'm ready."
  • == END SCENE ==

    I guess we're off to Seattle then!
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