[JunkXIII] As If In a Dream (K 1-1, S 1-1)

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You're walking across a scrubland, the wind waving your hair, eyes searching for the next watering hole. Big Rinso is walking right beside you, like always. Towering above you, his big M41A pulse rifle in his thick hands, tribal tattoos run up the left side of his neck. He is quite muscular, too. Are you two an item or what?

Walking just behind you is Humphrey, your gangly brother. He's talking with, or more like being talked at by Brillo of the Book, the odd mutant man who travels with you. Brillo is telling Humphrey about the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, or some other trash. Brillo is covered in sweat, but he refuses to take off his crimson robes when you travel where others might see him. Is he embarrassed of his body or is he really that religious? This older man wears goggles with thick glasses that make his eyes look like giant black orbs. Does Humphrey give a frak about this stuff or is he just being polite?

Just ahead, V.B signals that you've reached the valley. After meager beginnings as a scrubber girl, she has become an absolutely stunning young woman, long raven-black hair, skimpy clothes cut away for function, not form, yet still make her look incredibly lovely. Even her mechanical leg, which doesn't seem to impair her light step, is a work of art, not a crude implement. VB had some odd breathing disorder before she lost her leg in a Junkfall, but somehow, she's still here, doing better than anyone expected. How did she survive, do you know? She's pointing towards something below in a valley ahead. Is that a Junkfall, or something else?

lime is here with you. Is she a normal part of your crew?

And you have a very, very weird feeling, for a moment, that someone out there is watching you. Someone very close to you once, but now, far away.

What do you do?


  • Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Man, I hate that feeling. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand usually... This time though? It's weird. It's kinda like that shit Brillo spouts 'bout the old gods? Like they're always watching you, and you can feel their love and shit... It's kinda like that, but without the creepiness to it. It kinda feels like someone's looking out for me — but then I've always felt like that, yeah?

    I look over to the rock of a man walking beside me, and eye him up and down. Rinso's really grown since he was a kid... You'd never guess that little scrubber boy would turn into hulk central. Are Rinso and I an item? Hmm... Not really, I guess. We did the standard school ground exchange — y'know, the I'll show you mine deal — but really we're just close. Rinso was there when my Ma got sick... He doesn't know it, but I'm glad he was. He helped me through some shit. (Rinso has Hx+1 with me)

    I turn back to Humphrey and give him a level look, "c'mon Hump, ain't you thirsty yet? Get a move on!" I give him a lot of beef, but it's just 'cause Dad told me to keep an eye on him. I mean, the Salt flats are harsh, right? I'm just preparing him for adulthood! I don't think he buys it though... He's just like Dad. Ma told me once that Dad could weather a storm of insults, and not raise his voice once — yeah, Hump's just like that. (Humphrey has Hx+1 with me, if he's a member of the crew)

    Brillo on the other hand, he's a weird one. I trust him about as far as I can throw him — which isn't very far — but he's real handy, and he occasionally makes Hump laugh, so we keep him around. Brillo's not that embarrassed 'bout his body — the man's been naked in front of more women than I can count — but he is pretty religious. That bit about the old gods? Yeah, I wasn't joking. Nobody believes that shit anymore — nobody except Brillo. (Brillo has Hx+1 with me. I take Hx+3 with him)

    I smile and toss my hand up in a big wave back to VB. Man she's pretty. I mean, I spend a bit of time dolling myself up in the morning, but VB's made it an art. She's swapped more than a few tips with me... My Dad took her in when the Order went belly up, and Uncle Lee got her on some puffers that fixed her breathing real good. I follow her directions into the valley below and haul out my binoculars. Did she find something? (VB has Hx+1 with me)

    ... Nope. Or... Wait, yup! Holy crap! It's got an insignia! "Hold up!" I say dropping down, "contact! Check for anyone on the perimeter." I stash my binocs, and twist my Ma's ring between my fingers. I look back and spot lime behind Hump and Brillo. "Best stay back, yeah? We'll get you to Redcliff in no time!" She's what you might call a repeat customer — running messages from place to place. I like taking her on when we run into her. She pays well, and she was good friends with Harmony... I miss Har...
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    What's the insignia like? What does it mean?

    Hump looks like he might object, but Brillo nods, "Yes, we will hang back. I'll keep the boy safe. Not a problem, ma'am." He gives a curt nod, some kind of weird salute he does, then continues to tell Hump about African swallow migrations. Hump resigns himself to the conversation, asking what an African is exactly.

    VB squints into the sun, peering across the valley. Then, she points across the scrub towards a small band, maybe a half dozen folk, making their way to the wreckage as well.

    Rinso follows VB's gesture, then looks down to you and says in his baritone voice,"Kiddo, looks like someone beat us to it. Let's get up close enough to see if they're trouble, alright?"

    You can try to head for the little band to parley, or race down to the wreckage to try and claim it first. Let me know what you're doing.

    Also, does your crew fight over wreckage normally? It's a small group right now, who have you lost most recently? Anyone left the group lately?
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    The insignia? Beats the frak out of me. Looks like this shit my Ma had on some old drinking glasses. Nobody I ever met could read the lettering on it, and the only thing it means around here is guaranteed jingle. Dad told me to keep an eye out for it my first trip out with Ma. We brought him home a mandolin that trip!

    That's the other thing Brillo is good for — not getting involved in fights when he's got a choice. If we're with folks, it's always nice to have a member of the team hang back with them. I turn back to the valley, and follow Rinso's finger to the group of incoming scavs.


    I look back to Rinso and follow him at as quick a pace we can keep without giving our position away. Nothing's ever simple with these drops — someone's either sitting on them, or the shit in them is only worth jingle to folks who don't have it, or one of those frakkin' eyes pop out. I hate those things. It usually comes to gunplay, but never when you'd expect. Finding a drop in the middle of nowhere, between two nowhere towns? Of course there's gunna to be two scav groups in the same damn square click. The surrounding clicks? Empty — but this one? crowded.

    "You know they're gunna be trouble, Rinny," I say in a huff as we close the distance to our vantage point, "they always are! We were here first, let's just go grab it, yeah?" I pat him on the shoulder, 'n start the run down with or without him.

    This is going to be trouble, I bet... I grab Auntie Ruth's boomstick slung over my shoulder that's bouncing free. I can feel the engraving she carved into the hilt — Baby Ruth ♥ Kiddo — she and my Ma taught me everything I know. Ma quit before she got sick, but Ruth fought hard and bloody to the bitter end. I still remember that look in her eyes when she handed me the boomstick — she knew she wasn't coming back, but she ran in there anyway. Ruth was a badass.
  • Rinso picks up the pace, but he's more of a plodder than a sprinter. The guy tries to carry a home on his back. Why is that?

    VB, though, she was born to run. She travels light and the two of you are sprinting down the valley towards the wreckage.

    The ship is in pretty good shape, considering. The hull is split in two spots, but it didn't hatter upon atmo entry.

    As you run down the valley, which has a decent grade to it, you get a better view of the others, those six that are also trying to make it. They're dressed in scrounge wear, most of them male, no big guns carried. They spot you and pick up their pace as well.

    Let's see you Act Under Fire to beat them.
  • Why does anyone try and carry a home on their back? 'Cause they ain't got one! The man's got a serious issue with hoarding, I say... I mean, he keeps everything with sentimental value, and has the appetite of a pack of plaguedogs. I keep tellin' him to lighten the load, but he doesn't listen... Not like I can really talk. I carry a frakkin' guitar on my back.

    When the half dozen scroungers pick up the pace, I laugh and point them out to Vee. "Oh no you frakkin' don't!"
  • Act Under Fire to beat the scroungers there. +1XP rolling highlighted.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 7)
  • You and Vee have a good solid lead on them, you're going to make it to the ship first, no doubt. Vee's laughing as she runs ahead, but you're almost on her by the time you get within twenty meters of the matte black hull plating of the ship's starboard side.

    But Rinso, he won't beat them, that you know. He's got his pulse rifle up and he's about to stop and probably pop off a warning shot.

    You're close enough to see the white of their eyes, really. They look similar, probably related. Two young men, an older man, who fell behind a while back, and a young teenage girl. Which one of those three in the front do you recognize?

    A couple older men, one with a handaxe, are coming up from behind. They don't have anything more than a few pistols and knives, but they do outnumber you.

    What do you do?
  • Oh frak, it's Timbits... I'm not laughin' so much when I recognize him and his brother. These guys are annoying to no end. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson by now, but evidently not. I swing the boomstick up into a ready position when we get close to the ship. I don't need to point it at them, but I will if I have to.

    "Back off Timmy!" I cock my gun loudly for effect, and a shotgun shell goes flying wild through the air, "We got here first! It's ours!" Outnumbered or not, you can't back down from a find like this... You show a chink in the armor one time, and folks walk all over you.
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    Timbits eases back, his brother KrispyKreme slows up, too. Then KK grabs Dunkins, who was thinking she'd just run straight inside like it was a game of tag.

    With a clear voice, Timbits says, "Whoah there... Kiddo? Holy frak! You're alive!"

    Dunkins makes a sour face, which seems natural on her, "What kinda name is Kiddo?"

    The uncles are splitting up, trying to make sure there's no easy targets. Rinso has stopped running, you don't see him, but you know he's got his rifle up and aimed.

    What do you do?
  • You know, that isn't the first time that Timbits has been surprised to see me. He really should learn the lesson at this point. I smile sarcastically and do a quick curtsy, "You know I'd never pass up the opportunity to surprise you, Timmy."

    Then I hear Dunkins' comment and I shoot her a cold look, "Funny story — frak you." Man, I've heard every name under the suns, and somehow I'm the only person I know who gets flak for a perfectly good name.

    I turn back to Timbits, "you know the rules, Tim — and you also know Vee and I aren't the only people here. If you wanna sit here and catch up, that's fine, but you know I get antsy when people box in my haul."
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    Timbits still has his hands up, but you know he's got that Colt in his pants. No, really, an actual pistol!

    Here's what Timbits looked like the last time you met (when he had a sweet rifle, which he doesn't now):

    "I know, I know, Kiddo," Timbits says. "If VB is with you... hey, Vee. Then Rinser is the guy back there on a knee aiming at me. Hey Rinso! I see you!" He waves towards Rinso behind you.

    "Only the three of you? For THIS haul? C'mon, girl, let's work together on this, sort through. You guys get first picks, and we get a little somethin somethin for helping you out. Yeah?"

    Dunkins struggles against KK, "I just want the food!" She's acting like she wants to wriggle free and keep running in, eyes hungry and drek.

    This is Dunkins, by the by:
  • The "colt" in Timbits' pants is more like a Walther PPK, if you catch my drift. Sure, the Colt is real, but that's about all he's really packing.

    My eyes narrow, and I quickly scan the group for a second until Dunkins so thoughtfully interrupts. I shoot her an impatient look. "Easy sweetie, everyone's hungry." Even me. Frak, doesn't mean you can just freak the frak out every time you spot a can of Zoodles or something.

    I turn back to Timbits, adjusting my grip on my shotty, "I got folks here, Timmy, don't think I couldn't handle this haul on my own."

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  • Spending hold 1/3: I've had enough of these standoffs to know they could go south at any moment. What's Timbits tryin' to pull here?
  • Timbits eyes you and down, then glances at VB. Does she have the same poker face you do? What is that people don't normally trust about VB anyways?

    Krispy Kreme is dragging Dunkins back and away, and she's starting to calm down. Maybe some of it was fake, but you know the core of it was real.

    Timbits is looking for an angle here. He's out gunned. So, if he can get his people some food and be next in line, he's okay with that. He figures his family can take back more and make up the difference of not getting first dibs. Of course, if it is slim pickings, then he's going to look for another angle.

  • Uh, hello? She's a girl in functionally-skimpy clothing! I don't know where you come from, but not too many folks around here trust a girl who dresses and looks like Vee. Sure, they'll hit on her, and try to get some, but trust her? Totally different story. Why do you think I carry a shotgun?

    Anyway, Timbits' gotta learn to take what he gets. This might be the only drop we see for a little while, and I'm not looking forward to starving because Timbit wasn't satisfied with his duly earned cut for being a slowpoke. I get cranky when I don't eat, and I'm already a little nippish — 'sides, a girl's gotta keep her figure.

    "You'll get nothing if you try to screw me over Timmy, yeah? Squat, and more than likely a few new holes in that pretty little pair of pants you found."

    Spending hold 2/3: c'mon man, give me a tell... How can I keep you from doing something stupid, like going to guns, or trying to screw me over?
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    Timbits chuckles at the compliment. "Won't Rinser be a little jealous? You taking a shine to me like that? Don't get him all riled just because you've got a discerning eye, Kiddo." He's facing you now, you have his full attention.

    "Promise us some food, at least." He says, finally, "It's been days." He looks back at his sister and uncles, "Equal share of food, and you get dibs on the first cut of the rest of the spoils. C'mon, Kiddo... we'll even carry some of it out for ya."

    He's trying to seem fair, but you know that's partly based on the fear that there really are more of you. Once that disappears, he'll push for more. He's not committed to violence, as long as he gets some food.
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    I groan, "It's Rinso you prick, and you know he hates when you call him that." I relax my posture a bit, and get out of the ready position. I do a quick head count, and figure with everyone all in that sounds about fair.

    "Your men get back," I point off towards a nearby ridge, far enough away that pistols won't be very useful, "you and — oh, I dunno — Redhead over there can chill here. The rest get back, and we'll make sure you get an even share of the food."

    Presuming you don't frak with the deal, Timbits. Don't make me regret this.
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    Timbits shrugs a the rebuke over Rinso's name, "Apologies, Kiddo." He turns to look at the redhead, the guy with sure hands and a calm face, "Unca Panrico, these folk laid claim, but they'll trade food if we help them with first pick. Fair?"

    Panrico nods, but he's got eyes for VB (of course) as he walks up. With a gravelly voice that reminds you of your pa, he barks, "KK, take Dunkins out of here. Give her some leather to chew on or something. Dayum, girl, have some fortitude." He looks at the guy with the hand-axe, "Dutchie, get everyone back. No need to be unpleasant, this is a big haul. Plenty to share. We all eat!"

    VB seems satisfied, and she leaves your flank as these scavs start moving around. VB heads on into the ship, which means its just you, and Rinso back there probably fifteen meters covering.

    Timbits is walking up, right by Panrico. They could overpower you, if they wanted. They're getting closer now.

    What do you do?
  • I shoot Timbits a measured look — I don't trust many people, and I certainly don't trust a hungry man circling my food. "Let's not get too friendly, yeah? It's best we keep this strictly business like."

    Spending last hold: What do they intend to do?
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    Timbits nods, exhales through his nostrils and says, "That's a shame to hear, but alright, Kiddo." He offers a handshake, do you take it?

    He asks slyly, trying to spy him behind you, but not talking so loud he can easily hear, "Is Rinso coming in or staying out here?"
  • Oh, Timbits is looking to get you two girls in there close, and see if he can turn the tables on you and take the best loot. Panrico looks on the level, though. He'll back his kin if he has to, but he really just wants some food and something to trade.
  • Fine, I'll shake his damn hand. Cripes. Some folks are so easily offended. I look down to Rinso and give him a slow nod — he'll know that means I smell something on Timbits here that makes me nervous, but not nervous enough to throw down just yet. "Rinso's going to stay out here and keep an eye on your folks. Can you hand me that rope and watch my stuff, Rinny? We may need it to haul shit out." ... Or keep it in.

    Once Rinso hands me the rope, I sling my shotgun over my shoulder and motion over to the ship. "Let's go boys — there's junk to be found." I'm gunna let the boys go in first.

    Best you do that if you're gunna shoot someone in the back.
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    Rinso is handing you the rope, but he's got mean eyes for Timbits and Panrico. After you take it and head towards the crack in the hull, he says loudly, "You two be smart. Any trouble, and I'll open up on your family out here."

    Tim doesn't flinch, he knows Rinso. But that gets Panrico a bit nervous. But the offer of food and loot keeps him moving, walking in front of you.

    When it was still space-worthy, this freighter was a sturdy, if unimaginative, design. Not unlike a space train. It used to look like this:

    The ship crashed because the beacon led it here, just like all the others. Landing thrusters fired too slow, and it plowed into this valley hard enough to skid for a half a klick before slamming into the base of the valley and nosing up it a ways, which is where it settled. This is a new find, right? Did it come down today?

    So Kiddo, tell me. When you enter these crashed ships, what's the biggest threat? Internal automated security? Pressurized gases? Toxic cargo leaks? And are there ever people on these things?
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    You're breakin' my heart, man! You've never been in a junkship? Wow... You've led a sheltered life. Junkships are mostly filled with one thing: Junk. Sometimes they're filled with military junk that tries to shoot at you, sometimes they're filled with chemical waste that blows up or poisons you, sometimes they're filled with corpses from that creepy corporation that writes "an afterlife among the stars" all over their coffins that wake up and try to eat your brains!

    Heh. Chill out, dude. I made that last part up. But seriously: an afterlife among the stars? What kind of bullshit is that? The standard, no-marker ships are easy to deal with, if a little annoying. A few careless scrubbers get jabbed with a needle, or spend a day barfing from inhaling too much shit, but you've got to be in a real hurry to frak that up. My policy is: secure the site, then take your time.

    Anyway, in insignia ships — as VB, Rinso and I have taken to calling them — all bets are off. More often than not, though? It's not junk. I've heard stories of folks finding dead bodies in there, armed to the teeth, or rations and supplies for housing. One time, they found this thing that projects pictures on a wall!

    As for dangers with insignia ships, it's mostly the security systems. Most of the time they get fried on reentry; but sometimes they don't, and you get stunned by these flying orbs we call eyes. They don't normally live longer than a day without someone to take care of 'em. Brillo has one. You should ask him 'bout 'em. I just shoot 'em when I see 'em.

    This one's still cold to the touch, surprisingly, so it must be pretty new... I'm surprised nobody heard it land. It must have fired its thrusters pretty early on, compared to the other ones. I tie my hankie over my face before going in, and follow the boys down in, quietly slipping my Ma's pistol out. Good thing we found that silencer...
  • VB is deeper inside, looking about. Even with the scarf over your nose, the noxious fumes are still pungent. There is some ambient track lighting here, so you can see this section.

    The impact has shifted most everything, a couple panels are torn and lie in the main corridor, their jagged edges poking up. Otherwise, no eyes yet, no moans or sounds of the dying, no strench of the already dead.

    How do you normally strip one of these behemoths down? What are you looking for?
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    Usually VB and I pick opposite ends and snake our way to the middle. There aren't many things in these ships that are immediately valuable, and the things that are usually stand out pretty fast. What's really valuable is knowing what's in which ship, and where to find them later. So we'll pull meds, canned foods, weapons, or special request items, but often we'll leave raw materials and the like — sell the location off to the nearest builder, or craftsman.

    Anyway, this time I'm not doing that. I guide Timbits and Panrico over to VB, following behind them. Then, when VB's nearby, I point my Ma's pistol at Timbits and grin. Of course, they don't know I'm grinning, but it's mostly for me anyway. "Don't move boys — I'm thinkin' you'd look better tied up to that post over there."
  • Oh, that's most definitely Going Aggro, Kiddo. Let's see how that shakes out.
  • OOC: Going Aggro* (Ice Cold: Roll+Cool). +1XP rolling highlighted.
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    Timbits sighs, "Frak, Kiddo. My family is seriously hungry!"

    Panrico adds in that gravelly voice, "She aint gonna kill us, boy. She just don't trust you. Not that I blame her. Ya idiot."

    What do you do?
  • I cock my head and give Timbits a dubious look. "Did I say I was going to starve your family? No. No I didn't, thank you! Now sit down and shut up so we can do our work in peace, and you'll get exactly what I promised you."

    I wave him back to the post, "Now listen to Panrico. He's a smart man."
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    So a few minutes later, you've got them tied up. Panrico gave you a look in the dark that said he was trusting you, and he would keep Tim in line. What did you do?

    Some time passes as you work through the ship, cataloging its wares. It's not the best haul, mostly spoiled food substitute, metal scrap, some toxic chemicals, which was the smell. But still, you can strip it bare, and there are personal storage lockers, the nugget of gold on these damn things.

    You're up near the aux deck checking a locker for the aux bridge crew, in case there ever is a crew on this thing, and there's some good stuff here: food, clothing, even a nice weapon, a tablet computer, too. What catches your eye, though?

    VB comes in, she's carrying what looks like a toolkit, looks heavy. She drops the metal box to the deck and comes over to look over your shoulder. How is your friendship, by the way? Or, is it like that? Are you two just allies?

    "Nice trick with the ropes," she says quiet, even though you're so far away, it's doubtful anyone can hear you. "I teased Tim a bit. Never liked that guy. So, let me get this straight, we're going to kill them on the way out, right?"
  • Panrico seems like he's all there. I nodded back when Timbits wasn't looking, and went right to looking for food. That's always the first thing you check for on these runs, especially if the ship's in relatively good condition. I bring all the crates of food, spoiled or no, out in front of them, and lay it out so they can see.

    What? I'm not cruel... Just practical! Sure, I could walk off with their share, but it doesn't sit right with me — that's not the way I operate.

    Anyway, most of this shit really is junk — well, the back anyway. I skip into the crew quarters — this is my favorite part. Dad used to tell me you can tell a lot 'bout a person by what they keep by their bed, and I love trying to piece together what the lives of these crewmen might've been like.

    VB comes up behind me while I'm thumbing through a bunch of old memsticks. A lot of these things have collections of art and music on them, and I really dig that stuff. Humphrey's got a music box that Brillo fixed up for him, and I love listening to music on it. Sometimes when we're camping we'll stay up late and watch the stars, sharing ear buds. Sometimes I'll sit there with Dad's old guitar, and try to learn some of the songs. It brings back a lot of good memories, yeah?

    I turn back to VB and smile at her compliment. Vee and I are like sisters. You know how they say you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family? Well, I practically begged my Dad to take VB in, and it's like I got the best of both worlds. "I get lots of practice," I tease, turning back to the memsticks, and shoveling them into my sac.

    I pause a minute when she asks if we're going to kill Timbits, and pivot on my heels to push past her without looking her in the eye. "No," I stuff the gun, tablet, and a few pieces of clothing my size into my bag, "I like having scavs I can frak with show up at a drop. It ain't like they're gunna kill us, as long as they get their share..." I draw the draw string on my sac and toss it over my shoulder, then grab an emptied crate and fill it with whatever food we can find in here. "Sides," I say with a smile, "I like it when folks owe me favors, yeah?"
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    VB shrugs, "Maybe. I dunno, Kids. I think you got more of your Dad in you than your Mom, sometimes." She follows you to the crate and helps fill it with food, lots of canned items.

    She makes some idle conversation, "Hey, I found a tablet, too, by the way. Nothing much on it, but Brillo can wipe it, maybe use it or something." Can she read?

    Because that tablet, which she shows you, since she doesn't have a bag like you do. That tablet is actually a ship manifest. And, it lists something called an iso-cube, on section twelve.
  • Was that supposed to be an insult? Frak, I can't even decide... I slap Vee's arm playfully, and snort as I put the half-filled crate of food down on the counter. "Bitch please! Oh! Look! Peaches!" Man, I haven't had peaches in forever... Someone's gunna be eating good tonight!


    VB can't read. Dad tried to teach her, but by the time he figured out she'd only read old beauty mags, she already knew everything the mags could teach her... 'sides, I like reading to her anyway. "Well at least find out what's on it! You never know! Maybe there's a book or something... Maybe one of those saucy ones, like before!" I grin widely as I nudge her with my shoulder, and pile in the last of the cans of food.

    I grab the tablet, and swipe through the manifest — there's a lot of junk in this list. Damn it... Who the hell decided to go through all the trouble of sending junk to another frakking planet? Morons, that's who! "What's an iso-cube?" I wonder aloud, looking for any signs denoting which section we're in.
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    You find a few numbers painted onto the containers and from that, you can pick your way back towards section twelve.

    VB is moving ahead of you, per usual, creeping in the near dark of the dim track lights in this section. She comes back about halfway and says in a whisper, "Eye, Kids. Maybe two." She points back into the dark.

    Sure enough, as your eyes adjust, you catch sight of a small baby-head sized orb floating a few meters off the ground.

    What do you do?
  • I've got my pistol out already, but it's up at the ready when Vee warns me about the eye... "Shit," I whisper, pressing myself against the wall to reduce my profile, "stay back, help me spot them!"

    I start looking around for signs of a second one... I hate those frakking things!
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  • OOC: Asking for help from Vee... Roll+Hx.
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    One of them is headed your way, of course. Evidently one, or both of you, set off its proximity sensors.

    Probably VB. I mean, she was scouting ahead, right?

    Regardless, it is coming this way. And zip zip, it just shot Vee what that... what are those things that came out of the eye? She falls, but she's scrambling to get back up, but she doesn't have any weapons on her.

    The eye is turning on you now.

    What do you do?
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    Frakking shoot it! What the frak do you think I do?! I don't wanna get zapped by that damn taser! Those needles hurt like a bitch, and they tear up your skin coming out...
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    Give me an Acting Under Fire to take it out.
  • OOC: Acting Under Fire, Roll+Cool. +1XP rolling highlighted.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 2. Total: 11)
  • You fire off a couple shots and see a satisfying arc of electricity and then the eye falls to the ground.

    There was no second eye.

    VB tried to get up and run, but those taser bolts got to her, she fell down again. Her mechanical leg is fine, it's shielded, but she's twitching a bit and groaning in pain.

    What do you do?
  • Shit... I look around quickly to make sure there aren't any more of those things, and kneel down to help VB out. "You OK, sweetie? I hate those frakking things! Try not to move too much, yeah? Those needles are serrated — they'll frak up that perfect skin of yours!"

    I'll watch over her until the twitching and groaning stops, then pull out a pair of pliers, and help her get the needles out, and wrap the wounds. "This icebox had better be worth it..." Speaking of which, can I see it from here?
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    VB whines, then sucks in a breath when you pull them out. Two of them leave bloody little wounds in her leg and tummy. It takes her a few minutes to recover. "Frak, Kids. I walked right into that. Damnit." She's upset that she made "a rookie mistake". She leans on you to stand, the flap of her prosthetic leg clinking on the metal floor as she finds her balance again.

    She follows you to the icebox, which has a trickle of power to it, must have its own battery. The thing is one giant container, maybe three meters by three meters. You find a door, like this is some metal shack.

    What do you do?
  • Once Vee's on her feet, I give her a peck on the cheek, "Poor sweetie — at least you can get even by taking all his shit..." I walk over to the icebox with my pistol drawn and ready. No more frakking chances! I slowly crack open the door to the icebox, pistol first, and slip my way inside.
  • VB follows, snickering at the mention of loot.

    The door opens, but inside is completely dark. No track lighting, just the low hum of power here. There are four metal boxes in here, held in by some mooring clamps. They are slightly taller than Rinso, and a meter across.

    What are you using for light now?
  • I reach into my pocket and grab my Dad's lighter. You'd think those electric torches would be more commonplace; but the truth is, those batteries are expensive! That, and the whole damn planet seems to be leaking natural gasses all over the place. Butane is dirt cheap, and I just love lighting my Dad's Zippo.

    Anyway, I walk over to the boxes and shine a light on them. You'd better be worth the trouble we've been through.
  • The lighter gives dim light on the container. There's a bit of dust to wipe away. You swipe with a hand and there's a plasti-steel visor showing the inside of the container. Through the visor, you see someone's face, a woman's pale face. Eyes closed. She's inside.

    She looks like she's asleep. Brushing away more dust, you see some digital readouts, still active. They look like something from Doc's infirmary back at Podday.

    Also, on the display, there's a countdown ticking down right now, flashing from twenty.

    What do you do?
  • My jaw's hanging open as I examine and slowly read the plaques and readouts of the complicated metal box in front of me; then I wipe the dust off the plasti-steel visor, and my heart skips a beat.

    Part of me wants to unload a clip into this frakkin' thing, but it's vastly overpowered by a building excitement. "Oh my gods! Oh my gods!" I shout, jumping up and down, fanning myself with my free hand, "Vee! Look! Shit! It's a real live spacefolk!" I squeal in anticipation as the countdown ticks away, one number at a time.

    I've got so many questions! I can't believe I'm gunna be the first person in a rock's age to see a spacefolk! I look impatiently to the countdown, which I swear just counted up. This is taking forever...

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    VB scoots back, "Oh frak." She moves over to another container, "This one, too!"

    She starts backing out of the room, "Frak, frak, frak, Kids! Let's get out of here!"


    The container hisses as the counter hits zero. Some kind of vapor or steam or something hisses out of vents, sending dust in the air with it.

    At some point, the door opens, and the woman inside falls to the floor limply. Unless, somehow, you caught her, Kiddo?


    You've only been out for a few minutes, sine they put you down. But they aren't here. There's a girl here, you've never seen her before. It's cold and dark, your muscles feel like jelly. Atrophy, maybe? Or perhaps you're stiff. Perhaps.

    You know the person in that container beside you, the one coming out right now. What's their name?
  • Of course I caught her! She's a frakkin' spacefolk! How's she gunna answer my questions if she smacks her head and wakes up thinking she's a plaguedog? Holy crap, dude! This is amazing! A real, live spacefolk!

    I look over her once everything settles down, a big smile cracking my face. Wow! Omigods! Ok, Kiddo. Calm down! What was that Vee said? I turn over to her, "What are you? Nuts? C'mon Vee! Get in here! Help me out!"

    I look back to the woman in my arms, afraid to say anything ... hell, do they even speak Valley? I wait a minute, then whisper, "Hey, wake up!"
  • I blink and try to rub my eyes, looking the girl up and down. "Huh?" Why can't I get my muscles to work? Did the iso-cube malfunction?

    Out of the crate next to mine stumbles Caesar- a while back I stitched up a whole mess of stab wounds on him and the name stuck. Since then we've helped each other out and he even put a hand in to save a kid's life once. (Caesar has Hx+2 with me)
  • Oh shit, she can kind of talk! This is so exciting! "Hey, my eyes are up here sweetie! C'mon! Look at me in the eyes, yeah?" I bring two fingers up to my eyes, and raise my brows like I'm asking a question. "Are you OK? Can you talk? Do you remember anything?"
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    Caesar, by the way... VB didn't catch him. He's groaning on the floor, spitting out fluids and he'd be sick if he had anythign to vomit up, so he just retches pitifully. He might be going into shock, who knows?

    "This one is dying, I think!" VB says.

    Stitch, was anyone else with you that you recall?
  • I look the girl in the eyes, my thoughts moving slowly. "Yeah, I'm ok." I glance over at Caesar and reach out to him, but I nearly fall again. I reach into my pocket and pull out an injector, but the needle has broken off. I can feel my heart trying to beat faster, but my body is having none of it.

    "Quick." I tell the girl, "His pocket. Looks like this. Here." I hold up my own broken injector and mime stabbing it into my belly. I search her face for understanding as I keep glancing at my dying friend.

    There was another, but I can't remember her name. I didn't like her, I remember that- she was younger and a better candidate than me. She was mad that they still took me.
  • Oh shit! She speaks Valley! I lay the woman down, and hop over to the man dying next to us. I dig through her pockets for the needle... Two spacefolks? Man! Please don't die...
  • Kiddo,

    Give me an Acting Under Fire to save Caesar. Stitch, it sounds like you've already helped him, so let's figure out HX and you can roll it!
  • OOC: helping Kiddo save Caesar. Roll+sharp.
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 6, 3. Total: 11)
  • OOC: Acting under fire. Roll+Cool, +1XP rolling highlighted.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 6, 4. Total: 13)
  • OOC: +1XP rolling highlighted to help Kiddo
  • Kiddo,

    You jam the injector into his gut, which has a pretty wicked tribal tattoo of a bird you've never seen before, right along his ribcage. He flinches, but doesn't push your hand away. Maybe he knows that's medicine? Other than the tattoo, his belly has a number of long, thin scars. He has been in some fights.

    Stitch, you see this girl apply the meds effectively and strength is slowly returning. Oh, and by the way, while you were under, the whispernet settings "taught" you a quiet hobby of some kind. You know, scrapbooking, knitting, photography... something like that. What did you "learn" while you were under?

    After a minute, Caesar stops twitching and relaxes. Stitch, your muscles are finally responding.

    That's when you hear a woman's voice from behind you all, "Where the hell are we?" VB looks like she's about to bolt.

    What do you do?
  • Once pincushion here is a little more stable, I get up to my feet and look over to VB. "Vee, go get Brillo and Hump — they need to see this!"

    I'm smiling pretty wide with my arms crossed, leaning against the far wall of the room in my tanktop and camo pants. Three frakking spacefolks, and I'm the one who found them! Holy shit! This is awesome! Fox would be so~~ jealous! I crane my neck around when I hear someone ask where they are, and answer in a matter-of-fact tone, "A junkship, duh. You landed in the Salt flats some time in the last few hours, if I had to guess."
  • VB nods, and takes off like a shot for the crack where the others were.

    This woman comes around the container, trying her best to look stronger than her wobbly legs want to show. She looks like this as she crosses her arms and leans against Stitch's container:

    "I'm Svenja. Stitch, how did we end up on a... what did you call it, a junkship?" She looks past you, Kiddo, "Where's the med team? Where's SecOps?"
  • I look around for the medkit. They said there'd be a team, but all I see are these weirdly dressed... scavengers? I take Caesar's pulse, which is normalizing.

    "I don't know... junkship? Salt Flats?" We certainly aren't where we're supposed to be, that's for sure. No med team... that was very odd. Not a SecOps officer in sight. And my weak muscles are making me think we were out longer than planned. I point to the side of my container, "Svenja, what's the display say? How long were we out?"

    OOC: Read a sitch incoming.
  • OOC: Read a sitch. Roll+sharp. +1XP rolling highlighted
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 1. Total: 5)
  • I clear my throat, and inject myself into their lines of sight. "Sure, I get it — you guys tumble out of a frakkin' icebox, that just fell out of the frakkin' sky, and demand I save your dying friend; but once that's done, you go right to ignoring the heavily armed woman who just sent her heavily armed friend away to get more heavily armed friends."

    I shake my head, "You folks've got a weird set of priorities, not asking the only woman here who's been awake for more than 10 minutes what's going on..."
  • Svenja shrugs, "Alright, stranger who calls a pistol heavily armed... what's going on?"

    Caesar's starting to try and sit up, but he's still pretty out of it. Either of you keeping an eye on him?

    There's the sound of metal grating on metal outside. Not right outside, but enough to hear. Sounded like someone slammed two of these big containers, not the coffins, but the thing the coffins are inside.

    What do you do?
  • I am keeping an eye on Caesar and looking around for my medkit.
  • I narrow my eyes at her, and consider shoving my fully automatic shotgun into her face — but it's probably best she doesn't know that's there, in case she decides to get violent. I smile to myself, and holster my pistol.

    "Well," I start, standing up straight, and sounding kind of officious to buy myself some time, "you're surrounded by about a dozen folks, all armed and hungry, and they might kill you if you think you're gunna get in the way of eating tonight. I'd worry about that, before you go finding out how long you've been taking a nap."

    The metal on metal grinding cuts me off before I can start my next sentence. Swing my shotgun around this time, and try to figure out which way that's coming from.

    "And then there's whatever the frak that was..."
  • Stitch,

    You find your med kit and other gear inside a secured locker within your container, actually. But there's something missing, something that wasn't equipment, it was personal. What is it?

    Caesar is back on the floor, his arms not responding. He's rolled over to his back and he's staring at the ceiling, dazed.

    Svenja's smirk drops and she stands up straighter, "I take it, since we're still alive, that you're giving us some options?"
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    My face goes blank and I blink a few too many times before I realize she's lumping me and my crew in with Timbits and his crew. I shake my head, "You don't have many options at the moment — so let's play it by ear, yeah? Are you guys armed? Most folks in the Salt Flats won't take you seriously unless you're packing something." I'm looking at the one I caught — Stitch, was it?

    I walk my way over to the door, and check out what's going on outside this big crate we're in — specifically what made that noise.
  • Svenja says, "I should have my M4RA... my machine gun. And my M4A3 sidearm is in my gear." She walks a bit more steadily towards her container.

    Kiddo, when you look outside, you see that a couple containers have shifted and slammed into each other. Your path is completely blocked, at least the way you got here. You'll need to find another way out.

    Also, that noxious smell from before? It's getting stronger.

    What do you do?
  • Shit... I bring my hankie back up and tie it off around my face. "We've got to move quick. The quick way out is blocked off, and this place is filling up with gas." I turn back to Stitch, "Stitch, right? Is there a service access in here somewhere? I don't think we can move those crates given the state you guys are in; so don't leave anything you can't do without, and don't take anything you can't carry!"

    I run over to the man who looks like he's about to take a nap, and kick him gently in the ribs.

    ... What? I said gently...

    "Let's go pincushion... Can you stand?"
  • Caesar groans a bit when you kicked him, he doesn't really want to get up.

    You want to Manipulate him, Kiddo? Or are you willing to actually hurt him to get him up and mocing?
  • I think beating the shit out of someone I'm trying to save is at a bit of a cross-purpose, don't you think? Frak, I don't know how to get this asshole off his ... well, his ass...

    "You wanna die on your back, gasping for air, pincushion? Fine. Lie there. I'm not carrying you, and I doubt these fine ladies could manage any better than you could."

    OOC: If you think that's leverage for a manipulate, then I'll roll with it, but I don't want to get too far ahead of Stitch..."
  • We'll wait for Stitch, she has more leverage.
  • I grab my things from my container, including my medkit and a bag with yarn an d knitting needles in it. That's funny, I know exactly what to do with them, but I know I didn't knit before- I wonder if I'll need a scarf wherever this is... I reach down to fidget with my wedding ring, but it's not there. My memories are fuzzy, though, and I can't picture my spouse. Is the memory of the missing ring even real, or did they put that in my head, too? I barely notice the escalating tones between Svenja and the girl.
  • OOC: Manipulate Caesar. Roll+hot. +1XP rolling highlighted
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 1. Total: 5)
  • OOC: Helping Stitch.
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 7)
  • "Caesar, you have to get up." His eyes keep closing, I don't know that the injector worked. "Now, Caesar." I try to help him sit up by my own muscles are still weak.
  • Outside you hear an explosion, quite loud, like someone dropped firecrackers in n oil barrel, because several more explosions follow it. The entire ship shudders and you're all thrown to the floor. Then, the floor slides out from under you as if gravity decided to alter to make the south wall the new floor for a moment.

    Your chem lights and meager zippos light the dark room and you see some viscous liquid spilling into the bottom of the container. It smells noxious, even through the hanky.

    But hey, Caesar got the hell up finally!

    Now that sideways is down, there are fires in the ship, but everyone has as much of their gear as they can grab, I'm assuming you want to exit the ship, right?

    Or Stitch, is there something here in the ship you want to grab first? May not be here later.

    What do you do?
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    I grab a large briefcase labeled medical supplies, don't know what's in it, but it'll probably be helpful. You know, if I live through all this.
  • Svenja is busy trying to scramble up the floor towards the door, so is Caesar. I need an Acting Under Fire to make it out of the ship. You can both roll, or one person can lead, the other helping.
  • This new girl obviously has a better idea of what's going on than I do, so I follow her lead, trying to help out where I can.

    OOC: Help incoming.
  • OOC: Help Kiddo. Roll+sharp. (Angel move: Professional Compassion)
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 9)
  • OOC: AUF to get out of here.
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 4. Total: 8)
  • So tell me, Kiddo...

    Who didn't make it out of the crashed ship?

    VB, Caesar or Panrico?
  • So you mean to tell me I've been wasting my time wheezing here on the ground, and VB never got the frak out?! Frak... Frak, frak, frak! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Carrying pincushion, and cutting the dough-heads free took so much time... Frak... I've got to get back in there! I've gotta get her out! I shamble to my feet, and climb back up the side of the ship to the access port we found.

    I lower my head into the ship again, and yell out for her. "Vee! Vee! Vee, where are you?!"

    Oh shit... I've gotta go back in for her! "Rinny! Rinny, I've gotta go get her! We've gotta go get Vee!" I'm gunna jump down in there, if no one stops me. Someone's gotta save VB!
  • So there you two are, with a still dizzy Caesar and a freaked out, pissed off Svenja packing heat. You had to climb your way to a completely different air-lock. At least, that's what one of the spacefolk called it, Kiddo.

    Luckily the outside of the ship had more handholds. You'd think it'd be standard all over, you know, in case of the loss of gravity, or say, the ship rolling over to its side and drek like that.

    But yeah, you drop down, scramble back to find Rinso and the others. Stitch, there's a big muscular guy carrying an ancient-looking M41A Pulse Rifle with tribal tattoos along his neck, a clutch of three scavs in their twenties, a bearded sneaky guy, some wild girl with a mohawk, a guy in funky goggles, plus an older balding guy, too, all in odd scrounge wear like something from a trideo, plus a few other older guys and a woman maybe twenty meters back. They've all got a mish-mash of melee weapons and small arms.

    The big one with the rifle, he's eyeing Svenja like she's a threat, which well, she is, right? How good is she with that rifle, by the by? Is that all show, or is she military or what?

    Rinso says, "Thought something was frakked when these two came running out and said they thought you both left them in there to die. That way's too dangerous. How did you get out?"
  • I eye the big guy and the three scavs and the gravity of the situation finally starts to dawn on me. We were on a junkship- someone threw us out. I have no idea what year it is or what planet I'm on. I swallow hard and try to focus.

    Svenja is military and has a very short fuse- I'd advise her to think before she acts, but she never listens to me, I'm just the medic. I tend to Caesar, carefully pulling my stun gun out of my pack and shoving it into a utility pocket.
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    "Airblock," I answer, still gasping for breath, and pointing back at the way we came out, "or whatever... C'mon Rinny, Vee's still in there! Don't we have a damn gas mask or something?" I turn over to the Dough-heads, "what about you guys? ain't you got a gas mask or something?"
  • I open the pack I grabbed and paw through it, hoping to find something, anything to help.
    "Got it!" I say, lifting up a gas mask to the girl.
  • Rinso nods, he's not about to fumble through his packs with Svenja around, "What about them? Especially her?"

    "My name is Svenja, Rinny." She says Rinny like it's an insult. Then to you, Stitch, she says, "We aren't going back in there, Stitch. We barely got the hell out."

    Rinso asks, "Kiddo, what about the Dough-heads? And... our back-up?"

    There's another explosion inside the ship, this one muffled, somewhere deeper inside. Rinso shifts his weight, "Frak it, take my rifle, I'll go get her. You stay out here, alright?"
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    I look down at the gas mask Stitch just handed me, and hesitate a minute before I realize she's trying to help... "Thanks," I answer with a smile, "I'll bring it back. Don't go anywhere!"

    Then I swipe the gas mask, but before I can slap it on, Rinso's asking for instructions — well, until the ship blows again... Now he wants to go in there? "Frak no, Rinny! I'm going in for Vee — tell the Dough-heads if they want food, they need a gas mask — and if Svenja gets physical..." I put the gas mask on, "Shoot her, for all I care. I'm the only reason her friend is still alive."

    I jump into the ship, but stop to pop my head out for one final thought. "But don't shoot this one, OK?" I say, pointing to Stitch, "she seems alright..."

    Then I disappear back into the ship, screaming, "I'm coming Vee!"
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    Rinso growls, "Dammit, Kiddo." But he's not stopping you. What happened the last time he tried to stop you?

    Caesar is looking skyward, bleary-eyed, "Stitch... you see that sun? I've never seen a sun like that."

    "Looks like Mizar to me, Cee. Besides... doesn't matter. We just gotta find our way to the closest starport and get the hell off this rock..."

    "Aint no starports," The older man says with a gravelly voice. "The only ships that come here got a one-way ticket."



    Why don't you Read the Sitch here, to get an idea on what to do for VB?
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    Oh, for crying out loud... Why does everyone keep bringing that up? It's not my fault Rinso's so easily persuaded by a push-up bra... If he didn't want that knee to the crotch, he should have just let me go on stage at that burlesque when I asked him politely the second time. I mean, frak... It's not like I hit him hard enough to do any real damage — and I didn't botch the job, either, so yeah...

    Anyway, focus Kiddo! VB needs you! Where the frak is she?
  • OOC: Reading the situation.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 6. Total: 9)
  • I leave Rinso and Svenja to eye each other and perch over the airlock, ready to shout directions at Kiddo. Kiddo? What kind of name was that? And Svenja said Mizar?

    After a moment I realize Kiddo's friend could be hurt, and I can't sit by after she helped out Caesar. I pull out some bandages from the pack and wrap them around my nose and mouth, venturing back onto the ship.

    "Kiddo? I'm coming in. Bang on something so I know where you are." I know she won't be able to talk with the gas mask on. I catch up to her after a few moments- after adjusting my memory of the ship's layout to it's side.
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