[JunkXIII] Some History

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Years ago, mankind was adrift in space. Destined for a distant world they slept, waiting for the colony ship to arrive at their new home among the stars. When the expected arrival date came and went, the ship’s AI quickly plotted a course to the nearest viable planet — a planet once destined to be the resting place for the trash of humanity.

In essence: a Junk World.

The men and women who settled Junkworld quickly went about establishing a government, and the ruling class quickly fell into the trap of using fear to control the masses. Some rallied around their synthetic caretakers, others found freedom with their brethren. Time passed, and humanity suffered in their harsh new home: a valley filled with the junk of their ancestors. With stillbirths on the rise, food dwindling, and the future of the people in jeopardy, tensions rose.

The war which shook the valley destroyed three major factions: two townships known as Podday and Podby, and a cult known as The Order of the Lost. The war started when the leader of the cult, Lost the Oracle, was killed by a woman who blamed her for the death of her unborn son. The Order believed her death marked the end of an era, and the culling of synthetic beings began.

Blood poured for months before the conflict came to a head. The first men of the world brought down a fury on the three factions, destroying them outright and forcing an exodus from the valley. People fled the valley in search of shelter from the horrors exhibited on their people during the war, and none have dared to go back since.

It is 13 years later. Now humanity’s survival depends on those bold enough to venture out and find junkfalls with the materials and goods they need to live. This is Junkworld XIII.
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