[JunkXIII] Boomtown (K 1-2, S 1-2)

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It's been a few weeks since the crash. You're all holed up in Boomtown, one of the bigger settlements south of the pods.


You wake up with rain outside, which is a good thing. It's been dry the past few weeks. Of course, even this far south of the junk-wastes, first-day rain is still brown and nasty, most folks don't go out till next-day rains when things are clearer and cleaner.


Where did you end up staying? Are Caesar and Svenja still with you? You got a job doing something for barter, right? Are you waiting tables at that dive called Loot's or have you talked with Kim to join up at the clinic?


You have a place to crash here, not far from Stitch. What's it like? Who stays with you? The whole crew? Do you wake up beside anyone?


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    Back in the early days, after the exodus from the Valley, my Ma' and Dad helped build a few of the buildings in the center of town. The deal was, everyone who helps with the building effort gets the top floor of a building. We got a shack on top of the garage overlooking Loot's place, which was big enough for the four, soon five of us.

    See, Auntie Ruth was staying with us at the time, and she'd crash in the front room — well, most of the time. I remember staying up late with her, talking about a bunch of stuff. Dad was always concerned about how much time we would spend talking about raiding, and shit, but I think he was just glad to get some alone time with Mom most nights.

    Anyway, the place has been practically empty since they moved out. I just like coming back with the crew and chilling out. It's the only place that really feels like home to me. We moved the bunk beds into the front room, 'cause I don't like sharing my Ma' and Dad's room with folks. It's kinda sacred to me... I don't know if I'll ever bring someone back there. Even I don't sleep back there very often... Unless I'm feeling drunk and nostalgic.

    Here's the front room:

    And here's the back room:

    Anyway... I don't know why I'm telling you all this when I'm passed out in one of the spare rooms over Loot's place. Why does my head hurt?

    ... Oh wait, maybe that empty bottle of Jack has something to do with it... And those two other ones... And the half empty one in Barinet's hand ... Hmm, I don't think she'll be getting up any time soon. Best let her sleep that one off. She looks so cute holding that bottle.

    ... Frak I'm hungry. Loot had better have some food.
  • I talked to Kim and got set up helping the clinic out. She gave me a funny look- maybe it's the way I speak? But once she saw my medkit and the job I did on my arm, she forgot the rest.

    Caesar and Svenja and I are staying together- it's not ideal, Svenja scowls at me a lot, but since we don't know anyone else we are sticking together. The place is tiny, on the ground floor. Caesar and I have been sharing the bottom bunk unless one of us doesn't come home at night- which happens more often for him than me.

    I think Caesar is waiting tables at Loot's, but he sometimes comes in to help me at the clinic. I have no idea what Svenja is doing- she doesn't talk to me much. Walks around with her guns, I would guess.

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    Let's pick up at Loot's, the pair of you having breakfast, yeah?

    Rinso got up super early, went out "on a jog" with Svenja. Caesar is cooking and serving, Loot isn't here (she owns the place, she don't hafta work no more).

    VB followed you out, Kiddo. She's got a silk robe on top of a pair of basketball shorts. She looks tired because she's not a morning person, but she's not hung over.

    Do you two (Kiddo and Stitch) eat breakfast together often?

    Caesar comes over, "What would you like to eat?"
  • Loots
    The bar
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    A few gangers passed out by the far table. They like this place, haven't trashed it (much). There's Braeburn with those hamhock sideburns, and mean-looking Honeycrisp asleep beside him on the floor. Looks like Caesar sort of moved them out of the way recently.

    Ginger Gold is up, sitting at a table, obviously hung over, quiet. She looks rough, man. Rough. Either of you chatted with her about her lost baby?
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    Well, I came downstairs, grabbing my favorite polka-dot bra off the lamp-post as I passed, and groggily sitting at the bar. Loot and I have an understanding: no talky before coffee — blacker than the souls of the first men, like Auntie Ruth used to get — especially if I crashed here, and especially if Jacky-boy was on the menu last night.

    We have a love-hate relationship, you see, Jacky and me.

    Anyway, I'm well into my second cup of coffee before I even realize Stitch is here. I hobble over, and pour myself into a chair across from her. "Mmmurnugh" is all she'll get out of me before I finish this cup, and get some food in me. Of course, once I get the coffee in me, I'm a bit more coherent. "Oatmeal," is my order for food, "with Honey."

    That's a crying shame about Ginger Gold and her baby... I heard about it, and felt a need to share a drink with her last night. My Ma' lost a couple... One before Hump, before it was born, and a younger sister that took sick. I'd say that's just the way of it, but that shit don't help, yeah? Best to drown those memories in liquor, and not think about it.

    I sniff, and blink a few times before asking Stitch, "so how's Kim treatin' you?"
  • Stitch,

    When you say "share a bunk" with Caesar... are you two intimate?

    And that thing with Ginger Gold, you were there at the clinic that night. What really went wrong?
  • I'm already halfway through my oatmeal by the time Kiddo sits down. I was always a morning person before, and it's been hard for me to sleep since thawing out. There's a small part of me that's afraid I'll wake up back in my own life, but I'm not sure why that's so terrifying.

    I raise my mug of coffee at her mumbling and think about Ginger Gold. I was there that night- everything was going ok, but the cord had been wrapped around the baby's neck. If only I'd had my old equipment- I'd never performed a c-section, but I knew how to do it. If only I'd had a heart monitor, I could have done something. The baby was just so... silent. The wrong color.

    That night I drowned my sorrows in a bottle. Losing a patient is always hard- harder still if it's sudden or if they are young. Still, wallowing won't help anyone, and they desperately need doctors, so I sobered up and went back to work the next day.

    Caesar and I just sleep next to each other. Sometimes I wonder if something might happen- given the right circumstances, or enough alcohol- but no. He seems content to be close to me, and I him.
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    VB is sitting there, watching you eat your oatmeal, Stitch. She's trying to hide the hunger, but you practically feel it emanating from her. She says, "Hey Stitch, didya hear Kids? How's Kim treating ya?"

    The place is pretty much dead, so once he brings y'all food, Caesar puts the coffee pot down on the table and sits, too.
  • "Oh, sorry." I say, shaking my head a little. "Kim's fine. She doubted me at first, but she saw me take care of some folk, so we're fine now. I miss my old equipment."
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    I dig in when the food hits, starving as always. Food isn't always a sure thing in the Flats, so it's best to eat while you can. I get about half way in before handing the bowl off to VB. "Here sweetie," I say, giving her a peck on the cheek, "eat up. I'm gunna be out looking for work today."

    I nod about Stitch being good with Kim. "She's a good doc. I'm sure you're doing lots of good there."
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    VB smirks at you, Kiddo, and munches down on the rest of the oatmeal. Between bites, she mumbles, "Good schmood, is she payin ya? Gotta get paid for those skills, Stitch."

    Caesar asks, "What kind of work, Kiddo? What is there to do.. or what is it that you do?"
  • I shrug, and settle into my chair. "Depends on the day. My Ma and Auntie used to do scav work, and we do that a lot too — but junkships drop less and less these days, and I've been taking odd jobs to pay the bills. Y'know — escort, and killing raiders and shit. Same as you waiting tables, or old Henckels back in Redcliff cooking meat."

    I lean in close. "There's more jingle to be had out in the wastes though... Doctors like you make their living sewing folks up; and frankly, we've got an abundance of sewing to get done. You should come with us! Cut the boredom of working in Kim's clinic treating warts and drunks."
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    Caesar asks you, Stitch, "You think Svenja would be up for that?"

    VB is licking the bowl now. Oh and by the way, speaking of licking... where's Junker? With Hump and Brillo? Are they back at your place, Kiddo?
  • Junker's prob'ly sleeping on Ma and Dad's old bed back at my place. Hump knows to get him fed.
  • "I'm sure she would be- she's probably going stir crazy walking circles around this place." And truth be told I would be, too. I'm happy to be help here, but once you've stitched up a hundred cuts and bandaged a hundred burns, it gets to you. Gets to me, anyway.
  • Alright, Kiddo. It looks like you've got a sizable crew.

    Do you have a person that sets up work for you? Or a list of folks who you hit up for work? How does this work?
  • It doesn't take much more than a walk down the main thoroughfare into Logitech's shack. Logitech is the old man my Dad went to when we left the Valley looking for a spot to settle. He guided us all to Boomtown, and helped us all get set up. When my parents left town, he was really the only person folks respected — and now they all go to him looking for solutions to their problems.

    I'm in the problem solving business, you see — so Logitech hooks me up with folks in need, and I help them for a reasonable price. It make everyone happy!
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    Let's say the three of you head out (Caesar wants to wait for someone to pick up his shift... he's responsible like that) to Logitech's.

    Logitech has an "office" at the center of town (on the map, it's the dark red building with flames on the top). His office is a few small rooms, a waiting room with a couple thugs standing guard, his office, where he has a small bar, a big desk, files, all that. And a place where he sleeps in the back.

    This is Logitech:

    "Kiddo! VB!" he says when you're let in by Aiwa. Logitech had his boots up on the desk, he was reading some old book with a pair of cracked spectacles. He gets up with a grunt and comes over to hug you and VB warmly.

    Stitch, he offers you a hand, "Nice to meet you Stitch, I'm Logitech. I know you're workin' at Kim's, she thinks you're a damn good doc." He gestures to the couch and chair, "Have a seat, ladies." He plops back down in his wooden chair.
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    Only one man hugs better than Logitech does — my Dad. Or if there's someone else, I haven't met him! "Thanks Tech," I put my bag down by the couch, and take a seat, "how's Boomtown? Anyone need work done? Supplies nice and stocked?"
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    VB flops onto the couch beside your bag while you're chatting, so I guess you're in the chair, Stitch?

    Logitech leans forward, over the desk, "Well, Boomtown is as it is. Rough around the edges but a decent core. You know?" He looks at each of you for a moment, considering. Then, "Got a couple things that need doin." He leans back, like he's made a decision. "I'm throwin a little party tomorrow night, and I'd like some low key folks to hang around and make sure there's no trouble. A few to mingle in, a few to stand around outside. I'd considered letting the Liberties pick it up, but then I got another job that needs doin."

    He reaches down to open a drawer, pulls out a clipboard with some stuff scribbled on it, "Got a real good harvest of that new crop of, well, we call it cotton. But it's better. A bitch to grow, but we finally got the soil just right. And there's folks up north of the Valley that want to buy half the stock. Willin to trade twice the price down here, and you know they have lots of fuel, replacement parts and food. It'd take you out and back for a week most likely. I got a group that'll drive it. I just worry, you know. Heard the Wendys are sniff around again."

    "I can use the Liberties for whichever one y'all don't want," he says as he slides across the clipboard, which has a contract on it, you know he always gets things in writing.

    What do you do?
  • As much as I love a good party, standing guard while one goes down sounds boring! I mean ... Maybe if he wanted me to kill someone at the party, I'd consider it; but playing the emo-stoic badass is more Rinso's cup of tea.

    "This escort deal," I lean in close, looking down at the floor, "you know I don't run north of Salt, Tech... Especially anywhere near the Valley — as much as I'd like to personally put a bullet in the head of every Wendy out there." Frakking weirdos.

    I lean back in the couch, and slip an arm around VB, "What's the pay?"
  • VB quirks a smile and slips under your arm. Do the two of you flirt in front of Logitech? Is that a thing you do when negotiating? Or is she just being close? She slips a hand behind your back, leans into you.

    Logitech shakes his head and chuckles when she does that, then looks over to Stitch when he answers, "The caravan will feed you on the way if you want. Anything you scavenge off anyone who attacks will be up to you to distribute."

    He looks over at you again, Kiddo, "I can spare six barter... but don't you DARE tell the Libs if you say no, because I can get them to do it for five. And you know it."

    What do you do?
  • Flirting? What? ... Oh, this?

    ... I guess you could call this flirting. VB's like my sister, dude, that's frakking gross. We're just close. If people find that attractive, and want to lower their guard because they think we're going to frak in front of them or something, that's their business — and more than likely their loss too, because we're likely going to roll a sucker like that over... We may be guilty of playing into the stereotype... A bit... I'd never actually frak VB though. That'd be weird.

    Logitech knows better than that, and I wouldn't insult one of my Dad's old buddies by trying to distract him like that. VB and I are just close like that, and Tech knows that.

    That's a pretty significant amount of jingle... I start counting out heads on my fingers: Hump, Rinso, VB, Stitch, Brillo, Pincushion, Cranky-bitch, and me... Hmm... Maybe Brillo and Hump should sit this one out... Pincushion too. "I think we can swing six... If we run across a junkship, we may make them stop... Never pass up an opportunity, yeah?"

    I turn back to Stitch, "What do you think? Leave your boy Pincush — uh, Caesar — behind, and we make a go at it? It's good jingle for a week's work."
  • "What's a Wendy?" I ask, not following.

    I nod to Kiddo. "Yeah, I'm sure he'd rather stay in town."
  • Logitech narrows his eyes at you, Stitch, for a moment, not sure if you're joking. "The Wendys? They're your garden variety raider gang. Lotsa rumors about 'em. Cannibals, secret police for a hidden fortress, aliens tryin to get us to up and move off planet... as if we could if we wanted." He pushes the clipboard and pen to you, "Stick with Kiddo and VB, they'll make sure you don't have to do too much healin'."

    As you're signing, I assume you sign up, right? Tell me if otherwise. Logitech looks to you, Kiddo, "Oh, and by the way, caravan leader's Kodak. I figure that's not a problem for you, is it, darlin?" He smiles wide and winks at VB, who groans and rolls her eyes a little.

    Now is he being sarcastic, Kiddo, or is that actually a good thing? How are things with you and Kodak nowadays?
  • Frak, Tech — really? The alien story? "The Wendy's are just a bunch of frakked up plaguedog frakkers that like frakking with whoever gets within a 10 mile radius of 'em. I ran into a few of 'em back when I was a kid, with my Ma' and Dad. I had nightmares about them for years before Auntie Ruth showed me how to deal with 'em."

    I pat the boomstick.

    "They die better than most folks," I say with a grin, "nice and loud." I giggle, and start combing VB's hair while Tech gives Stitch the ol' contract rundown — then he mentions Kodak, and I freeze.

    Of course he's being sarcastic, man! What's wrong with Kodak? Frak... I dunno. He's Logitech's boy. A bit older than me, but not by much! Logitech always teased me 'cause I told my Dad I had a huge crush on him back when we were kids. 'Course Dad took the liberty of tellin' Logitech — frakkin' traitor — and now I can't live it down.

    Well, I mean... Ok, maybe it is a bad thing... I dunno! Kodak confounds me, is all. One minute he's all offering me a salary, and shit, and the next he's all, "this was a mistake — you aren't happy here." So what if I wasn't happy? Huh? A job's a job... I mean...

    I cross my arms, 'n rock a bit to get my mind off it.

    ... Frak! Whatever. Asshole...

    ... Ok, I didn't mean that...
  • Alright, you three sign up, start to part ways. On your way out, Logitech says, "The caravan leaves first light from here. Don't be late, or I'll give the job to whichever Libs are awake. And... you know they'll frak it up. So don't put me in that spot, alright?"

    Give me a heads up where you're headed and I'll break each of you off into your own thing. I'm guessing you'll want to give Kim a heads up, right Stitch? Should we go there?
    Kiddo, you going back "home" to check in? Or back to Loots to do what or whoever? Or something else?
  • I've got to sound the alarm, and fill folks in, so yeah I guess I'm heading back to Ma and Dad's place. Before leaving, I turn to Stitch, "I'm staying up on top of the garage. Come give a knock when you're good to go. We'll be around."
  • I go to talk to Kim- I'm not sure how she'll take it, but only one way to find out.
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