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Discuss anything OOC here.


  • I took the liberty of making us a custom Google Map to keep track of things going on in the campaign. I find it helps give scope to things!

    Find it here: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zQMll0WXDK9k.kqIGd02kGHlY
  • Welcome aboard Kelley!
  • Kelley pointed out this in the rules summary:
    "Each die that shows an even number is a hit."

    Adam, do we want to do that, I assume?
  • Good thing she pointed that out... It doesn't affect the probabilities any, so if you want to go ahead with that I'm happy to follow. If you're more comfortable with the old "hit on a 4 or more", then I'm good for that too — so long as we pick one and stick to it, of course.
  • Let's try it RAW (Rules As Written) to start off with.
  • Also, stunt dice?

    (and hi, thanks for the warm welcome :D)
  • Stunt dice is weird. I don't feel comfy with Tank giving them to Utseo or vice versa.

    Now that we have two players, I'm wondering if I should drop one of my PCs.

  • More questions for Adam!

    Can I jump in any time, or would you prefer to stage it?
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    @Rich: It may be a good idea. It's not that I don't think you couldn't do a stellar job playing both, but the dynamic may be a little more manageable if you handle just the one.

    Re Stunt dice: They aren't meant to be a PC-to-PC reward. They're player-to-player only: So when Kelley does something you like, Rich, you reward her with dice (and vice versa). If you keep your two PCs going, you obviously won't be able to award yourself any stunt dice...

    Since there's a maximum number of stunt dice you can have anyway it's not like we need to keep track of that central pool, but for reference: I'll be handing out Stunt dice at my whim (though according to the rules) to help against the fact that we've only got 2 PCs, and you should both feel free to do the same.

    @Kelley: If you want to run down to the VIP rope and let them in, go for it! So you know: Yoshi and Henry are upstairs. Alex is not (as per his tweet).
  • I'll drop Tank. Utseo is calling to me.
  • Simple ankle-length yoga pants (don't judge, they're insanely comfortable) and a slim-fitting long sleeved top.
    Judge?! Everybody loves yoga pants!
  • Right?! I forgot jammies when I went home so when we went to pick some up for me and I made a beeline for yoga pants, my mom thought I was weird.

    It's because she hasn't tried them, is what I say.
  • I had never heard of this tumblr (I swear!) before a recent episode of This Week in Tech:
    Girls in Yoga Pants.
  • Hehe, they should retitle it to "Girls in Yoga Pants 1-2 sizes too small".
  • And of course, like an idiot slave, I clicked the link...
  • hey, can I trade my stunt die for a tag use? I'm dumb.
  • You certainly can trade your stunt die use for a Landscape tag use. Which one, so I can cross it out?
  • crap. I used windswept snow and edited the post but not the dice. Whoops
  • I'm tempted to use an Edge to re-roll that, but I don't want to waste it on the second roll of the session.

    On Keys, can I take an XP for making Tank and Yoshi follow Utseo's lead on not killing them right away? Key of the Ronin (Earn XP when the group undertakes a plan of yours or you defy authorities.)
  • There's another problem with the roll: you can't use the same Landscape tag twice in a scene, ever (not even different players). The rules however call it an Environmental Tag (see page 16 of the Player printouts for an explanation and example uses). You could, however, use another tag or a stunt die.

    You can definitely hit the key, and using an edge to re-roll is up to you. Don't worry so much about using Edges, because I'm going to call a new "session" more frequently for this game than I would in a game of (say) Apocalypse World.
  • I used the same tag twice? what the heck?
  • I'm an IDIOT! Why did I hit that twice?!?
  • hey Kelley, don't forget to use one free die, just for trying.

    Adam, we started with two stunt dice, right How many are in the pool to be doled out? I gave Em one already.
  • There's no limit in the central pot, because there's a limit to the number of stunt dice you can carry.

    Take a stunt die for chasing down that Helicopter, Rich!
  • New scene up. Don't be shy about asking for refresh scenes and the like, either.
  • nice roll for Em!
  • I like Emily's connections thread. I chuckled at the fan girls Tee.
  • Hope you don't mind, but it's looking like there may be many since that's part of her super-awesome-spy skillz.
  • I don't mind! :)
  • I believe Emily hits a key every time she exposes a little bit of the fiction like that, so... Keep that in mind.

    Also, Utseo, for bringing order down on Alex, you should hit your Key of the Ronin.
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    hey Kelley, Steve and Adam!

    I talked about play-by-forums on an episode of the Geeky and Genki Podcast!

    ch-check it out

    What do you think?
  • Interesting stuff Rich!

    So if Steve is going to be joining us, I'd like to take some time to integrate him and get his character in scene before proceeding.

    How does that sound to everybody?
  • That's fine for me!
  • Hey guys!
    I'm still on the fence between characters. I'm thinking Alex might be a fun change of pace, thoughts?
  • I think all of the characters have a lot of potential, but that's not particularly helpful.

    Alex would be an excellent choice for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that he feels very organic in the group (at least to me). Things you should know: Alex is the only person in the world that knows Emily had a child — she pays him to keep it a secret. We don't know anything about the child, why Alex knows, or why Emily pays him off rather than wiping his memory (like she did to the midwife). That, and Tank loves him — or at least has a serious crush on him (the non-physical kind).

    I would be thrilled to hand Alex over to you! I think you could really make him shine.
  • Go for Alex. Make him however you see him, it will be fun to see you in a different role.
  • Have to agree - while you are amazing at the conflicted role, I'd love to see you play Alex, and your take on him.
  • Alex it is :) thanks for the kind words and feedback!
  • Sweeeeet!
  • So whenever you get a chance, Steve, feel free to make a character thread (similar to the ones for Utseo and Emily). I'll try and hand you over Alex's Twitter account some time either tonight or tomorrow.
  • You guys mind if I jump into the message in a bottle thread?
  • I'm sure hoping you will :D
  • Go for it!
  • Jonesing much, Rich?
  • He's not the only one...::taps arm with the first two fingers on her hand::
  • And he's off! ;)
    Is there a key code to bold the text?
  • Just basic html
  • This is going to be awesome!
  • Oh, and PS, I've updated the ANN campaign: see here.
  • love this map!
  • Ditto! Too bad we can't throw stunt dice at the GM ^.~
  • Flattery will get you everywhere...

    And also possibly stunt dice...
  • Oh my gosh! You guys! When Adam's head gets inflated enough, it'll take us to NARNIA.

    Get on it.
  • I don't have a mugshot of myself handy — otherwise I'd photoshop a picture where my head is a hot-air balloon, and you guys are in the basket, off to Narnia.
  • ...that's what I want for Christmas. Just so you know.
  • checking in - Utseo not being uber comfy with pretending to be gay... that's not offensive, right?
  • Hrm... well, the answer is yes, its offensive and backwards. I intend it as such, sort of a throwback to the "tough guy" mentality that Utseo carries among his gang.

    But it isn't awful, too much to deal with, right?
  • Sounds like something someone who isn't overly sexual to begin with would do. I mean, if we ignore homophobia...

    I have no problems with it, so long as it's true to the character — which, as we've discussed, it appears to be.
  • Also, I seem to recall reading somewhere that homosexuality wasn't frowned upon in Bushido — interestingly enough.
  • Um, he doesn't have to pretend to be gay.

    So, in the gay community, straight boy chasing is an actual kink. This kink requires and other participant to be straight, and usually a little homophobic. The gay participants strike out all the time, but they love the chase. That's what I was driving at. I tried pressing that home more, with Em saying that they don't have to "get got". I'm sorry if I was unclear. We can retcon this contact and start over if this is an issue. Basically, all Utseo has to do is be himself - straight, and uncomfortable at gay passes.
  • no retcon needed. I actually like the "different world" communication.

    It is absolutely NOT an issue for me, but I've played several bisexual characters and Utseo is basically asexual, but I imagine him following more of an old code, for good or ill.
  • Okee, cool ^^
  • OOH, arm computer! Mass Effect FTW
  • You got it. Alex has style, so it fits ;)
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    Kelley, Rich has informed me I missed my posting window tonight. Be aware that Photoshop is like cocaine for me:


    I take absolutely no responsibility for sanity lost as a result of viewing that image...
  • GM, let me know when we're in a "new session", since I blew both edges.
  • MY EYES!
  • Oh, yes. New session starts with the next thread. Chapter 2!

    Adam. Adam. I love you. Not in that way. Like a bro.

  • I'm always in the market for more Bromance.
  • that living tattoo.... wow. Just wow.
  • ^_^ See why I was so excited?! Thought you might like that.
  • Also, can I just say that I freaking LOVE getting to dress up Donnie FREAKING Yen?! Seriously.
  • Donnie Yen is the stuff. I HAD to cast him as Utseo, even though Utseo is probably Japanese in the designer's head.

    OCP. tee hee heee
  • Steve and Kelley, are you guys normally able to post during daytimes during the week? Trying to get a gauge on when to check the site.
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    Daytimes are gonna be better for me than evening times most days - you know why for Mondays, Tuesdays are Kelley Craft night, Wednesdays are date night. Until I get this stick-shift thing down, weekends will be bad since it's essentially Errand Time, as I need Arnold to get around. (I can carry a bag or two for 3 miles, but not a whole load of groceries).
  • Steve,

    Gabriel? Really? A million billion names and you choose "Gabe" as this PCs pseudonym?
  • That was for you Rich. ;)
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  • hey Steve, where you at, man? I wanna play! :)

    Sorry for the name thing, I'm over it. Sorry! Don't go away!
  • Don't forget the twitters! Feelin lonely out there
  • I was out seeing Man of Steel, it rocks!
  • Adam, would you send me the account for Alex?
  • Derp... inbound shortly with apologies!

    I was told Man of Steel had some good action sequences.
  • That was the worst roll in EVER, Steve!
  • We all gon' die.
  • Am I holding anything up? I'm not sure why we've paused?

    Surely it isn't the GM being on vacation... is it? :P
  • It is and it isn't. There's a new scene coming your way shortly; but I have things to take care of first.
  • Take your time, Adam. I'm seriously playing with ya, man.
  • Ok, so I put another post up in scene to wrap it up — would you guys like to flesh out the Free City in your own scenes? Or would you like to get right to the action?
  • I vote right to the action, and we can always add in/improvise details as makes sense.
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    hey all,

    Today is Adam's wedding anniversary (with his wife)! Yaaayy Adam!
  • (yay me and wifey!)

    Thanks Rich!
  • ^5, bro and (not present) ladybro!
  • Congrats!!
  • Thanks guys! We had a great time.

    I've got a new scene up for you: You're on a huge dance floor with hundreds of people, and Josine's memories lie in the floors below you. WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!
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