[NU] Rue the Gunlugger

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Cool -1
Hard +3
Hot -1*
Sharp +1*
Weird +2

* - highlighted (for second session)

A woman, dressed in battered old armor-- worn SWAT body armor with only "WA" left on the chest, visible when she isn't wearing a poncho overtop (2-armor, covers shoulders, chest, torso, top of legs).

She has a bony face: gaunt features that scarcely show emotion, but alert, blue-gray, cunning eyes. Her armor, guns and pancho swallow up her compact body. She walks heavy and slow unless threatened. In a fight, she is calm, sure and deceptively quick.

* Insano like Drano: you get +1hard (hard+3).

* Frak this shit: name your escape route and roll+hard.
- On a 10+, sweet, you’re gone.
- On a 7–9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the MC will tell you what.
- On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.

* Battle-hardened: when you act under fire, roll+hard instead of roll+cool.

* NOT TO BE FRAKKED WITH: in battle, you count as a gang (3-harm gang small), with armor according to the circumstances.

* assault rifle (3-harm close loud autofire, AP)
* magnum (3-harm close reload loud, AP)
* ap ammo (ap) Add ap to all your guns.
* many knives (2-harm hand infinite)
* grenades (4-harm hand area reload messy)
* SWAT armor (2-armor)
* oddments worth one barter

+1 Cinch the Driver
+2 Clarity the Touchstone
+1 Robinson the Savvyhead
+0 Thirds the Ruin Runner

Grew up in a gang, passed around like a party favor when Ize just a skinny runt. Til I picked up my first gun and kilt one of 'em. Then they made me their lil mascot, teachin' me 'bout guns so I'd kill for 'em. Sent me on raids, always made me go in first. Called me Scout. I hate that frakkin name. I bided my time, let 'em think Ize their number one. They trusted me, confided in me. Hell, some of 'em loved me. Made it that much sweeter when I set their shit on fire and burnt 'em alive. Kilt 'em all, shot the ones who'd touched me.

Nobody'll touch me again, I touch 'em only when I want it. Nobody'll hurt me ever again, 'least not while I can pull a trigger. I pay fer what I need, take what I want. Ya wanna hire a gun? If ya got jingle, ya want me. Dead aim an nerves o' steel.

A brainer named Jones tol' me Ize already dead once. I dunno what 'e meant. I fight, I frak, I do what I want. I'm free. But I still wonder what that Brainer meant. Prolly playin' head games ta get some jingle. I oughta go back an put a bullet in 'im.

I hate kids.


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    experience: (X) (X) ( ) ( ) (>)
    (total: 7)
    ( ) get +1cool (max cool+2)
    ( ) get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
    ( ) get +1weird (max werid+2)
    (X) get a new gunlugger move
    ( ) get a new gunlugger move
    ( ) get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
    ( ) get holding (detail) and wealth
    ( ) get gang (detail) and pack alpha
    ( ) get a move from another playbook
    ( ) get a move from another playbook


    ( ) get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
    ( ) retire your character (to safety)
    ( ) create a second character to play
    ( ) change your character to a new type
    ( ) choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
    ( ) advance the other 4 basic moves
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    To Players and the MC.

    Here are some of my thoughts on Rue.

    She is built for battle. She sucks at connecting with people, seduction, manipulation, love, feelings. These things make her uncomfortable, which then makes her a bit mad, angry or surly. I haven't decided if she's too broken to be good at it or too hateful to bother to try. She knows she is great at shooting things, she wants to use that skill to get paid and pursue pleasure and look awesome. She is not above threatening others, she kind of likes the power play. Except for kids. Anyone hurts a kid and she won't wait and bide her time, she will shoot them dead. For that same reason, she stays away from kids and she's never nice to them. She doesn't want anyone to see her weak or to see how to get an angle on her.

    As a player, I am interested in seeing her in situations where she might
    * she can be someone's savior, especially a PC
    * she can take power over someone and both of them know it
    * almost show her feelings to someone else, preferably a PC
    * have someone have feelings towards her, then see what she does about it
    * get messed up in a fight
    * be openly manipulated to do something and know it
    * have a friend, maybe lose them, maybe love them

    I wanted to get it out there, see if it generates discussion or play. I don't know which way she will go, but Rue is starting off in a very pained and hateful place. That doesn't mean I want her to stay there.

    image image
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    Holds and Such:

    Harrow holds one over Rue:

    When you have sex with Harrow, she holds 1. She can spend that hold to have you act under fire to act against her, regardless of whether she's present or not.
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    Voices in Rue's head

    Chant was the closest to a ma I had. O' course, she taught me 'bout frakkin, traded me off fer shit when she was low, or when she wanted to get her drink on. But she always had food fer me. Old bitch.
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