[NU] A few weeks in the sticks [Ci1.1]

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Cinch, you ride back into Monroe again after your time out with Wisher's little clan. Tell me about what you got up to out there. What did you bring back with you, and what did you leave behind?


  • [Cinch]

    Driving on my own, I can't help but mess with the radio. There's pretty much never anything on, and nobody to answer when I call out. Robinson's gotta have the parts handy, if I could ever convince him to hook it up. There is that fellow Eddy I chatted with few months back... he seemed a little lonely but he never did tell me where he's holed up. And then that time Hugo's boys got hold of the short wave... until it got smashed up. Never found out why.

    Well in any case, I fiddle with it.

    You know, with Clarity out of the passenger seat and Wisher's warm bed behind me I just roll the rest of my circuit for the rest of whenever. Follow the highway up North as far as old Kingston, through the dry riverbed past Ellenville. Follow old '52 back then 208, which is pretty much disappearing into the forest. These roads ain't what they used to be, got me holding onto the wheel with both hands for a touch there and drivin' like herding turtles.

    Hell, I brought back something nice. Wisher 'lent' me her bow, which I got sitting next to me in the foot well of the passenger seat, quiver of homemade arrows sitting up on the dash. I like the color.

    What'd I leave behind? Lot of nice folks... you know they were decent people. Made me feel right welcome... hurt a little to go. Oh, well... and I pretty much end this job empty handed... I always mean to bring something back with me to Monroe. The Clove Kids have it rough and you know... I like to see them smile. But I guess... not this time.

    I click the radio off and on as I near Monroe... then just leave it off. Nobody home.

    Well, I find a smile to wear. Always keep one handy.
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    Sounds like it's difficult for you to leave the places you've visited... Understandable, I suppose, given that you make friends as easily as you do. When you finally get back to Monroe, where do you normally set up shop? Do you have someone you like to stay with? A place you've staked out as your own? Or do you just camp out in your truck?
  • [Cinch]

    Around Monroe I'll stay with whoever takes me. I sleep in the Jeep quite a lot, but it's not my preference. From time to time I've crashed at Rue's place (always slightly awkward) at Robinson's when I've needed work done...

    But really I'll park wherever and keep whatever company happens around me. I've slept aside Parcher, when he was living... with Amy out in her treehouse... with the kids at Clove... aside Thirds on his rooftops or all on my own.

    Coming home today feels a little off... like I've forgotten something.

    Both hands on the wheel then. Gonna get a bite to eat, probably find Robinson to have him look at the springs (Just to be sure, after the mess that was 208) and hey, maybe check in that Clarity got home safe.

    Oughta do that much right?
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