[Nu] Peaches [Ru,Th 1.5]

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Rue, Thirds, They were delicious, weren't they? Hey, what are you two doing out here out of town in this abandoned RV?


  • [Rue]

    Right 'bout now, Ize sittin' on the hood o' the RV, with one o' the cans. Ima draggin' my trigger finger round onna inside o' the can, 'cause there's some good syrup in 'ere. I can taste the sweetness on my lips, like a bit o' what they call Chapstick I had once. 'Cept peaches are way better.

    "Thirdie, you good back 'ere?" I ask as I'm layin' back onna hood. Shelly's nearby, but I done took off my gun-belt.
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    "Ayup, Rue!" There's the thump thump thump of my bare feet on the Bago roof. I jump off into space, whirling my arms, laughing. There's a good three seconds of free fall. I watch the lake water coming up. Faster than you think.

    I come here sometimes to open my brain.

    Mombasha Lake is pretty, safe, and cool, and I dive in, still laughing like a fool. Underwater, silent and nearly blind, I dive to try to reach the bottom. Grab something off the lake bed. I turn and burst above the surface. Air is sweet.

    Someone's dropped a rope ladder so's you can climb up. I pull up to the Bago and slop down next to her, holding the handle to maneuver. My clothes and crap's in the Bago. I need to get that battery off Clarity so's I can try the car radio. Not sure if Cinch knows this is here.

    And yeah, Rue, I wear only shorts to swim in. Free tickets to the gun show.
  • [Rue]

    Wish it was light out.

    I'm tryin' not to cut my fingers on the top o' the can. Sittin here onna roof in my lil sleeves shirt, I think they called it a wife-beater or somesuch, an my big ole pockety pants which are a bit too big on me. This is the good life.

    "Thirdie, the peach juice's 'bout gone. C'mon up, er I'm fixin' to slurp it all!" I wonder how fast he can get up that ladder? The boy can move like I never seen.
  • [Thirds]

    "Oh no you don't, you!" I was only gone for a minute! I haul up that ladder. Looking up at the bottom of a Bago in the sky. A bit of vertigo, I feel like I'm going down. Shake it off. Go go.

    I hope she didn't find the rest of my peaches.
  • [Rue]

    Can't believe he had so damn many peaches hid away up here! I marked it, but I aint took any.

    I set the open can onna hood by me, leavin' some fer Thirdie. Not much, but the last bit o' syrup's always best. When 'e sits down, I ask, "Thirdie, you e'er met Harrow an 'er kin afore?"

    I hope he sits close. It's a nice night out.
  • [Thirds]

    I sit next to her, feet in space. I take the peaches, drink the juice. Damn good. Sweet.

    "I hear she's a bitch. Vicious. Protects her bro." I look at Rue, then away. "I hear she's. Um. Good." I'm glad it's dark. Feel a little heat on my ears.

    I start working at the whatever it is I pulled out the lake. Get the mud and gunk off. I wonder what it is. Even it it's a rock, be fun to hear it go plunk from this high. I look at the horizon. See faint lights here and there.

    "Um. You swim, Rue?"
  • [Rue]

    "She's got two bros." I say, correctin' 'im fer some reason. "She's dangerous. Bit mouthy, too." 'Bout then I realize 'e don't mean good, like nice. Thirdie means good fer sex. I cock my head, lookit 'im, "Ya wanna frak 'er? S'pose I might be able to help ya chat 'er up, if ya like."

    An then he asks if I can swim. "I can swim, yeah." I look down tween my bare feet at the moon dancin' o'er the water, "Aint no big diver, though. Why?"
  • [Thirds]

    I shake my head no. Two brothers? And Rue thinks she's dangerous? Wanted to push her in the lake. Doesn't seem like fun any more. Seems more stupid and dangerous.

    "Want more peaches?" Changing the subject.
  • [Rue]

    No? He don't want summa Harrow? Well, 'e's missin' out, that's fer sure. More fer me. O' course, I think I like Foster a lil better, but I'll never tell her that. Anyhow, 'at's just fun an games.

    More peaches? "Always." I answer with a grin. "I'd eat peaches till Ize sick if there was enough. Aint never enough." I'm pretending to look 'round fer more peaches, grinnin' like some fool. Is 'e gonna gimmie summa them peaches 'e's hoardin'? Damn, Thirdie's a sweetie. I tell 'im, "Glad ya came with today. Ya did real good with Amy. She looked real spooked, seein' 'er first dead body." Won't be 'er last.
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    Of course she wants more peaches. She probably already knows I've got 'em anyway.

    "You think? I mean with Amy." I knew she's tough when we've gone scavving tohether. "Her first fresh one, I think. Also Bar spooked her when he run off."

    I stash the empty can. Good to patch holes.

    "Thanks for sticking round, Rue." I grab a can, pass her the can opener.
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    "Yeah, I think." I answer 'im 'bout Amy. "Better fer her to have summin ahe trusts around. Don't make it easy, but I'd imagine it helps." Prolly better that she didn't kill 'em, either.

    When 'e thanks me fer stickin' 'round, I lookit 'im kinda funny. "Well, Thirdie, where the hell else am I goin'?" I open the can and pull out a slice.

    "Plus, ya know... peaches."

    I take big ole bite. After I swallow it down, "What 'bout you? Why do ya stick around, Thirdie? "
  • [Thirds]

    Damn, girl likes her peaches. Way she eat it makes me wonder if Rue's any good. But she's a different kind of dangerous. I wonder 'bout Amy, think of times with Cinch. Not Matilda, not like that. Yeah, Harrow's cute, but. So's a sleeping bobcat.

    I munch on my own peach slice, pondering her question. "It's nice to have a home." I'm searching for words. Move my hand like I'm trying to grab something. Look at the whatever it is from the lake bottom. "Been. Um. Solo too long. Monrovians like me. Or, um. Maybe just what I bring back." I'm scraping dirt off the thing while I talk. Pausing to chew. Quiet, "Like you don't know what you miss until you have it."

    I hold up the lake finding. "What's that look like to you?"
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    Thirdie starts doubtin' that folks like 'im, so I throw in, "They like ya fine, Thirdie, don't you worry, darlin'." Why wouldn't they? 'e's smart, has guts, takes carea folks, easy onna eyes. I like 'im, but 'e already knows that. I mean, shit it's plain as day.

    I kinda figgered weze gonna be frakkin' tonight, but I think mebbe I read 'im wrong. Prolly good that we aint. Folks that work an fight together get a lil messed up when they start frakkin'. Not me, o' course. Other folks.

    'e asks me 'bout that lil piecea metal he found, an I reach a hand fer it, to look close. "Ya done bein solo, eh? How long ya been solo, Thirdie?"
  • [Thirds]

    I stare off at the stars. "Lost count. Years? Least three or four winters. Blurs together some." I stretch big. It's been a long day and it's late. Yawn.

    She scooted a little closer to look at the whatever. Wait. About a half-hour-hour walk back to Monroe. Does Rue aim to sleep here? Does she want me to? Like, together? The Bago got a couple bunks. Just pull up the ladder. I look over at her, cock my head a little. Been a while. Was even longer before then. I try to focus on how she's acting.
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    "Years?" I repeat 'im, tryin' to think o' what Ize doin three er four winters ago. Ize still with the gang then. That was a lifetime ago, Ize a whole diff'rent person. Well, I like to think I aint that same person. Prolly a lie, though. I prolly still am the same murderer as afore.

    I pull the piece o' metal outta his hand. His wet hand. How the hell's he not freezin' his cute ass off? Long walk back home, wonder if this RV sleeps good. I wonder if 'e's thinkin' 'bout that, too.

    That piece o' metal's all covered with muck an shit. I flick it a few times, same way that Yowza used ta pack 'is cigs. 'e said it fixed the 'bacca inna cig better. 'Cept I'm tryin' ta flick the mud and crud out. An then I bang it onna side of the Bago a coupla times. Not too much, don't wanna wake up the dead an all.

    There it is! I hole it up to the moonlight and sight through it like I would a sniper rifle. Theze holes all through it, an I get a lil excited 'bout that. I 'member a feller named Awlie er somesuch, 'e had one o' these.

    Afore I think o' what I'm doin, I'm wiping it on my pants, trying ta clear it out. Then, what the hell, I put it up to my mouth, turn my head away from Thirdie, and blow. I blow right on a coupla holes. Crud an water come out.

    I blow again, and still it don't sound like nothing but me blowin' like an idjit. I look o'er at Thirdie, a lil sheepish, "I think it's a 'monica. Makes music. Well... it's 'sposed to. E'er heard one?"
  • [Thirds]

    I shake my head, frown. "I know those record things. CDs. Ipp odds. I can whistle nice." I lean back on my elbows. "Seen drums, guitars." I bite my thumbnail, thinking back back. Tiny distant smile of the memory. "I knew a girl had a cordieyun. Guy had a fiddle. They played good. Um. Good to dance. Good dancing music." Elisa, her name was. She was good indeed. My mind wanders.

    Rue's still looking. That's a big speech for me. I lie back on the Bago, watching the stars. Start to whistle a little. Try to get comfortable.
  • [Rue]

    I give up onna 'monica fer now, an roll o'er on my side, lookin' at 'im. I smile, scoot a lil closer. "Ya like dancin, Thirdie? I like dancin. I aint no count, though. Can't move like you, that's the damn truth." I like how the moonlight shows off 'is big ole muscles.
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  • [Thirds]

    I nod, agreeing. "I like dancing. Um. Moving in the Ruins. Kinda like dancing. But different with music." Rue's looking at me funny. What's she up to?

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  • [Rue]

    "Yeah. One's fer profit, an one's fer fun." I agree, more er less. "Well, unless ya get barter fer dancin, I guess." Well, didn't that sound dumb. Shit. I should just shut the hell up.

    "How ya likin' bein back inna world? Anythin' ya aint done? Anythin' ya miss still?"

    What am I intendin' on doin'? Well, right now, I'm tryin' ta figger ya out, Thirdie. If ya want some comp'ny tonight, I intend on bein' here fer ya.
  • [Thirds]

    Starting to get cold. "Exploring is fun. Profit or no." I thump the Bago. Fist on steel, soft, twice. "Like this anom." I look at Rue. Back to the stars and clouds. "What's your fun?"

    She's asking an awful lot of questions. I fold my hands behind my head to keep 'em still. My feet are kicking a little. I like being up high like this. The echoy space around just, just feels open and free.

    Words are coming easier. "I owe work to the farm. Been putting that off. Almost out of chits. I like fresh food. Sharing it honest. I miss the Ruins a little. Don't miss the fights." I think about Matilda, her crew. That haul. I miss the color of the Ruins. Lots to see, sculptures, graffiti, animals, cars. Wish I had a camera. The things I've seen, bridges, skyscrapers. I wonder if Robinson could build a plane? It's just like a car. I'm quiet for too long and Rue got a look in her eye. My eyes move rapid, trying to remember what I forgot to answer.

    "You know the town, Rue." And I mean the people, not the layout. I know the layout. That's simple. I pause. I open my mouth, start to ask a question. Then shut it. My teeth click. Try again, almost don't. "Any spot I can claim? I got that electric hot water heater." It's been a long-ass time. Hot fucking water, baby. "By one of the lakes, maybe?"
  • [Rue]

    Thirdie goes away on me a coupla times, but it's talkin'. Funny how 'e talks 'bout the Ruins. Seems real 'mazin'. Aint nothin' but a job fer me. I wonder what 'e sees innit. Mebbe next time weze headed ta the Ruins, I'll ask 'im ta show me.

    An heze askin' me where he could stay. I figger I got me a win-win. "Well. There's a spot in the church. I know Prim an I won't mind the heater. An we're quiet. Well... most o' the time." I hitch up, realizin' I'm bein too forward. Don't wanna spook 'im. "There's a coupla houses I know that might work, away from the rest o' them. Yer call."
  • [Thirds]

    Rue and Prim? Huh. Kay.

    "It's no small thing to decide where to live." Big sentence, there. I suddenly want to throw myself off the Bago and dive into the water. Been sitting too long. Talking a lot. Telling a lot. I look out into the woods, just because Maybe I'll see an owl. "Show me when it's light." I mean the houses. It is a long walk in the dark. I look back through the Bago's windshield. I look at Rue in the moonlight. The peaches are gone.

    I need to replace my watch. Hard to tell time by the cold stars. Robinson could do it. "What now?"

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  • [Rue]

    "Well, Thirdie," I say as I lookit him in profile. "It's late an a long walk back." I turn my head an look through the glass at the front o' the RV, in the back. "Theyze bunks in 'ere. We oughta stay the night, walk back inna mornin'."

    I wish ya'd tell me what ya want, Thirdie. Not with anythin' grand, er life er whate'er. Just me. What do ya want with me?
  • [Thirds]

    "Comfy bunks." I nod agreeably. Yawn, stretch shameless like a cat. Then I catch her look. Like I'm a giant can of peaches.

    Oh. OH.

    Oh. I hear Rue's pretty good.

    I bite my lips. Look sheepish. I feel heat on my ears. Probably red enough to read by.

    "Um. Maybe. Um. Just sleep?" I'm pitching a right nice tent.
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    I notice his pants tent, an that's purty nice. I mean, hell, feels alright that it aint all one way. O' course, 'e's scared. Figgers. Been that long alone, took me a while ta get back ta bein' 'round people. Some say I aint back yet. So's it don't bother me none. Does mean I aint got 'im figgered out, but that's alright. I like puzzles.

    Poor Thirdie looks like 'e's worried 'bout my feelins. I punch 'im inna arm and chuckle, "Yeah, juss sleep's fine. Don't worry none, Thirdie. I aint gonna bite." I hop up, standing barefoot onna hood, an then I walk on the toppa the RV, lower muhself down the sunroof ta get in. I figger he'll folla. I shuck down my pants, and crawl in under a blanket an wait.

    "C'mon, darlin'. Lets grab some z's." I hope 'e crawls in with me. Gonna get cold soon.
  • [Thirds]

    Feel tense. But tired. Rise and look at the water. Could still dive into the blackness. Too cold now. But yeah, I think to run. Instead, I do a handstand. Couple push ups. Work it into a somersault into the sunroof.

    Dark inside. I wonder if Cinch thinks about this anom. Not so hard to imagine living in here. But driving and living has an appeal. Easy to forget it floats. Even though it's just us, I still check about. No animals. Stuff still here. I freeze when I see her in the bunk. Pants on the floor.

    Saw a book cover once. Feel the fear, do it anyway. I try a smile. Rub my head. Look at the top bunk, the little one. Close the sunroof. Look at the big bunk, where Rue is. I need to clean my teeth after peaches. Go to my pack for my shaving kit. Not for shaving right now, though. Toothbrush, floss.

    Looking at her. Not looking. "Ever slept in here before?" Looking again. I always dream deep and solid here. I wonder if it's the same for her.
  • [Rue]

    "Nope," I say as I snuggle unner a blanket, lookin' up at 'im inna dark. Only moonlight comin' through the roof by 'im. 'e's got a nice profile. Muscles in alla right places, a hard slit o' a mouth that hides a warm smile that sneaks out sometimes, brown eyes solid as the earth. Shame 'e's so skittish. This sure don't feel like the night I planned.

    Wonder how I look down 'ere - sexy er scary? Scary. Least that's how it feels when 'e looks at me. In just my skivvies, I aint too much a threat. Mag's onna floor in my belt, a coupla knives hid in my pants. Thirdie's tough, though. I'm bettin' it'd be a helluva fight.

    'e's better prepared than me fer sleepin'. Didn't bring no toothbrush. Didn't plan on doin' more'n frakkin' an passin' out. Hell, I aint e'en drunk. Yeah, I read this un all wrong. Guess 'e really did juss wanna eat some peaches. Whoda thunk?
  • [Thirds]

    I feel like an asshole. Rue looks like I stole her puppy. Bit of soft shoulder peeks out from the blanket. Almost can see her sweet lil tits. Been months since Cinch.

    "You have good dreams here. Weird, but good." I open a window to keep the air fresh. Strip out of my wet things without thinking. Hang 'em to dry. Giving her a real show. Her eyes feel good on me. Maybe this is a good idea. Parts of me agree. Parts of me are locked up.

    I slide into the bunk with her. Cool sheets, warm girl. She smells like peaches and girl and gunpowder and the lakewater. My feet touch hers. Legs alongside. Hands awkward, can't go here, can't go here. They wind up there.

    Shyly, "Um. It's been a real long time."
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    Weird dreams? Yeah, I bet ya do. Sleepin' on an Anom sounds like a dumbass idea. Thirdie asked fer just sleepin'. I watch 'is profile as 'e strips down, an I aint shy 'bout it. Momma Rue likes. Makes me wish I'd pulled off my unnerwear, but hell, they're skimpy lil things, won't be no bother.

    But we're just sleepin'.

    He slides in, an the whole bed gets warmer with 'im. It feels good, just bein close fer a moment. He does some lil hand jive 'bout where to put 'em, an I just slide my head unner the crook o' 'is arm, lay my head on 'is chest. He figgers it out.

    He 'pologizes 'bout it bein' a real long time, an I just look up at 'im and say quiet, "Been a while since ya slept? That aint healthy, Thirdie." I know 'e can see my smile inna dark. Cheshire-like. I chuckle, to let 'im know it's just foolin'.

    Then I lay my cheek against 'is chest, and just snuggle up against 'is left side. I feel my lil nips, hard as bullets, rub on 'is ribs. I didn't really mean to!

    Okay, that's a downright lie. But I don't up an grind on 'im er nothin'. I mean shit, he's frakkin' naked as a jaybird, he laid down in my bunk, I'm entitled to a lil bit o' fun!

    Just wish he'd stop freezin' up.

    An then alla sudden, I'm whisperin' to 'im, "Shhhh, darlin'. It's alright. Aint gonna hurt ya." My hand's up on 'is chest like it's got it's own mind, lightly scratchin'. I see it, and stop. Lay there fer a bit, just try to push all the sexy times thoughts outta my head, an respect my man Thirdie.

    I fin'ly end up tellin' myself I'm playin' the long game. Heh, that works.
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    Hell, I'm only human.

    Rue snuggled up real close. Her tits right fucking there there. She's working her hand on me. Obvious she wants to run it south. Obvious there's something for her to find, too. My hand where it is finds her back. Slides down a little. My pinky touches the elastic at the top. They feel soft. So does she.

    Regular, I sleep easy. Whenever, through whatever. However- standing up, lying down. Always catch a couple zed when you can. But this is different. Rue, here, me, I'm be awake for hours. But. Kind of why I stay with Monroe, right? Real people? Real connections? I just don't know what I'm doing. No, not like that. Tab A, slot B. Or sometimes slot C or tab D or slot F or whatever. I read magazines sometimes.

    She's putting out a sign even I can read. So obvious, thinking back. I kick myself. Not out loud.

    I sigh. Sounds of frustrated desire there. "Rue, you sure you wanna? Gonna get weird." I got an edge to my voice. Pull back a little, regret it. Try to get comfortable again.
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    Goosebumps pop up when Thirdie runs 'is hands down my back. I like 'is hands on me. Slide my left leg up an o'er 'is leg a lil, my body up against 'is. Damn, I know I'm pushin' too hard. Mebbe I oughta take the top bunk.

    "Thirdie, darlin. O' course I wanna." I whisper back, not movin' on 'im no more. "But if ya think it'll get weird, then it aint worth it. It's juss sex, darlin', aint love er forever er nothin'." I raise my head up an lookit 'im in the eyes, "I don't norm'ly do this sober, anyhow." I chuckle a lil.

    I aint gonna beg, ya a-hole. An all this playin' 'round's makin' me wanna push too hard. If 'e just wants ta sleep an thinks it'll be weird, then I'll be the big girl then. An I was gonna give 'im one helluva beej.

    My hand slips off 'is chest an I scoot back offa 'im. I sit up, lettin the blankets fall offa me, an then I crawl o'er toppa 'im, not touchin' er nothin, an stand up, real quick. Not angry er frustrated, although I am a lil, just doin' what needs ta be done. I hop up onna top bunk, roll o'er onto my back, an lay there, starin' up at the light comin' through the sunroof.

    "G'night, Thirdie." I call down to 'im, tryin ta keep the edge offa my voice.
  • [Thirds]

    Guess it's only fair. She gave me a show. I watch her climb. She knows it.

    Yeah. For the best. Keep saying it. May even be true.

    Sleep don't come easy. Be easy to climb up there. I almost do it couple times. She can hear me tossing in the bunk.

    She'll hear if I jerk it.

    Almost don't care.


    Forgot to say good night.
  • End Scene.
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