[CharSheet] Utseo Tao

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Utseo Tao
• Former operative of disavowed Technocracy agent known as Josine
• Operating as illegal courier & underground anti-corp movement leader
• Last known whereabouts: Paris, France

Current: 5
(total: 5)

Stunt Dice: 1

Street Samurai +
Metal Legs, Martial Arts, Quick, Rough, Tumble, Weaponry, [Blades], [Kicking], [Honor]

Gutter Shogun +
Charm, Leadership, Cunning, Resourceful, Persuasive, Insight, [Insightful], [Nefarious], [Zen]

Free Runner +
Transforming Cyberlegs, So Fast, Clever, Unpredictable, Tumble, Resilient, [Leaping], [Falling]

Underground Leader* +
Fixer, Net Hacker, Code Hacker, Gadgeteer, Video Crew, [Memory Tech], [Corporate Insider], [Technocrat] *(Each Tag represents an NPC who works for Utseo remotely.)

• Key of the Criminal
Utseo is a professional criminal, long has been. Earn XP for any scene where you escape justice or flaunt the law. Buyoff: Work for a government or corporation.
• Key of the Ronin
Utseo is a masterless man. His fate is his own. Earn XP when the group undertakes a plan of yours or you defy authorities. Buyoff: Follow orders.
• Key of the Bon Vivant
Utseo is a hedonist and debauchee—he loves to live. Earn XP when you indulge (or overindulge) in life’s pleasures. Buyoff: Turn down a rare indulgence.

± Edge: Versatility
Once per session you can gather dice by activating Tags from two Traits at once. Rearm this Edge when you buy off a Key.
± Edge: Transformation
Once per session you can reroll all the dice that miss in a roll involving your metal legs, transforming them in some surprising fashion to give yourself an advantage. Describe what this looks like. Add in additional stunt dice, if you want, during the reroll. This Edge is not considered “used” if you still fail after the reroll. Rearm this Edge when you buy off a Key.

o Furious
o Exhausted
o Impaired
o Hunted
o Trapped
o Malfunction



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    Getting and Giving Stunt Dice
    Begin play with the stunt dice in a central “pot.” Each player draws two stunt dice to start off the game. A player can never have more than 7 stunt dice in their possession at one time.

    Players earn stunt dice when other players award them. Any time you think another player has come up with an awesome description, clever action, great bit of dialogue, or otherwise needs a stunt die, you may award that player one die from the pot. No player can award more than one stunt die per turn. Awarded dice can be used immediately or saved for future rolls, as the awarded player prefers.

    Rolling the Dice
    To overcome an obstacle in the fiction, roll dice. Start with one die if you have a Trait that can help you. Add another die for each Tag from that Trait that applies to the action. Finally, add any number of stunt dice you like from the number you’ve got in your possession.

    Roll the dice you've gathered. Each die that shows an even number is a hit. You need hits equal to the Difficulty number to pass the obstacle:
    • 2 = easy—take out a thug
    • 3 = tough—take out a trained foe
    • 4 = challenging—take out an expert foe
    • 5 = extreme—take out a masterful foe

    If your hits meet or exceed the difficulty, you succeed, overcome the obstacle, and discard to the pot any stunt dice you rolled.

    If your hits don’t meet the difficulty, you miss what you were after but you keep any stunt dice you rolled. The GM may escalate the situation, increase the Difficulty, impose a Condition, or any combination thereof before you try again.

    Targeted and Untargeted Rolls
    Usually you aim your rolls at specific goals and obstacles, like taking out a corporate ninja or flying a helicopter through enemy fire. Those goals have specific Difficulties known to the GM at the time you roll and if your hits equal the difficulty you overcome the obstacle or achieve your goal. These are called targeted rolls.

    Sometimes, especially during fights with simple minions, the GM says you can roll first and then spend your hits on available targets. So, if you get 4 hits you could take out two thugs, each rated at Difficulty 2, even if you didn't declare that at first. These are called untargeted rolls.

    Helping Stunts
    If your character is in a position to help another PC, you can roll one of your stunt dice and add its hit to their roll. Describe how your character helps out, citing a Tag on your sheet. If your roll hits, the die goes back in the pot. If it misses, you keep it.

    When you fail a roll, or other events reasonably warrant, the GM may impose a Condition on your character. When you take a Condition, mark it on your sheet and talk with the GM to figure out just what it means in your case and for how long.

    Conditions can impact future rolls. The GM can invoke them to increase the Difficulty of an obstacle by 1 step. You can invoke one Condition to add a die to your roll if the GM isn't invoking it and you can explain how the Condition actually helps your PC. Conditions can sometimes be removed with a successful roll made by you or an ally for that express purpose — in that way they’re another source of obstacles.

    Recovery Scenes
    Between action scenes, you can call for a recovery scene during which you can erase a Condition. Describe where the scene takes place and ask what each character’s doing. Travel makes for good recovery scenes. Each player with a character in the recovery scene can erase one Condition from any one character if they can explain how it happens. Your crew can play multiple recovery scenes in a row but each player can call for only one between action scenes.

    When you hit a Key, you earn an experience point (1 XP) or a stunt die from the pot. If you go into danger because of your Key, you get 2 XP (or 1 XP and 1 stunt die from the pot). Hold on to XP and spend them later, even in the middle of an action sequence. Spend 5 XP to do one of the following:
    + Unlock a Tag for an existing Trait (by underlining it)
    + Add a new Key (never have the same key twice; 4 Keys max)
    + Add or swap in a new Edge (never have the same Edge twice; 3 Edges max)

    Each Key also has a buyoff. If the buyoff condition occurs, you have the option of removing the Key and earning 10 XP. You can’t purchase the same Key you just bought off to get those 10 XP (but you can get that Key again in the future with more XP). Your character can’t have more than four Keys at once and probably shouldn't have fewer than two Keys.
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    Pics of Utseo




    Utseo Tao was Josine’s longest-lived and perhaps most notorious operative in the old days. He was also a street samurai in the classic mold: razor sharp, ever ready, and infamous among those few who knew the truth about him. Josine, meanwhile, kept Utseo employed, entertained, and equipped... but seldom informed. When Josine went missing, it was a shock to Utseo as much as anyone. Utseo scoured the earth for his old spymaster until his hope was exhausted. Then he set out to fill the void.

    Today’s Utseo is a gutter shogun, an underground daimyo with a miniature network of his own, shuttling forbidden facts and damning data about megacorp monsters throughout the world. Utseo produces (and sometimes stars in) online videos denouncing the megacorps and their stranglehold on the world. Without Josine’s “For the future!” ambitions, this is what Utseo has found as a cause.

    Utseo’s upgraded his tech over the years to stay ahead of the curve and the mercs dispatched to find and kill him.
    • Metal Legs: Custom built, fully articulated, worth more than a house, these are Utseo’s defining features and most versatile weapons. They stop bullets, they break bones, they push off rooftops and roll with impacts that would trash other modern cybernetics. These are top-of-the-line, next-gen shit, right here.
    • Electric Knife: Utseo’s gone through a few of these over the years. This new one’s solid, sturdy tech with a built-in filament for delivering modest or major electric shocks along a flexible but formidable blade. The whole thing plugs right into the wall to recharge. Easy as can be.

    Playing Utseo
    • Utseo is an action hero. Utseo is cunning and wry with kung fu to spare. Utseo’s confidence may get him into trouble, but his skills usually get him back out of it sooner or later.
    • Play Utseo if you want to be an action star and parkour master, always leaping and fighting and getting into trouble.
    • Utseo’s an Underground Leader, and that Trait can be tricky to use. Remember, with encrypted communications, Utseo can put his people to work on things from across the globe, having them tackle tasks that he’s too busy fighting dudes to do himself. Rolls using these employees might be just a few dice, though, so look for helping dice or stunts where you can get them.
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