[NU] Mourning [Ru2.3]

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Let's jump ahead a little bit, say you had some time to mourn, and be sad... What have you gotten up to these days? Harrow is back, but if you wanted some privacy, I'm sure you could swing it. When do you finally surface for air? What have you been up to? Did you deliver Mill's message to Roark?


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    Other than the trip inta the city with Cinch, I aint done much fer a coupla days. I cleaned Shelly. Been layin' in my bed most o' the time. Fell asleep in the bed yesterday, woke up inna cold sweat. Dreamt o' Shan. Kept rollin' the sight o' him an that gun. An 'en 'is dead body aside me.

    Stupid o' me ta sleep inna bed alone. 'Course now I don't wanna sleep with nobody else. Been avoidin' Harrow. I know she's bad. What if she sticks a gun in my mouth?

    What if she should?

    Ended up, I slept up inna rafters last night. Woke up feelin' like I needed ta get out, so Ima gonna find Roark an 'en Thirdie, too. Roark first. I head out o' the room ta go bathe inna lake, an 'en I'll find Roark.
  • Most people have opted to give you some space, noticing that this is quite out of character for you... As such, they let you bathe down in the river in peace. The water's cold as ice today, a few degrees colder than usual, which wouldn't normally be cause for concern, given the weather lately. Once you've dried off and gotten dressed, you find Roark out by his plot of land, tending his weed garden... It's mostly food, but his marijuana plants are his pride and joy.

    "Mornin' Rue," he calls calmly, a little winded and his brow damp with sweat. "Come lookin' fer work? Or just gab at me? Either way, pull up a stump!" He points over at a fallen log over by the makeshift fence he put up for the garden.
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    "Ize after one, but I'll take the other." I answer 'im. I head o'er to the log an take a seat. "Lissen, Roark. I met Mill, an he sent a message fer me ta bring back to ya. He said he don't want no part in talkin' with Hugo. Said he trusts the wild more'n a deal with that frakker." I give 'im a look, real serious. "Are ya makin' deals with Hugo fer Monroe?" I aint accusin', just askin'.
  • Roark was mid-jab with his shovel when you asked about Hugo. He stopped dead, and didn't look at you right away, like he needed to come up with an answer — or he considered lying. "Yup... I been talkin' to a couple folks of his. They came in visitin' while you folks were out dealin' with the medicine shortage, sayin' Hugo was lookin' for reparations for his dead guys... Offered us peace if we talked it out." He's working away as he talks, but he stops and looks up at you for a minute, "last man on earth I ever figured would wanna talk 'bout anythin' productive, y'know? You OK with that?"
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    I lookit 'im solid. After a wash an some days to let it all out, I'm feelin' a bit more myself. "Roark, I aint gonna tell ya how ta run Monroe. I don't trust Hugo." I thin on it fer a bit. "An I kilt 'em a-holes. If ya wanna reparate with me somehow, I understand." I aint offerin' myself up fer slaughter, not exactly.
  • Roark smiles to himself, and nods solemnly. "You're a bright girl, Rue... Don't let nobody tell you otherwise." He takes up his shovel and keeps working. "I don't run Monroe... I just like talkin' is all. Plus, I ain't a fan of just handin' folks over all willy-nilly. Now, if he wanted you for a job of some sort, or somethin' — that'd be your choice as to whether you wanted to do that or not. You're a free woman, after all."

    He looks up at you, and adds, "the offer is appreciated though. I was thinkin' of havin' him and some of his boys over to chat in the next few days... You think that's safe?"
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    Damn, Roark's got a way o' makin' me feel good 'bout myself. Not in a sexy way. Like I'm capable. Like I'm worth a damn. It's much better. 'e's one o' the reasons I aint left Monroe.

    "I don't think 'e oughta come ta Monroe proper, no. Mebbe some place close, meet 'im with some o' ours," Yeah, I said "ours", whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

    Ikick at the dirt fer a bit. "Mebbe some place twixt her an where 'e's holed up. Clare an Cinch an Thirdie. I'll hang back, use Shelly ta keep an eye out. I figger if I come in with ya, they'd be some jawin'. An then I'd hafta put holes in 'em again. An that don't solve nothin'."

    Thing is, I think it's gonna come down ta killin' Hugo. Just don't have the heart ta say so. Mebbe Roark's right ta talk. Mebbe.
  • Roark sighs quietly when you suggest meeting somewhere else, with a contingent of people to watch his back... You can tell he's not really used to that kind of dealing. The understanding in Monroe is based on personal freedoms, rather than a strong-hard loyalty to the community. People are here because they like to be here, not because they feel some duty to see it upheld. It's so weird — the people of Monroe have led a very sheltered life in comparison to most people... Chalk and the gang would have torn these people apart. Roark's lucky in that regard — that he's never had to deal with people like that — but also unlucky, in that he's woefully unprepared for the trials ahead.

    He sets his shovel down and makes his way over to you. "There're lots of places out in the ruins... A bit dangerous to just up and go meet out there, though. You got a place in mind? Maybe a third party might arbitrate, that you trust?"
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    "Clare's the man ta talk b'tween us. An Thirdie can find us a quiet place fer meetin'." I offer off the top o' my head. O' course, theyze both part o' the fightin' that caused this. But I don't mention that.
  • "Clarity's of Monroe," he says in a tone — not condescending, just neatly reminding you, "and both of those boys were out with you that night, if I'm not mistaken." He comes over to you, puts a hand on your shoulder, "look, we'll sort it out... If you trust Clarity and Thirds, I'd be happy to bring 'em along. How you doin' for food? You stocked?"

    You can tell he's trying to change the conversation.
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    "Any folk I trust are o' Monroe, Roark." I tell 'im plain. I aint angry er nothin', but I aint gonna let this slide quite yet. "We can't do this half-assed, darlin'. Set up a meet, an we'll work out somethin'." I clap 'im onna shoulder. I'm tryin' ta let 'im feel like e's in charge.
  • Well, that's probably as good an answer as any... Not particularly what he wanted to hear, since he was hoping for that neutral third party, but what else can he do? No one else came to his rescue when he called for them. "Alright, Rue. I'll set somethin' up right quick. I'll let ya know as soon as I know what's up."

    He grabs his shovel and gets back to tending his garden. What's next on your agenda?
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    I wonder if Thirdie's around? Er Clare. Ima look fer 'em.
  • Funny you should mention that, they were both looking for you a while back. What say we get you together with them again...

    == END SCENE ==
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