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The Profit Margin
Space transport

(power+1, maneuverability +1, 3-harm, small, +hyperdrive +cargo, strengths: +fast +responsive, weaknesses: +cramped +picky )

Profit Margin

Ladro's Crew Headshots and Dialog Colors:

Jojee Terkenn'n (Keshiri)
Jojee is a Keshiri who served Leeandra’s uncle Chaddith and stayed on to help out Leeandra. She’s quick to judge and holds grudges. She is also pretty competitive. She left the Libation to join Ladro's crew and hopes to make some good credits so she can buy her own ship.

Hosk Fey'la
Hosk is Ladro’s partner, more like his support. Hosk is short for a Bothan, older, and grumpy. He’s “seen some poodoo”. He fought on the "wrong side" of the Clone Wars and ended up doing hard time for his role as a merc for the Trade Federation.

Squall Onondb (Rattataki androgyne, systems expert)
Squall 1
Squall is a skittish Rattataki. Talkative and nervous, ze prefers things to most people. Ze was the engineer on the Libation until spice got zir messed up. Ze’s good at splicing and fixing tech. Squall joined the crew after ze received treatment and is in recovery. Ze desperately wants this new chance to work. Sometimes, ze can get twitchy and nervous under fire.

Amarath Shade is a Kiffar mercenary with a rather intimidating appearance. At least now. An accident with explosives took her right arm and eye, causing her to get cybernetic replacements. She doesn't have a lot of credits, so her mechanical limbs are second hand and no where near the nice sleek ones .

Even before becoming a merc and the accident she was a tomboy. Shade liked technology and was very handy with computers. Her skills with droids and explosives was nothing to sneeze at either. She is very much a combat tech for hire.

Her hair is black and shaggy since she forgets to get regular trimmings, but short to keep it out of her way. Her normal eye (left one) is a dark blue. She also has a red tattoo line that curls around her right cheek and crosses her nose before stopping in a point.

Amarath usually wears light armor so she can move in a fight and has all kinds of pouches and holsters for tools, grenades, and her blaster rifle on her back when she needs her hands free. Her arm has a computer she installed into it herself along with a switch blade that can come out over the hand. Shades is a smoker and she usually has a cigarra in her mouth."


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    Gristone Mining Camp

    Star Warsy Stuff

    Curses and Expletives

    Huttese language (good for cursing)
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    Factory Control is an advanced AI Droid that Ladro saved from destruction. It wishes to create a place where droids are treated as equals. Dialog color is dark blue.

    photo Sion_Contu-header
    Corellian husband of Ladro's sister Farla. He's the Head of Security for The Incessant, a large bulk freighter.

    Young adult sister of Ladro. She's a junior engineer on The Incessant and happily married to Sion.

    Hontu the Hutt is a young, aggressive Hutt who is working on the spice trade and using Ladro for it.
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    In Star Wars AW, which is a solo game, we are replacing HX with Bonds.


    Bonds give your relationships and social connections mechanical weight. The more bonds you have with someone, the more leverage you have over them, the more they're an open book to you and the more there's a precarious balance of trust between you.

    You begin play with four Bonds. You can have multiple Bonds with the same character.

    You can call upon a character’s Bond for assistance with an action. To do this, you can "spend" your bonds with them, 1-for-1 to give yourself a +1 forward. You should say how they’re helping with your actions.

    When you look into someone’s heart, spend bonds you have with them and ask the character one question per bond spent:
    • is your character speaking the truth?-
    • what does your character wish I would do?
    • what does your character intend to do?
    • how does your character feel about this?
    • how could I get your character to...?
    To look into someone’s heart, you need to be able to discern any signs, expressions, words or gestures that could give that information away. If you do not wish to spend a Bond, you can also utilize the Read a Person move.

    You can "spend" a Bond on an NPC to:
    • Add 1 to your roll against them (choose after rolling).
    • Add 3 to your manipulate an NPC roll against them (choose after rolling).
    • Cause them to falter, hesitate, or freeze up momentarily.
    • Add an extra harm to whatever harm you’re dealing them.

    When you "spend" a Bond, it is unavailable until bonds refresh at the beginning of the next session.

    At the beginning of a session, you can change up to two relationships.When you change a relationship you can either write down a new name instead of the old one (for example write “I don’t trust Sixgun.” instead of “I don’t trust Nunian.” or you can change the nature of a relationship (for example “Nunian" is my trusted ally.” instead of “I don’t trust Nunian”). You can also add one Bond to a new or existing relationship.
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    Custom Moves

    The Alliance Needs My Ship: When you want to put political pressure on the fleet to provide for your ship, roll+Suave. On a 10+, your ship is provided for, no questions asked. On a 7-9, it’s all grudges and bickering. The MC can offer you giving up something from your ship, a complication in the deal, or giving you

    Carousing Custom Move
    When you head to a cantina or bar and work the room for some company (for yourself or your crew), roll +2 for every Cred spent.
    ✴On a 10+, choose 3.
    ✴On a 7–9, choose 1.
    ✴On a miss, you still choose one, but things get out of hand (the MC will say how).

    - You befriend a useful NPC.
    - You get an opportunity for some work
    - You gain useful information.
    - You don't regret it later.

    When you go into a holding’s bustling market, looking for some particular thing to buy, and it’s not obvious whether you should be able to just go buy one like that, roll+sharp. On a 10+, yes, you can just go buy it like that. On a 7–9, the MC chooses one of the following:
    • it costs 1-Cred more than you’d expect
    • it’s available, but only if you meet with a guy who knows a guy
    • damn, I had one, I just sold it to this fellow named Watto, maybe you can go get it off him?
    • sorry, I don’t have that, but maybe this will do instead?

    FLUNGE Custom Move

    When you play flunge on Raxus Secundus, roll +Cool. On a hit, choose options. On a 7-9, choose two. On a 10+, you get all three.

    ✴You win the match or win the bet (up to 1 Cred unless previously negotiated pre-game)
    ✴Noone was hurt (body or pride)
    ✴You don't attract unwanted notice

    On a miss, things went horribly wrong. MC details.

    When you make known that you want a thing and drop Cred to speed it on its way, roll+Cred spent (max roll+3). It has to be a thing you could legitimately get this way. On a 10+ it comes to you, no strings attached. On a 7–9 it comes to you, or something pretty close. On a miss, it comes to you, but with strings very much attached.

    When you drink at the Mos Eisley cantina, roll+Cool
    On a hit, choose options. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 10+, choose two.
    ✴You run into someone you know, or who knows you
    ✴You pick up some info on some work or "a thing that needs doing"
    ✴You get into a fight
    ✴You get lucky
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    As of session 7, there are no more stat highlights. You gain XP when you miss a roll.

    You can also trade in a Bond for an XP at the end of a session.
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    Ladro used to travel on a medium class freighter called the Libation:

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    The Crew of the Libation

    Captain Leeadra Navaro (Kesh human)
    Near-human from Kesh. She grew up on the Libation working for her Uncle Chaddith. Chaddith recently retired and left the ship to Leeadra. She still has Chaddith’s First Mate, who is loyal to her, but a little protective.

    She and Ladro have history.

    Seesk (Trandoshan loader)
    Trandoshan Loader. Seesk isn’t very talkative. Seesk is really strong, looks very tough, too.

    Rana Mas Lesob (Duros Engineer)
    Rana Mas clips out, "You name it, I did it. Ran numbers for a bookie local when I was barely old enough to run. Paid my way through my first degree, in cooking, as an escort. Worked as a chef for about five years, the place went out of business. Joined SecOps to pay for my second degree, business management. Worked in an office as a sarariman for... six years, the company got into some trouble on some shady accounting practices and I was laid off there. Tried hunting bounties, didn't like trekking to the middle of nowhere to shoot scummy beings. Worked as a bodyguard, hated my spoiled clients, moved on. But the credits were good and I'd bought myself a nice little speeder. Turns out it was a lemon, so I got some manuals and fixed it myself. Found out I really liked the work, so I took a loaner and a job at the gambling hall down the street to pay my way through. Now, I'm looking for a good job on a ship, see the galaxy, fix hyperdrives, find somewhere new to live eventually. Maybe meet a nice girl on the way. You know, the brochure stuff."
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    Headshots and Dialog Colors for Libation:

    Captain Leeadra Navaro will be magenta.

    Seesk will be darkgreen.

    Rana Mas Lesob will be blue.
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    This was the shuttle Ladro and Hosk lived on while they were part of the Libation

    Ladro decided to leave it with Leeadra.
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    Other NPCs




    Xora is a Falleen House noble. Young and impetuous, she's quite haughty.

    Savann is a Falleen soldier, assigned to aid Xora.

    Vina Zon is a female Devaronian. She's wild and not terribly smart. She tried to steal some stuff while on a job with Ladro and was almost arrested. Now she's apprenticing with a pair of Nautolan bounty hunters

    Kyip Yip is an experienced Nautolan Bounty Hunter. He's got two partners, but it's obvious if trouble hits, they're on their own.

    Vurtigann is a big, muscular Nautolan. He's mating with Vina and thinks her daredevil attitude is kinda hot. He's also not so smart.
  • From the Scoundrel Playbook

    Gigs (profit / catastrophe)

    Choose 3 paying gigs:
     Bodyguarding (1-cred / embattled)
     Surveillance (1-cred / deceived)
     Honest work (1-cred / impoverished)
     Entourage (1-cred / entangled)
     Cargo hauling (1-cred / bushwhacked)
     Infiltration (1-cred / discovered)
     Scavenging (1-cred / impoverished)
     Smuggling (1-cred / discovered)
     Brokering deals (1-cred / shut out)
     Politicking (2-cred / exposed)
     Piracy / raiding (2-cred / embattled)
     Technical work (2-cred / shut out)
     Planetary defense (2-cred / infiltrated)
     Hunting bounty (2-cred / embattled)

    And choose 1 obligation gig:
     Avoiding someone (you keep well clear / they catch you in a bad spot)
     Paying debts (you keep up with them / they come due)
     Revenge (you victimize someone / they humiliate you)
     Protecting someone (nothing bad happens to them / they’re gone)
     Pursuing luxury (beauty in your life / you wind up in a bad spot)
     Maintaining your honor (you keep your word and your name / you cross a line)
     Seeking answers (you get a clue / you chase a red herring)

    Moonlighting: you get 3-juggling. Whenever there’s a stretch of downtime in play, or between sessions, choose a number of your gigs to work. Choose no more than your juggling. Roll+cool. On a 10+, you get profit from all the gigs you chose. On a 7–9, you get profit from at least 1; if you chose more, you get catastrophe from 1 and profit from the rest. On a miss, catastrophe all around. The gigs you aren't working give you neither profit nor catastrophe. Whenever you get a new gig, you also get +1 juggling.
  • As of Session 20, we are using the SWAW Gamma rules.
  • Ladro's New Crew Headshots

    Jojee Terkenn'n (Keshiri)
    "Speech in indigo."

    Hosk Fey'La (Bothan)
    "Speech in brown."

    Squall Onondb (Rattataki androgyne, systems expert)
    "Speech in orange."

    Amarath (Kiffar)
    "Speech is cadetblue."
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    Far Orbit

    There were 380 Mutineers aboard when Ladro took over the Far Orbit (the ship can be skeleton crewed by 307).
    The previous captain picked up 47 hands from the space station (criminals and brigands_.
    Ladro and Lens added another 40 green recruits and 20 or so pilots and Roughnecks.
    And the Profit Margin

    The Frigate Headshots

    Major Vorpatrick - is CAG, commands two squads of X-Wings, along with two boarding shuttles, the Profit Margin and Dart's clawcraft.

    Commander Tyron Seki - second-in-command of the Far Orbit frigate.

    Lt Commander Chandra Panaka

    Ensign Leex



    Lt. Napvansa Tadavv - recently promoted engineer from the "third crew"

    photo Cemma
    Cemma the Younger - a member of the third crew



    Ahji Dar is a semi-famous Cathar blockade runner. She coupled with Ladro on Falleen Prime and showed off her hidden ship to him, which is "manned" by droids.
  • Amy's Irregulars
    A recently formed hit team under the direct authority of Captain Vos, led by his clan-mate Amarath.

    Amys Irregulars




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