[JW 2.0] People, Places and Custom Moves

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    In Junk World 2.0, which is a solo game, we are replacing HX with Bonds.

    Bonds give your relationships and social connections mechanical weight. The more bonds you have with someone, the more leverage you have over them, the more they're an open book to you and the more there's a precarious balance of trust between you.

    You begin play with four Bonds. You can have multiple Bonds with the same character.

    You can call upon a character’s Bond for assistance with an action. To do this, you can "spend" your bonds with them, 1-for-1 to give yourself a +1 forward. You should say how they’re helping with your actions.

    When you look into someone’s heart, spend bonds you have with them and ask the character one question per bond spent:
    • is your character speaking the truth?-
    • what does your character wish I would do?
    • what does your character intend to do?
    • how does your character feel about this?
    • how could I get your character to...?
    To look into someone’s heart, you need to be able to discern any signs, expressions, words or gestures that could give that information away. If you do not wish to spend a Bond, you can also utilize the Read a Person move.

    You can "spend" a Bond on an NPC to:
    • Add 1 to your roll against them (choose after rolling).
    • Add 3 to your manipulate an NPC roll against them (choose after rolling).
    • Cause them to falter, hesitate, or freeze up momentarily.
    • Add an extra harm to whatever harm you’re dealing them.

    When you "spend" a Bond, it is unavailable until bonds refresh at the beginning of the next session.

    At the beginning of a session, you can change up to two relationships.When you change a relationship you can either write down a new name instead of the old one (for example write “I don’t trust Sixgun.” instead of “I don’t trust Big Hunk.” or you can change the nature of a relationship (for example “Skeevers" is my trusted ally.” instead of “I don’t trust Skeevers”). You can also add one Bond to a new or existing relationship.
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    photo Metro-Header_zpsabcade9f.jpg
    Metro is Stitch's android lover. He speaks in gray.
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    When Stitch and Metro have sex, roll+Bond. On a 10+, each of you ask 2 questions from the list below. On a 7-9, ask 1.
    • who/what threatens your safety/happiness?
    • what do you desire/need most?
    • what makes you feel beautiful? loved?
    • what do you not understand about me?
    • what are you trying to hide from me?
    When you have answers for all five questions, mark an Advance.

    On a miss, the intimacy was "nice", nothing wrong with it, not really. It's just, you know, adequate. Stitch, take -1 Ongoing with Metro until you two have a long talk about it.
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