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Metro pulled the van into Sector 10 just a couple hours ago. It's dusk, the last lights of day sneaking behind the West Mountains, which are giant clods of dirt more than natural things, like some giant tried to make sandcastles, then gave up halfway through.

Sector 10, your new home. After all the recent trouble at the Ascendant, it was time to move on. The Radio Comm relays were destroyed and one of you suggested a fresh start. Or maybe you mutually agreed to it somehow. Sector 10 has some solid juice due to Upper10's hard work on the infrastructure. Metro's spoken highly of the guy who's basically the mayor of this village.

The buildings here are mostly metal plates and a kind of concrete, along with a few buildings of roughly cut stone natural to the area. Do you have your eye on any place in town to try to live, or are you planning on sleeping in the van?

Your van is parked outside a place called Pip's (even has a hand-painted sign, but it looks like maybe it's been around for a long, long time). For the last couple hours, people have been coming in and out of the bar, mostly workers from Firestone, the rubber burning plant just towards Podday. But there have been a couple merchants, a lady entertainer as well, quite young, hungry-looking.

You see a man walking from the west, from out among the wastes: Wendy-territory. He's carrying a woman, looking with bleary eyes for the village, calling weakly with parched lips for help.

Metro starts walking towards him, as he is programmed to do, to help. "Want to use the van or lay out some blankets for her?" He calls back to you as he continues moving up to the man, hands up, showing no weapons.

What do you do?


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    Five years ago I might have grumbled- we've been here for a couple hours and I'm needed already. Now, though, I'm just glad I'm here to help.

    "Let's see what he says, then we can decide." I tell him, following.

    "What happened to her?" I call out to the man.
  • Metro glances back at you, a brow arched. You know he's going to try and help now that he's seen the man. But there's no accusation, he knows you. He knows you're tired, and cautious. He's wary, too. Could be a trap. IT could always be a trap/

    "Wen.... Wendys" is the only word he gasps out before he loses his footing and stumbles. The woman flops forward as he tries to right himself. But he's twisted his ankle on a rock or something and goes down in a heap. The best he's able to do is fall mostly under her.

    Once he sees it, Metro takes off at a run. Even now, after these years with him, his ability to move is a thing of beauty. Every inch of him moves perfectly. He is a gazelle. He reaches the couple in breaths, and when you hustle to catch up, Metro's still trying to gingerly pull the woman away from the broken man's tired, clutching fingers.

    "No... no... don't take her.... Lea" he says, his face flush, feverish. She's worse off, blood matted to the side of her head, hair clumped from dried blood and dirt. Who knows how long ago this happened, how long they've walked?

    She's dying, Stitch. You've seen it enough to know at a glance. He'll live, but the care in his eyes, knowing the woman he loves is nearly gone, it's enough to make you sick to your stomach.

    What do you do?
  • I've long since stopped giving up on patients just because they're dying- one of the charms of this strange world. "Shh, we won't take her from you." I comfort him while I push up my sleeves and lay my hands on her.

    Come on, you can do this, Stitch.

    OOC: Healing Touch. Roll+weird.
    ((Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 5. Total: 9))
  • OOC: I will burn my bond with Metro for +1.
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    Stitch, why don't you remind us what it looks like when you do this crazy "lay on hands" thing?

    You reach out to this woman who is a decade younger than you are... check that, you're technically over a century old due to the stasis, but that's not the point is it?

    From first contact with her skin, opening yourself to her mind, you know her name is Blue. The gash in her head quickly knits together, and while there will be a scar, it's better than the alternative. Her bruise shrinks up slightly, but it will be a few days with a shiner.

    You catch her fearful thoughts: she was running from Wendys, one of them clubbed her. Her man Lenovo and his brothers came after her and the fight got bloody, real bloody. She tried to crawl away. She saw Lenovo's younger brother Aoc scalped, gave up hope. Gave up everything.

    But Lenny ran those Wendys off with an air horn and a pistol. Shot all four of his last bullets. Carried her for hours. For miles. To here.

    She's still weak, but her eyes flutter open. "Wha.... Lenny?"

    Metro says softly, "Stitch, he's passed out. I see significant loss of blood several small wounds, a broken wrist, too."
  • I put my hands on her and open my brain to hers. I see synapses and neural pathways, I show her brain how to fix her injuries. I also see memories- she might see some of mine. I remember that fear. Seeing the Wendys. Knowing I would die at their hands...

    Metro puts a hand on my shoulder, bringing me out of my own memories. He knows what happened- he was my therapist for years.

    "He's here, he passed out." I tell her, shifting a bit so she can see him. I turn to Metro- "Can you go into town and find us somewhere to bring them? He may need a transfusion. I have the equipment but I'd rather not do it sitting on the ground." Hopefully a cart or something, too. I know he is strong enough to carry both of them into town if need be, but I'd like to keep that a secret. I've seen what people do when they find out what he is.
  • Blue looks at you, not moving her head, just her eyes. You know her vision is blurry, might be permanent, might heal, hard to say for sure right now without further work in her mind, and the maelstrom.

    Metro takes off at a run, looking for something to carry the man. She looks around, then scoots herself over far enough to touch his pants leg, as if the feeling of that fabric is a connection she needs.

    You've got no equipment out here, no gear, it's all in the van. Do you wait for Metro to return, or bring Blue back to the van to clean her up?
  • I wait. I don't want to move her on my own, I'm not strong enough to lift her outright. I look over Lenovo, assessing what I can with no equipment.
  • A few minutes pass. You're able to check Lenovo's wounds, Metro was dead on about his injuries. He's also dehydrated, but that's not a long-lasting injury.

    Metro comes out of Pip's with three women dressed in biker gear, one in armor. He's carrying a round tabletop with a fourth person, a heavyset guy. One of the girls has a wild mohawk and a bevy of tats. She says loudly, "Da frak's gone down wif Blue?" She's asking you. Metro has this look like he's explained it already, but this woman didn't listen to him.

    Metro and the heavyset guy start pulling both of the patients onto the table carefully.
  • "They were attacked by Wendys, they need medical attention." I reply, not taking my eyes of my patients. "He will need a transfusion and I need space that's not on the ground to do that."
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    Big Hunk
    "Who da frak are you?" mohawk girl asks, poking your arm with a billy club to hold your attention. She's lean, has a few knife scars, carries herself with authority. You don't get the feeling she'd hit you, but she's not sure if she trusts you yet.
  • I give her a level look- I don't have time for this shit. "I'm the frak that just saved Blue's life, and I intend to do the same for Lenovo here, if that's alright with you." I nearly phrase it as a challenge, but I've learned those don't go down so well in new holdings. This fucking planet. I survey the group, my eyes darting around quickly. I'm reading a sitch.

    OOC: Read a sitch. Roll+sharp.
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    photo BigHunk-header_zps332edf62.jpg
    She relents a little, "Fine, fine, so you are. I don't give a frak about Lenny. But she does." She looks to the other two girls with her, "Ruth, AJ, go round up the girls, there's Wendys about." She looks to the heavy fellow, "Tell PIp we're going riding." The three women start heading back.

    Heavyset guy says as he's starting to pick up the table with Metro, "Theyze a burned out clinic, not far. Stripped down, aint got shit but beds, but aint nobody stayin' there." Unless you object, that's where they're taking Lenovo and Blue.
  • OOC: How much danger is this place in from Wendys? What will it take to set up a clinic here? 1 hold left.
  • Sector 10 is always in danger from the Wendys. They've been dormant for a while, but this is the first sign of new trouble.
    Leevalley's clinic is a good structure, but you'll need to get med supplies and while Metro's a great assistant, it would be smart to get some staff so he can continue his own work.
  • I nod at Heavyset. I have some supplies, though they are very limited. I follow them, not knowing where the place is. I can feel my anxiety rising- Metro and I took a few trips away from the Ascendant over the last few years, but I really spent most of my time in the med bay.

    I'd wanted to do more, go out and help where it was sorely needed, but I feel guilty because I miss my soft bed already. I hope Saff is doing ok. I know it's hard for her, being tied down to a place because of her daughter. She's a good mom, though, she doesn't need me fussing over her.

    I brush some dust off my pants and walk towards my new clinic.

    OOC: What's this town's deal? If it's near Wendy territory, why do they stay?
  • The town has a couple biker gangs here, so they do have some protection. But there's something here, a reason they stay. A resource that they couldn't get anywhere else. What is it?
  • photo Clinic_zpsb551ef72.gif
    The front door of the clinic lays on the ground just outside the maw of an entrance. Heavyset and Metro carry the tabletop in. They carried the pair of people, which is a couple hundred pounds, you figure, about a hundred yards now. Heavyset is grunting and panting with the effort, which is damn near herculean. Metro is grunting, too, but you know he's faking it.

    They set them both down in the lobby, which has spilled paint, various graffiti scrawled on the once-white concrete walls, and trash tossed around. Metro carries each of them into the Operating Room, which is basically a table now with a bunch of ransacked supplies and cabinets torn off hinges. This was once a nice clinic, Stitch. It once had a purpose.

    With your gear, you can splint and heal up Lenovo as best you can, no stock. With Blue, she needs to bed down for a few days.

    Heavyset hangs around, mostly curious, maybe looking for a handout, definitely winded. He sits "heavily" on what was once a couch before some hooligan went at it with a knife and tore all the stuffing out of most of it. Heavyset doesn't seem to care, though.

    Metro's nearby, assisting you for whatever you need, of course. It's Metro, they're hurt. "I can catalog the place once they're stable, come up with a log of what this place has, what it needs."
  • It's hot springs, in caves under the town.

    I nod at Heavyset when he sits down. "Thanks, we have some water, if you want it."

    I walk around, checking out the place quickly. "Can you get my bag from the van? I want to get Lenovo fixed up as soon as possible." I'll have to determine his blood type before I can give him a transfusion. Then I'll need to find a donor- something Metro can't do for me.
  • Heavyset
    Heavyset takes some water, saying, "Thanks. Is it from the springs?" Do you have a water bottle or a canteen or something? He takes a long draught, spilling some of it but not seeming to care so much. "This is damn good, ma'am."

    Metro looks over to Heavyset, a little suspiciously, but says,"I'll pull the van around." He gives you a look that says stay safe. Metro takes off at a dead run, he'll be back in a few minutes.

    You hear outside some women whooping war cries and motorbikes revving up. Doesn't sound far. They don't go away, or take off. Sounds like a half dozen or so.

    Heaveset watches you working on your two new patients from the worn couch, "Been a few years since Leevalley left. Aint been a doc round here since. They call me Heavyset. I do an odd job or two for UpperTen. He runs Sector. You lookin' to stay here... ma'am?"
  • Yeah, I have a canteen. "Hot springs? No. This came from a water recycler." One that Metro fixed up on the Ascendant, actually. I've seen rudimentary ones in a few towns so I don't think I'm giving away too much information.

    I go about assessing Blue and Lenovo- I test both of their blood types and prep him for a transfusion. I give her a mild painkiller - she's gonna have a hell of a headache.

    "Nice to meet you, Heavyset, I'm Stitch." I look up at him from my work as I do. "I'm not really sure. Maybe." I answer.

    I wish a town not having a doctor for years was unusual but it seems that its more the norm. I wonder what kind of person this UpperTen is. Kiddo and I got to know the council so well it feels weird to have to adjust. I wonder how she's doing. For the hundredth time today I wonder if moving was a mistake.

    "What kind of person is UpperTen?" I ask, as much to keep him talking as to pique my curiosity.
  • Heavyset
    Heavyset finishes the canteen, screws the cap back on and sets it beside the dilapidated couch. "Ten's been burned a buncha times, Stitch. His dad ran this place, and all hell broke loose, so he up and quit, leaving his son with the filthy leavings if you get my drift. We've got hot springs, and a damn good jugging team, a bunch o' hellions that keep the Wendys off our backs, but they aint much good for anything else. Firestone's the only work other than scavvin and tradin... but I do go on and on. Where'd ya come from? Up north?"
  • "I was in Trench, then the Ascendant for a while, yeah." I fit in a little better than I did when I woke up, I'm not so worried about being found out. I smile inwardly- I don't know what I was afraid of back then. It was probably just waking up on a different planet a hundred years after I was supposed to.

    I wish I had running water and towels. Or some anti-bacterial gel. It's not the worst conditions I've worked in, but I still don't like it.

    "What about you? Been here long?" I gently assess Lenovo's wrist. I'm going to have to set it, I think, and fast. After about three days the bone will start closing together and I'll have to re-break it. Wrists are tricky- lots of bones converging and breaking them often means bone fragments. Back on the moon we'd just do a scan and take out the fragments via surgery. Here, though, you're almost better off with a few fragments in you than being opened up. Sure, it hurts like a bitch and maybe you never get the range of motion back, but at least you don't die of infection.
  • Outside you hear some yelling, one of the voices sounds like the mohawk girl from outside Pip's.

    With a lazy nod, Heavyset replies, "I was born near, came here when Ize little. Aint little no more, so it's been a while."

    He turns his head to listen in, "That loud girl ya met's Big Hunk. She's the leader o' the Candy Bars. Seen 'em before, Stitch?"
  • "Yeah, I'm familiar." I reply, smiling. "I pulled out the appendix of one of them on the hood of a car." I can't help bragging. I saved that woman's life- which worked out well seeing as how they might have killed us otherwise. Or tried. "What are they like here? I've met a couple different groups."
  • Heavyset
    Heavyset screws his eye up for a second, cocking his head, "Is... an appendix a bad thing?"

    He shakes it away if you try to explain it, moves on to explain, "Theyze tough an mean as all hell. As long as they get what they want, they don't frak with nobody much. They purty much rule the roost around Pip's an their garage. At least they keep Wendys out, I guess."

    You hear the van pull up, Metro will be bringing in supplies any second. Heavyset groans and sits up, like he expects it, too.
  • That sounds about right, though the 'as long as they get what they want' part makes me a little nervous. "Does UpperTen get along with them?"
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    Outside you hear those motorcycles tear off into the night, whoops and war cries resuming.

    As he's dusting off his pants, which are pretty tight on him, Heavyset shrugs, "He don't trust 'em, no. Been tryin' to scare up some folks to watch the springs, maybe give 'im some muscle. Asked me 'bout it, but I aint the type for such work no more."

    Metro comes in with a couple crates full of your angel kit, taking it over to sit down by your patients. He eyes Heavyset, then looks back to you when he passes.

    Heavyset asks you (not Metro), "Want me to carry somethin?"

    You three can get the supplies inside and get reasonably set up. Only takes a half hour to get things somewhat situated, Lenovo's wrist set, some water in Blue.
  • My shoulders relax the tiniest hint when Metro comes back. I'd gotten out of that habit on the Ascendant after a while, but in a new place I can't help it. The noise outside isn't helping, either. "Yeah, thanks." I reply.

    After I finish with Blue, I check the results of Lenovo's blood test- I'm hoping I'm a match for him and I can just do a live transfusion. I have a small amount of a sort of blood substitute from the Ascendant's lab but I'd rather save it for a life or death situation. I also had a few patients react to it badly, so it's not my first choice.
  • No match, unfortunately.

    "You need any help?" Metro asks as he takes a bit of cleaning solution and starts scrubbing down the room.
  • "Fuck." I mumble under my breath at the results. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. I rub my temples, my working calm suddenly eroding. "I need blood, unfortunately. And mine won't work."
  • Heavyset starts heading for the door. Metro looks over at him, as if to ask, "What about him?"
  • Like the idea didn't occur to me. I'm not gonna ask this guy to donate blood to a stranger. I would donate mine, but it's a rare quality on this planet. "We'll feed him, see how he's doing then." It's gonna slow the recovery of his wrist, but there's not exactly a blood bank around and I can't afford to just hand out all the barter I've got.
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    After Heavyset is gone, Metro continues cleaning, "The Candy Bars here are less sensible than the ones up north. This Big Hunk is much more argumentative than the last one."
  • "The last one?" I ask, one of my eyebrows raised.
  • Metro
    Metro arches a brow, a little smile coming to his lips for a moment that he's gotten your curiosity stoked, "Yes, this is the third one. The last one was friends with Saphire's mother, Fox. She was almost logical. Had a terrible temper, though. The names are candy bars that they earn, and these girls only have so many to choose from. They start off as Prospects, kill someone the gang has declared worth the effort, or they do something else noteworthy to the club, then they take on their Candy Bar name." He moves on to clean another cabinet, using his precise, small circles to work off the rust and grime. "I would'nt be surprised to see another Spree, perhaps another Payday as well.... they're rather popular."
  • "Surprised I haven't met a Snickers." I quip back. "Or Kit Kat, for that matter."

    I wonder if we will be safe here tonight. We should probably go see UpperTen tomorrow. He will hopefully be amenable to a doctor moving into town.
  • Metro
    "Perhaps they're saving the name for you." Metro offers with a tight grin. He pauses, looks over at you, "Will you want to sleep in here with your patients, or in the van just outside?"
  • I actually bark out a laugh at that. "That'll be the day!"

    I sigh. I'd feel safer in the van but I probably wouldn't sleep anyway, worrying about them. "In here, I think."
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    He nods, he's not surprised. "Meeting UpperTen tomorrow?"
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    "Yeah, if he'll see us." I remember Branigans, how he wouldn't see us right away. I guess if you managed to run a whole town on this planet you could certainly be excused a few eccentricities.

    I walk over to Metro and grab his hand, leaning my head on his shoulder a bit. "What about you- plans for tomorrow?"
  • Metro
    He looks around, "Other than cleaning thus clinic, giving thr van a tunre-up and going to see UpperTen, I'm free."
  • "Ok." I reply. Why did I think he had something to do tomorrow? "I should eat." I know I'll need all the energy I can get for tomorrow and some if the food we brought won't last long. I miss that garden.
  • Metro continues cleaning as you head out to the van to grab some food, perishables that made the trip but won't last much longer. Bounty of the garden, so well kept, so delicious.

    The sun's last light is going, night is coming quickly. You see scant few lights in some of the buildings, mostly candlelight, a couple places with power. There's some music near Pip's, a few buildings away - that place has a good bit of power. Down the road where the van is pointed, you see a larger, two-story building also has power. There are people standing outside of it, bathed in the electric light. A man, smoking a cigarette, probably hand-rolled. Also, there's a couple small children, dressed in threadbare clothing, staring back at you, unsure, probably frightened.

    What is it that Metro was going to do before you took over this clinic?
  • I thought he was going to talk to someone- something about either some help they needed are maybe parts he was looking for? I'm so tired I can't remember.

    I wave a hand at the kids.
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    The girl in the green dress looks up. She has the deepest brown eyes, the kind that have seen the world turn around and around and never for her. She doesn't wave, just watches you. Blonde girl waves, gives a nervous smile, then looks to the guy in shadows smoking. He calls out, "Stranger!" His voice is clear in the night. "There's nothing left in Leevalley's! You need some food? A place to sleep?"
  • I'm surprised by this welcome, I smile and take a few steps toward him. "I'm Stitch." I call out. "I'm a doctor, I have some patients I'm taking care of- if you have a spare blanket or two, I could use them." I reply. "Or some B-negative?" I add hopefully, knowing it's probably just a doctor joke he'll write off.
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    This guy is the one smoking:
    He nods a couple times, a sort of bouncing of his head, "Breyer, go get the lady some of those blankets in the storage room." The girl who waved takes off. Little green dress girl continues staring, not blinking.

    "I'm Card." The man says. He hasn't started moving, still smoking. "What brought you here? Traveling on to Boomtown?"
  • "Thank you." I say. "No, I'm here to start a clinic."

    As time went on I started to think about the other people who needed medical care-the ones who couldn't make it to the ship. The ones who have nowhere else to turn to.
  • "Well hell," Card continues, taking a big drag off his cig, "Aint this our lucky night! What you charge? Got family here or something?"
  • "No, no family here." I reply. "Depends on what's wrong with you!"

    I found this to be an acceptable answer. If you tell people they only have to pay if they can afford it they get hostile or will take advantage of you.
  • Breyers, the little sulky blonde, comes out of the building with an armful of blankets, starts walking up towards you. Card walks with her, and answers, "We can settle it out tomorrow. Awfully late." He comes up closer, and you smell soap. Actual soap, not the normal body odor of the people. The girl, too, she looks clean, if a bit underweight. She hands you the blankets.

    You catch sight of the little one in the green dress. She's sneaking up slowly from shadow to shadow, watching.

    Card's peering at you, checking you out. Not like that, more like checking you, your stuff, the way you look back at him. He seems to take in quite alot.
  • I nod, smiling at the girl, the smile still at the corners of my lips when I look up. I take the blankets- clean as well, I notice, and faded from the sun. "I'll be at the clinic all morning." I reply. "Thank you."

    I sneak my eyes to the side and wink at the girl in the green dress before turning to get back to my patients.
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    Card looks over at the van, "That machine's in great shape. You a mechanic, too?"

    "I'm Breyer." the blonde girl announces quietly. Her mouth twitches a little, then she looks away, at the ground.

    Green dress girl's mouth drops when you look right at her. She didn't think she was being clever, she thought she was invisible.
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    "Nah, I only work on people. Metro is the mechanic." I have to stop myself from bragging about him. He did all the repairs on the Ascendant after the bombing. I'm sure whoever is keeping the ship together now will have their hands full. "Hi Breyer, I'm Stitch." I feel a little guilty for winking at the invisible girl. I pointedly do not look at her.
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    "Metro?" Card asks curiously. He gestures with his head, "He inside?"

    Breyer turns her head to the side, still looking up at you, "Are your eyes real? I've never seen green eyes. Did you steal them?"

    Green dress girl hangs back, hiding under the awning of the building across the street now. She seems to relax when you stop looking at her. She's less frightened and more nervous, if that makes sense.
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    I nod. "Yeah."

    "Yes, they're real, and no, I didn't steal them." I reply to Breyer.
  • Card nods. He seems to sense your reluctance in talking further, puts a hand on Breyer's shoulder, "C'mon Breyer, let's let them finish up. We'll pester your new friend about her body parts another time." She nods and turns to go with him. "You need any supplies, come over. We'll come by when the sun's up, see what you need for the clinic." Invisible girl creeps behind them, looking over at you to make sure you don't follow.
  • "Sounds good, thanks again." I say, holding up the blankets. "Goodnight."
  • They leave you alone and you head back into the clinic.

    When you come in, Metro says softly, to avoid waking your patients, "They sounded rather nice. Do you trust them?"

  • "Trust? Not necessarily. This planet's made me cynical. They do seem trustworthy, though. I guess time will tell." I reply softly. "The man- Card- seemed interested in the van. He'll probably want to talk mechanics with you."
  • Metro
    Metro replies, "Ah, I see. I'm sure I can manage it." He continued cleaning the doorframe as he answers. He looks over to you for a moment, "Stitch, you look tired. Why don't you get some sleep? I'll be up for a while cleaning. My supplies are going to run out soon, though."
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    "You know I won't argue against cynicism, Stitch." Metro says as he looks over at you. "Are you glad to be here?"
  • "I think so?" I reply. "I just miss my lab." All that equipment. Oh well. I am glad to be here, out of the constant scrutiny that is living a confined space with a few hundred others.

    "I'm going to get some sleep. Wake me if they need anything?" I assume he will stay up, since there's nothing to stop someone from just coming in. Of course, I'd rather he come snuggle with me, but for some reason I don't ask.
  • Morning comes and you wake alone. There is no sign that Metro joined you last night.

    As you begin your meager rounds, what with two patients, you find that Lenovo is awake, sitting up. He is on the torn-up couch now. "Good morning. I tried to get up, felt dizzy. Your man Metro helped me over here." Blue is still sleeping on the operating table, the best bed in the clinic for now.

    Metro has fixed you breakfast, one of your favorites. What is it?
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    "You need a transfusion, but I don't have a donor. You'll need to eat and rest for a while to let your body replace it." I explain. There's a little part of me that still gets a tiny jolt of happiness when Metro is referred to my man. I smile at Lenovo, grateful I was able to save Blue.

    My absolute favorite breakfast is waffles, but I'm not sure they even have waffles on this planet. Still, I probably get a little too excited at eggs and toast- so simple yet so satisfying. Only bacon could make it better.
  • Lenovo nods, but you get the feeling he doesn't know what he'd need a transfusion of. He seems to trust you, though. Hey, did you set his wrist already? I assume yes, right?

    Metro appears soon after, sitting down to watch you enjoy the eggs and toast. He makes quiet conversation, advising you of what he could save in the clinic and what's ruined and needs replacing. "There are a dozen people in that building, the one with Card. Pip's seems to shut down about eight hours after the sun sets, so very late in the morning. The Candy Bars returned, all of them. Based on the conversation I overheard when they went into Pip's, they met some Wendys and killed them." He looks at you with utter sincerity, "It's been a busy day so far."
  • Yeah, I set his wrist- good thing he was unconscious, too. I eat while Metro talks. "They are all busy days. What I wouldn't give for a slow one." it's a joke more than anything. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't work.

    I find I can't muster up much feeling about some Wendy's getting killed- no satisfaction, no pity. Just a waste of life. Maybe one if them could have been a blood donor- an organ donor, not that I'm equipped to do that here.

    "What can you tell me about UpperTen?" I ask Lenovo.
  • Metro
    Your comment about a slow day makes Metro chuckle. He knows you'd be stir crazy by high noon, and he would be, too.

    Metro moves up behind you and slowly massages your shoulders as he answers your question, "UpperTen was sterile, so the new mayor, for lack of a better term, must be an adopted kin. Similar to the Caesar lineage or a number of other royal lines in ancient Earth. If he upheld most of his father's tenets, which is likely since he kept the name, then he will be focused on protecting the town from external threats. UpperTen senior, if you will, allowed two rival gangs to co-habitate Sector merely because they were a sufficient threat to keep the Wendys at bay. Branigans, Nezzy and du were all members of that gang, so I'm sure you recall how vicious they were."

    His fingers are still magical, aren't they, Stitch? He bends down to nuzzle at the back and sides of your neck, "He will consider you an asset, and will try to get you to take help on loan. UpperTen senior was wealthy with favors if not barter. He works through people, which means he will need you. Need us, actually."
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    Magical isn't even the word. I can feel the tension melting away beneath his fingers- when did all of that build up, anyway?

    When he gets to that spot- the place where my shoulders meet my neck- I feel like I might melt. "Mmhmm." I say to indicate I'm listening. Well, mostly. I don't like the sound of a leader who would put up with Branigans and du, but that one is long gone, right. Doesn't seem like something I need to worry about now.
  • "Metro's mostly right," Lenovo says, not looking at the two of you and your physical contact. He doesn't seem offended, perhaps he's being respectful. "There's a new gang in town, they're chumming up with Upper. Came in from south of Boomtown, they're called the Hops."

    Metro continues massaging your neck, and leans in to kiss and nibble your ear. "Now that Lenovo's awake and able to keep an ear out for the clinic, I thought we should discuss some matters in the back room. I, ah, have something for you."
  • I haven't heard of the Hops, but I'm not surprised. The Ascendant is an oddity on this planet. I wonder if there are and more ships that landed here. Probably not- they are ideal for habitation, so I'm sure they would have been found already.

    "Mmm?" I know I should stay with my patients, but that thought doesn't stay coherent for long. "I'm sorry, we'll be right back." I say to Lenovo. It's not very professional of me, but I'm not too concerned about professionalism right at this moment.
  • Lenovo doesn't seem concerned. Plus, he gets dizzy when he gets up, so it's not like he's stopping you.

    Metro takes your hand, leading you to the back of the clinic. The place is already starting to shape up. He's been working non-stop since you stepped foot in the place. At the end of the one hall is the largest of the rooms with beds. You see that Metro put the most effort into this one.

    He gestures to the large pair of queen-sized mattresses which are covered with blankets from the van. The sheets have been hand-washed, "I thought you might want a proper bed, since this is your new clinic." He pulls you by the hand over towards the bed, smiling. "What do you think?"

  • "Oh, yes." I reply, I can actually stretch out on this bed! I'd like to take a running leap on this bed, but I know better. Things aren't new on this planet, you have to take care of your things or they break.

    "It's wonderful, thank you." I say.
  • Metro
    Metro smiles at your thanks, it really seems to light up his eyes. "I'm looking for a good door, for privacy. I may have to plane one down." He walks over to the bed, pulling you along by your hand. "I'm concerned the bed could be unsatisfactory, Stitch. I was hoping you would test it out. With me." He offers the tiniest of clever smiles.

    The doorway is wide open. But then, nobody should come in, right? What do you do?
  • I let him lead me- giving no resistance- and smile coyly at him. "Well we certainly can't have that- an unsatisfactory bed just will not do."

    I close the distance between us and reach a hand around to the back of his neck, pulling him to me while I push my body towards his.
  • Metro
    Metro makes little sounds of pleasure as you press yourself against him. He bends down to kiss you, sweet and chaste until you push further, which I assume you do. The kiss grows deeper, and his hands move down to your hips. Within moments, he's picking you up, still kissing you, his hands under your ass. Your legs wrap around him, I assume, and he walks you backwards to gently ease you onto the bed. Which, unfortunately, breaks the kiss.

    He continues standing at the end of the bed, smiling down at you. Then, he begins pulling off his shirt. "We haven't had a bed together since Trench."
  • I give him a look- "That's not true! We had a bed on the Ascendant!" Not that I got to see it much, but still!

    I lay back and watch, jealous that time hasn't visited him like it has me. I sometimes worry about that- about aging into an old woman while he stays the same. Will we have to go somewhere else? If I'm being honest that was part of the reason we came here- people on the ship knew him. I can't decide which would be worse- me a wrinkled old woman while he looks not even forty, or having him not able to repair himself and being alone. Ok, I know which world be worse.
  • Metro
    "Yes, we had one on the Ascendant as well." Metro agrees. His body has changed slightly over the years, of course. There are patches of skin on his chest where he was electrocuted during a freak accident. He was never able to get the coloration quite right. He unbuckles his pants and pushes them down, stepping out of them. His left knee has pock marks from the two bullets he took trying to protect a woman and child from raiders, too. That never got the proper care. Otherwise, though, he's still as beautiful as ever. And, he's yours.

    "You are entirely too clothed." Metro said with a tut tut sound following.
  • "That sounds like just the kind of problem you are excellent at solving." I reply playfully while kicking off my boots.

    He is beautiful. And mine. "I love you." I say softly, surprising even myself. It's not the first time I've said it, but I don't say it enough.
  • Metro
    After you kick off your boots, Metro takes one of your feet in his hands and gently kisses it, starting with the insole, then kissing to your ankle, and up the inside of your leg until he reaches the hem of your pants. You tell him you love him and like always, he looks up with that shine in his eyes, "I love you, too. Forever."

    He keeps hold of your leg and steps onto the bed on his knees, sliding his hands down your legs, fingers seeking the button, which he quickly unfastens, then the zipper, which magically comes undone. His hands glide over to your hips and while he hovers above you, out of reach of your hungry mouth. With perfect dexterity, he curls fingers over the waistband of your pants, digging in gently to grasp your panties. He smiles like a tiger as he begins tugging them down. But, of course, you might need to help him.
  • As his hands move up my legs my head arches back of it's own accord. My hips tilt toward him lifting my lower back up. That smile! It makes me hungrier for him, though I wouldn't have thought it possible.

    I plant one foot on the bed and try to push myself out of my pants, taking advantage of Metro so kindly holding onto them for me.
  • Metro
    Metro glides the pants off of you, watching as he reveals your flesh. With a few quick movements, he separates each item of clothing and folded the pants thrice, then lays them on top of his own clothes.

    "You... are so beautiful, Stitch." He said as he moves onto the bed, his hands touching your knees reverently. "Across worlds, across the galaxy, the chances of our meeting are infinitesimally small. If I were so inclined, I would thank God for the chance to love you." He bends his head to kiss the side of your left knee, then begins trailing kisses and nibbles along the inside of your thigh, eager to please you.
  • "Oh, I'm sure I'll be talking to god shortly, I'll make sure to thank him." I smirk. Warmth spreads through me, but also tension. I want to kiss him, touch him. To join our universes together- it feels corny to think of, but that's how I feel.

    At the moment, though, I'm perfectly happy to enjoy his eagerness.
  • Metro
    Metro nestles himself between your legs, his shoulders below your hips. "Shirt off, please." he orders with a grin before dipping his head to your sex. The two of you have coupled hundreds of times over the years, and through an open and honest communication, he's learned there is no "one trick" for bringing you pleasure. Heh, I guess you aren't a one trick pony, are you? Of course, Metro never made that joke. He'd never dare.

    But he certainly does dare to use his inhuman talents to bring you to the edge of climax quickly, mouth suckling, fingers spreading and exploring, a low grumbling hum to add some unexpected twist. Then, he eases off with kisses to your inner thighs, fingers dancing away until you beg for release. He waits, patiently waits. What do you want, Stitch? His eyes are asking without words? Do you want him to come up to join you in bliss or shall he finish what he wickedly started and then join you on the second go-around?
  • I obediently take my shirt off, tossing it aside. My eyes flutter closed, my breath panting. That indescribable tension builds. My hips rock back and forth. My hands grasp at the sheets.

    When he pulls his mouth back I let out a disappointed breath but then his fingers are there and I'm close. Oh so close. "Please." is all the words I can manage. I look at him, want him to keep going and for both of us to watch each other- but well, words. I'm breathing with an open mouth now, little gasps and moans escaping me. So close. "Please." I beg.
  • Metro
    Metro takes delight in that moment, knowing he's nearly incapacitated you with want. He laughs a self-satisfied laugh, just one, before returning to his feast upon your flesh. He eases you over the edge to spasms of release and delight, a warmth suffuses and engulfs you, that moment of joy and ecstasy that stretches beyond time in a shuddering moment. It's followed by the un-clenching of muscles and relaxation into a wondrous post-bliss state.

    But you aren't sated, are you? Of course not, and Metro knows. With sure, strong arms, he supports his weight and walks his way up your body, kissing and nibbling flesh in that loving way he uses to show his adoration and fascination. He knows you're sensitive right now, over-stimulated, and not quite ready for his need, so he ably kisses and caresses you, patiently waiting for you to be ready for him. To give him the release that he desires.
  • "You're a machine, you know that?" I say, grinning. Not that I have a single objection.

    Once he moves up enough for me to kiss him, I do so- no tentative little sweet kisses, either. His body presses into mine and that fire inside me that seemed almost quenched flares hot and bright and my hands grasp at his back, pulling him closer. Pulling us nearly into one space. Almost.

    I reach between our legs, touching him. So hard, I need him in me, now. I'd planned to do my own teasing, but I can't wait. I roll him to the side so he is on his back and straddle him. I trail my fingers down his chest, his abdomen- lower. I slide myself onto him slowly. It feels so good there aren't even words. My hips scoop forward, then back. I want to kiss him, but I know he likes the view if I stay upright.
  • Metro
    Metro smirks that lovely smirk of his when you call him a machine, and he replies softly, "I'm your machine." He says it with the utmost devotion, Stitch. With ever fiber of his being.

    He groans lightly with pleasure when you touch him, and continues kissing you. When you push him over onto his back, he reacts with delight and anticipation. He does adore when you take control, he's allowed to give into you, but get what he craves, too. It's a perfect combination of his programmed instincts with his own free will.

    As you hover over him, your muscles and movements drawing pleasure out of you both, he looks up at you, eyes intent on you. While yes, he does enjoy watching you, this time, he reaches hands up to either side of your neck, massaging for a moment, working fingers into muscles to bring some quick relief. But then he leans up and brings you down to his hungry mouth, kissing and exploring you while you grinding yourself onto him. He feels you with every inch of his body that he can bring closer, and his fire seems only quenched by you, Stitch.
  • The feel of my skin on his thrills me, making me move faster, breathing heavy. I kiss his jaw, his neck, his ear, nuzzling and nibbling.

    The build up is slower, but I can feel it coming. "I'm going to feel bad if I have another one before you." I whisper into his ear, smiling. It's part challenge, part truth. He's just so damn good at it. I shift a bit so I don't tip over that edge- not yet at least.

    I kiss him until I can feel the tension builds in his while body and then I let myself go, that indescribable wave of sensation narrowing the entire universe into this one moment between the two of us.

    After a moment I collapse on top of him, grinning from ear to ear.
  • Metro
    You spent some time in post-coital bliss, enjoying the sensation of touch, connection. He kisses your head, gently strokes your back as you lay on him, whispers sweet words to you.

    Eventually, the instinct to "do rounds" overcomes, and you both rise, dress and return to work. Metro continues cleaning and fixing up the clinic while you check on your pair of patients. Card brings over Breyer, the green dress girl and a few others, partly to offer some help cleaning up, also to have "a few things looked at".

    What do you do?
  • I gladly accept any help cleaning up Card offers in exchange for examining the folks he brought in with him. I'd likely have done that for free but people don't take something for nothing here. If he has any adults with him I explain the situation with Lenovo and ask if they are willing to donate some blood.

    Blue is still sleeping, poor girl. The Wendys are just as mentally damaging as they are physically. I make sure Lenovo is comfortable and can reach Blue if he wants to hold her hand.
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    When Stitch and Metro have sex, roll+Bond. On a 10+, each of you ask 2 questions from the list below. On a 7-9, ask 1.
    • who/what threatens your safety/happiness?
    • what do you desire/need most?
    • what makes you feel beautiful? loved?
    • what do you not understand about me?
    • what are you trying to hide from me?
    When you have answers for all five questions, mark an Advance.

    On a miss, the intimacy was "nice", nothing wrong with it, not really. It's just, you know, adequate. Stitch, take -1 Ongoing with Metro until you two have a long talk about it.
  • OOC: Special move. Roll+bond.
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 1, 6. Total: 8)
  • OOC: What threatens your safety/happiness?
  • Metro
    Metro feels his happiness is threatened by two things: the rules of his programming, and time. He worries that he cannot be everything you need because of the rules that govern his existence. He wishes he could free himself from their strictures and live like a human. He knows that your time is limited, and that he will not fill happy or fulfilled when you are gone.

    The same question, back to you?
  • Threats to my safety are more obvious- Wendys being first and foremost, though I don't feel that dread that kept me awake so many nights. Happiness is twofold- I'm afraid his programming will result in someone taking or hurting him. I hate that he is basically powerless against it and I haven't given up looking for a way around that. I hate the idea of him erasing his memory after I die, but I can't fault him, I wouldn't want to have to live without him for any admit of time, much less indefinitely. In a cowardly way I'm grateful I won't have to make that choice.

    Professionally, it's political threats to me and clinic. If I can't play nice with UpperTen, we may have to go somewhere else, and traveling can be dangerous.
  • Lenovo is quietly thankful when you and Metro move him closer to Blue. He does hold her hand, and talk to her for a while in soft whispers, tones of affection coloring his words.

    Card offers to donate blood, which convinces a hawk-nosed woman named Barq's to donate a pint. An older woman with gnarled fingers named Ellenbrill isn't quite convinced, but she considers it before shaking her head, dry gray hairs shifting as she moves.

    Ellenbrill shares this, "I never took to Lenovo. I knowed he was a raider back when he's younger. Blue thinks she made him a good man, but to me, jury's still out. Some time on his back might do him good."

    After a few hours of work, things are continuing to shape up. Of course, you need basic supplies, and you're running out of clean cloths and cleaning solvents, so you'll have to stop soon even though you have bodies willing to work.

    The smell of fresh bread wafts into the clinic. You're in the front room working at some caulking that needs to be repaired. You smell it first. Just after the smell registers and your mouth waters, a man carrying a large basket enters.

    The stranger looks over at you, squinting a bit. "Good afternoon. Are you the new doctor I've heard about, or are they inside?" He pulls back a white towel and produces, no lie, a fucking croissant. Fresh, flakey, a little buttery... just about the most heavenly looking thing you've ever seen.
  • I'm thankful to those who give blood and respect the choice they make.

    After working hard for hours the smell of bread is heavenly. I don't even remember eating anything today.

    "Yes, that's me." I have to resist the urge to offer my hand out to shake his- not everybody does that. "I'm Stitch."
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    He lets you take the croissant. You notice he has the hand shake instinct, too, but you're busy with the pastry. "I'm Upper Ten. Welcome to Sector." He looks around, "This place already looks ten times better than the last time I was in here!"

    Card comes in, "Upper!" He offers a hand, which Upper Ten clasps. "She's already helped Lenny and Blue. This lady is a champ."

    Upper Ten turns back to you, "What brought you to Sector?" He seems curious, a bit guarded, though he's trying to seem cordial.
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