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You trek through the well-manicured park on Haven until you reach a small cobblestone path. Lady Blackbird leads you down the path as it winds through a small forest of tall trees. After a few minutes, the treeline ends and you come upon a large chalet. It is well-maintained, with soft lights lit and glass gleaming.

Lady Blackbird's cottage...


It is not unoccupied. While you don't immediately see people inside through the windows, there's no way it is an abandoned little shack.

Lady Blackbird, who among your clan are you most worried has taken up residence here?

Kale Arkam, it is as well appointed as you expected. What about the place feels magical to you? Since you aren't a blooded sorceror, how does magic work for you anyways?

What do you do?


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    I am alarmed to see lights inside the cottage. No one was supposed to be here.

    Still, the key was just where mother left it: buried under her favorite tree. Dirt never bothered me, though I did embarrassingly scream when some rather large earthworms came up with the key as I removed it from the soil.

    Once we are inside, instead of breathing in old memories of the times I shared here with my mother, I try and find clues as to who has taken residence here. I make my way over to a charcoal portrait of her. It was very hard to get a rendition of my mother looking like a proper lady. She loved getting her hands dirty through gardening, pottery, and shipwork. The day my father met her, she was painting a family ship with the varnish they use to keep the hull from eroding in the depths.

    I admire it for a little while as the others wander about. It is then I notice a tale tell sign of the cottage's 'guest', and my nose crinkles. A smear of chocolate on the paper of the portrait. Of course, the two mothers were always best of friends, and Carlowe's mother always did have a sweet tooth.
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    Now this's a place I could get yusta.

    I flop right down on just about the comfortablest sofa I'd ever seen. Way too late, I consider I might stain up these cloud-white cushions. Meh, Flint would always said it's good ta leave yer mark.

    Thinkin back on Flint, I probably shouldn't be lazin about while I could be goin through all the shiny kitchems sure to be found.

    I stand up on the sofa, surely stainin it even better. I lick my finger real good an hold it up as high as I can get it. Tastes kinda like cheese. Crabs, I'm hungry. Wait, gotta concentrate here, like Old Scow taught me. I don't know about blood-channelin, but spit-castin, that I can work wit.

    All that spit turns into a mighty itchin on my fingertip. Yeah, jus like I figured, there's some kinda wards or somethin goin on here. Good thing Old Scow, that ancient Rain-Witch, taught me this little trick back in the day. I bet I coulda got real zapped by goin through these drawers an cabinets willy-nilly.

    I put my hand down an hop off the sofa.

    Turnin to the Lady, Did you an yours put up these wards or are they somethin we should worry about?
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    Sometimes, it is very difficult to understand what the mechanic is actually trying to say.

    I give him a disapproving look as he stamps the cushions with silhouettes of his body, almost glaring as he stains the fabric with his boots. "They were left by my mother," I begin as I try to pat away the soot and mud he has left behind off the sofa. "My bloodline comes from her side of the family." I exhale a little too deep and begin to cough, followed by a impolitely loud sneeze. After a few sniffles, I brush the dust off my clothes. "I forgot about them. Also, I said you could have any valuables you could carry, not disrespect my mother's chalet...and how do you even know about wards?"
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    That little conversation has left me shaken, not that I wear it on my sleeve or anything. I would have felt more right about it if he had attacked or threatened, if he hadn't stirred up such memories and left like that. It's got me on edge, making me want to check under all the shadows to make sure there's nothing lurking there. It ain't even him I'm looking for; if someone asked, I'd have to say I don't know what I expect to find there -- just that I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I don't like it.

    I'm glad for the distraction the cottage poses, in spite of the danger it represents. Or, perhaps, because of it. I let the lady finish her spells -- that's something there I really know nothing about -- then say, "We should find a way of disguising you, my lady, before we go back out. You were recognized at the port."
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    I frown fer a sec. I coulda taken more care wit the finery I guess.

    Sorry, Lady. Dint meanta muss up yer Ma’s Charlies like that. Whatever a "Charlie" is.

    I say that, but then I recollect that dance and suddenly don’t feel as bad.

    I pad about lookin for what kitchems to grab once the wards dry up.

    I know a thing or two bout wards, Lady. You got a bloodline--I got a spit-line. Rain-Witch saw I had a knack when I was a kitten. Taught me what she knew.

    Just cause I washed up from the gutter don’t mean I ain’t got my own share a useful skills.

    I glance at the Cap for the tiniest instant. He ain’t even payin a bit a mind. I frown again and wait for the wards to go down.
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    Cyrus is quiet as he makes his way around all the finery. Barely touching anything, almost floating above the ground, as if he doesn't want to get the place dirtied up with his grubby hands and boots. Every once and a while he shoots Blackbird a sideways glance.

    "A disguise ain't a half bad idea. And we should take a minute to discuss our next steps, as well. If we're to..." He pauses. "Get the Lady to her destination."

    The Lady. It didn't feel real until he looked around this place.
  • Who is it that discovers the rotund lady with lime slices over her eyes asleep in the huge tub?
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    "Yes, I suppose revealing myself so soon was not the greatest idea..."

    I decided that requesting Snargle's assistance would be best, given the goblin's mimicking expertise. I walk with her (or him?) into the master bathroom, all of mother's makeup right where she had left it. That is when we both hear snoring, and my skin goes pale, seeing the woman in the tub. "Snargle, what should we do...?"
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    Snargle considers the bathroom, which is the size of the entire cottage where Snargle was hatched. Maybe "cottage" means something different to humans? "Lady Freckles, do you think she fell asleep in the middle of making a lot of fruit salad?" Snargle walks over to the woman, picks off the rounds of lime, and says, "Hello?"
  • Kale,

    Your spit-take brings the wards down. Nice move. Lady Blackbird is out of the room, you doing anything?

    Captain Vance,

    You notice Lady Blackbird's left Kale alone in here. You doing anything if he does anything?


    Hanging out in here with the boys or following Snargle and Lady Blackbird?
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    Right now, I'm just keeping my eye on Kale...
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    The lady knows my strengths too well -- I'm better at smashing through than sneaking by. She was right to call on Snargle for help disguising herself. I'll just wait here, I suppose...
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    That itchy feelin wanes away when I’m firmly back on the ground. Hm, not to bad, Kale. Then again, them wards’re prolly old an weak if I wereta bet.

    I shrug an start digging through the nearest drawer--shovin anything that catches light into my pockets.

    Come on, Cap, let’s take a gander at what we earned.

    I leave some room for him to scrounge around next to me.

    Quieter, so’s Naomi hopefully can’t hear, Nice job with the footwork out there. Might kick up our payment once we finally dump the Lady on Flint.
  • Snargle and Lady Blackbird,

    Removing the limes wakes her up. She splooshes around, eyes wide and screaming, flailing, "Gods of the Sails, a GOBLIN!" She slips down into the water.

    You're not entirely sure she did it on purpose.

    Kale, Captain and Naomi,

    You heard that. People in the park, they probably heard it, too. Maybe not. Maaaaybe.

    What do you do?
  • Snargle

    Snargle pulls the lady back up by her shoulders. "You have very good eyes, when there's no fruit in the way! What are you doing in Lady Freckles' bathtub?"
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    I'm not real interested in what Kale and the Captain are doing: the Lady did say they could help themselves. These places -- opulent, rich, and white -- still feel strange to me. I didn't really have a lot of time to get used to them before we came aboard the Owl...but, at least I'm not the one who left a shadow on the sofa-Charlie-thing. Instead, I remain standing on the edge of the room, still turning things over in my brain.

    The shriek that echoes through the house is almost deafening. Was a human capable of making a noise like that?? I shouldn't have left the Lady alone... It isn't too hard to find the source of the shouting, and I skid to a stop by catching the doorframe of the bathroom. "My Lady, are you--" All my puffed up bravery deflates a little as my eyes move around the room and take it all in. "--okay?" I finish a bit lamely. There's not really a lot of danger to be had here, it seems...
  • Countess Carlowe
    She blusters, then looks past you, Snargle, to see Lady Blackbird. "NATASHA! What-what-what are you doing here? My beloved son Paddington is searching the skies for you! Did this dirty GOBLIN steal you away?" She realizes her exposure and covers herself, still huddling in the tub.

    Vance and Kale, you hear that.

    People near the ports may have heard it. She's rather good at, ah, projection.
  • LadyB-

    It feels like my tongue has been spun into a knot. For once in my life, I can't get any words to come out. Dumbstruck, I look to Naomi to answer for me. But, before she can, I answer her question with a question. "...wh...what are you doing in my mother's cottage? No one is supposed to be here."
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    Count Carlowe's mother continue to glare at Snargle, but she answers, "Your mumsie loved this place so! We visited here often. I've grown quite fond of it. How did that goblin kidnap you, my dearie?"

    She looks up at you, Naomi, and asks, "Who is this fiend?!?"
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    This woman has quite the voice... She must be mostly-deaf -- how else would she be able to screech like that so consistently?

    The Lady shoots me a look of absolute panic, and I lift my shoulders slightly in response. I've no idea who this woman is (except she appears to be a friend of the Lady's dear mother), or who this Paddington-person is, for that matter. Nor am I really sure what it is the Lady expects me to do. Short of deafening us all, this woman doesn't see to pose an immediate threat...unless she's hiding a pistol in her bathwater.

    I frown slightly in Snargle's direction. Really, Snargle is harmless... Well, if the Lady wasn't going to deal with the situation...

    "Lay off, lady. My Lady's only here 'cause of Snargle's quick thinking. And stop shouting. None of us are gonna hurt you." Unless she didn't stop wailing -- I couldn't guarantee anything then.

    I shoot an expectant look towards the Lady. Well?
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    Snargle stands up straight. "Snargle is not dirty, Snargle is not a people-stealer, and Snargle is not deaf. Snargle was invited here, which Lady Freckles says you were not. And Snargle has never fallen asleep with fruit on Snargle's face, unlike certain people in this room."

    Snargle pauses, expectantly, then smiles, showing a mouthful of sharp teeth. "Snargle is ready to accept your apology now, Lady Fruit Salad."
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    She looks directly at you, Lady Blackbird, ignoring the other two as if they hadn't answered, "Is this the type of company you keep now?" She glances up at you, Naomi, "Please do fetch me some towels. Can you escort the ruffian out so I may dry off and dress?"
  • Captain Vance and Kale Arkam,

    While the two of you are out here in the den of this "cottage", you see some movement outside the huge windows. Looks like some people are coming this way....

    Oh no, aren't the wards down?
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    I hadn't actually considered this woman might mistake me for a servant. For a moment, I'm so caught off-guard I don't react. The Lady's more than earned my respect, and she's never treated me as a servant. But this woman...

    My face darkens, and I answer with a short, loud laugh. "Get yer own towel. You can walk across Haven naked for all I care."
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    "Excuse me, but who said YOU could tell my companion what to do?" I bark, regaining my verbal footing. "Even if you dressed yourself, a pig is still a pig!" I recall the chocolate smears about the household. "Paddington can search for me until the end of his days! I'll never marry him!" I put a supportive hand on the pilot's shoulder. "You heard the goblin, apologize."
  • CyrusVanceHeader

    Cyrus sees the movement outside and whispers to Kale. "See that... let's check it out."

    Kale and Cyrus have done this sort of thing before. They know what to do. They separate and Cyrus begins to snake his way down to the outside of the cottage to get the best view.

    What does Cyrus see?
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    That screechin in the back jus about bleeds my ears, but half the reason's due to the oh-so-formal parlance of the screecher. It reminds me a mite too much o those dressed up nobles that useta look down on me an Drabbler, and the other kittens. Reminds me a mite too much of that Bloody Bishop an his men.

    I'm more than a little relieved when Naomi goes to take care a things. An, to be honest, I'm even more relieved to see somethin outside to distract the Cap before he gets any ideas of joinin the fun in the back.

    You got it, Cap.
  • Captain Vance,

    You slip out a side door on the right side of the cottage and watch as five armed men and women skulk through the sparse woods outside. They appear to be looking over towards another group, slightly out of your view. They've got pistols and cutlasses, the chubby one has a blunderbuss. They're waiting for some kind of signal from the others.

    Kale Arkam,

    Working with Captain Vance, like it was meant to be, it's great. You sneak through the kitchen and out a side door. That's when you see eight of them. They seem to be cautiously moving forward, as if they expect some kind of ward over this place. You spot a tall man in a tri-fold hat and recognize him instantly. It's Doctor Viceroy, so named as a joke based on his claims of former grandeur. Why do you hate this guy so much, Kale?

    They'll realize the wards are down and move in any minute now. You're hopelessly outnumbered. What do you do?
  • Countess_Carlowe
    Mrs. Carlowe blusters, "A pih-a PIG? Wha-wha-wha what is the meaning of this? Have the Whitethorns ensorceled your mind? I will NOT apologize to that thing, nor your companion, whatever she is! I will report you to the authorities!"
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    Aw squids.

    Dr. Viceroy and his crew is exactly the sort we shouldn't be runnin into on a mission--or anytime if it were up to me.

    That gutter-crab usta always try to pick on me n Drabbler back in the Lighthouse when we was kittens. His daddy was some kinda fancy knickerbocker or some such, but his momma was one of the Fathom St. Night-Maids. We wanted to call him a liar, but some richie did visit him once and gave him that washed up hat afore disappearin back to the blue.

    Worse still--looks like this brine-soaked merc's bought some new friends since our fond farewell.

    If he's still sailin wit Lamprey, they'll suss out the wardin lack pretty quick. Maybe it's time to put em in the dark.

    [Spell casting distraction time?]
  • Why Kale, I do think you could distract them with some magic. Let's say it is a challenge rating of two to pull off. If you succeed, then they're going to hold action for a bit longer and give you and Vance a chance to act first or warn the others.
  • KaleArkamHeader

    Here goes nuttun. I spit in my palms, rub em together, concentrate, then hold em up toward Dr. Viceroy and his seven friends.

    1+Petty Magic+Dark Spell+3
    (Rolled: 6d6. Rolls: 5, 5, 6, 2, 6, 6. Total: 30)
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    "Then you'll have to do it from your bathroom." With a voice like that, she could probably do it without too much trouble... That was the rather frightening aspect of it all. Nobles... They were all nothing more than spoiled children.

    "My Lady, Snargle, we should go. Lady Fruit Salad's cost us some time." If someone hadn't already heard her screeches outside and reported it, they were bound to do it soon enough.

    She could stay in that tub until she pruned for all I care...
  • CyrusVanceHeader

    Cyrus quietly makes his way back into the house after Kale's distraction. Once in the house, he begins to frantically run around, looking for Blackbird, Snargs, and Bishop. It might be time to get out of here. That, or we'll be in for a fight we might not be able to handle...

    Quietly, Cyrus is calling out "Don't mean ta rush things along, but we might have some company outside!"
  • Snargle

    Snargle quickly grabs some pots and tubes of makeup, a few brushes, and three different kinds of hair dye. Snargle and Lady Freckles can get to disguising later. "Snargle is ready."
  • LadyB-

    I hear the Captain's warning, and Naomi's as well. What are all these people doing at my mother's cottage?

    I don't even bother to bid his mother goodbye as the three of us exit the bathroom. My heart sinks a little that I have to leave the cottage to strangers and the pig in the tub. I wish we never came here. This was supposed to belong to mother alone. No, possessions are just possessions. Mother said that herself. I grab a bottle of her perfume before we leave. I lost her pearls, so this will have to do.
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    Alright, Vance, Snargle, the Lady and her bodyguard come back to the common room with you.

    Kale, you've finished your spell, and Dr. Viceroy and his entire crew is engulfed in pitch blackness.

    You all hear the frightened yells of men and women who have fallen under the wards of a powerful Noble's house. Their confidence is now panic.

    You can try to sneak out, or use this advantage to take the fight to them. What do you do?
  • CyrusVanceHeader

    "Blackbird, is there anythin' here we need or could use? If so, I say we grab it immediately and then make ourselves scarce."
  • LadyB-

    "...give me a moment." I can't let the crew go empty handed. I brought us here for a reason. I ask my bodyguard to help me shove the chaise lounge against the wall. I kneel over the spot it once was and prick my finger. I draw on the floor, and the title pops out of place. Beneath is a heart shaped box with a padlock. I lift it out and hug it close, along with the perfume. "...yes, let's go."
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    Due to that excellent Dark Spell, you can get a serious head-start on your pursuers. You can hide somewhere else on Haven (perhaps Snargle's herb shop friend Hooka would help out?) or try and double back to The Owl, but that's probably the most obvious place to go.

    Haven's a big place. I'm sure you could escape to another part of the city-state, too.

    What do you do?
  • CyrusVanceHeader

    It seems to Cyrus like disappearing into Haven for a brief time might not be a bad idea...

    "Kale's spell has bought us some time. Too dangerous to head right back to The Owl. Let's slip into the city. We know a few places we can lay low for a bit before heading out."
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