[LB] This is Progress? (CV 2.1, Sn 2.1, KA 2.1)

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After the narrow escape from Dr. Viceroy and his thugs as well as Count Carlowe's own mother, you made your way into Haven proper. For all of the decadence of the Imperial worlds, the "progress" of free-world Haven is a much different sight.

Over the past few days, you've huddled in a single flat in a squalid set of apartments on rough cobblestone streets. The constables wear masks because the smog is so bad on humid days it's like pea soup. The apartment houses are all built on top of each other, but what's more, they're connected by hundreds of clotheslines, making the place like one sooty spider's web. The memories of that quaint cabin in the park have grown quite fond.

Oh, and best of all, the discovery that women carry parasols to protect them from the refuse and chamber pots thrown out of apartment windows above.

This is Haven.

Tell me, how have you spent the last couple days hiding out?


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    The Cap is looking out a window into the gray. I take the opportunity to sit next to im at the sill.

    Reminds me more than a bit of growin up in Night Port. More smogy here, but less slimy at least.

    I look out at the view for a bit, wonderin where the Cap grew up. Bet when he was my age he was bein hugged by his mother with a bowl of eel soup in her hand. Left to my own devices, I'd probably still be pickin pockets down there in the gray or somewhere similar.

    Oh, that reminds me. Cap, you should take a look at my recent catches. Might be interestin, or at least be able to fetch some interestin coin.

    I pour out most (most) of my pockets and show all the goodies I've been carryin of late.

    --Handful of Golden Skymaid coins
    --Purple Krakenseye gem
    --Caess's fancy clothes
    --An ornate Oneiroi-Scope
    --Handfuls of random fancies from Lady's cottage drawers
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    Cyrus is sitting on a stool and reading a book in the corner of the room. This is not entirely out of character for him, but he was never much of a reader. Lately, though, he's fairly apt to pick up a book and start sorting through it, though not having a terribly high reading ability, as would be expected of someone from his background. Either way, that's what he's been doing for a the last few days, hiding out here. Reading, reading, reading. Some novel about a war, some book about history. Nothing fancy, just reading.

    When Kale deposits his haul on the table, Cyrus drops the book from his eyes and glances over. His eyes widen and he shuts the book on a dog eared page.

    "Some of this... some of this is Blackbird's stuff, from the cottage?"
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    I take a break from admirin my haul and tryta process the Cap's tone.

    Well, uh ... well, yeah. Grabbed some handfuls afore that dapper Dr. Viceroy started skulkin about outside Lady's cottage.

    I frown a bit. Why ain't he as excited as I am?

    I mean, she said we could grab stuff. "Part of our payment," if I remember it correct. She said somethin along that line, right Snargs?

    Uh, anyway, Cap. We mightn be able to use summa these to sell an git ourselves some grub. I been a bit peckish. You been peckish too, Snargs, right? She's no doubt been peckish too, Cap. Gobbies git peckish all the time, right Snargs? Good thing I grabbed all these kitchems, right?

    I look at Snargs, desperately.
  • Snargle

    "Sure! Snargle is peckish..." Snargle is frustrated, because Hooka is nowhere to be found. Hooka is definitely on Haven, that much is certain, but Snargle hasn't been able to find her. "Kitchems equals food, yes? Food would be good, unless you've seen a cat hanging around."
  • Off in the distance you hear an air raid siren (skip about 0:17 here for a sample). Sound like it's coming dockways. People in flats nearby start moving quickly indoors, while some gawk in the smoggy street, unsure of what's happening.

    What do you do?
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    I jump to my feet and scoop up the kitchems back into my pockets and my deep pockets.

    Aw, squids. What's this now?

    I spin around and check the exits, jus as Flint trained me back in the day. "Risk is only valuable when it's twinned with escape."
  • As you look around for exits, Kale, and Snargle and Cyrus, you catch sight of a few folks in the streets pointing towards the docks. As you glance over the portside of Haven, you see a black box in the sky. It's coming closer, heading straight for the port of Haven. It's the telltale silhouette of an Imperial cruiser.

    Lady Blackbird and Naomi are still in their room. You're about a fifteen minute walk from the docks.

    What do you do?
  • Snargle

    Snargle and Kale and Captain Sir are snug hiding in this dirty little flat, but hiding does not win prizes for goblins, and the Empire is very good at finding. "Captain Sir, Snargle will reconnoiter." And Snargle is out the window, travelling on clotheslines and rooftops, heading to the port to get an eye on the Cruiser.
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    Cyrus peers out the window with a dour look on his face. "There's a lot going on here on Haven they could be lookin' into." He clearly was trying to convince himself as much as Kale. Obviously, they're here looking for The Owl and its crew.

    "Grab yer... stuff there, K. We should let Blackbird and Naomi know what we've seen. Then we'll wait for Snargs to report back and let us know what it looks like out there."

    There's a noticeable hitch in his voice as he says "stuff." The Cap tends to wear his feelings on his sleeve, so when he tries to hide them, it's even more obvious.
  • Cyrus and Kale, once you're ready, please move into the LAdy Blackbird and Naomi Bishop scene here.
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