[LB] What Does Snargle See? (Sn 2.2)

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You climb up on the rooftops and quickly scurry along clotheslines and jumping across alleys. As you come closer to the port, you see people moving quickly to and fro. Haven does have an air force, and they're mobilizing in their biplanes, trying to get in the air as quickly as possible. There is an air defense force of men and women scrambling for their flak cannons. Many of the ships are firing up engines, trying to get out of port before the Imperial Cruiser arrives.

The first thing you notice, Snargle, is that the silhouette of the cruiser is a different shape than the Hand of Sorrow. Do you know the Imperial cruisers, all seven of them?


  • Snargle

    Snargle has a set of "flash-cards" with the profiles of all seven Imperial cruisers (all unique) and most of the major pirate vessels. Snargle does not need those flash cards, though... they are memorized, and most of the ships have been seen by Snargle's own eyes. Snargle recognizes that cruiser right away.
  • It's the Hand of Despair. The Cruiser that defeated the Underwoods Fleet at the Battle of Frozen Stars. The only Cruiser built to withstand full immersion in the Deep Blue. The only ship in the fleet that fought the Pirate King and his armada to a standstill.
  • Snargle

    This Cruiser, Snargle has never seen, face-to... hull. Interesting. Snargle moves closer, to see what human cargo it might issue forth. Also, to witness Haven air-defense's sad attempts to prevent the landing.

    Snargle also wonders how easy it might be for a single Goblin to disable this ungainly, boxy, Imperial Cruiser. Surely there is a thermal exhaust port to be found.
  • With your knowledge of the Empire (I see your tag) and being a sky sailor, you know standard operating procedure would be contact over the wireless, but you don't see that happening. Ships are leaving the docks and the Haven biplanes are taking off down a long strip of land, but the Hand of Despair is only coming ever forward.

    This appears to be an act of war.

    What do you do?
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    Snargle is closer to The Owl than anyone else, and there is no time to waste. Snargle will sneak to the ship and perform another daring rescue. Snargle eats daring rescues for breakfast.
  • Snargle, this is... well, it's ill-advised. I mean, you're practically running at the Imperial enemy!

    I think you want four successes to reach The Owl and get her off the ground without incident.
  • Snargle

    Ill-advised? Phaugh. Snargle is slier than a whole cruiser full of spit-shined Imperial nothings.


    1. Doing a Thing
    2. Sly
    3. Crafty
    4. Sneaky
    5. Distractions
    ...and all 8 pool dice. (That makes 13 dice.)

    (Rolled: 13d6. Rolls: 2, 3, 5, 2, 5, 1, 1, 4, 2, 5, 2, 3, 5. Total: 40)
  • Snargle, you shimmy down off a rooftop and sneak across a cobblestone alley on your way to the port. When you come a few hundred feet from the hangar where you know your precious Owl lies inside, you see four skyships have recently flown up out of their hangars and flew out towards the Blue, trying to put space between themselves and Haven. The Hand of Despair sends out squadrons of biplaes from her array of hangar bays. They buzz like mad bees for the skyships while their big Queen Bee continues trumbling on towards Haven.

    As you fish keys from pockets to open the padlock, the first salvoy comes from Haven. Flack cannons fire on the Hand of Despair. The ground underneath you shakes and shivers as wait and posturing evaporates and the fight begins.

    Throwing open the door and entering the Hangar, you see her, your one true love. She's in good shape, you climb aboard and hastily bypass pre-flick checks and try to cold start her. The tri-valve reciprocal steam drive does not like to be thrown into gear, the water's tepid at best, so you fire the quick-heating inducers and get things rolling. The flack cannons continue to shake the ground underneath you.

    What's odd, Snargle. What's really odd. Is that you're rather sure the Hand of Despair has not returned fire.

    Nevertheless, The Owl starts rising upwards as you guide her. She's aloft even now, and ready to go.

    What do you do?
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    Snargle has decided on a daring rescue, so a daring rescue it is. The Owl skims rooftops, back to the tenement where Snargle's crew and passengers are. Hand of Despair be damned.
  • Snargle, as you're skimming over the rooftops back to your crew and passengers, you see several biplanes head towards you. They will be flying towards the port and the flak guns, so it will be a few moments before they reach you.

    Ahead you see the tenements. Please go here.
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