[LB] Singing Lessons (LB Refresh 04)

Lady Blackbird,

This scene happens a few years ago. You're on board the Dancing Daughter, Uriah's skyship. It's a wooden sailing ship of old powered by sorcerous energies. The ship is hovering over the blue mists of the deep. Minutes ago, Uriah's crew began killing livestock and dripping the blood overboard in a ritual to call the sky squid. As you look over the railing on the deck, you see dark shapes moving in the shadowy Blue.

How did you get here? Did you sneak away, or did Uriah steal you away?
How long has it been since you'd seen him?

Uriah is standing at your side, looking over with you.


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    At least the meat of the livestock won't go to waste. The crew has quite the appetite, so I've come to learn. I never minded getting dirty, but blood does make me squeamish sometimes. I've gotten used to seeing my own, of course, due to my study in sorcery, but, the blood of others...

    It had been a year and a half since I had last seen him. I had spent it studying and reading and researching. I wanted to know more about the family he once belonged to. I do not know if he knew of my curiosity, or by luck his letter just happened to be on the same subject. It said that he would come and claim me on the day of his birth. I knew it was up to me to find out what day that was, and where to meet him.

    He left me clues, the last being a satchel of my favorite tea. A tea that can only be savored at the Blooming Lotus, a tea shop by the port of Ilysium. It was where the first time he had, unbeknownst to me, saved my life. A highborn had struck a waitress just for overpouring his cup. I seized one of my father's gloves, and challenged him to a duel at once. The clientele thought I was not serious, as I was still a young lady, but I drew my rapier, and the highborn drew his. I won, of course, but he did not take it well. Before he could make that known, the hilt of his sword went red hot, and he was forced to flee to nurse his wounds. I had no idea there was fireblooded pirate amongst the applauding crowd.

    When we reunited that night, on the day of his birth, he took my hand in his, and we ran off, giggling like mischievous children. I was glad to be his birthday present that night.

    Now, we are together, as it should be.

    I see the silhouette of a tentacle, and my eyes go wide with excitement. "...my king, my darling, my love...you still have not told me why we are calling upon a Sky Squid, today."
  • Uriah
    Uriah puts a hand on your back as he peers into the gloom,"That's just a prelude, my darling." He whispers into your ear, "We're going to sing to them."
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    "Sing to them?" I gasp, then give his arm a pinch. "Why did you not tell me you were a master of the sky song?" I puff my cheeks, pretending I am sore with my love. "It's very rude to keep things from your Queen."
  • Uriah
    A soft chuckle follows and Uriah inclines his head in mock apology, "Beg pardon, milady. I have been so far from court of late that my manners have atrophied."

    He moves away from you towards the bow of the ship, starts pushing out a plank and securing it over the empty space over the Blue. "Come watch, my love." He dances out onto the plank to stand away from the ship, looking back at you.
  • LadyB-

    A man who does not waltz, and yet is so graceful on his feet. It's what makes him a superior duelist, as well. He's bested me every time. He did let me win once or twice, but he knows I know he let me win. We keep a tally on the headboard in his chambers. There are more scratches when we used our bloodline on my side of the board, of course. The challenge always excites him.

    I watch him walk the plank, but concern soon fills me...is he going to jump?
  • Uriah
    Uriah sees the worry in his eyes and grins like a cat. On the narrow plank he bounces once. Twice. The shirt he wears with its loose sleeves float back down as he comes to rest. He was trying to get a rise out of you, standing there tempting fate as he stands on a single piece of wood over the corrosive mists and the Sky Squid in their frenzy.

    Once he has that rise out of you, his smile slips into something more serious. His body shifts and he pulls his shoulders back slightly, holding his neck straight and looking at you. A sound issues forth from him, deep in tone. It's unlike any singing you've ever heard, doesn't even sound human, and there are levels to it, a resonance that makes it seem like an instrument. It sounds like this.

    The Sky Squid stop thrashing around for the blood and meat thrown to them. You see many tentacles writhe and shift in the mist beneath him. Uriah doesn't react, still watching you as he makes this odd sounds

    What do you do?
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    "...that's not funny!" I pooch out my lower lip, eyebrows furrowing. "You just earned having to remove your own clothes tonight for that-"

    That sound coming from his throat. Despite my mother's history with the deep blue, I have never heard it before. Quietly, I try to mimic it, but I am unable. I watch the Captain of the Dancing Daughter in awe, listening.

    The Dancing Daughter , Uriah, how I wish I could give you one...

    A tentacle massive enough to claim the ship for its own rises from the depths, and my heart skips a beat. I peer over the edge, watching as the Squid of the Sky swim about in the fogs. "...what are you saying to them?"
  • Uriah
    He continues the low reverberating sound for a moment longer, as if finishing a sentence. "I'm telling them I am here. That I have brought them a new friend." He gestures for you to join him, "Come, my lovely queen."
  • LadyB-

    I still wait for the day he will make me his queen.

    I climb up onto the plank, making my way over to him carefully. I hug one of Uriah's arms as the head of a squid leaves the depths, and I feel a moment as if I might faint. The board beneath us vibrates as it sings. I rest my cheek against his shoulder, closing my eyes to listen.
  • Uriah
    He laughs lightly at your worry, as if it's a thing you'll soon be rid of, an annoyance at best. "Listen to the song, my love. Listen, and sing with me. It will save your life someday."
  • LadyB-

    I listen for a good while, wetting my lips before I try and mimic them once more.
  • --END SCENE--
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