[LB] Epilogues

It's story time!

The "movie" ended with the crew, Lady Blackbird and Naomi Bishop agreeing to travel to the Remnants and tell Uriah Flint that he's no longer part of Lady Blackbird's life.

How did it go for each of you?

Kale, did you tell Uriah that you're no longer working for him all by yourself? Did you accept his offer to give you a new ship to serve in his armada against the Empire?

Snargle, who did you find in the Remnants and did you decide to stay with the crew when they left? Why?

Lady Blackbird, how did Uriah take the news?

Cyrus Vance, when your brother came after you in the Remnants, what happened? Who came out alive?

Naomi Bishop... I think you have something you've been thinking about for a while now. Would you like to tell us how the trip to the Remnants went for you?

(rules - try to speak from your character's POV. Don't stress out and feel like you need to write a book! Try to accept the input from other folk's epilogues if you can. Have fun! It has been a BLAST!)


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    The trip to the Remnants was bittersweet for me. I swore I'd see the lady to her king -- I just had no idea that she'd find herself something better along the way. It's good to see her happy. It's prolly the only truly good thing I'll ever do, but that smile makes it all worthwhile.

    She don't need me here, not like she used to. That's what I take her offer to hand o'er the pearls for my freedom: thanking me and telling me it's okay for me to move on. She just don't know it. And I don't think she ever needed me as much as she thought she did: that girl is strong and a helluva fighter.

    Besides, I know I'm leaving her in good hands. Me and the Captain had a little talk. I told him I didn't have to tell him to take care of her, 'cause I know he looks out for his people. And, besides, if he don't take care of her, the lady'll make him sorry for it with so much electricity that Kale won't need coal to run the ship no more.

    As for me, I said my goodbyes to the Owl and her crew once we reached Flint. I might've pretended for the lady's sake that I'm some kind of freedom fighter, that I'm doing what I'm doing because I want to make the world a better place for everybody. But that ain't the truth. I do it because they tried to kill me, and they made me kill for their entertainment. They made me into a monster, and as it turns out, Flint could use a monster on his crew. I like the dirty jobs, and I'm slowly making a name for myself out here of my own. I liked the fame in the arena, and I like it out here. I want them to know my name. I want them to know I'm coming. Them dyin' is fine, but learning to fear me -- that's something better.
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    I have to admit, it was good to finally see his face. His hair was cut shorter than when we first met at my coming of age party, and he had a few scars from the battle with the Hand of Despair. He took my hand in his before I could tell him what I had come to say, and led me to the part of the ship he used as the gallows. Caess' body hung there by the neck, dead for days. He told me that Drabber had told him about the child after they had escaped. I suppose this was the only way the notorious Pirate King knew how to apologize.

    He told me then he would always be the man I wanted, but would never be the man I needed. I had no idea he had tasked the crew of the Owl to fetch me, but now I know it wouldn't have made a difference. He had no intention of taking me back. He just didn't want to see me in a cage. We dueled once more for old times sake. It was a draw as we embraced for the last time. He gave me his blood quill, and I gave him my ring. He warned me that Carlowe was still on the hunt for me, but I assured him that I would be safe with my new beau.

    I said goodbye to Naomi before we departed. She will always be like an elder sister to me.

    As our ships went their separate ways, I could see my new, wonderful life with the Captain of the Owl on the horizon of the Wild Blue. Nothing brings me more comfort than holding his battle-hardened hand. I do know that I love Cyrus Vance, but I will always remember you, Uriah Flint, and I shall never forget you.
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    I leaned against the wall of my cabin, sometimes lookin' out the window, sometimes lookin' down at the picture. The only picture I have of me and ma and my brother. And now I'm the only one left.

    I thought it would feel good, but it actually feels... lonely. It's a strange loneliness. Like a ringin' in your ear that drives you nuts, but when it's cured you suddenly realize that it was part o' who you were.

    The only Vance. The only one left.


    Well, I'll have to figure out how to tell Blackbird about her at some point. Not yet, though. Baby steps.

    I hear Blackbird's voice fill the hallway, calling for me. In that moment, I realize that I'm not actually alone. There's the family you're tasked with, then there's the one you choose. I'm a rich man in friends and loved ones countin' by that second measure.

    I feel bad about some of it. I'm a right lousy smuggler, ain't I? Charged by Uriah to bring him his love, then I steal her away fer m'self? I swear to ya, I truly thought it was gonna be pistols at ten paces when we got there. I thought I was a dead man. Uriah's smart, though. He pulled me aside an' he said "Cy," he calls me that though no one else does, "Cy, I can see in yer eye you'd stake yer reputation as a smuggler an' even yer life on bein' with Blackbird. Is that true?"

    "Aye," I said. "Even my life."

    He laughed and clapped me on the shoulder. "If everyone found someone in this life they'd risk it all fer, folks like you an' me would go out of business right quick. Every one would be at home makin' babies with each other instead of needin' our services."

    I laughed and told him he was right, secretly relieved he wasn't about to shoot me. I waited until Blackbird had her time with him. I cried a few tears when Naomi stepped off the ship fer good. She's one in a million and I hope our paths cross again, more than once.

    Then I kissed Blackbird. The woman I would die for.

    I snap back into the present. "I hear ya, love," I yell out to her. I fold the picture up, put it in my drawer, and go to join my family.
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    There was knockin on my cabin door that broke me right outta my conversation with the Void.

    "Someone better've died up there, Drabbler. I ain't to be mussed wit the night afore a fight."

    "It's actually me, Cap."

    I shoulda been mad, but I could feel my smile.

    "Yer gonna lose yer reputation as the best damned quartermaster in the sky if ya keep insistin on disobeyin my simple orders."

    He just shrugged an arched up an eyebrow. "Should I prepare the ropes for a keelhauling then, Cap?"

    I stood up from my star-dark mat an offered him my desk chair while I sat down on my bed. "I wouldn't rule it out jus yet. Can I help you wit somethin, Quartermaster?"

    "Tomorrow's going to be a busy day. The biggest offense against the Imperials since, well probably ever, and the Manta Ray is leading the charge. I figured after tomorrow you'll have plenty of time to converse with the Void--we all might be blessed with an overabundance of time with the Void if things to sour--but tonight you could use some company. The alcoholic sort."

    He produced a bottle a Grease Whisky he'd been strategically hidin an held up two glasses.

    "Aw squids. I don't touch Grease Whisky no more."

    Wester jus gave me a look while pourin me some.

    "Fine ya talked me into it."

    I held up for a toast. "To Uriah Flint an to bringin the fight to the brass-beaters."

    "To Kale Arkam, the finest Captain to ever sail the sky," he said.

    I clinked glasses, but I wanted to correct him. I knew that particular honor belonged to someone else. I still had a fine illustration of my old Cap tucked up in my desk, drawn by Bishop as a parting gift when she got her own ship.

    I used to stare at it every night wishin things went different, but it occurred to me I hadn't even opened the drawer in who knows how long.

    I took my shot an set it down, lookin at Wester an his easy smile. Maybe it's time I stopped chasin the past, I gotta long life ahead a me. Or at least one more day.
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    Who did Snargle find in the Remnants? No one. Rumors said that there was a whole mess of gobs out here, living free and without any worries, caring for their eggs and their young. Turns out that was like the old story about a hidden moon where the dust was silver and the pebbles were gold. Not one goblin officer in Uriah Flint's fleet. Not one. And there's certainly no gobbie paradise.

    When The Owl leaves the Remnants, Snargle is piloting her, teaching Lady Freckles about the controls, and Captain Sir standing right behind, calling out like he does, "Full steam, Snargs! Full steam!"
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