[Fury] Bon the Angel

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Woman. Scrounge wear plus Utility, Kind Face, Clear eyes, Sturdy body.


Cool: +1
Hard: 0
Hot: +1
Sharp: +2
Weird: +1


Infirmary: you get an infirmary, a workspace with life support, a drug lab and a
crew of 2 (Shigusa & Mox, maybe). Get patients into it and you can work on them like a
savvyhead on tech (cf )

Battlefield grace: while you are caring for people, not fighting, you get +1armor.:

Touched by Death: whenever someone in your care dies, you get +1weird (max +3).

Angel Special: If you and another character have sex, your Hx with them on your sheet goes immediately to +3, and they immediately get +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If that brings their Hx with you to +4, they reset it to +1 instead, as usual, and so mark experience

Healing touch: when you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded person and open your brain to them, roll+weird. On a 10+, heal 1 segment. On a 7–9, heal 1 segment, but you’re also opening your brain, so roll that move next. On a miss: first, you don’t heal them. Second, you’ve opened both your brain and theirs to the world’s psychic maelstrom, without protection or preparation. For you, and for your patient if your patient’s a fellow player’s character, treat it as though you’ve made that move and missed the roll. For patients belonging to the MC, their experience and fate are up to the MC.

- angel kit, supplier - 3 stock.
- stun gun (s-harm hand reload)
- oddments worth 7-barter
- Mended pants with a grey and black camouflage pattern and pockets. Boots. Dark brown leather jacket (1armor). Faded denim shirt usually with the sleeves rolled up. Brown or Navy tank under that.

I have a supplier 1-stock at the beginning of every session.


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    — get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
    — get +1cool (max cool+2)
    — get +1hard (max hard+2)
    — get +1hard (max hard+2)
    — get +1weird (max weird+2)
    — get a new angel move
    — get a new angel move
    — get a supplier (cf )
    — get a move from another playbook
    — get a move from another playbook
    — get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
    — retire your character to safety
    — create a second character to play
    — change your character to a new playbook
    — choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
    — advance the other 4 basic moves.
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    August +1
    Dog +3 (I used to think she would self-destruct, but I've come to a new understanding.)
    Gates +2 (He put a hand in when it mattered and helped me save a life)
    Seatac +2
    Valentine +1
    Vignette +1

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    +1 - Reading Shigusa, 1.1
    +1 - Persuading Ghost 1.1
    +1 - Reading MIssed 1.1
    +1 - Reading Pine 1.1
    +1 - Opening My Brain 2.2
    Advance: Touched By Death
    +1 - Love Letter Move 3.0
    +1 - Reading Cujo
    +1 - Reading Sitch in Forest.
    +1 - xp from healing Sounder
    +1 - Reading Watauga 3.0
    Advance: Get a Supplier
    +1 - Sharp roll scavenging equipment 4.0
    +1 - chaotic free for all.
    +1 - healing Ace
    +1 - six cup with Belka 4.1
    +1 - Reset hx with August
    Advance: Healing Touch
    +1 - Reset Hx with Valentine
    +1 - Healing touch on Pine 5.2
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    Hey Bon, how did you get that infirmary? Take it over from someone, build it from scratch?

    Who works at the infirmary with you? Is it Shigusa and Mox or some other pair?
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    photo BonBanner2_zpsc2x0yyx8.jpg

    I built the infirmary. It took some favors, some I even still owe for, but I made this place. I had to. I don’t have my sister’s gift. People call me an angel. I’m just a doc, My sister was an angel, a real one. She could touch you and bleeding stopped, bones mended, things got better. She used some tools too, some, but her hands, her gift, that was her main way. Me I have to make do with regular stuff, cutting people open, sewing them up again. Drugging them for pain and keeping them from going septic. I don’t have her gift. If I had… well I probably could have saved her.

    Which brings me to Shy (don’t call her Shigusa, she hates it) and Mox. I built this place for them too, to have some kind of home. When Nee was the main show she traveled everywhere in this blood-soaked shithole, and I went with her. There were people to help, she said. Even having Shy didn’t slow her down much. When I wasn’t helping her, I was helping take care of Shy. She got sick when she was pregnant with Mox. She was a great healer, but a shitty patient. She wouldn’t slow down. I could see how much healing folks took out of her. She’d be wiped out for days sometimes and I would try to keep her in bed. But as soon as she could move, Nee was moving.

    I remember running to find her at that last healing. She had snuck out when I wasn’t looking. She was so pale, the power had sucked her dry. I fought to keep her at first but in the end she begged me to save her baby. I didn’t want to, I wanted her. Even in those last moments I fought with her. In the end though… I couldn’t deny her. So I cut her open and took Mox out. Nee was too weak, and there was no power left for her and I sat there with my sister’s blood on my hands and her child in my arms.

    Shy was five. Mox has only ever known me, but Shy remembers her mother. I know Mox doesn’t understand the tension between me and his sister. Shy is 16 now and rebellious, and Mox is eleven.

    Healing killed my sister. I hate it. But it’s what I know, and I have my niece and nephew to care for.

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    Hey Bon, simple little question and one not so simple.
    Your infirmary, is that in the neighborhood of Valentine's blood circus? Would be great for business, right?
    Do you fix up those people, or is that kind of hurt just not your problem?
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    It is... Val helped me lock it down. She knows people. She knows everybody.

    As for the second. Sure I fix them up. Cash or trade. Up front. I'm not a goddamn charity.
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