[FURY] Vignette the Brainer

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Vignette the Brainer

Woman, high formal wear, pale face, deep eyes, slight body

Cool: 0, Hard: 0, Hot: +1, Sharp: 0, Weird: +2

Brainer Special
If you and another character have sex, you automatically do a deep brain scan on them, whether you have the move or not. Roll+weird as normal. However, the MC chooses which questions the other character’s player answers.

Casual brain receptivity: when you read someone, roll+weird instead of roll+sharp. Your victim has to be able to see you, but you don’t have to interact.

Direct-brain whisper projection: you can roll+weird to get the effects of going aggro, without going aggro. Your victim has to be able to see you, but you don’t have to interact. If your victim forces your hand, your mind counts as a weapon (1-harm ap close loud-optional).

In-brain puppet strings: when you have time and physical intimacy with someone—again, mutual or 1-sided—you can plant a command inside their mind. Roll+weird. Ona 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. At your will, no matter the circumstances, you can spend your hold 1 for 1:
  • inflict 1-harm (ap)
  • they take -1 right now
If they fulfill your command, that counts for all your remaining hold. On a miss, you inflict 1-harm (ap) upon your subject, to no benefit.

Visions of death: when you go into battle, roll+weird. On a 10+, name one person who’ll die and one who’ll live. On a 7–9, name one person who’ll die OR one person who’ll live. Don’t name a player’s character; name NPCs only. The MC will make your vision come true, if it’s even remotely possible. On a miss, you foresee your own death, and accordingly take -1 throughout the battle.




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    — get +1cool (max cool+2)
    — get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
    — get +1hard (max hard+2)
    — get +1hard (max hard+2)
    ✔ get a new brainer move
    — get a new brainer move
    ✔ get 2 new or replacement brainer gear (implant syringe, pain-wave projector)
    ✔ get a holding (you detail) and wealth
    ✔ get a move from another playbook (Battlebabe - Visions of Death)
    ✔ get a move from another playbook (Quarantine - Eager to Know)


    — get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
    — retire your character to safety
    — create a second character to play
    — change your character to a new playbook
    — choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
    — advance the other 4 basic moves.
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    Brainer Gear
    brain relay (area, close, hi-tech)
    For purposes of brainer moves, if someone can see your brain relay, they can see you. (Vignette's tarantula functions as her brain relay.)

    violation glove (hand, hi-tech)
    For purposes of brainer moves, mere skin contact counts as time and intimacy.

    pain-wave projector (1-harm ap area loud reload hi-tech)
    Goes off like a reusable grenade. Hits everyone but you.
    pain-wave projector

    implant syringe (tag hi-tech)
    After you’ve tagged someone, if a brainer move allows you to inflict harm on them, inflict +1harm.

    Mind-bonded Tarantula (silenced, 2-harm, close)
    Vingette has a mental bond with the spider and can give it simple commands to move, return, bite, not-bite, etc. The spider is not unique, but time and intimacy are required to bond with a creature and only one may be bound at one time.

    Formal wear, leather outerwear and boots (1 armor)

    Oddments worth 7-barter.
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    • August the Skinner (Dave): Hx+2 (Most evidently dislikes and distrusts me. Probably shouldn't have mind controlled her bird. Wrapped at the end of session 2, marked XP)
    • Gates the Hocus (Todd): Hx+1
    • Dog the Chopper (Jen): Hx+3 (Has slept in my presence. Is aware of it.)
    • SeaTac the Gunlugger (Paul): Hx+3 (I have been watching him in secret. He does not know.)
    • Bon the Angel (Trevis): Hx+1
    • Valentine the Maestro D' (Mischa): Hx+1
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    XP and Advance Log
    Current XP: 2
    • 1.0 - Casual brain receptivity on kid throwing rubble.
    • 1.0 - Direct-brain whisper projection on guy beating up someone.
    • 1.0 - Open Brain while looking at Spider's blood art and contemplating her duty or lack thereof vis a vis the last two highwaymen.
    • 1.1 - Casual brain receptivity on Kites.
    • 1.1 - Casual brain receptivity on Fortyfour
    • Advance: In-brain puppet strings
    • 1.1 - Direct-brain whisper projection on Fortyfour
    • 1.1 - Manipulate Ballard
    • 1.1 - Casual brain receptivity on the Admiral
    • 1.1 - Manipulate the Admiral
    • 2.1 - Read a Sitch at the HM's boat
    • Advance: get 2 new or replacement brainer gear
    • 2.1 - Casual brain receptivity in HM
    • 2.1 - custom move: shouting in minds
    • 2.3 - Read a Sitch after summons by August via Lost
    • 2.3 - In-brain puppet strings on Millions
    • 2.3 - Direct-brain whisper projection on Schooner
    • Advance: Get a holding
    • 2.3 - Casual brain receptivity on Jax
    • 2.3 - Casual brain receptivity on Dog
    • 2.end - Hx+4 with August
    • 3.1 - Wealth roll
    • 3.3 - Manipulate Harbormaster
    • Advance: Battlebabe move: Visions of Death
    • 4.0 - Wealth roll
    • 4.0 - Direct-brain whisper projection on Speed
    • 4.0 - Casual brain receptivity on Shy
    • 4.1 - Manipulated by August
    • 4.1 - Manipulate Jax
    • Advance: Quarantine move: Eager to Know
    • 4.1 - Casual brain receptivity on Suquamish
    • 4.1 - Manipulation on Suquamish
    • 5.1 - Act Under Fire - Cujo's ear
    • 6.1 - Manipulated by Gates

    Barter Log
    Start: 8
    Session 6 maintenance: 1 (5)
    Session 4 maintenance: 1 (6)
    Session 2 maintenance: 1 (7)
    Gig to check out HM for Admiral: 1 pending
    Gig to spy on Valentine for Admiral: ?
    Promised 1 barter a week to Jax.
  • hey Vignette, I'm curious. Where do you get your formal wear? How do you keep it so pretty? Do you go out?
  • Gotta ask. Violation glove, what's that look like? I mean, is it obvious with wires and blinking lights or something more subtle. Is it always on... like part of your daily wardrobe, or kind of a special deal?
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    The glove is not obvious. No flashing lights or wires. It is...alive...in a sense, climbing up my arm like a plant. Parts of it are under my skin. It would hurt to pull it off...I think. When I have tried to pull it off, there was this tingling--it's starting now... I am sorry, what was the question? You asked me about the glove? It is pretty, yes?
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    Where do I get my pretty clothes? I am a whore.

    Not the sex kind. Sometimes I think getting sex and getting clothes is getting paid twice...depending on who and how long since last time having sex. Maybe I will be a sex whore someday. Now I am a secret whore. People pay me, I get secrets from other people. Sometimes I buy clothes with what people give me. Sometimes the person with a secret is a lady and she...has trouble with the questions. Then, she does not need clothes anymore. That does not make me a thief or a bad person.

    I need nice clothes because I go out a lot. I have noticed that bad things happen to people not in nice clothes. Sometimes, people try to do bad things to me, even if though I have nice clothes. I tell them "no" inside their heads. Usually, they are able to run away.

    The blood rains make it difficult to keep my clothes clean. I have a large coat with a hood. This helps, but I often need to get new clothes.


  • hey Vignette, that night that Dog pulled you into the sleeping pile, which member of her biker gang spent a long time looking into your eyes? What was that like?

    Has anything happened since? Would you like something to happen?
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    When the woman named Dog pulled me into the pile, it was unnerving. I had been there, hanging out on the edges, wanting and not wanting that kind of closeness. I did not expect to be invited. I very much did not expect to be compelled. I wondered if Dog liked me. I wondered if she wanted anything from me. She is the leader. I decided to see. As I was edging closer to Dog, the one they call Cujo blocked me. Cujo stared into my eyes for much of the night. At first, this seemed hostile. Later, as I made no move to go around her, her stare seemed not-hostile. As I was a guest here, I did not read her--except in that way other people read eyes and bodies. It was hard. I had to continually push Cujo's thoughts out when I wanted them in. But I wanted to be polite too. I tried distracting her with Spider. The effort of pushing Spider let some of Cujo in. She surprised me. She seemed not afraid. She seemed to be laughing on the inside. That is not the usual reaction to Spider.

    Since that night, I sleep in the pile most nights. I sometimes need to work. I sometimes need to go out and get away from all their thoughts. But I am there most times. When I am there, Cujo is as well. I try to sleep near Dog, so Cujo is there. I do not really want to sleep near Dog. I do not think Cujo believes I do. Cujo keeps me from sleeping near Dog. Cujo looks at my eyes. I look at Cujo's eyes, and I do not let her thoughts in. Cujo's eyes are very beautiful. I think that maybe she does not know this because they are sometimes angry eyes. Her lips are very red like mine. I wonder about them too, if they are as soft as they look. Mine are.
  • We never defined Pike. Here's a proposal. All of this is subject to edit. I'm just putting a starting point out there.

    Since Pike is sort of large, I used the regular Hardholder rules instead of the small holding rules. Would be happy to reverse that if you want.

    From the choose 4 list:

    • your population is large, 200-300 souls. Surplus: +1barter, want: +disease.
    • for gigs, add lucrative raiding. Surplus: +1barter, want: +reprisals.
    • for gigs, add a bustling, widely-known market commons. Surplus: +1barter, want: +idle.
    • your gang is well-disciplined. Drop unruly.

    From the choose 2 list:

    • your compound is mostly tents, lean-tos and wooden walls. Your gang gets no armor bonus when fighting to defend it.
    • your armory is for shit. Your gang gets -1 harm.

    Gang: about 40 people, well-disciplined, not well-equipped
    (medium, 2-harm, 1-armor)

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