Uncharted Worlds Opening Discussion

Hi Folks!

This is our opening discussion for setting up Uncharted Worlds.

I'm pretty sure we all know each other. Four of you are participants in the Fury AW game. I don't know how many of you know Adam, (I presume it's most of you) who runs the site, but he's the fifth. Welcome!

I pretty much expect this to run very similarly to the Fury game as far as trappings. We'll have a persistent hangout for chatter, letting each other know what's up, and recognizing coolness. I will see what kind of volume I can manage. At least one post or more a day. I tend to be up at night so you should see posts then for sure. My posting during working hours will depend entirely on how heavily I'm occupied.

I love character banners but if we get a lot of NPC's I don't know if I'll be able to keep up on them. I'll appreciate any banners you can contribute.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

To start us off we need to pick the type of sci-fi we want. I'd like everyone to rank the following in order of interest.

Starship (Default):
The characters are co-owners of a small Class 2 starship. The ship is comprised of a helm, engines, small cargo bay and cramped crew quarters. A Starship campaign moves around a lot; it involves a lot of planet-hopping, alien worlds, discovery, and running away. Example: Firefly, Mass Effect, Killjoys.

Grand Starship:
The characters are officers, workers or passengers on a large Class 3 or Class 4 starship, often belonging to one of the established factions. A Grand Starship campaign usually involves loyalty, teamwork, hierarchy and large-scale events and challenges. The campaign moves around, but at a controlled, deliberate pace. Examples: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica.

The characters work and live in a large, self-sufficient facility with a primary purpose; a planetary dome, asteroid base or space station. A Station campaign will likely revolve around the purpose or operations of said facility, and the dangers that threaten it and the people who work there. Examples: Babylon 5, Deep Space 9.

The characters live in a frontier colony, a town shared with a number of NPCs. A Colony campaign charts the growth of the community, its struggles and trails, and all the interpersonal drama and small town politics. Examples: Outcasts, Earth 2.

The characters work in a major city. Each major faction is present to one degree or another, and the characters likely have homes, careers and family there. A City campaign will have a high incidence of politics, subterfuge and clandestine activity. Example: Caprica.

I'm excited to see this one!


  • Starship, Station, Grand Starship, Colony, City
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    Grand Starship, Station, Starship, City, Colony.
  • Starship, Station/Grand Starship, Colony/City
  • Starship, Grand Starship, Colony, Station, City.
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    Grand Starship, Jefferson Starship, Station, Starship, Colony, City
  • So starship looks like the choice. Grand starship just behind. Start looking over character creation. Concepts and discussion welcome!
  • I've been mulling over the idea of playing someone who loves being at the helm of a ship... Maybe a former colonist who got a taste of exploration, and hasn't been able to set down roots anywhere other than in space.

    Just an idea though. Still looking through the options.
  • Session One Exp Triggers:
    A conspiracy is uncovered. (Xuan)
    An objective is taken by force. (Jek)
    A solution is purchased. (Robynne)
    A new culture is experienced. (Allevard)
    A statement starts or ends a fight. (Bai)
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