[Fury] Tune Up (Bon 5.3, Dog 5.2)

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Present in the scene:
Arrows: Ace, Belka, Chance, Grunge, Hachiko, Rainey, Tin-Girl, and Winn-Dixie.
Clinic folks: Shy, Mox, Decatur, Lissa, and the seven sick folks


After seeing Dog ride off during the tumult, knowing she'll come back to your clinic like she promised, you head down with Shy to the clinic. Decatur and Mox are eager for news, and Sky brings them up to speed, embellishing the story of Dog's win. Tin-Girl and Chance come in like a storm, all excited and thrilled with the victory and talk over Shy a couple times in their excitement on the win.


You limp in to hugs from Rainey (who has a little belly starting to show) and a shoulder punch from Winn-Dixie. They have booze and Tin-Girl's probably cooked up something special, too. They're abuzz with happiness and pride for you, their big hero, Dog. You spot Bon among the throng, of course.

What do you do?


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    I soak it up, of course. But I take it light on the booze, it'll make me bleed more.

    Rainey gets hugged back, and I grunt and laugh when Winn-Dixie punches me - in my good shoulder because bloody flood. "Hey, Arrows! Quite a big show, yeah? It was good to see y'all in the stands."

    I wave and smile for Bon. "Told ya I'd be back." I throw her a wink, too. Cockier than we both know I should be.
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    I smile back, blush slightly at the wink. But then I put on a stern face that is only partially real and huff a bit anyway, letting my worry bleed off as much as it may, considering she was exposed to rain with an open wound, my eyes fixing on her injuries. “So you did, oh hero, so you did. You did well indeed, but did you have to fray my nerves quite so much? Come, let us address the rewards of your heroics, shall we?”

    Touching her helps. I lead her to a table so I can take a look

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    Is she half-serious? I shouldn't gamble on that. "Hah, being a hero is a generous state isn't it? Maybe I put on too much of a show.."

    I sit down on the table as Bon leads me and take off my jacket, then pull my little bitty work knife out of a pocket and cut the bottom half of my pant leg away. Just above my broad arrow tattoo is the leaking red spot where Balance's bullet found me. My jacket's armor soaked up the other ones, but there's some rude purple blossoming on my chest. These marks are in good company with the rest of me.

    "You watched the fight?" Now that I think of it, she must have been in the Yacht Club box. Can't quite see 'em from most of the pit.
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    I motion to Shy and she helps hold the leg as we turn so it rests on the table flat. Mox hands me a bottle of clearwater to irrigate the wound.

    I feel carefully around the wound. Her skin is warm under my fingers, which shake slightly, and I have that stretched feeling you get when you know you should be tired but you just cannot feel it anymore. The bullet might have nicked the bone, but no breaks, and no major blood vessels, just damaged muscle tissue.

    I nod. “Shy and I saw it from the club. I had to. I decided it preferable to see what happened, rather than leave it to my imagination” I look up with a brief smile. “which, being a doctor, is unfortunately excellent, well informed, and quite detailed. But as I said, you did well, aside from overtaxing my heart with excessive beats.”

    I move up to look at the chest bruising. “But then, you seem to do that anyway, do you not?” I murmer, now that I am closer to her ears. I turn my eyes to hers, half smile. “Thank you for coming back.” The bruising is deep, and the muscles will be stiff and painful for a while, but there seems to be no serious damage.

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    I'm patient with the doctoring. If there's anything I've learned when I've been fortunate enough to have it (which is most every time, really), it's that you hold still and listen. Sometimes I take a pause to breathe out the hurt of being prodded or pulled.

    I know Bon's seen me fight before, but that's with me, where she can help or patch up on the spot. This was different.

    "Well, I'm glad you watched. I felt like I wasn't alone in there, and that was good."

    August's call. Arrows howling. My sisters were with me. It was a different sort of fight.

    Bon flirts with me and I grin. "I can't help that; chances are it'll happen again." My shoulder reminds me it's angry and I wince a little and roll it out. "I'll keep comin' back. Take a lot more than a Balance to put me down."

    "How's it look? Anything need sewin'?"
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    I glance shyly at the other Arrows when Dog flirts back, noting that August is not among them. Not that that would bother me. We just have not sorted things between us yet. I have been avoiding.

    I shake my head. “No. Infection is the biggest concern. The bullet did not go through, so we only have the entrance wound and not something much more difficult. A little disinfectant, coagulant and mesh, with a drain, and a good pressure dressing, changed daily, should do it, once the bullet is pulled out. Better too if you kept off of it for a few days.”

    I look at Mox as he hands me the stick.

    “This is a good one for you to do yourself, Mox. Shy can you assist? Keep the leg still. I shall just offer support to our brave Dog.”

    I move around behind her, so she can lean her warm lean back against me, I take one of her hands in mine and hand her the short stick with the leather bite pad with the other. This will hurt a lot.

    “Unless you wish a chillstab, but you will have to sleep it off, after.”

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    Bon and Dog,

    Chance is leading the Arrows in a rendition of some song called "We Are the Champions!" and Belka's got an arm around Grunge, drinking up a storm, as it were. The thunder rumbles outside, distant down here in the bottom of Safeco.

    "Bon!" Rainey says brightly as she comes up. "Take care of her good, like always!" She smiles at Shy and Mox. Her right hand slips down to her slight belly, a subconscious act.
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    Keep off of it? Well, I'll do my best.

    I lean into Bon, hold her hand and the stick. "I'll take it without the stab. I wanna sleep when I sleep." Shoot, with all the noise I'd forgotten it was raining. Raining pretty big, too. Well, still. I want to spend tonight with everyone, not zonked out.

    "I'm ready when you are, Mox. You got this. You know I'll prob'ly make noise but I'm mad at the bullet, not you."

    I clamp my teeth down on the stick and ready myself, trying to relax and accept what's coming. My back fits against Bon's body, warm and held. I break into a new sweat.
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    Bon and Dog,

    Mox moves in with his weird, smooth metal pliers. His hands are steady, but you see sweat on his brow. Bon, you feel Dog against you, and the mix of that warmth and the slight worry for Mox and this procedure.

    Dog, let's see an Act Under Fire. If you get a hit, then Mox pulls the bullet and you're good to go. A 7-9 means it hurt like hell and Mox sees it. On a miss, well, something went wrong.
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    Act Under Bullet; (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 3. Total: 8)
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    Bon and Dog,

    "I'm sorry, Dog!" Mox apologizes as he wriggles the last bit of the bullet out. "It shattered a couple times in there. You're too hard, you broke the bullet!" He tries to make a joke out of it, but he's sweating like crazy and trying to move smooth and fast at the same time.

    You need a drink. But the bullet is out, Dog.

    The Arrows sing louder now, and Belka's bringing over some of that hooch to take the edge off, and you're in Bon's arms and she's there for you.

    Bon, you notice the Arrows are watching you and Dog like that. Chance, she's got this approving little grin on her face, she's never been much to hide her opinions.
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    Mox is good and usually in control. But he is less prepared for causing pain to someone he cares for. I say nothing, only willing to step in if something goes seriously wrong. It is a learning experience of a different sort, one a medic has to learn. Instead I lean in as Dog pushes back against me in her pain, holding on, and ducking my head alongside hers, murmuring a stream of comfort to her, low in her ear. I loose track of anyone but us in this moment.

    “Shhh. You are well. I am here, dearest, It will all be over soon.”

    Mox is flustered, he grips too tightly and breaks the weakened bullet. I can feel Dogs pain radiate from her.

    “There. Almost done now. One more. You are doing so well. Just a little more.” I kiss the side of her head. “There. There that is it. That is the worst of it. All done.”

    I wrap around her a little tighter, careful of the shoulder and rock her side to side a little.

    When I pick my head up a moment suddenly conscious of Belka coming over. I catch sight of the other Arrows and Chance’s smile. I blush and smile back a moment, before returning my attention to Mox.

    “Get a sample of blood to test for infection before patching it, dear.”

    I will not let go of Dog until she wants me to.

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    Bon and Dog,

    "Yes, Aunt Bon," Mox answers as he grabs a test tube to gather a sample. There's plenty of blood to collect, of course.

    "Just tell me when I can pour some booze on that wound, Moxalot!" Belka says with a cackle as she holds the bottle up high and pretends to pour.

    Shy moves to put her hand on the neck of the bottle, "That would be never, Belka." Belka huffs a laugh and backs off at Shy's imperious glare.

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    "Hey Dog!" Winn chirps, "Buck's offered to put us all up tonight, so's we don't have to head to the hideout..."

    "And HM's offered us deep discounts on his peeps if we want 'em!" Tin-Girl adds with a waggle of her eyebrows. "Especially deep, heh heh."
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    I just can't keep it in, this is soakin' agony! That bitin' stick gets some abuse from me, more with every wiggle and scrape. Poor Mox, I can't even laugh at his cute joke, though I try. He's gotta get used to this stuff, though.

    When it's done I'm sweatin' and shakin' and still leanin' into Bon. I pull the stick out of my mouth, gasping. "Bel...Belka, don't floodin' waste that, just give it here." I hold out a hand for the hooch. I don't drink right away, just hold it and breathe.

    "Phew, thanks for the workout, Mox. I'll try an' not break the next one." I knock back a swig of hooch, then wipe my forehead. Still got Bon's hand in my other. I unlock my knuckles a bit and pat our hands together at my waist. My back loosens up just slightly.

    "Let's take Buck's offer. No rain for us tonight." It's gonna be weird, no pile, or a borrowed one. But I can't mind it when I'm not gonna sleep anyway. I tilt my head into the crook of Bon's neck, look and see if she has any visible thoughts on that.

    "I'll give HM an especially deep discount of my boot in his fork." I deadpan out. Maybe he's just tryin' to be a good neighbor and all that. I can flat out tell the girls 'No', but HM's people and Buck's rooms are like blankets and beds, all laid together.
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    Bon and Dog,

    Mox smiles at your thanks, Dog, but he doesn't believe you find it funny. He's shaken a bit by the work, but he hasn't broken down. Shy moves around you and Bon to put an arm around him. They move off as more Arrows crowd in.

    Belka leans down to press her forehead to each of yours, Bon and Dog, then looks around to the room, "Stomp a mudhole in HM's ass, Dog! But only after I get me a piece of some fine, fine ass he's peddlin'! DEEP discounts!"

    photo WinnDixieBanner.png
    "Dog," Winn asks, "August doesn't have claim on Buck, does she? If so, that's dry with me, but I wouldn't mind... you know."

    "Oh, Winn," TinGirl laughs, "Auggie's set her sights a couple rungs up on that ladder!" Rainey cackles and the others laugh together. Looks like some of them are heading up to secure some places from Buck since you have the okay.

    "Laika and Sounder were outside when the rain started. Said they were headed to the Hangout. Guess they'll miss out."
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    I glance down at Dog, meeting her eyes. I feel another flush of heat crawling up my neck. The corners of my mouth turn up, I tip my chin in a slight nod as her nearness extracts its tribute of quick hearbeats from me.

    “’Tis a good idea to avoid exposure to the rain. Give the mesh time to set.” I agree.

    I smile when Belka presses in, but I feel my expression go more distant, as she waxes enthusiatic about using HM’s chattel. I glace toward Decatur, and then at the other victims still lying in the infirmary, the cost of the monster’s practices.

    I am distracted by Tin Girl’s comment a moment, wondering at discomfiting feeling it gives me. I lean into Dog and squeeze a little.

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    I let Belka offer me comfort, then roll my eyes at her antics. Oh, these girls.

    "Winn, if you can make time with Buck, go ahead. August won't yell at you or nothin'." I shift my butt a little. I'm not ready to stand up or move or let go but I'm in like the planning stages. I think I'd like to get comfortable with Bon again somewhere else.

    My eyebrow slides up at Tin-Girl's joke, mouth a cautious smile. I get the gist. Admiral. Hmm.

    I'm hoping Sounder and Laika are safe and dry in the Hideout right now. 'Course they are. "We should bring some presents by for those two. It's rainin' so they'll understand but let's bring a little party to them in the morning, yeah?"

    "And Bon, you want to bunk up here or someplace Buck rustles up?" The aching's down enough, I shift sideways on the table and slip an arm around Bon's waist. My legs dangle off the side and my back touches air, a little chilly.
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    I hope Laika and Sounder will be well. I hope there are more with Sounder than just Laika, it is hard to remain on alert over someone who seems like themselves.

    I straighten when Dog sits up, missing the warmth and feeling a mental pout, but I have long practice at not letting such things touch my face. My new touch-greed is in high pitch again, the cost of containing it for so many years, I suppose. I am inordinately pleased when Dog slides her arm around my waist. Honestly, one would think I was Shy’s age again, except I was not like this even at that age. My arm goes around her shoulder.

    “We are best away I think, lest I be tempted into working. I did promise to be with the pile tonight, after all.”

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    "Awright, then." I give Bon a squeeze and then loosen up, change my grip to her shoulder so I have a little support while I stand. With a grunt, I get on my feet and straightened tall. "We got any walking sticks? I could use Balance's shotty but if we're up 'round Yacht Club they take weapons." I smile at Bon. "Guess I'll have to keep you close for a couple days."

    I'm happy to be close like this, it's cozy. Bon's firm body and warmth are far and away from what I used to get after duels. Liking it comes easy now, too.
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    Bon and Dog,

    With the doctor's orders given, the Arrows are done waiting around in this clinic. They're up for carrying or slowly walking with you, Dog. Shy insists on staying at the clinic until later, Bon, as if she understands that's what you need even if you don't ask for it.

    You all head up the long, winding concrete walkway from the underground levels up to the suites Buck keeps for HM or other dignitaries. There are three suites, two of them have a view of the pit and a pair of doors that can be opened to combine the suites into one large space. Buck's got boiled fish and some aromatic food to dine on and lots of booze for the champion and her gang. The third suite is smaller, but features a very large, very soft bed, as well as a bathtub which Buck says he can get filled with piping hot water, if you like.

    The Arrows pile in, bringing Pine and Schooner with them. Hope's here, though it's obvious none of the Arrows "paid" for her. Ace notices, and she's busy cozying up to Schooner, no words, but words aren't needed.

    What do you do?
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    photo Dog3recolor.png

    I let the Arrows carry me down the halls a little bit, mostly for laughs and fun - it's a weird feeling! Then I'm back on my feet because it's too funny, and I miss Bon, and I can tell she misses me back.

    This arrangement makes me smile broad. Buck suggests hot water and give him some serious nods; YES. I have a seat near where I can reach some food while hot water gets fixed up, leaving some room for Bon. I smile and wave to Hope.

    "Isn't this a big old splash. Not been in these rooms before."
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    Rooms look like this:
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    Bon and Dog,

    The Arrows give you two some space. Belka and Chance hang around for a bit, Dog, making sure you have food and hooch and whatnot, but soon, it's you and Bon and Buck's pouring steamy hot water into the tub for you, and it looks incredibly inviting.

    What do you do?
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    I can’t help but laugh at the antics of the Arrows carrying Dog partway to Buck’s rooms. But I am glad when they get tired of it and put her down so I can touch her again. Somewhere in my stomach there are flips of nerves and excitement too.

    “Yes, indeed.” I have to agree with Dog’s assessment of the suites. I have not seen such luxury before in my life. Not personally. And a bath in hot, clean water? Decadence itself. It is fortunate that the mesh on her leg is waterproof. I busy myself for a few moments collecting food for Dog before sitting beside her.

    We busy our selves sharing jokes and stories for a while with Chance and Belka, before Chance somewhat blatantly urges Belka to leave us alone, making my face heat yet again. They say goodbye, and Buck finishes with the tub, which is truly a magical sight.

    I step toward the tub, dip my hand in the clear, hot water, somewhat in awe. So much of it.

    “This is so… beautiful. Can you imagine when it all ran so clear?”

    I watch it drip off of my fingers before turning to look back at Dog, where she sits.

    My stomach flips.

    I smile.

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    I've seen luxury like this before and if I'm being fully honest about it there's just something about this kind of comfort I don't trust. It never feels..reliable. In my control. But for just one night? Flood it, I'll play.

    Chance's got my back. I'm feeling cozy and nervous at the same time, and tired. That fight, I spent a lot of concentration on it, not just strength. And I'm curious how me and Bon will be together, if that's happening tonight. Today's been full of new things from her, who I've known so long. She goes to the tub and looks so fascinated and pleased. I put my food aside, smiling back.

    "Yeah.." I stand up and ease my way over. "I remember the stream..and I've heard tales from Zeus. Water from pipes, clear and safe whenever we liked." With my side fitted next to Bon's, I sweep my hand through the water. "It feels so different when it's hot!"

    I reach for the back of my shirt and peel it off, excited for this bath. I stop with the shirt still inside-out around my arms. "I gotta keep my leg out don't I?"
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    I smile again then reach out and slowly pull her shirt the rest of the way free. My eyes glide over her strong, wiry frame quickly then return to hers, my soft smile never fading. I see the bruise again, reach out and skim an edge of it, I realize that tonight may not be our moment, and resolve to let it be as it may… as she wishes it. If I can touch her, and sleep close, I will be content.

    I shake my head. “No, it will be well enough, the mesh should be waterproof by now. And the water is clear. Come…”

    I lean in, reach down between us to undo her belt buckle. My eyes holding hers. “We should not be wasteful of the heat. It is time you reap a gentler reward for today’s heroics.” I undo the the fastenings of her pants, grip the waistband and coax her to lift so I can peel them off over the injured leg.

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    I keep my eyes up to Bon's as she gives the edge of my bruises the lightest touch. No way it could hurt, it just feels thrilling. A chill and a fire follows her fingers. I'm still amazed Bon feels for me this much. I want to make the most out of tonight.

    "You've been heroic today, yourself." I lift my arms up onto her shoulders and let them rest there, cooperating with Bon and using her for support at once. It's good to feel her sturdiness, and I need it right now. She tosses my pants aside and I lean into her, slidin' my hands under her shirt, guidin' it upwards as I pull her into me. There's no shortage of heat.

    "Can I reward you, too?" I smile. It's not fully a question, and I give her another kiss before this becomes a word game, like before but less cautious. Still slow. Deeper. In pauses I help Bon undress, mindin' to keep my weight on my good leg.

    "Follow me in." I invite her, playful like, as I sit on the edge of the tub facing her.
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    A small sharp inhale, a tiny sound of approval and a shiver when her fingers make contact with the skin of my torso. I smile in delight, heart suddenly racing again.

    I look deeply into her pretty eyes and start to respond to the question, leaning in close.

    “Oh, my heart… I… mphh. Mmmm…”

    And my words are lost in her mouth leaving little but a soft whimper of pleasure in the air.

    Between warm, luxuriant kisses, I slowly peel off my own clothes with her help. The reaction against exposing the named is easily silenced, overwhelmed.

    I smile, then follow Dog into the water. I fit myself behind her, lean around to share another long, gentle kiss, drugging in its promise. My touches across her body are slightly tentative, testing. With August I was so overwrought and raw that I let the tide of her carry me away. It was something like dancing with an expert, I simply relied on her lead. Now, with Dog, I am trying to be more an equal partner. She carries a great deal, leading the Arrows. She fought hard today. She deserves to be carried a little, cared for well.

    My uncertainty... I admit to myself that, somewhere in the dark places, I am afraid my raw affection will not make up for my lack of experience. Not that Dog would ever say so. Then again, clumsy but sincere can not be all bad, can it?

    My hands slide to her back, feeling the muscles. This I know well. The heat is already loosening them, but I know how to coax them to truly uncoil.

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    Bon and Dog,

    The bath is wonderful, as is your time together. An occasional sound from the other room reminds you that the Arrows are near, which is a kind of comfort. The water slowly cools and you maybe end up a tiny bit pruney.

    There's a couch in the small closet-sized room attached to this one, private and away from the Arrows next-door. How do you two end up afterwards?
  • photo Dog3recolor.png

    I take things slow with Bon and when she seems most uncomfortable I try to keep it fun, low pressure, talk it out a little. Was August her first? I'm curious, but I put that aside. Bon is so lovely and sweet with me, and it doesn't matter.

    When we're done talking skins and taking care of each other, I get my hair pinned up tidy and curl up with Bon on the couch. I get the door closed so it's quiet and dim. I'm warm from my skin to my bones and sleepy.

    I get a good look at the ink on Bon, and the skin it's written into. I know it's all names, some Arrows, and she calls them failures but for every little mark how many weren't made, you know? Sometimes life leaves and there's no luck for it. To me it's a sign of how hard she works.

    "I love you, Bon. Don't know when we'll have time to do this again, but it's real good to be with you." I give her a light kiss on her shoulder, feelin' sleep pour into me.
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    photo 407c34df-d900-4bfc-986f-93006c35f4e9_zpsydjzcb0d.jpg

    It is all so sweet and genuine. Dog makes it easy, helps me through the awkward moments. Honestly I do not think I have smiled so much in a long time. It lightens my heart and fills it at the same time. It is such a wonderful and beautiful thing that I cannot help the small bout of tears that come upon me. Happy ones. In the end I am just where I want to be, with her cradled against me, both of us warm clean, and content.

    I am still gently stroking her skin. Laying in that haze of warm sleepy thought when she speaks.

    I hug her gently.

    “I hope it will be soon.” I answer softly. I kiss her hair and continue,

    “For I love you, too. And I would not miss one moment of being with you for the dry world itself.”

    I feel her drift into sleep, her body still and warm, her breathing even And regular. My own exhaustion is creeping up fast. I close my eyes fixing this moment in my heart.

    “Please…” I whisper, as sleep drags me down, the words more felt against my lips than said. "Just please do not leave."

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    End Scene
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