[UW] Private Conversation [Xuan 1.2]


After he had a whispered conversation with his bodyguard you utilized the general hubub in the entertainment suite for him to join you in your personal quarters.

As you noted, the appearance of impropriety is a delicate thing and could raise a scandal which Nobu would be particularly vulnerable to. When you said slip away was that an expression, or were you careful about who saw you? If the latter, what did you do to escape notice?

Now he stands just inside the door of the room, looking about him. What are your quarters like? The ship’s staff keep things clean, of course

What do you do?


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    Formal dinners are a beast to leave when all are acting in state, but with a sudden declaration to depart, it shouldn't be too difficult to engineer a moment where both my people and Nobu's are departing at the same time. Kohaku is used to managing my exits and entrances. I follow her lead, giving Nobu a significant look at the right moment.

    My quarters are part of Auntie Bai's suite. An external room, where Kohaku assigns someone at all times while I am in residence, opulently appointed to receive polite company, with seating for 8 and full jlingjling service. I don't look, but I expect that Kohaku and Nobu's bodyguard will take up position beside the doors.

    The internal room, where I've brought Nobu, is more austere. A small vanity. A crystal decanter of agua citron. A massive painting of my father and Akio, myself at about six Imperials at their feet, the general's hand on my head. Behind the painting, a concealed passage that leads into Engineering.

    I gesture the First Scion to the only chair. I sit on the bed, pour two glasses of agua citron.

    "What would you say, Sai Nobu, if I told you that there is another way to bring power to the people of the Empire, but only if you are bold and true?"
  • Xuan,

    Nobu gracefully takes the chair you indicate, watching you pour the liqour, his eyes drifting up to the painting that dominates the space. His eyes shift back upon your question.

    “I would say that it seems I should not have been so concerned about expressing radical views to Your Highness, which is at once delightful and concerning. What then is the way you speak of?”

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    For a moment, my mind is filled with dismay at all the precautions I should have taken before speaking further. I let some of this show on my face.

    "I did not search you for a recorder or otherwise vet you before speaking truly, Sai. If I should start regretting that lack of circumspection now, please tell me now. If you are here to genuinely aid the people of the Empire, all of them, not merely those of us with titles and fine Houses, I have someone for you to meet. Someone who can help you start now, here on Mayara.

    Can you ever shake your guard? Be truly discreet? And when the time comes, if you must leave your suites and your riches and your title, can you do it, for the people?

    I know that this is a big ask. I'm prepared to finesse my point.
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    He pauses a moment.

    “First… you needn’t fear betrayal. And I can be truly discrete, if necessary, Highness. My title, riches and suites are but means to serve my people, and I hope the people of the Empire as a whole… if I were convinced of the wisdom and necessity of parting with such potent tools, I could do so, but as of yet I am not.”

    He leans forward in the chair.

    “But I will meet with whomever you will, Highness.”

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    I flutter a hand in dismissal, sip my agua citron. "It may never be that time, but still, we must hold it's possibility in our heads. If we are truly to uplift the people, it is only natural to think that eventually all this will be no longer necessary." I gesture at my fine furnishings.

    I trust Nobu, I think. But I will not tell him of the Rebellion's scope, or what role it has here in Mayara. In part, because I do not know. But Mayara is not the most draconian of Empire worlds, so still, they are hunted here like they are throughout Imperial space. The Mayaran Rebel contact that I have is not a recruiter, xie is a fixer with some sort of emergency craft. But still, they must be able to put Nobu in touch with someone.

    "Go to the scrappers guildhall, whatever conglomerate runs it here. Alone. On the night shift. Ask whoever is working 'Did you hear there's a storm on the way in?' You'll know it's them if they tells you, 'Nothing like the next one coming.' You might have go back a few nights in a row if they aren't working. Then tell them the little hawk sent you. Xie'll figure it out."

    I give him a considering look, as if this engagement might turn out to be something real after all. Not what Akio intended, of course. "And if you have messages for me, honest ones, hopefully they will find a way to get them to me."
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    “I will, Highness, because you wish it.” He sips his drink. “Though to use this contact to relay a message to you… I assumed you would eventually return to Aso. I thought… well to communicate it is only natural for a suitor to write to his beloved.”

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    My cheeks burn. "Honest ones, I said. Ones about what you might learn. Others you may send through official channels."
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    He rises, setting his drink aside and closes to an intimate distance where you get the full effect of those eyes. Taking your hand gently into his warmer one, he raises your knuckles to those beautiful lips and ghosts a kiss across them without breaking eye contact.

    “Since we have met I am thinking, My Lady, that such will be honest in either case. ” He says.

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    "We should come up with a phrase. That you can put into official communiques, to let me know you need help." I take my hand back, breaking the spell. He presumes a bit too much. And I am far too willing to let him.

    I rise, simply expecting that the First Scion will make way, and move to refill my glass, holding it as a distancing prop in front of me. "And you should go soon, the commotion might die down any minute."
  • His mouth quirks at your move to hold him at bay. He gives you what space he can, only caressing with those eyes.

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    “Indeed…” He says in that sensual voice and still not looking away. “perhaps I shall say something like…oh… ‘my heart expires with longing, for together we should know the shores of heaven.’ Is that…” Another quirk of those lips. “…acceptable?”

    Who did you write that poem about?

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    My blood runs cold. I wrote it for Rieva, the previous Captain of my Guard. Akio didn't like me mooning over the help and had her dismissed.

    "Where did you read that poem?" I ask carefully. It had gone from my hands to Rieva, no one else should have seen it. I'm no poet, it was just a frivolous, stupid thing.
  • The smile falls at your cautious reaction, clearly he thought he was teasing.

    He bows, dropping his gaze.

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    Please forgive me if I have given offense, Highness, where I intended to amuse. The poem was included in the data pack they sent us about you. An unusual inclusion…my guard captain suggested I mention it." He looks up at you again, more distant now rather than with the fire of a moment before. “I… found it sincere and charming. You should have, I think, a similar dossier about me, as is customary, and the only the honored dead, and of course my mother, know what she chose to include in it.”

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    It takes a little while for me to unclench my fists, and I know that my expression is far from perfectly composed. "That wasn't for anyone's eyes but hers," I say bitterly. "You should delete it from your records."

    I take a deep breath. "And then you should go, before they get suspicious. You'll hear from me, I'm sure.". The last bit is meant to be mollifying, but I'm sure comes across curt.

    As soon as he leaves, I'm going to get rid of my gown, throw on a wig and leave through the secret passageway. Something strange made Allevard send everyone to their quarters, and I plan to find out exactly what.
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    His expression is carefully composed and smooth. It is a mask you recognize and his eyes are far to expressive. He’s upset. Perhaps that he blundered so badly.

    He bows again. “As you wish. My most profound apologies, your Highness. I will destroy it immediately and can only hope you will forgive my trespass.” He says in a low voice. “I hope we will speak again.”

    After another look, the slightest compression of his lips, he turns and goes.

    You change your clothes. Are they ordinary or are you masquerading as a member of the crew? And where, precisely are you heading?

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    I still my heart to those lips, for now at least. Rieva fills my thoughts.

    I let him leave without acknowledging him further.

    The disguise is a slight but effective one. The Thousand Blessing's uniform over my dark suit. A well-made blonde wig that distracts the eye, is usually the one thing people remember about me. I wipe off the remains of my make-up. Few would have seen me without it.

    Once within the halls, I move purposefully through the ship, looking for the source of all this commotion.

    Utilizing stealth to 'disappear without a trace.' Precise destination is forthcoming.
  • --End Scene--
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