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It's dusk.


The Caravan has set up camp, in a classic circle-the-carts formation, fire and animals in the middle. Sparks is too far to make it, decides Rocco. Flora's doing well with the fishing, and everyone is excited as the smell of roast fish is strong. Asphalt, the garden lady, has added lemons to the cooking and it's a minor miracle. There's a lot of uneasy muttering about the wounds suffered by the group.

Wisher, who disagrees with Rocco? What happened with that pack of dogs?

Isis, what's so bad about travelling at night? What's the Caravan's strength against it?

Deg, who else does Vet know in the Caravan? How's that working out, him coming along on your say-so?

What do you do?


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    Poor Vet.

    Freaked him out. Right the fuck out. Course I did. That's what I do.


    Lucky though. Hasn't asked me to take Louise off yet. Noticed, for sure. Who wouldn't. But he gets it. Not the same under here. Not at all. Nothing left.


    Vet's smart. Hard worker. Talented. Easy to get along with. Not as much since he's been scaving, seems. But the old Vet is still in there. He didn't die in the Long Night like Green. Nothing left.


    Been steering clear of me. A bit at least. Still says hi. We chat. A little. He knows Hawkgirl, turns out. From even before me. When he lived out west a little. She's from there. He's from there. They seem to get along. Good for me. He talks to her. Steers clear of me. Mostly. Still says hi. We chat. A little.

    Because he's got a use it's been okay. He's got fans in the caravan. Rocco seems okay with him. Flora and Fauna told me they think he's cute. He is. Nothing left.


    Half Pint grouses under his breath. Looks at him. Not Half Pint's type. Too pretty. Too talkative. Too free spirited. Half Pint likes no nonsense. Vet is all nonsense. Why I used to like him. Why I stick close to Half Pint now. Nonsense is in the past.

    Vet though. He's got a use.
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    imageI disagree with Rocco, for one... Me and Isis are used to travelling light, and only stopping when we know things are safe. Sometimes that means travelling through the night to find shelter. Sometimes it means finding a cave somewhere and weathering the night. What it doesn't mean, is stopping in the middle of an open field, and setting up camp... Especially when we're this close to Sparks, and especially with wounds to tend to... Isis needs her shoulder fixed, and Doghead looks like a toad, swollen to high hell... I tried to make the case we shouldn't be stopping, since getting doctored up as quickly as possible is key to surviving things like this... Half Pint seemed to agree.

    imageOn a good note, though, the dogs loved the venison jerky... enough that they ran off with it never to be seen again. Well, all but one of them. This big softy that was more interested in my apple. He was bigger than the other dogs, but it looks like he didn't have the heart to fight his way to the top. He might have been a farm dog that ran off with the pack, and got bored with them. He's been following me around, and staring at me whenever I eat... I think he likes me.

    I call him Gruff, because that's the noise he makes whenever I ask him a question. Isn't that right, Gruff?
  • imageI don't like this. Stopping for camp at night...bad things happen at night. For one, everyone goes to bed while I stay awake half the night....damn nightmares. I'd rather keep walking through the night and sleep a lil in the sun. They don't bother me during the day...

    Second, and most importantly, the Wolves come out at night. Some think that's just legend, but I know otherwise. We are a good size group, which would help our odds a bit, but not with so many wounded. The Wolves bring crazy weather with then too. Dense fog...rain storms... sometimes frost and ice.

    I don't consider myself a suspicious person by nature, but something makes me put on the pendant I found in the graveyard. I can't explain it, but it gives me a sense of security. That, and staying near Gruff. Animals know when something is up. He'd probably give us some kind of warning if there was a change in the air.
  • imageI'm sitting by the fire by our tent, tugging on an old belt that Gruff dug out of my bag and utterly destroyed... Tonight doesn't have the same energy as last night, for obvious reasons, so I'm trying to respect the privacy of the group. It's nice to see Isis so close to Gruff. He seems happy to just have people paying attention to him. I try to strike up a conversation while playing tug-of-war... "So where do you want to go after Sparks?"
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    Dog, huh?

    Kind of cool. I like dogs. Loyal. Smart. Cats are better. You can leave cats alone when you need. But Dogs are good too.

    Eyeing the dog. Suddenly embarrassed. Someone probably thinks I want to eat it. Don't. Just like dogs.

    Overhear Wisher. After Sparks. I go where the carts go. No real thoughts on it. None I'd share. I listen. See what Isis says.
  • image"Well...I think we should continue on towards Oru and the temple...like we had talked about before." I respond to Wisher.

    I realize as I say this that people in the caravan will likely think I'm nuts. Why go to the epicentre of evil and risk our lives. But I think our only hope for stopping the Wolves and getting our lives back lies there.

    We'll need to gather some more fighters along the way...I turn to Deg as I know she has been listening...I want to see her reaction. "You should come with us."
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    Hadn't thought of it. Not opposed. Not sure why we go, though.

    "Why's that?"

    Let's hear her out.
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    imageDeg seems curious.

    "You've heard of Oru right? The main hang out for the Wolves? They congregate at the temple there at night. We already know some things about them...but I know they can be killed." I say to Deg.

    I go into our tent and come back with something to show her.

    I hesitate for a second and give Wisher a look that says I hope Deg can be trusted. I hand her two pieces of porcelain with jagged edges. "It's....it's a broken mask from a Wolf. I killed him." I stare at the broken pieces for a few moments and then snap back to it. "I don't have a plan yet, but figure Oru is a good place to start. I think it might hold more key information about the Wolves. You seem like a good person to have around, since you had my back at the graveyard."
  • imageIsis is opening up to people! Yay!

    I let go of the leather belt, to let Gruff occupy himself for a while — at least until we've had this important little conversation. "Can you imagine a world where the wolves don't come? Where people can live their lives without fear? That's the world I wanna live in... When Isis showed me that, I knew I had to go with her. That's the real deal!"
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    Don't believe in the Wolves. Don't think so, at least. Yet they would explain the Long Night. So I pay attention when people talk about them.

    Was a point when I thought I might be a Wolf, before I decided not to believe. I am faceless. So are the Wolves.

    I am not a Wolf.

    Wolves travel in packs. I am alone.

    "Sure. Oru."

    Why not. If that's where folks go, that's where I go. Do my job. Whatever.
  • imageI look between them for a moment, totally blown away by what I'm hearing. "For seriously?" I ask Deg, kind of excited at the prospect of having more people coming along for the ride, "I mean, that's awesome! The more bad-ass people the better, I say!" I look to see if Gruff's still content chewing on the belt, "so have you ever been down that way, Deg?"
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    imageMy brain hurts just a little... "Ok, so do you mean 'no I'm not serious', or 'no, I've never been down there', out both?"

  • imageDeg says she has never been to Oru, but I get the sense she is holding back. She and I have met before, and I think I know her a lil bit at least.
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    Do you feel like this interaction is charged, Isis? Let's see those dice.
  • imageRead a person (clear eyed)

    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 6. Total: 13)
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    Read a person - hold 1 of 3

    Is your character telling the truth?
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    Isis looks at me. Right into my eyes.




    Eyes well up a bit. Sweat beads. Why? Like she saw me. Like she saw me.

    I look away. She saw me. She knows I'm lying. She knows I'm always lying.
  • imageDeg looks uneasy and nervous. I know there is more to the story than she is letting on.

    "Deg, are you alright? You know, it's OK if you've been to Oru before. You can tell us. If we are all going in there together, into a potentially very dangerous situation, we need to trust each other. If you have any info about Oru or the Wolves that could help us out, it would be really good to know." I say to her in a sympathetic and hopeful tone.
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    Don't like talking about Green. Green is dead. Murdered. Killed. Gone. Deceased. Fucked. In the ground.

    "No. I'm fine."

    I keep looking away.
  • imageHmm...maybe this isn't the best time to have this conversation. Deg is obviously upset. I'll have to get her to open up at some point. I wonder if her old friend Vet knows anything...

    "Ok." I say to Deg. I look at Wisher in case he wants to add anything to the convo.

    "Hey Gruff, come here boy" I say as I show him the belt Wisher had. Nothing like watching a dog play to distract from awkward conversation.
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    Read a person - hold 2 of 3

    - how do I get Deg to open up about why she was in Oru and what happened there?
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    Her eyes on me. I can feel it. Why. Why. Why is she looking at me?

    Eyes still welling up. Want to run away. Too obvious. Why does she do this to me? Act calm. Push it away.

    Of course I know. Of course. Because Isis wants to help people. Wants to make things better. I'm the same. I am. I don't say it. That would be admitting it. Say I'm here for the jingle. Say I'm here for a job. I'm here to help. Everyone I help washes one I've hurt away. Every one. Reset the balance. Reset the balance.

    Isis. Want to tell her about Oru. Alone, maybe. If she tells me more. Why me? Why Oru? What does she think she'll find? Who does she think she'll help? Then, maybe.
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    imageThis is getting a bit awkward. "I'm... Gunna go do stuff... Away... You want the tent, Isis?"

  • imagel know Deg has more information to give, but I won't press her for the moment. We still have a ways to go before getting to Oru. Maybe I can get her alone for a private chat when we get to Sparks.

    "I'm going to go take a walk around and check things out." I say to the group. "After that, yes, I'll grab the tent for a bit Wisher."
  • imageI nod, "Ok..." I grab the chewed up leather from Gruff, and whistle for him to pay attention. "C'mon buddy. Let's go cause some mischief." I look to Deg, "What about you? You wanna get a drink or something?"
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    Fuck. Yeah. I do. Mostly want to be not here.

    Fuck. Why'd I say no? Why can't I just...

    "Actually, yeah. A drink. Sounds good."

  • imageI smile wide. "Sweet! Uh... What's there to drink around here, anyway? I got some Cider from the Red Barn. You like cider?"

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    Hey Deg, who in the Caravan supplies booze or drugs or whatever recreational chemicals a body might choose to partake? I bet Asphalt the garden lady can hook you up with something, but it's always organic.
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    Asphalt's got stuff. Tastes like dirt. Don't mind. Want to get drunk though. Her stuff's weak.

    Maybe Comrade. He makes good swill. Real good. Always wants something in return. Cider might work. If Wisher's got it. Or we get Comrade's swill.

    "Cider's okay. Unless Comrade's got stuff."
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    imageComrade, huh? "Let's find out! Wanna come along, Isis?"

  • imageDrinking? Well, I don't often say no to that...I was going to patrol around a bit but I guess there's enough people around to keep an eye out. The night brings bad things.

    Maybe Deg will open up a bit more with some cider in her...

    "Ok...why not." I respond to Wisher.
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    All, it's been a good while now. The fish are bones, much of the camp is sleeping to get ready for the push to Sparks tomorrow. The waning moon is up, gibbous and small but bright. The night is alive with sounds, night birds and squeaks of bats, the buzzing of crickets and gentle humming from the swarms of noseeums. In the distance, you can hear the occasional beastly noise as something hunts something else less fortunate.

    The campfire has settled down to a comfortable low burn, popping and crackling as old plastic or glass or tin bottles are passed around, small noises against the whuffing of the pack beasts sleeping.

    Isis, if you're not on watch, who is? Do you feel safe?
    Wisher, what did Comrade want quid pro quo for some stuff? What did you get?
    Deg, did you invite Vet or Half Pint to this little soiree?

    Also: how drunk are each of you? Did you invite anyone in particular, or was there someone who invited themselves?
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    imageI feel a bit bad not keeping an eye on the perimeter and drinking instead...but the caravan does have their own security members - enough to cover Deg's absense. It seems like Remi never sleeps... always with his rifle at his side. Think he is a bit jumpy like me. He and Rocco are chatting it up with Comrade. There are a few other security types doing the overnight shift that I haven't met yet.

    Drinking mellows me. Takes the edge off, and helps me sleep a bit more. If I drink, more of a chance I won't have nightmares. It doesn't do much else to me though. Not anymore. I've gotten too used to it I guess. I'm more comfortable drinking alone though...
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    imageComrade wanted a blowjob — from me. Now, I'm not opposed to the idea, on occasion, of sleeping with men – or even of trading a little something-something – but I haven't been with a guy in a really long time, and I'm not really feeling what Comrade is laying down. I gave him my ration of fish instead... I can live off of deer one more day to Sparks in exchange for a night of good boozing.

    Not that I need a lot of this stuff to get drunk, though... Holy fapballs this stuff is strong! Gruff decided to invite himself to the party... He spilled over one of my ciders, and drank the whole thing off the ground like a trooper. He's sprawled out across Flora and Fauna, opposite me, basking in the wonderfullness of life, and belly rubs.

    This dog is awesome, by the way. Best. Tag-along. Ever.

    As for me? Sure, my speech is a little slurred, and I'm sidled up next to Isis, occasionally resting against her for support. Isis totally smells like wild-berries under that leather coat of hers... I may be spending a little too much time on her shoulder if I can pick that up over the smell of her leather coat – not that I think the leather smell detracts from her, or anything... It's all "Isis" to me. I'm good for a few more before passing out, presuming something better doesn't come along before then.

    "So do you always wear that mask, Deg?"
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    Tense up. Don't like talking about Louise.



    I glance at Vet. He just wandered over when he saw us. Charming. Talking everyone's ear off. Folks like him. I just want him to leave me alone. I wear the mask because there's nothing left. Nothing.


    Can feel Vet looking at me. First he's hearing of it. Fuck.

    "Uh, yeah. All the time."
  • imageI take another sip of my drink, sniff loudly, and grin wide. "I bet some folks give you a lot of shit for it, but they don't know Deg... They don't know, y'know?" I lean forward, "y're alright. That mask? It's just a mask... Some folks walk around their whole life wearing a mask on their face, and they don't even know it, y'know?" A cold-chill runs down my spine, and I check over my shoulder in case a wolf is there... Force of habit. I shake my head."You know. That mask's just a mask." Not a wolf... "Just a mask."

    "It suits you — the whole mysterious badass, thing."
  • "Yeah, mysterious. The great unknown." That's Vet there, Deg. He's leaning up against a cart, smoking a something something. You see his face when he drags on it and the cherry brightens. He's looking at you, like sad somehow. Like maybe he can't remember something he knows he forgot.

    Wisher, Gruff has wriggled up on the other side of you and plopped his doggy head on your thigh. His eyes are very expressive. The pink tongue comes out just once to flick a drop of cider off a whisker. I'm a very good boy, see me? I like cider. He blinks.

    Isis, you hear Comrade and Rocco yukking it up about some stupid joke, they are making more noise than you'd like. Then Remi's long steps moving off into the brush, probably to take a leak or something. Flora kind of cranes her head; she hears it too, and she's not drunk as much as her sister. Fauna asks, "Deg, could you make me a mask?"

    Isis, your symbol that you keep, the one of your hope, where is it?
  • imageWell, Wisher is going to sleep well tonight. He is already slurring and leaning against me like he might topple over. He gives a lighter mood to the conversation though. He is a good guy. Hasn't had it easy - but then again none of us have.

    Vet has joined us now. I know Deg and Vet know each other...I think she is trying to avoid him though. Maybe I can gather more of a reaction out of her if I go through Vet.

    "So Vet, have you ever been to Oru? That's our main destination" I say pointing to both Wisher and myself. As I wait for his response I keep my eyes on Deg.
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    OOC - read a person

    Hold 3 of 3
    What is [Deg] really feeling [about going to Oru]?
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    The first place I went after the Long Night. I just walked. Didn't know where I was going. Didn't know. Now I do.

    Just there for a little bit. Saw enough.

    I don't think I believe in the Wolves. But something was there. It was there I first put on Louise. Found her. On a dead body. She called out to me. She named me. Deg.

    Louise may want to go back.

    Deg may listen to Louise.

    Green, though.................................

    Green never wants to see Oru again.
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    Vet takes a long draw off his rolled cigarette, and you can indistinctly see the words on the page he used burn. The scent dances over the woodsmoke, something like licorice. He hunkers down closer to the fire, closer to you. "I've been past Oru, long long time ago. Before it got took over. Y'know they used to have a miracle-maker there? The real deal." He holds his hands over the fire, the night gets chilly by the water.

    "Miracles?" asks Flora. "What kind of miracles?" asks Flora. The two sisters are taking turns braiding each other's hair and drinking. Not too much, since the braids keep coming out perfect.

    "Better miracles than Sparks, that's for sure. Voices from the sky, talking to the dead. Things they can't do just with elec an' the old tech." Vet smiles at the girls, and they smile back. "Why do you want to go to such a hellish place, Isis?" He glances at Deg, almost without realizing.
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    Love to know that too. Nothing there. Nothing worth seeing.

    I listen, trying not to look too interested.
  • image"Well, as I was telling Deg earlier, I believe Oru holds the key to getting rid of the Wolves once and for all. We know that's where they congregate, specifically at the temple in the centre of town, and I know that Wolves can be killed." I say to Vet.

    "I know it's risky and very dangerous...but I'm willing to take that risk as I'm tired of living in fear and I think most people feel the same. I want a future where we aren't afraid to be on the road at night. Where we can gain some control again and start rebuilding our society. Take it back from the Wolves." I say looking at Wisher. He has been haunted the most and deserves some peace.

    "I don't know all the details of how we are going to get rid of the Wolves, but I figure Oru is the best place to start. I wouldn't ask just anyone to come with us. You have to be able to hold your own and be ruthless when you need to be. That's why we asked Deg to come along. Unless she changes her mind." I say, looking for reasurrance from Deg.

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  • imageDeg's quiet. Why's Deg so quiet all the time? I take another sip of my drink, and look up at Isis as she talks about the Wolves, and standing up to them. There are legends about the wolves that every village tells. They're all different in a lot of ways – they're as big as a house, with blood-drenched claws, and breath as foul as a rotting corpse, and you should leave them offerings to appease them, or that they're ghostly omens that appear to you just before tragedy, and you should count yourself lucky if a wolf shows itself to you – and all the same, in some respects... The one thing they all have in common though: whenever you see one, something bad is about to happen.

    Isis knows my version of it. She knows they're after me. She knows, and she's still travelling with me, protecting me from them when they come, and spreading her message of hope against them. I smile when Isis looks at me. She's a beautiful person, inside and out — strong, and caring.

    ... I'm totally in love with her...
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    Isis. She means well. I like her. Look at her. Don't want to go back. Something weird at Oru. But she's right. I can help. Louise can help. We'll be of use.



    "Yeah. Mean, I said I'd come. Keep my word."
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    "She keeps her word." pipes up Vet.

    Deg, did you? What's he talking about?

    Fauna shudders. "I don't like Oru,"she looks like she might cry. Flora hugs her tight. "Shh, we're not going to Oru." She frowns in your direction, Isis.

    What do you do?
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    Deg take an XP for agreeing to come to Oru

  • imagePeople don't like talking about Oru. It freaks people out. The twins' reaction is pretty common. I don't blame them. I wish I didn't have to go there myself, but I know it has to be done.

    I think this is enough social interaction for me for a while. I don't want to make more people uncomfortable. "Don't worry Fauna, I would never force anyone to go to Oru with us." I say with a faint smile. I can't expect miracles. At least we have Deg so far.

    I nudge Wisher who is still leaning on me - "Hey, I'm going to turn in for the night. We have to get an early start in the morning. You should probably get some rest or you'll have a hard time on the road tomorrow. You take the tent, I'll sleep under the stars."
  • imageI sit up, and pretend not to be too drunk... "You don't wanna sleep in the tent?" I almost spit out "with me", but I'm worried she may balk at that... "It's kinda warm out tonight, I guess. Can I join you?"
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    I flinch. Vet's words. Get lost in thought.

    Before we lived at the Colony, Vet and Green spent some time traveling around. We found a place where I was happy. A tiny little community on the outskirts of a forest. I can't even recall the name of it now, thinking about it. Maybe it didn't have a name? Either way, I was happy there, but Vet was restless. There was a man there, named... Callback. That's right. Callback didn't much care for Vet. Not sure why. Claimed Vet stole something from him, but I truly doubt that. Not Vet's style, and Callback seemed like a bully. Vet and Callback got in a fight. Vet was worried for his safety. I told him we could deal. We could make peace. I wanted to stay in that little place. Vet said he was leaving, regardless of what I did. I told him I'd follow him where he went. He didn't believe me and just took off in the middle of the night. When he woke up, the next day, I was there, next to him, at his camp. We never brought it up again. He never questioned me like that again. We made it to the Colony and began our life there.

    Damn. Forgot about that. Must mean that time. Green was trustworthy. Guess Deg is too, I suppose.
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    Vet watches Wisher and Isis, a half smirk hidden in his beard and covered with smoke. He looks at Flora, then over to where Remi is rustling about, taking a dump.

    "What's the sleeping arrangements like? Seems more cozy than with the scavs." He's looking at you, Deg. Not blinking. Ready to be hurt. He doesn't want to flinch.
  • image




    Taken too long to answer.


    What to say? I'd welcome his warmth? Sure. But no. Not... like I am now. With nothing left. He can't see me like this. He'll want to, and he can't. He can't.



    One moment. Feeling like... Green again. For a moment. May be nice. May be. Maybe not.

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    Louise, help

    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 1, 6. Total: 7)
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    imageI don't mind the company. I like star gazing and so does Wisher. I'm sure he'd like to do more than stargaze, but that's not in my plan. Don't get me wrong - he is a great guy and nice to look at, but I can't get involved. At least not now. Last time I was involved with someone it ended....poorly. Don't want to think about that now. Have to focus on getting to Oru.

    "Sure. I'll grab our sleep sacks, you find a comfy spot on the grass" I say offering a hand to help Wisher up.
  • imageI take Isis' hand, and realize just how drunk I am... Pretty fuckin' drunk... Pretty like her. I smile. "Soun's good, beautiful!"

    I look over to Deg, "Thanks for the booze an' the company! You should talk more offen... You say good stuff."
  • image

    Deg, my dear, you always need my help.

    Fuck him. His pain will be sweeter.

    He can't see you without me.

    Don't kill him tonight.

    Bring him to Oru.

    I love you.
  • image
    My blood goes cold.

    Yes. Of course, Louise.

    Turn to Vet. Nervous. Stomach in knots.

    "Um, I sleep in horse."

    Gesture with my head. Follow me. He'll get it.
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    Deg, you hear him start, a intaken breath that takes a sec to leave. You can practically see Flora looking moon-eyed at Vet's butt and Fauna looking surprised as Vet walks about the fire and follows you. "A horse...? Um, sure..." but he follows. His feet swish and crunch through the long grass as he catches up to you.

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