[Serene] Getting Vetted [Deg 1.2]


Good old horse.

I wonder if Half Pint is asleep? You hear some music coming from the up-front part. Do you recognize the tune? Vet is clearly amused as he looks up at the old girl, he has that same smirk on, but this time it's kinder, more familiar to you. Like the old Vet would be with Green.

Deg, what was it like last time you bedded someone? Or are you holding a torch for this man?

He's about to ask you a question, maybe touch you.

What do you do?


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    Long time. Want to. Don't. Cause of Louise. Cause of... what's under her. Too many risks. Someone might see. See the nothing.

    Vet touches me. Stomach ties in knots. Sweating. Hands clammy. Eyes filling with tears. Louise told me to. She told me to.


    I want to. I do. I miss... being human. Real. I miss Vet. I guess. On some level. His touch is. Nice. I guess. How to do this with Louise? She can't come off. He can't see me.

    If he sees me.

    He'll know that Green.

    Is dead.

    Lips curl into a frown under Louise. Going to cry. I know it.

    Back of my head. Some thought. Maybe Vet's alive. If Vet's alive. Green is alive in his memory. Not mine. His. This is going to kill that. Too much. I want to. Louise wants me to. So scared.

    Turn my head away. Let him kiss my temple. My ear.

    Nothing left.

  • Deg, Vet is holding you, or he's trying to. It's so achingly familiar, the particular set of his arms around you, the weird little smell of his sweat, the way you two line up... but it's somehow wrong. You're tense, right? Vet's not a total asshole, but you can tell he's starting to get excited, I mean besides the heartbeat and the dilated pupils, of course. You can feel him, all solid and manly, pressing against you.

    He does kiss your temple, your ear, but it's soft and dry like an old plush animal with no life. He pulls back to look at you, and you see his commanding eyes searching yours. "Is everything okay, Gr— Deg?" He looks down, shaking his head with frustration. "What do I even call you? What's happened to you?" He wants to kiss you, Deg. He has one hand caressing your cheekbone, to cradle you head. He's touching Louise.

    How could you kiss with Louise?

    What do you do?
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    Just be honest. Firm.

    "Deg. Call me Deg. Mask stays on. Don't ask. We go in horse. Take my pants off. Take your pants off. We fuck. That's it. No kissing. Work for you?"


    Put it out there. Only way.
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    Come on, Vet. Listen. Do it.
    (Rolled: 2d6-1. Rolls: 4, 6. Total: 9)
  • Deg, you see his brain turn off as he's ready to get laid. Men, they're all the same, amirite? Wave some pussy at 'em and they'll follow you around. Regardless, you climb up into Horse, Vet on your heels.

    What's the inside of horse look like, Deg? What do you keep here that's actually important to you?

    He's ready, by the by. He's pulling down your pants like a man possessed, but tender still. He doesn't want to hurt you in his eagerness. But damn, is he eager. There's a shy grin behind the beard. You remember how it can tickle your thighs. "I know you said no kissing, but... I figure it's not kissing if you don't kiss back." He's got one leg out your pants and is licking his lips as he gazes at you, spread and ready. He's shrugging out of his heavy cargo vest so he can go down on you.

    What do you do?
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    I lean back. Look around. A few blankets down. Put my head on the pillow. My bag, leaning against wall of the...

    My bag.


    He can't know.

    He can't know I have one of his marionettes in there.

    Distract him. Easy.

    Other leg out of my pants. Wrap one leg around his back. Grab his head. Push him into me.

    His beard tickles. I almost laugh.


    I remember the last time we were like this. That time I did laugh. Green laughed. Deg, not so much. Then, just as now, I felt his tongue move up and down me, go deep inside me. Then, though, there was no ulterior motive. No wanting to keep him quiet, or happy, or distracted, or complacent. It was just he and I, enjoying each other's bodies, loving each other, tasting each other's sweat and feeling each other's warmth.

    That... that was nice.

    This. This is nice too. I guess.

    But different.

    Not the first time since then. But. Not often. How to explain this. To him. What we are now. What I am now. Don't worry about it. Fuck him until he can't think. Then don't need to.

    Breath comes sharply. This is nice. Hand over my mouth. Keep Louise in place. Push him back with my feet. Onto his back. Move towards him. Take his pants off. He's ready. Climb on top of him. Hold him down with my hands.

    Eye contact.

    Eye contact.

    My chest moves up and down.

    Eye contact.

    I close my eyes.
  • It's easy, Deg. All you have to do is string this man along and he'll follow you. He loves Green still, you know. Does he love Deg? Will he? Can he?

    He feels good, but maybe it's a little distant for you? You can't have Louise fall off in the middle. All that keeps her in place is a simple knot, right? Not even gravity.

    Vet doesn't last long under you, and he cries out, "Oh my God, Greeeeeen!" when he comes, arching his back and pushing up into you, deep. He might not be ready to go again, because he limps out, stunned and happy. He twitches with the aftershocks, moving his hips just so. He might go to sleep, if you let him.

    Do you ever worry about babies, Deg?

    Why not fire that sex move, too.
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    Done. Good. Pull pants back on. Fake going to sleep. Vet usually falls asleep after.


    Do the math in my head. Bleeding ended... just a day or two ago. Good. Probably okay. That was careless. Should have thought of that before. Got carried away. Won't happen again.

    Wait until Vet falls asleep.

    Roll over. Look at him.

    Look at him.

    Nothing left.
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