[ISS] Ashlee Rai, the Fury

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Hot -1, Cold -1, Volatile 2, Dark 1

● ● ● ● ○

Ashlee sometimes seems to be trying to be fashionable but seldom hits the right notes. She sometimes goes too far, and other times can't seem to be bothered. She’s a petite young woman, a little too slim for most to consider her really pretty.

Resentful eyes hide behind glasses that it's not clear that she actually needs. Ashlee often wears a touch of color around the eyes, too little or too much depending on her mood.

Isolated from early age when her unusual psyche manifested, Ashlee was given up by her parents to the experimental medicine (experimental psycho-physiology, technically) unit of the ship as a subject. Her older brother Mason was the only one who seemed to care, and often visited her with secret gifts of sweets and comfort. Eventually he stopped coming, not long before the whole unit began to fall apart. With all the fighting and sickness a small group of unusual children don’t have much priority. The supervisors and doctors all died or were reassigned anyway, and pretty much nobody is left to remember that Ashlee was ever one of "them".

Was known as subject A011 in the lab.

● Futile Hope
Whenever someone acts kind or accepting toward you, you each take a string on the other, and you get the condition Hopeful (which replaces Betrayed if you have it). If someone you trust betrays or hurts you while you are Hopeful, lose all strings on them, replace Hopeful with Betrayed, and roll Dark. On a 10 up, trigger your Darkest Self. On a 7-9, choose one:
─ Give them one more string on you
─ Take 1 harm from psychic feedback
─ Trigger your Darkest Self
When you are your Darkest Self, your Fury moves are amplified. You can affect groups of victims in the immediate area, and your destructive powers can affect large structures like buildings.

● Poltergeist
When you lash out physically using telekinesis instead of physical attacks, your victim must hold steady before attempting to run away. If you are Betrayed, do 1 extra harm when you lash out physically.
● Push
You can roll Volatile instead of Hot to turn someone on by using empathic projection to fuck with their head. On a 10 up, in addition to giving you a string, they must follow one short-term command of your choice. On a 7-9 also give yourself the condition Creepy. If you are Betrayed, also give them the condition Enthralled.
● Scanners
Roll Dark to invade someone else's mind. On a 10 up, take a string on them, and they must honestly answer one question. On a 7-9, take a string on them and choose one:
─ They take a string on you
─ Give yourself the condition Creepy
─ You each take 1 harm
On a 6 or less, they must answer one question with a plausible lie and you must believe it. If you are Betrayed, do 1 harm to them in addition to any other results.

○ Firestarter
Roll Volatile to summon jets of flame, unleash destructive telekinetic blasts, instantly freeze the air, or otherwise psychically attack your tormentors. On a 10 up, do 2 harm and give your victim an appropriate condition (Burned, Frostbitten, Concussed, etc). On a 7-9, do 1 harm, give them an appropriate condition, and choose one:
─ Give yourself the same condition
─ Take 1 harm
─ Trigger your Darkest Self
If you are Betrayed, you may also carry 1 forward against them.

○ The Eye
When you gaze into the abyss, add 1 to your Dark roll. On a 10 up you can choose all three options. If you are Betrayed and roll 10 up, also mark experience. If you are Betrayed and roll 7-9, choose one of the 10 up options instead of one of the 7-9 options.
○ The Shining
Roll Dark instead of Hot or Cold to manipulate an NPC or shut someone down via telepathy instead of speech. If you are Betrayed, add 1 to your Dark roll and give them the condition Headache.


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    I have a secret crush on Mark. Those cheekbones! Take a string on them.
    Ourania has been bullying me. Give them a string on you.
    Tabitha was kind to you once, well. At least consistently not an ass hole. Give them two strings on you.

    Ourania has my brother Masons' game ball from the year he won the big game in speedball (or whatever) He gave it to me to hold on to years ago when I was in solitary.

    Harm suffered:
    ● 1-harm Backhanded by Corporal Rys
    ● 1-harm from backlash of Scanners move on Corporal Eff

    Hopeful - That Mark is interested in me.
    Betrayed - Mark slept with Nadja in my bed after showing me acceptance.
    Hopeful - That Lucas accepts me as a friend.
    Creepy - Used my push move on corporal Rys.

    Lucas: 1 (He made me hopeful that we could be friends)
    Corporal Eff: Used Scanners on her.
    Mi Sun: Triggered hopeful
  • Reserved
  • Things from my past:

    Back in the lab I was subject to a test called the "Auditory Interference Test" which basically means they strap me down with ceaseless annoying, painful and disorienting audio recordings piped through headphones to test how long I could go without losing my sh*t. Mostly music passed through a filter to make it discordant or nauseating, or too loud in the high range or low. T-Crush was on the playlist. Their music is literally torture to me.
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    Speedball terms:

    Locks, strikers

    If you can communicate with the Hawks and give them direction, you can give them a +1 Ongoing with Lock Down plays. If they take advantage of your help, they roll, and you choose options if you want.

    Team Power, they're formidable, their bench players might be starters in a weaker pod... Maybe even ours. They have a system of turnover that keeps the team strong and their coach is widely regarded as the best on board, one of the better players to come out of the shipboard league... of course that was before the plague. It's no stretch of the imagination to assume that someone up in command has them "sponsored" and sees that pod eight gets what they need.

    I tap-tap around a bit to look up game highlights. I clock Gen Yu's amazing speed up the flank, the way Gams is always resting a foot on the goal marker when the ball is at mid court... even takes eyes off the ball to check, I have to wonder why. Pellit is the rookie but already smashing his successor's records and his shots on goal look devastating, but he telegraphs the break of the shot by tilting his head to that side... yeah. Every time. I smile a little wicked grin and congratulate myself for noticing this little detail.

    Then there's Ezekiel, the calm one... obviously the one calling the plays and I can't figure out his signs. If I could get into their practice, maybe... yeah. Then I could figure him out. I wonder...


    "You need to watch. Each one of them. They're coordinated..and Gen Yu is drokking fast." I make the 'eyes on you' motion with one hand. "Plus, with Zola doing her thing. They'll play aggressive."
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