[AJAX] Campaign brainstorming

Here's a thread to jot down ideas.


  • Prometheus- The Secret Society existing since The Trojan War. It's good traditions are Ancient Lore and Magical Items and its negative tradition says that it's highly factionalized.
  • Are we still an off shot of the fbi?
  • I don't think the specific government agency is terribly important, but my thoughts would be that project Achilles was a DoD Blackops thing, but since being retructured into Operation Ajax we're probably indirectly fbi or secret service. Sorry I g with domestic authority
  • I think I might like secret service more than fbi now that you mention it.

    How's this sound, the Prometheus Society was co-opted by the government during ww2 as a response to to Intel that Germany was researching occult warfare.

  • Bruce, seems like your character was born into the Society, Chris was one of your experiments, and I was just introduced to them in the last few years as part of working with the secret service.
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