[DVFP] Motley the Chopper

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Motley, The Chopper

Look: Man, Combat biker wear, Rugged face, Narrow eyes, Sturdy body



Chopper Special
If you and another character have sex, they immediately change their sheet to say Hx+3 with you. they also choose whether to give you -1 or +1 to your Hx with them, on your sheet

Pack alpha: when you try to impose your will on your gang, roll+hard. On a 10+, all 3.
On a 7–9, choose 1:
• They do what you want (otherwise, they refuse)
• They don’t fight back over it (otherwise, they do fight back)
• You don’t have to make an example of one of them (otherwise, you must)
On a miss, someone in your gang makes a bid, idle or serious, to replace you for alpha

Fucking thieves: when you have your gang search their pockets and saddlebags for something, roll+hard. It has to be something small enough to fit.
On a 10+, one of you happens to have just the thing, or close enough.
On a 7–9, one of you happens to have something pretty close, unless what you’re looking for is hi-tech, in which case no dice.
On a miss, one of you used to have just the thing, but it turns out that some asswipe stole it from you

My Bike: Priscilla
Strengths...Rugged, Aggressive
Battle option...(handling+1)

  • magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
  • machete (3-harm hand messy)
    oddments worth 2-barter
  • fashion suitable to your look, worth
    1-armor or 2-armor (you detail)
1 month of access through Ziggy's road block (cost 1 barter & having to teach a lesson to Dokken) - cost was too high - there will need to be repercussions to Ziggy for the cost.
1 barter (from ziggy's place
? barter from massacre at roadblock


His Crue

15 violent bastards with scavenged and makeshift weapons and armor, and no fucking discipline at all (3-harm gang small savage 2-armor).
+Mobile +well armed +well armored
-Vulnerable : breakdown

chose a new option for your gang (+well armored)

'Vinegar' June Weaver, the Brainer
Cinch the Driver (+1)
Esco the Maestro'd. (-1)
Gigg the Faceless(+2) (reset 1)
Sierra the Skinner (+3)
  • Which one of you used to ride with my gang?
    Cinch rode with us for a short time. After a very serious stuff, she decided to move on shortly after that. Don't know if the two things are connected.

  • Which one of you figures that you could take me in a fight, if it came to it? For that character, write Hx+2.
  • Which one of you once stood up to me, gang and all?
    One night my crue were being a bit crude with the girls, Sierra stood up to them. She did NOT back down. It was impressive. I have got to get to know her a bit more.
For everyone else, write Hx-1. You don’t really care much about, y’know, people.


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    Motley... you're a pretty mother cooker, arencha? But you've got a -1 Hot. Do you suck at Manipulating and Seducing people, or is it just that things go up in smoke when you try to convince folks nicely?

    How did you get this crue? Did you build them up or take them over?
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    I ain't one of those golden tongue mother fuggers. I'm honest with my crue. I tell them the truth as I understand it. We are all humped here so I ain't gonna cook it up more. Don't get me wrong if you try to fug things up I will put you down like the Chum you are.

    All of my crue are lifers like me and most of 'em are orphans as well. This life is all we've known. So we have an understanding...do it the way I say it or you will get an early release. Most of my crue have just wandered in and attached themselves to the lot. If they fall in line I don't mind it, those who start acting a chum get a special one-on-one adjustment meeting with me.

    I tried actually recruiting in the past and it didn't go so well. Most of the "interviews" ended up in a fight or dead. I don't do that anymore.
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    Motley's Crue :
    (presented as journal entries by Motley)

    Stryper Early Release
    Fug it! We lost fugging Stryper today. Cinch, Stryper, and me were humped by some chum raiders aiming to get an easy score. We schooled them on the hazards of that. Of course that was the time our bikes choose to blaze out. I thought we were humped for sure, I mean sign your papers, early release get your final meal done! But that mother fugger Stryper went full scrotum and taught those raiders the hard lesson. If it weren't for his ferocity Cinch and I would not have made it out. Sadly Stryper did not. I will not forget him. I am going to find someone to add his name to the grave-ink on my back so he is never forgotten.

    Guns & Rose : "The Welcome Committee"
    Guns can be a mean Son of a Chum, especially when Rose is not around.
    He is more vindictive and petty, sometimes even aggressive. He is Chum in the head I think, maybe one too many falls from the bike. I was about to boot him from the Crue before Rose showed up. When she is around he behaves himself. I don't know how she does it but she keeps him in line, sometimes a smack to the head but it works when she does it.
    He operates the weapons from the sidecar when we hit the roads. He is a good shot and very protective of Rose.

    Rose drives the bike. She is a demon behind the bars of that bike. See people look at her and see a girl who has a bit of muscle but is generally weak and easy to take advantage. But honestly, she just has to start staring at you and you are likely to fugging piss your chaps. Its that cold calculating stare that lets you know she's not going to punch your ticket, not because she can't but because its not the right time...yet. See its that YET that sends chills down my spine. I am humping glad she is in my crue and not on the outside.

    : Our mobile mechanic
    Wow that man can work magic with a machine. He aint fugging worth his weight in a fight but he seems to be able to fix nearly any humped up engine. He is also calm as he does it. But don't Fugging bother him while he is working or he will lose his calm.
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    Dokken :
    Blazes, he can be a bit of a chum. Always trying out do Twisted Sis with everything. Not really sure if he is sweet on 'Sis or something else. He also seems to muck things up, we get a good laugh at him often. He does pull his weight around here or I would have fugging booted his ass. When it comes to luck he is humped most times.
    (added)But he is fiercely loyal. If he didn't act with a chip on his shoulder he could turn out to be a decent leader.

    Twisted Sister : ('Sis) Sergant-at-arms Early Release in battle with Ziggy's gang - Preen will pay for this
    'Sis is a tough fugger. She is mean in the arena and some one I trust my life with. She knows how to fugging fight. She has the ability to "read" an opponent. She knows the ebb and flow of a fight and can anticipate how things are going in a fight before I am even aware of what is developing. I doubt i would ever be able to take her in a fight and she knows it, but she aint interested in being alpha. That is why we get along so well.

    Vixen :

    Tesla :

    JB Jovi :
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