[DVFP] Cinch the Driver

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Stazie “Cinch” The Driver

Cool+2 Hard=0 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-1

Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
Oddments worth 2-barter
Long coat, Leather shirt, boots, jeans, couple of t-shirts and tank tops, chromed goggles, leather driving gloves, kevlar lined helmet.

XP: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Woman, casual wear, pretty face, cool eyes, thin body.

image Combat driver:
image Eye on the door:
image Weather eye:
image Reputation:
image Daredevil:
image Collector:
image My other car is a tank:

Gigg the Faceless +1 (I saw his face)
Motley the Chopper +2 We've been through some serious shit.
The last time you road with the crue? A few of us road out to take care of someone hassling a shop we had an alliance with. Unfortunately there were more there then we were told and they ambushed us. Out bike pick that time to belly up and we were humped. We had to fight our way out on foot. You and I were the only ones who made it out safe. That was the day we lost Stryper! ... sound good? Or something else?
June Vinegar the Brainer +3 We've spent time on the road together
Esco the Maestro'D +0
Sierra the Skinner +1 I've caught her staring off into the distance. Reset to +1 end session 1.


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    Road war moves Pp. 176

    Is a former fps escort cruiser, custom and run through the gauntlet. Logos been sprayed over but there's no mistaking it. If you ask her how she got it, she just smiles her wickedly playful little smile and lets your imagination come up with an answer.


    Massive=2 Speed+2 Handling+0 Armor+2
    It's a Coupe. 2-Door pursuit cruiser. modified.
    Strengths: Fast, rugged, Hi-tech.
    Looks: Sleek, powerful
    Weakness: Cramped, Picky
    Battle options: +2speed

    This vehicle is a tank:
    Additional battle options +2 armor.

    Massive=1 Speed+0 Handling+1 Armor+0
    It's a bike. Classic vintage road bike.
    Strengths: Aggressive, Easily Repaired
    Looks: Vintage
    Weakness: Rabbity
    Battle options: +1handling

    Is a pickup, offroad tires.
    Massive=2 Speed+0 Handling+1 Armor+1
    Strengths: Rugged, Off-Road
    Looks: Muscular
    Weakness: Loud

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    I pull out a small pocketbook from my jacket, and a pen, and write out a small note in my high, sharp and frankly, difficult professorial script. Sorry, Cinch.
    Juju moved data, gobs of it. Ridiculous. UF has a cybo-doc. Where from and where to? Why? To whom is this allowed?
    I rip out the page, fold it up tight and quick and flick it towards her with two fingers. "Open that somewhere in the stretch. Or read it in the dark with a red light. If you find anything at all about that, know I'm deeply interested."
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    So, Cinch, you burned through all your stash from "the outside" inside a week. What do you blow it all on? Stocking up? Getting wasted? Did somebody swindle you?

    How's your relationship with The Fat Man's people? Do you work in and around Truk Stop and The Depot?
  • [CINCH]

    Yeah, not proud, shit was tough in those first days, after the adrenaline burned off and I just had to you know, live. Overspent on my first tank, got ripped off at the trader's tent by some scamming kids, bought a few too many rounds at the bar... and yeah... I got the shit kicked out of me a time or two. Nothing that scars, though... almost enjoyed the first time. Until after. You learn fast though. Or you don't live.


    Fat man's people are all right, mostly, but the upper levels still don't quite get me. Example... like Fat Man has decided, I guess, not to trust me alone in his presence. Guy's always on edge when I'm local. Like I'm gonna pull something. But I'm welcome in town. I just keep it low when he's around.

    Most of my biz is running back and forth between the stop and the depot and wherever else the hell you need your shit taken. Gotta eat, right?

    You can find me at the bar sometimes buying a round after a good run, but like as not I hang with the grease monkeys at the garage or the fuel depot at the Stop. Bring them something special whenever I can spare it, you know I like to keep them happy and they keep me running.
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