[DVFP] Session One Highlights and Lifestyle


At the beginning of the session, choose one of the characters with the highest Hx on your sheet. Ask that player
which of your stats is most interesting, and highlight it. The MC will have you highlight a second stat too.

At the beginning of the session, spend 1- or 2-barter for your lifestyle. If you can’t or won’t, tell the MC and answer her questions. If you need jingle during a session, tell the MC you’d like to work a gig.


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    Sierra has the highest HX with Motley.

    I have a oddment worth 2 is it possible that I "trade it in" and get 1 barter back?
    If so then I will do that (spend 1 barter on lifestyle.) trading in half of the booze we have collected. And start considering some gigs that are available.
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    Highest Hx with me's got to be Cinch.

    I'll be spending 2 Barter on my lifestyle. Hard to keep my personal hovel the way I like it without partin' with some scratch. Plants are picky in this climate.
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    @June: How about weird to start. Let's see what makes you tick.
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    Cinch will pay 1-barter for lifestyle. Not too fancy.
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    My highest HX is with Cinch.

    Sierra pays 1 barter for her lifestyle. She doesn't own anything except what she came here with and is just renting a room and the necessary things to keep her off the ledge. (This possibly goes straight into @scott‌'s pockets? Not sure how this works)

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    "Mot, be a good boy and highlight me a stat, would you then?"
    I'll pay my 2-barter for the luxury of my big fancy room, and private office.
  • @Adam‌
    Let's go with Hot for now. :-)
  • Right on!
  • Esco has the highest Hx with Gigg

    Is is possible to spend no barter for lifestyle? As indicated in-chat, I'm picturing Gigg as living in the junkyard outside of and near The Depot. Just whatever homeless makeshift shelter he can muster. Thoughts?
  • Be hard, Gigg. Hard as hell.
  • Gigg will spend 1-barter for the minimalist of lifestyles
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    MC Highlights:
    Cinch, be Hot, too
    Esco, let's see you Sharp
    Gigg, I need to see some people talking, so do Hot.
    June, I want you be Sharp, too
    Motley, be Hard (since you're already "hot" out in the sun, hah hah)
    Sierra, stay Cool, young lady
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