[DVFP] Sunrises (C 1.3, S 1.4)


Cinch and Sierra,

You didn't end up watching the sunset together. In fact, neither of you showed up last night at the appointed place and time. Why did you miss this appointment, Sierra? Cinch what kept you from showing?

This spot, up here on top of The Irons, not only has a great view of Death Valley, looking down the mountain range and across the highway that runs off to Bordertown East, but you can see the road leading up to The Irons. there's a lookout posted not far from here. Does he know you are here?

You met at sunrise, and haven't left the spot for a couple hours. What are you doing here now?

Below you was the roadblock Ziggy's crew set up just after sunrise. Moments ago you witnessed Motley's crue and Gigg make their way through. Without fighting. do you have the vantage point to make out faces from way up here, or was there some other way you recognized them?


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    I had meant to take a nap, just a short hour or so and then come up and meet Cinch. I even set Artemis to wake me, having a cyborg owl as a pet can sometimes be a benefit, but I slept right through the screeching. My neighbors couldn't have been too pleased.

    I was exhausted last night. Yesterday was, maybe with the exception of the day I ran, probably beats that even, the most I've ever communicated with other people. Not to mention the other stuff...

    Flashes of blood on floors, on bodies, on Fleece's gloves flash quickly before my eyes, blending with the red orange of the sunrise.

    That stuff will take a while to forget, if I can ever forget.

    I felt terrible missing my date with Cinch, so I climbed up early this morning, hoping to run into her. Turns out she had the same idea. Sometimes it feels like Cinch and I just fit. No words needed, just understand a part of one another, by recognizing it in ourselves.

    We said our apologies and sat in silence for a while. I can't tell if the watch out knows we are here. Cinch may know, I found my way to the Irons and didn't explore much else in the DVFP.

    We watch as Ziggy sets up and Motley drives through. Ziggy is an idiot, I think darkly, not only for setting up the barricade, but then for giving us a crue like Motely's. I wasn't sure it was Motley's at first, but then I saw 'Gold's hair and Sis' figure and that was enough of a tip off until they got closer to confirm.

    I didn't like the crue at first, but they turned out alright. Mot's a good guy. There are actually a surprising amount of decent people in this hellhole of a prison. Makes you wonder who the real criminals are...

    I should get down to Diamond, I think, as I watch the crue roll in. Esco and I still need to talk and something about Mot hearing what happened twists my stomach up in knots.

    I lie back and look at Cinch, "Did Esco fill you in?"
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    "Yeah," I answer, the question breaking the silence we seem to usually share. Stay seated for the moment as she lays back beside me. I've been carefully watching the movements of Ziggy's people at the roadblock, chances are I'm going to have to run it sometime soon. Wonder what Motley said to get through without a scrap... may be simple as that. I wouldn't want to fight the Crue either.

    Well, I was late cause... that drink with Esco turned into two, and then three. Then Rufe showed up, messed up arm slung tight, and wanting to make a good impression she started into cleaning and she asked me, couple-three whiskey's in my gut to keep an eye on Winkle for her... so I took the kid for a walk.

    I showed him what there is to know about the Irons... feeling all self-conscious walking around with a kid holding my hand for all to see we checked on my car, I took a little time scrubbing the blood from my seats while Winkle sat behind the wheel. The hours got away from me...

    I toss a pebble off the edge and watch it fall as far as my eyes can track it. Feels like I should say something... not super with condolences. "Reese'll look bad-ass with a gnarly chromed-out leg," I smile and glance at her and see the lookout out of the corner of my eye. Pretty sure he knows we're out here, and also sure he's fine with that.
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    I listen to the pebble fall, count the bounces, and meet Cinch's gaze. "Pretty sure none of the ladies will mind, he'll still be as handsome as ever." I pet Artemis, who is cooing after nestling into my side. "Thanks again, Cinch. I don't know what I would've done if I had Reese's blood on my hands."
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    If she could see my face as she talks she'd see a little confusion. I thought Sierra had... feelings for Reese herself. Maybe it's not like that. But is she blaming herself?

    "What?" I finally turn to face her. "Reese's crew got slammed by raiders vulchin' for creds... that ain't on you, I wish... just wish I coulda..." I was too late... and there's not much anyone can do about it at this point, right? "But..." just a soft sigh and a little smile. Glad he's all right.... probably doesn't need to be said.

    I lay down on my back near her and gaze up at the sky... the sky by night is brilliant here in DVFP. And dawn comes on fast, blazing pink and orange over everything. One of the few things that's better here... the sky.
  • I watch Cinch lay down beside me and turn to watch her watch the stars slowly fade from the sky. Her face is next to mine, her body lying in the other direction, we fit together like two teeth in a zipper.

    "I... it's complicated. Zig was under orders from someone on the outside to make my life rough. Paid her a fair amount of jingle for it too." I breathe out, the cameras probably aren't looking at me right now. Watching two people stare off can't be more boring. "She, this person that is, she knew Reese was sweet on me. So, she..."

    I sigh, frack I sound like a total floop. Like the world revolves around me. "Ziggy was always comin, not saying that, but Reese was meant to be personal."
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    Not going to interrupt, but it doesn't feel right. Sierra knows... hundred percent she knows about DVFP, what it is... what's behind the scenes. She hasn't had her memory spilled like most... that might be even more cruel. Some day, when we're both ready, we can talk about that.

    "It was a smash and grab, it happens," way too often on the road, where belonging to this hold or that, loyalty and the protection that oughta come with it are miles away.

    Doesn't feel like I'm going to convince her, so I let that drop... no. I don't.

    "I don't know what you did to get someone..." out there, I want to say but I don't, "someone on your case but... whatever reason things are what they are... I'm here for you. Whatever you need."
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    Cinch's denial of my version of events stings. I don't deny it, but I am used to the feeling. I close my eyes, still facing her, and concentrate on the feeling of feathers and steel rubbing against my arm. Artemis is weirdly touchy today.

    I was prepared to let it drop there, spend a few more minutes out in the sunlight before heading back to the Diamond, but then Cinch continued. When she says someone, someone, like that someone is real, my eyes dart back to her. She still isn't looking at me and I wish to hoolies she was.

    I don't know what Cinch knows or doesn't. She might know everything, she might suspect, she might just be willing to believe me - but I think, I think she does believe me. My heart is hammering so hard, I have to believe she hears me.

    "I... uh." I start out, my voice small and uncertain. I need Cinch to look at me. I need to make sure she isn't playing fun with me, making me believe something that isn't true. Cinch isn't like her, I don't think, but I don't know her that well, like we've spent decades together.

    "I... I mean..." I lick my lips to start again and I can see the wetness gathering at the corners of my eyes. They reflect the coming sun and make my vision blurry. Blazes, if I don't get through this quick I am going to be an utter wreck. "you, uh, believe me?"

    Even to my ears my voice is small and watery. I haven't sound like this in years. For some reason this means so much to me, to be believed. To believed and for them to want to stick around. Danger and all. It's like there is a bomb in my chest, counting down...

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    The sun feels warm, pleasantly warm after the chill of night.

    I crane my neck a bit to turn my head a little bit towards her, so we can just barely see each other's faces. I speak in an urgent-sounding whisper.

    "I do... Sierra, but you gotta... you gotta know most people don't wanna know, don't wanna hear..."

    Then I slide up to sit with one leg pulled close to my chest, I have to look at her. She's new here, isn't she? It shows. She's on the edge... I ain't so good with words am I?

    "There. Is. No. Outside... live like there never was. This is life." I raise my face to the sunlight... and realize that the cool has turned to warm and the burn won't wait long.

    And even so I manage to smile, melancholy and not distant... but the sun on my face feels... so real. Her little owl glistens and shines.

    Deep breath.

    "It ain't all pain..."
  • I stay lying down, eyes wide, staring up at Cinch. Her blond hair bleached almost white against the sun. She doesn't just believe, she knows.

    "I..." I know that people don't want to know or remember. But this isn't my life. Or it is, but the outside, it's still real to me. The outside doesn't let me forget.

    I sit up and face her straight on. "I... I want to be here. I wish there was no outside. I would do anything to forget that life and make a new one here but.. and I know we are all being watched", I whisper, "but she watches me. I'm here so she can watch me beg."

    I reach for her hand, but pull back from her quickly. Like I had been burned. From here I would't hear the cameras whirl. From here she could see me from the sky. She could be watching now.

    I look at my hands. "There are rules." I suck in a breath, this is why I shouldn't talk about it. It sounds insane. "If you want me to never talk about it. Or... or... if you want to take back what you said, I'd understand."

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    I fidget a bit, she's got her head back there... going to get her in trouble... but something in me makes me almost laugh.

    "Well..." I stand, reach out to take that hand she so tentatively raised towards me and yank her to her feet, but I let her hand go once she's underway to standing... I mean unless she's fighting me off. And here I/we are standing above it all.

    "It sounds to me like you got some choices," I stand and look at her, I probably look all too cheerful. But it's how I cope... it's what works for me.

    "Beg... beg like you mean it and maybe... maybe Sierra, you'll be the first resident ever to walk back out those gates..." I shrug, arms wide, clearly skeptical. But like you never know, right?

    "Or..." I turn towards the cliffs and "whoop!" loud enough to make that watchman jump and I wonder if the roadblock'll hear me. "Or tell that piece of blazin'..." I struggle for a suitable curse word, and repeat one I heard from Esco yesterday over drinks, "that blazin' rocksucker what you fuggin' think!"

    And I threaten to, hesitate a moment for effect, then flip a double-bird out over the desert.

    Like bam! Fugg you! And I'm all smiles.
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    My eyes are wide, horrified, I'll never beg. Never, that witch can watch me die here, at least I'll die free.

    Or will I? If I keep living by her rules. Am I really free?

    Cinch flips off the sky and I truly laugh for the first time since arriving at the DVFP.

    "You'll..." I cough and step out towards the edge, smiling at Cinch. This is ridiculous and dangerous and possibly insane. I laugh again. "I'll never beg, you witch! You can watch me die in here. I'm never coming back, never!"

    The laugh that comes out this time is throaty and deep, half way to hysterical. "Never! " I scream at the sky. It feels final, it feels like a choice.

    I think about reaching out and grabbing Cinch's hand again, but I don't. I want to, maybe soon. But I like Cinch, and she's already put herself at serious risk for me today... even if she doesn't quite believe it.

    "We should be getting back, find out more about the blockade from the cru, before they get too hammered." I smile softly, suddenly bashful, at Cinch. "Thanks, Cinch. I think you're the first, so apologies if I am doing it wrong, but thank you, for being my friend."

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    Smiling at her joining me, defying her... whatever... to shout at the sky like mad. It's a thrill. Did I actually manage to get my message through to someone? I holler again as she's shouting, joining in.

    Then Sierra comes down from the moment and gets serious again, in a good way... mostly. I smile back but that bashful face has me a little on guard myself. And I don't want to get that entangled in these feelings. I want to help... but inside I don't want to belong.

    "Friends... yeah," I hold out a hand, which feels weird. Awkward right? She doesn't want to touch. That's ok. I shrug and drop my hand back down. And hell is that lookout actually watching all this?

    I grow more serious, too, "I gotta run that blockade... 'fore long... got a delivery to make," take a deep breath and a last good look at the vehicles out there, "Looks like fun, huh?"

    Another glance at Sierra, but I can see my ride waiting. I gotta remember who I am too.
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    I look out over to the barricade, "Maybe you won't have to."

    I walk back over to the hatch, I wave to the look out and smile over my shoulder at Cinch. "I'm heading down. You coming?"

    Artemis flies up and lands on my shoulder, His talons like little pin pricks as I open the hatch.
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    Cinch and Sierra,

    The lookout, a sun-baked old coot, definitely did jump when Cinch lets out her whoop. He even ambles out of his little shack to see if everything's alright, then sees two pretty ladies talking and stares for a few moments more, his piecemeal armor hanging on his lumpy body, his dirty rifle dragging on the ground.
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    Not sure what that means... I scoop up my helmet and holster belt, "yeah." I finish the conversation how i started it. Somehow.

    Pause a moment and smile at the old watchman as I place my helmet back on my head and get my holster just-so. I can't help but wonder how long he's been doing this.

    Another day.
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