[DVFP] It's a Date Then (S 2.1)


During your long set, Krin watched you. She chatted with her friends, the other members of Last's gang, even a few members of the crue. She scream-sang "We Not Gonna Take It!" along with everyone else, and drank half a bottle of booze, you think. As your songs wound down and requests slowed, she disappeared for a few minutes.

You play the final notes of the last song, pull the fall over the keys, then head for the bar. You catch Krin sauntering back into the room. She's pulled her hair back into a ponytail, which shows off her earrings. You notice she's added a bit of foundation, hiding the tiredness around her eyes. She evidently didn't have time to reapply her nail polish, her nails are still short, stubby things with hints of cracked polish, dark purple. She's removed her arm guard and gloves, which make her look a hint more delicate, and also show off the full sleeve of tats on her right arm. Her left hand sports a nasty burn scar along the back, something long and thick, from the wrist to her knuckles, old and discolored.

Krin takes a seat by the bar, sliding onto a stool by JD, but she's definitely watching you approach, a soft smile on her face, eyes confident but interested.


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    "I can see why they hired you to play, Sierra." Krin says as she taps the bar motioning for two drinks, which JD quickly pours. "Got some time... for me?" There's a flirty hope in there.

    What do you do?
  • I look at JD who shrugs and down at Esco at the other end of the bar. There are still quite a few people here to keep them busy. Best talk to Esco when there are less folks around, anyhow. Don't want to burden him when he's busy.

    "I have at least a few minutes. Next time, you should request a song."

    Flirting, I hope we aren't flirting. I don't know how to flirt. Her earrings are pretty though. Maybe I should say something about them? I open my mouth a bit to give the compliment, but chicken out and smile instead, reaching for my drink.

    I'm going to need it.
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    Krin takes up her glass, offers it up for a toast, "To a few minutes then. And types." She clinks your glass, then drains her whiskey, and slams the glass on the bar, "Ahhhh."
    She reaches over to touch your arm, "Ever heard The Pirate Song? I heard it on a shiny once, it has a nice beat. The band was fun. Do you dance?"
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    I smile when she clinks my cup and lose it when she slams her drink back. Maybe this was a bad idea.

    She places her hand on my arm and it feels so good. I don't think I realized how much I missed another humans touch. I don't know what to do with it though, so I don't do anything.

    "Pirate Song? Like yo ho ho and a bottle of rum?" I don't think I know the band. I'm about to ask who they are when she asks about dancing.

    Do I dance? Hoolies, what a question. The last time I danced was at a Grand Ball for all the quadrant leaders. They had me trussed up like the Moon, a silver silk number but left a lot of skin showing and my hair in a rhinestone net. It was supposed to look like stars. Gloriana, of course was dressed in a rich gold silk, her red hair twisted around an elaborate headdress, was the sun.

    I wasn't allowed to stay long. I was never allowed to stay at the balls. They let me come in for two songs, Gloriana and I danced while everyone watched and I accidentally stepped on her dress during a turn in the last song. Nothing happened, we didn't even miss a beat, but I could see the fury in her eyes. Afterwards they led me back to our rooms.

    That night she whipped me until I cried.

    It wasn't always bad. We danced as children too. Musicians filling our, her, rooms and Gloriana twirling me and twirling me. We'd laugh and she'd tell me she loved me...

    But do I dance?

    "I have danced, but I'm not sure I'm much of a dancer? Do you?"
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    Krin sniggers at the "yo ho ho", and slaps a loud rhythm on the bar, which you realize a couple of Krin's gangers notice and laugh a little. Then, only slightly off key at first, Krin belts out,
    "Listen you I know it's awful,
    To lose your man to a circus freak!
    Soon enough he'll be forgotten"

    The other 'Zons scream out, "Don't you cry now!"
    Then Krin keeps going, "Just look away and count to three."
    The all count and shout, "1-2-3 Hey!"

    Krin continues with, "When your man has left your side,
    she's the one you want.
    Little Sandra has the charm,
    to take them all.

    You'll have to learn to be alone,
    and let him go!"

    She beats out another rhythm on the bar and laughs. The 'Zons hoot and holler, and Krin grins, "I dance. We should dance. Me and you."
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    There is something very disarming about Krin, when her and the Amazons start singing I can't help but laugh. I look over at them as Krin finishes up the song. Cinch is right, it isn't all pain here, even for the crues'. There is belonging too.

    When she asks me to dance I freeze up a moment. Dancing is a lot more touching than just holding hands, or is it? I don't think she's going to try to twirl me around a ballroom. How do gangers dance? Searching for an out, I look over to catch Esco's eye. If he's ready I should speak to him, but he's not there.

    "I don't even know how to dance to music like that," I laugh, clearly nervous, this is a bad idea. "We don't even have music."
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    Krin chuckles, "That's drinking music. I've got one that might work..." she looks over at the 'Zons and calls out, "Lala! Cannonball us!!!!"

    Lala, a brunette with a deep tan and slightly sunken eyes, reaches into a canvas bag by her feet and pulls out a small silver music player, very much contraband that Fippers would smash or take, and turns it on, then swipes at a cracked screen until this lays on a single tinny speaker:

    The 'Zons start pushing tables out of the middle of the bar, a few of them grab some Crue up out of their seats.
    "Finish your drink, Lovely. We're gonna cut some rugs!" Krin says loudly, pulling at your hand, insistent but not forceful.

    What do you do?
  • My instincts are flat-lining, my emotions are all over the place. I am afraid and I am excited and I am already checking all the exits for... I don't know what. A way out? Invading fippers?

    I rotate her hand on my wrist, so mine is on top and I use it to gain some leverage. I pull her towards me. Her pretty earrings filling up my vision. From here I can see I few of the beads have gone missing, but they're still lovely. Obviously, once something of quality.

    "What if I told you, that knowing me, could put you in danger." I whisper, completely unsuccessful in keeping the nervousness from my voice.
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    Krin closes, her hard body bumping against you as she smiles, and turns, cheek brushing lightly against yours, "I'd say... I like danger. Now dance with me, and stop worrying about it."
    She slides back and starts swaying to the music, still connected to you, but not clinging, not demanding.

    The rest of the floor is filling up, with 'Zons, Esco's girls and guys, and crue. What do you do?
  • When Krin's body touches mine everything goes electric and everything goes still. It's by far the most foreign contact I've ever had. I don't know anything about this person, other than she feels good. It's exhilarating.

    Frack it.

    What could a little dancing hurt. I'll jut copy the others and make it look as good as I can. Downing my drink, purely for courage, I nod and smile at her.

    "Well, as long as you don't mind me stepping on your feet. "

    I sway with her and let her pull me along.
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    Krin laughs at the idea of foot stepping, since she's wearing some steel-toed. The crue crowds in a couple times and Guns tries to make a mosh pit happen, but Tesla redirects him to Rose, who pulls him to a chair and starts making out with him. It works to keep him cool.

    The Cannonball song is followed by some song with a lady screaming about "Calling the Doctor", which evidently is also danceable. Some chairs are knocked over and beers are spilled, but the rody is kept to a low hum of activity.
    As the second song winds down, Krin takes your hand again to lead you off the floor, towards a hallway, "Hey, you wanna go for a ride?" She's leading you towards the shafts, towards outside.

    What do you do?
  • I'm sweating and jumping and people are briefly touching me from all sides and I am having a blast! Turns out ganger dancing is more like jumping up and down and less like the dips, sways, and intricate footwork I'm used to.

    And then there is Krin, always there, in my orbit. Laughing, touching but never too much, even once moving me out of the way from some of the rowdier bunch.

    I'm just looking over to the bar to see if Esco showed back up when Krin grabs my hand. She starts walking towards the outside I slow down to a stop, gentling her to follow my lead.

    "I - It's not that I don't want to but, I've already been longer than I should have." I look down and brace myself for her disappointment. I know what disappointment means. At the thought my hands break out into a sweat and my voice gets less... just less. There is water in my eyes, frack why am I suddenly scared. "There's a conversation..."

    I feel light headed. What is happening? I don't actually think Krin would hurt me.

    No? but she could. And who would stop her, a treacherous voice answers back.

    I try to breathe deep. "I'm sorry..."
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    Krin sees your eyes and immediately lets go of your hand, like maybe she was squeezing too hard, which of course she wasn't. She steps back, raising her hands, palms to you, "It's green, Lovely. I got greedy. You said a drink, and I took more and then some. I get... a little carried away when I'm having fun." She licks her lips, a nervous tic, it seems like.
    "Maybe another time? My bike's smooth, I take good care of her. No pressure, it's green. Just nice. Spending time with ya." She seems like she wants to move closer, but is a bit unsure if that would only freak you out.
  • When Krin steps back and raises her hands I immediately flinch back waiting for a strike, the voice in my head laughing. No not laughing, cackling. When nothing comes, I look up at Krin through labored breaths.

    She looks wrecked.

    I'm a total floop. Frack. Like yelling into the sky is going to somehow make me shiney and new.

    By the time she's complementing me again, I've more or less got my self under control and am forcing my hands down to my sides.

    "I..." I force myself to breath and stand straight. Baby steps... "I'm sorry, I just... " I lick my lips, unintentionally mimicking her tick. "Bad ex, you know? Still got some stuff to work out. It... uh... it, you didn't do anything wrong."

    I move not closer to her, exactly, but I lean into the space between us. "I had fun, with you. Maybe, maybe another time? When I've got my head on straight."

    [OOC: Hypnotize or is Sierra too much of a wreck at this point - or does that not really matter as long as they are along and sharing something]
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    Yes, Hypnotic fires. Let's see those dice.
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    Krin nods, slowly, drinking in your eyes. "Another time. And I get bad exes, I do." She reaches up that hand with the burn on the back of it to touch your cheek. "Screw that head on straight soon, kay?"

    She moves back towards the dance floor, leaving you to yourself.
  • I nod as she moves away from me. Krin was nice. I sigh and look up to the ceiling. Baby steps...

    I turn and make my way to the bar, rubbing my eyes to clear the tears. Hopefully, people were too drunk to notice my little freak out.

    Sitting down, I nod at JD and motion for a drink. "Hey, JD, do you know where Esco got to?"
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    "He's gone up to bed, Sierra." JD answers without looking at you directly. He's got Cooker nearby and he's watching the place. Not nervous, more like a watchdog.
    "You look beat. You should get some sleep."
  • I look at him when he mentions me looking beat, I wonder what he saw. "I..." for a second I think abut going up to Esco's room. After all it's only been 15, 20 minutes tops? I don't want him thinking I didn't show for a second night in a row -- but JD is right. I'm tired, and just because I don't want to be alone doesn't mean I have the right to invade on other peoples personal time. If Esco went to bed, then he went to bed.

    My skin is crawling, I'm sweaty and skin starved. I'm poised to drakk something up if I keep at it.

    "Thanks, JD. Could you let him know I stopped by? Tell him I'm ready to talk whenever he's available?" That bed is sounding better and better. I nod at JD, turning to leave, and run my hand through my sweat soaked hair.

    Maybe after a shower...
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    Sierra, How does a shower work in The Irons? Collected water system? Or was that... just a memory of times before?
  • Showers just a word from before. I don't know what everyone in the Irons does, well Esco has a big bath - no idea how plumbing for that works.

    Frack, maybe I can get him to let me use it sometime.

    But the genpop washroom on my block is just a curtained off area. You get a bucket of water, some soap (if you don't have your own) and you scrub down. Oil if they don't have any water on hand or you don't have the jingle to pay for it. There's a small thin trench in the ground that acts like a drain. I try to go in the hours when I'll have the most privacy. It isn't glamorous, but it gets the job done.
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    The wash helps, and you are able to catch some sleep. You're woken by the sounds of Motley and his crue riding off, the rumble of cycles echoing down the shaft.

    Please go here.
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