[DVFP] Sand Traps (C 3.4, E 3.6)

Cinch and Esco,

With the sun rising over the mountains, Cinch, you know you're only a few miles away from the The Irons turn. This truck's a sturdy thing, but rough on poor Esco's leg with the bumping and jostling. Ahead you see that the road's been swallowed up by sand. It happens time to time, wind sweeps sand up and over a road and gobbles it up. Days later the wind will pick up the sand again and clear the road. Beckett made a joke once that the DVFP only got one big bag of sand and it keeps getting moved around all the time.

Then again, sometimes Sand Snakes will set up a trap on the sides of the road, sand over the road to push you over into it. That's happened. This is Sight-of-Day's area, her pack roams this strip of road.

What do you do?

Esco, you're "navigator", and this truck came with a small selection of shiny discs of music. What's playing?


  • My leg is stiff, and sore, but the pain has numbed a bit... At least enough that I can deal with these fekin' bumpy roads. Enough that I can at least dig through those fekin' music disk things. One time, when JD and me were goin' back and forth between the Irons and Depot, he called me "Mix-master in chief" — made me fekin' laugh.

    Anyways, I found this disk labeled "MUTEMATH ODD SOUL" — kinda speaks to me. Dude on the guit-fiddle plays like he owes his soul to Satan. Wish I could've met the guy.

    So we're drivin' along, and I'm keepin' time to the music with my good foot, 'n my head. I spot the sand coverin' the road. "That's fekked," I mutter, mostly to myself.
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    Just great. Last thing we need is more trouble just trying to get back to the Irons this morning.

    "Hey, uh... it's probably nothin' Esco but washed-out roads can be trouble...just keep your head down."

    I scan the sand from side to side. We've got plenty of light now and though sand-snakes are masters of ambush, they're also human. They leave tracks, and signs... and I deal with this shiite on a daily basis.
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    Read the sitch: sharp +1
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 4, 4. Total: 9)
  • [CINCH]
    What's my enemies true position?
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    You check telltale signals for Sand Snakes and find none. The "enemy" here is that sand. It's thick, and it could easily clog up the engine if you take a wrong turn. You're going to need to deal with bad terrain here.
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    Ok. I relax, a little. At least I won't have to negotiate passage or something. Sand, I think I can handle.

    I shift to low gear and proceed slowly.

    Deal with bad terrain: Cool_2, Vehicle Handling +1
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 1, 4. Total: 8)
  • [CINCH]
    Picking slow down and pick my way forward.
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    Nice and easy you slip the truck off the road, counting on the clearance and big knobby tires to handle the sand on the edge. With Mutemath Odd Soul blaring, you ease her past the sand trap and back up on the road.

    Esco, while Cinch is concentrating on traversing this hazard, you look off to the side and spot a pair of handlebars sticking up in the sand. Looks like a while motorcycle might be under there.
  • "Hey now, hold up — there's a bike under there..."
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    "Yeah?" I follow where he's pointing, "I got room in the back if you don't mind lettin' that leg bake another while 'fore seeing the doc."

    I slow, but don't yet stop, and pull towards it.
  • "Yeah, yeah — let's see what's up. So long as it don't take too long..."
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    I pull to make a wide arc towards the bike, taking my time to put eyes on the sand and any obstructions nearby. Once I've had a good look I roll to a stop nearby, open the door and heads-out to take a gander a what we've got here.
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    Cinch, you notice that the sand a few feet around the handlebars are a shade lighter than the rest. When you step outside and move closer, you'd swear that is a sinkhole, no firm ground underneath it. There might be a whole motorcycle down there.
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    Huh,” I slowly approach, unhook a length of chain from the fender and hold on securely as I approach, both to keep myself from getting sucked down, and also to hook the bike and pull it out with the car.

    I am not planning to spend hours out here in the sun with a shovel.

    "Hey!" I call to Esco, "can you put 'er in reverse and pull... slowly... once I've got this thing hooked?"
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    Cinch, let's see you Act Under Fire here to get the chain looped so Esco can pull it free.
  • Helping Cinch by following directions. Roll+Hx.
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 2, 6. Total: 10)
  • [CINCH]

    Act under fire cause this is really hard: Cool+2
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 1, 3. Total: 6)
    +1 From Esco.
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    It takes a while to get the winch on the truck fixed and the handlebars looped. There's a moment when you almost lose your footing and slip, Cinch, but you keep hold of the chain and Esco starts the winch up, pulling you and the bike out. Sand pours in around the bike as it is revealed.

    This bike is a DVFP cruiser bike, see the lights and the DVFP symbols. It's in rough shape, been buried for a while, looks like. But no gang markings on it that you see. What do you do?
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    "Huh... well I'll be," I get down and help haul the bike out. "Allright, Esco, hold it!"

    I imagine the tires ain't any good so I just use the chain to help wrestle the thing into the bed of the pickup. Once it's safely in there and tied down I'll return to the cabin and give Esco the lowdown.
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    I look the engine once the bike is out, and in the clear. Curiosity trumps the pain in my leg, and I crane my neck out the window to see wot's wot."Izat a fekin' Fipper bike? So wot do we do with it?"
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    I close the door and shrug, glance out the back glass at it.

    "Dunno, fix'er up maybe? Sell her for parts if not..." I know my way around a bike, and it would feel good to get back in the saddle, so to speak. I haven't ridden a proper patrol bike since my days on highway.

    I slap a hand on Esco's shoulder, couple times.

    "You sure know how to take your licks, Esco," I've all but forgotten that I'm bloodied up pretty good, too, and my helmet has a couple fresh holes, "let's try and get you patched up 'fore lunchtime, right?"

    We're almost there. I'm not letting anything else keep Esco away from some meds.
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    Once you have the bike secure in the truck, you head up to The Irons without any further trouble. The last stretch of road before you reach the cave mouth has an interesting display, Cinch. A van burned to metal and rubber char sits to the side of what counts as the road, Crue symbols painted on it. You notice a dozen or so bikes just inside the mine. They're Crue bikes, you recognize one of the gang watching over them while sitting in a rocking chair.

    I assume you are taking Esco off to see Fleece? It's early, and Fleece has no patients, so Esco, please go here.
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    Cinch, please go here.
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