[PILOT] Chapter 1: Reykjavik [ALL]

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Yoshi gives you all some time to get prepared, and he picks you all up at your respective hotels. You leave early in the morning – 2:30 AM – and the relative warmth of the day has faded to a colder fall night. Snow has begun to fall, and the drive out to the facility is difficult. It's nearly 3 AM by the time the car finally pulls up to the facility proper, and you're faced with a small gated compound of office buildings, workshops, a hotel, and the server farm.

The farm is long and narrow, glassy like a greenhouse with black steel supports and greenish glass. The parking lot has two modest hatchbacks in it, each under a faint dusting of blown snow, plus a muddy all-terrain van. The lot’s little gate has been smashed by that van. A big, brown, windowless truck has backed up to the front of the building and sits there with its loading doors open. Lazy thieves in worn leather parkas, thinking they were safe from security, are loading old electronics into the van.

The thieves are self-pierced, self-tattooed, and marked with anarchist symbols suggesting they’re part of Iceland’s new anti-establishment criminal outfit — would-be revolutionaries engaged in a straightup robbery. They think they’ll change the world with the information they steal... but in reality, they're drugged out, and trashing as much as they capture.

Yoshi looks somber, and is limbering up for a fight. Alex is hanging back with the Doc, looking for a good points for fallback and entry. Tank walks up to you, Emily and Utseo and says, "Cái tháng chó đẻ... Those idiots are going to be a problem. Let's just take them out and be done with this. Security will probably be here any minute."

What do you do?


  • I've changed into an outfit that I bought just for this occasion. Simple ankle-length yoga pants (don't judge, they're insanely comfortable) and a slim-fitting long sleeved top. They're made of Armor Cloth, which use MEMs to harden on impact, but relax again into softness. I pull on my only concession to vanity, my calfskin gloves with silver fingercaps for touch-screen interactivity."I'll leave the smash and drag to you brutes. I'm going to help Alex scope out the inside so we can figure out where we need to be and how to get the rest of you there." I stride over to Alex and drop into a limbering (not to mention confidence boosting) Eka Pada. "I'm all yours, Sexyness."
  • Emily, Alex was in the middle of pointing out a spot on the roof to Henry when you dropped into your stretch, and his sentence trails off towards the end there, "I, uh... Hmm. Well I see you aren't the least bit rusty." He smirks and puts his head back in the game, "The way I see it, we can either repel down the far wall and break in through the seaside windows, or try our luck with the windows on the ceiling... Something tells me the side and front doors would be a bust though."

    He points to the many security eyes running along the tracks surrounding the building, and the main lobby, then to the thieves loading equipment into their van. "It looks like the farm itself is just the one big room. You got a preference as far as a smashing entrance goes?" He asks plainly, handing you a set of binoculars so you can see the building for yourself.

    He starts fiddling with his spider harness, and Henry is loading up his MediGlove in case of emergency.

    Utseo, Tank is testing out her exoskeleton, and getting ready to move. She looks you in the eye, and says, "I hope you haven't slowed down from all those hotdogs, Utseo. You game to take them out?"

    Yoshi unsheathes his Katana and sighs loudly, "I'm ready when you are."
  • [Utseo]

    I'm in a polyfiber running suit, midnight blue and non-reflective. The pant legs are tear-away if needed. I keep my tools hidden. Well, except the legs.

    I shake my head at Tank. She's the brute. "Tell you what, let me rap with these brash kids and if it comes to violence, I know you'll come save my shiny ass." I start to move away from the group and call over my shoulder, "It wasn't so long ago when we were the idiot idealists with more passion than common sense... if you recall."

    I want to run ahead of them, right up to these punks, have a word with them. Who knows, they might have potential. I'm sure Yosh and Tank can drop them if needed, but why wipe them if we could use them?
  • After doing my own check through the binoculars, I consider. "Seaside, I think. Jujube always liked a view." I touch my braids to ensure they're still snug against my head, pat myself to double check my plugs, stick, gun. "Allright, let's go try out this old dance of ours."
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    Utseo, Tank and Yoshi are trailing behind you cautiously as you approach the gentlemen loading a server rack into the van. The snow and winds combined with the darkness of the lot make it difficult to make out anyone approaching until they're pretty much on you, and so they don't even notice you're coming until you call out to them.

    They aren't quite so calm. A big gentleman with self-done tattoos and piercings cranes his neck around when he hears your voice, and you hear him scream, "Fuck! We got company boys! Time to bolt!"

    He pulls a pair of 9mm pistols out of his belt, and starts firing off shots at you — they're going wild. The other guys drop the server racks they were holding and pull out an Uzi, and a Desert Eagle. Tank and Yoshi pick up the pace, and come running to your aid. It doesn't look like you're going to be doing any talking...

    There are three guys out here, and 4 or 5 more inside. Give me an untargeted roll to take them out.

    You should note the +Windswept Snow, and +Frigid Wind while you're out here...

    Emily, You run down to the building with Alex and Henry, and the mixture of wind and snow makes it difficult to hear and see anything in your surroundings. Fortunately, you make it to the wall just as the first gunshots are sounding off over where Utseo and his group are.

    Alex fires off his spider harness, and lifts you and Henry up to the roof of the building — then he walks you over to the other side of the roof, and rappels down to the windows overlooking the large single-roomed interior. There are 5 guys running over to the loading dock of the building, not really paying attention to you just yet. Alex uses his laser cutter to open a hole in the thick, soundproof glass, and you all slip into the server farm. It looks like this:


    The room is almost perfect for a close-quarters firefight, all things considered. Alex and Henry draw their pistols and Alex whispers, "What's the plan, girl? Should we split up and look for Jo?"

    If you're going to sneak around looking for Jo, it should be relatively easy to do that without being detected. You can do so with a Difficulty 2 roll. If you just want to help Utseo with his thief problem, you're in a position to do that too.

    You should be aware of the following things in the room: +Plate-glass Windows, +Falling Glass, +Razor-sharp Edges, +Jutting Girder, +Live Wire, +Rack of Hardware.
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    Sigh amateurs...

    I dash forward, leaping one foot onto the grill of the van, then running up the hood, and launching myself into a long jump over the top of the fucking van, which gives me the advantage of movement and impairs their line of sight and line of fire. I'll launch myself at a couple of them with a fierce flying dragon kick, using my legs like giant pistons to hammer them to the snow.

    EDIT: I'm taking advantage of the +Windswept Snow to mask my move.
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    I'm a Free Runner, so this move is just one in a long line of them. I'm using my transforming cyberlegs and moving so fast in an unpredictable attack, which I think is pretty damn clever. I'll also use the +Windswept Snow tag.

    (Rolled: 7d6. Rolls: 3, 6, 3, 2, 6, 4, 1. Total: 25)

    POTENTIAL CHEATING DETECTED. If it appears that dice were rolled in this post, they may need to be disregarded as fabricated.

    POTENTIAL CHEATING DETECTED. If it appears that dice were rolled in this post, they may need to be disregarded as fabricated.
  • [Emily]
    I take a moment to consider, the sound of gunfire dull and more alarming than I thought it would be. Slow, deep breath. Consider the angles, the threads, the web.
    "Let's split up. If we can't trust half of our team to take out some panicked amateurs, better we find out how soft they've gone now than later. We're wired in, let's agree to text comm only except for emergencies. Don't fuck this up, Sexyness, we have lives to go back to."

    Quickly Perceiving my surroundings to maintain stealth while Agilely and Precisely avoiding the angry debris.

    (Rolled: 5d6. Rolls: 3, 4, 5, 2, 6. Total: 20)
  • Utseo, you open up on the unsuspecting bastards, and drop two of them before Tank and Yoshi can even get in to help you. The third man outside scrambles for the doors as the men, and women inside lay down what might loosely be defined as "covering fire". They're shutting the doors closed as quickly as they can before Tank comes up and rips it off it's handle. The group scatters for cover, and Tank and Yoshi chase after half of them.

    You notice a security cam on the wall — if they identify you here, things could get hairy. plain sight (a difficulty 2, like the thugs) and two more thugs that gave Yoshi and Tank the slip... Remember that you can take care of that camera, and a couple of thugs by spending successes with an untargeted roll. Once you step inside, you can make use of the landscape tags I gave to Emily last round.

    Emily, You slip through the aisles of the server farm, quietly scanning for Josine. You had to wait quietly for a while when security cams on rails made their rounds, but before long you've scanned the entire building, and realize Josine is — without a doubt — not here. You're standing on the precise coordinates Josine sent you, and the only thing here is a lone server blade on a rack. Normally, it wouldn't mean anything to you — but this one is nameless, with no IP markings whatsoever on it.

    The only thing on it is a piece of masking tape with the letter "J" clearly marked on it. You think you hear something over the din of battle too — but it's hard to make out with those soundproof windows, and the cricket-like noise of the servers here.

    What do you do?
  • I frown at the server, annoyed but unsurprised. I shoot a message to Alex, along with my GPS frequency.

    Emily, 3:12 AM UTC
    Found what we're looking for.

    I head to a rack a few feet away more populated with servers, take cover, and pull out my black oxide coated neck knife. Can't risk damaging the server
  • [Utseo]

    A security cam out here? Not surprising. During the attack on the two guards, I then took down with a flying kick then a roundhouse and a snap kick, Who knows? Maybe they will learn from this failure.

    I'll take three bounding steps towards the wall with the security cam, then plant a foot on the concrete wall and use a twist of my momentum to carry my next step up the wall, turning my body perpendicular with the wall. I'll try to take out the cam with my right foot, then turn on the thugs to take down a couple more.
  • [Utseo]

    Again, I'm a Free Runner using my transforming cyberlegs to move so fast that I can avoid their attacks in an unpredictable fashion as I tumble my way to take out multiple targets in the +Windswept Snow.

    (Rolled: 7d6. Rolls: 3, 3, 3, 5, 3, 5, 6. Total: 28)
  • [Utseo]

    OOC: meant to use +Frigid Wind, not +Windswept Snow
  • [Utseo]

    It looks like I misjudged the angle of the wall and my momentum. With a shift in my thoughts, my cyberlegs spring open, ripping my pants neatly. My two legs open into five separate pincer-like appendages, spreading my weight evenly and letting me scramble on the wall for a moment. Yes, I can become a human spider.

    I'll use my Edge of Transformation to re-roll my failed dice. I'm spending a Stunt Die as well.
  • [Utseo]

    Re-roll of six failed dice plus one Stunt die
    (Rolled: 7d6. Rolls: 1, 2, 4, 4, 5, 5, 2. Total: 23)
  • [Utseo]

    Since I keep my previous one success, that's five. I'll take out the camera and a thug.
  • Utseo, the two men went flying as you dashed for the wall, and the camera is nothing but a smoldering crater in the wall now. You land gracefully on the floor, just in time to see that thug you hit with a snap kick slowly rise to his feet. Even though he's concussed, he slowly raises his gun to take another shot at you — that's when a flurry of bright red dots slip onto his shirt, and without a second's hesitation, his chest explodes into a bloody mess.

    You turn around, and spot three figures dressed in spec-ops tactical assault gear running towards the entrance from their skidoos. They're wearing enclosed masks, and no identifying marks can be seen on their uniforms — you also swear you can hear a muffled pulsing sound overhead...

    They look like this:

    Emily, Alex comes running around the corner and frantically scans the aisle for someone other than you. Henry follows him, doing much of the same. They both look confused as they approach you, but you see a look of disappointment rush over their faces when they see the server blade sitting there.

    "Awe crap," you hear Alex say, "can you watch my back? I'll get it out of here." He pulls out his toolkit, and starts unscrewing the blade with Henry's help.

    That's around the time you hear the loud CRASH of the glass windows on the roof, and six figures armed to the teeth come rappelling down from the ceiling into the room. You see a black Iroquois UH-1 helicopter with no markings on it, and an M134 machine gun mounted to the side flying overhead moving towards the seaward side of the building — the one with those windows.

    All, you get a mass text:
    Yoshi, 3:14 AM UTC
    Tank and I will take care of the West-bound attackers and help Utseo secure our retreat. Alex, Henry, Em — let us know when you're good to move.

    If you want to take out the mercs, you can do so with an untargeted roll. They're tougher than the thugs though, and will require a difficulty 3 per merc. That Helicopter on its way will take all of your efforts though, and is a targeted difficulty of 4.

    Here's the map to help clarify your situation:
  • [Utseo]

    Hey Em, I know this fighty stuff isn't your thing. Take a Stunt Die from the pool and go be awesome!
  • [Utseo]

    Once Yosh lays down the plan, I'll take a couple skip-steps back and then run straight at the first server rack. A push off the cool concrete floor into a cartwheel, then I fling myself up to grab the li of the rack's top and vault up. I keep moving forward once I'm up on top of the rack, my cyberlegs churning under me, one step per rack.

    I pass over Yoshi's head, then one step later I watch Tank heading west to take out the hostile. I'm going to draw out a plasteel zip gun from my left leg and fire off shots at the armored men to the west above DocMoon.
  • [Utseo]

    I'm a Street Samurai using my metal legs and martial arts training to get a good angle on my foes after I tumbled up onto the +Rack of Hardware. I'm using my weaponry and firing too quick for them to react.

    That's a silly amount of dice.
    (Rolled: 8d6. Rolls: 4, 4, 6, 2, 1, 4, 5, 2. Total: 28)
  • [Utseo]

    I'm taking down the two guards to the west.
  • [Emily]

    Shit shit shit, I hate violent surprises. I dart along the aisle, low, drawing my M&P compact. I'm going to bodily shove the person at the north end of the aisle into an exposed girder while sliding my knife into his gut.
  • [Emily]
    I'm an Infiltrator using my stealth, perception, quickness, precision and agility. Those are +Sharp Edges I'm aiming for, and I'm snagging that stunt dice.

    (Rolled: 7d6. Rolls: 2, 5, 5, 6, 2, 4, 4. Total: 28)
  • image

    Utseo, you leap above the servers and charge for the mercs before they can even start shooting. By the time you take the first one out, the other has started shooting. You run along the wall, skilfully dodging bullets along the way. The second merc swings his knife at you as you come down on him, but he can't hope to stop the mechanical force behind it.

    He crumples under the force of your kick, just in time for you to spot a helicopter taking up a position on the north end of the seaward windows.

    Emily, You take out the merc closest to you — he didn't even see it coming. Yoshi managed to take out one of the merc closest to him, and is currently wrestling with the other. Sadly, a bright spotlight in your peripheral vision catches your eye, and you spot the helicopter on the northern end of the windows — the machine gun on the side lights up, and the windows come crashing down as the Helicopter sweeps across the room.

    All, give me a difficulty 3 targeted roll to avoid injury while the helicopter performs its sweep.
  • [Emily]
    I am an (ohshitting) Infiltrator quickly perceiving and agilely fleeing.

    (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 4, 3, 2. Total: 9)
  • [Utseo]

    Well, this again seems perfectly suited for my abilities as a Free Runner. I'll move so fast that they cannot get a bead on me, tumbling behind the +Jutting Girder in a clever move. Then, I'll wait a beat for the swep to move past me, and in an unpredictable gambit, I'll dash out from behind the girder and run straight at the heli. I'm going to take it down!
  • [Utseo]

    (Rolled: 7d6. Rolls: 1, 5, 6, 6, 4, 3, 5. Total: 30)
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    The helicopter slowly passes from one end of the server farm to the other, unloading a seemingly unending amount of ordinance on the room. Sparks arc from the server racks as the blades become swiss cheese, and ricochets fly from the metal girders and concrete. Just when it seems the assault will never end, the machine gun stops, and the Helicopter hangs in the air, scanning the server room with its intense spotlight.

    Emily, you dive for cover just as the machine gun started its attack, and managed to get your core behind a large concrete support strut just in the nick time; but one stray bullet must have scattered in the concrete and it ricocheted directly into your calf.

    The pain is very mild, but it's enough to make running annoying. Take the Injured condition. Edit: Prevented by an Edge.

    A message on your HUD appears:
    Alex, 3:15 AM UTC
    Got it! Let's bolt!

    You look down the aisle, and Alex has the server blade under his arm. It looks like he's waiting for you before heading out.

    Utseo, you expertly avoid the merc's gunship, and run across the server room to the windows where the Helicopter is making its sweep. Give me a difficulty 4 targeted roll to take out the helicopter.
  • [Utseo]

    The pilot in that helicopter surely didn't count on my Versatility. That was his last mistake, I'm afraid.

    I'm a Street Samurai, charging at the chopper quick my plasteel weaponry out and firing at him. I'm tumbling forward to use my martial arts training to keep them from hitting me.

    But even more than that, I am also a highly skilled Free Runner. Poor souls won't see me moving through the +Falling Glass of the ceiling and the windows and doors they just blew through with their ordinance. My transforming cyberlegs pop the little jets I just had installed to give me extreme leaps. I am moving so fast and you must admit this is an unpredictable attack.
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    (Rolled: 11d6. Rolls: 1, 4, 2, 4, 1, 6, 3, 4, 3, 1, 4. Total: 33)
  • OOC: A stunt die to Rich for being a damn hero.
  • [Emily]
    Thank God for my Hot Zumba classes.

    I manage an Exquisite Dodge, instinct buzzing in my ear as I run up a server aisle at the east end of the building. I hit the floor, and those bullets fly past me, down the aisle and slam into the Van.
  • I message Alex, moving towards Yoshi.

    Emily, 3:17 AM UTC
    Go, I'm with Knockout.
  • Emily, so your masterful dodging carries you safely from one end of the server farm to the entrance, and you watch the M134's massive bullets pass through the van like a hot knife through butter — you hear a merc on the other side of the van scream out in pain, his cybernetic helmet adding a phased voice modulation to his cries. Tank smashes the last merc on site into the wall of the building, and he falls limp.

    Utseo, your running start makes short-work of the leap from the cliffside onto the Helicopter. The merc at the M134 doesn't even see you through the falling glass until you're on him, and by that point it's too late... His neck snaps like a twig under the force of your kick, and the pilot didn't even hear you grab him.

    Unfortunately, when the pilot goes down his connection to the ship dies and the control panel goes black. You bolt back off the Helicopter just as the engines give out, and land square in front of Yoshi, who just sliced up the last merc in the building. He turns to you, cleaning the blood off his blade with a mighty swing, and says, "nice work! Alex has the target. Let's get back to them!"

    Presuming you're amenable, you both run back to the entrance of the building. The Helicopter comes crashing down on the cliffside, and splashes into the Atlantic a moment later. The sounds of the waves smashing against the cliffside, and blowing snow is all you can hear as you make your way to the entrance of the building.

    All, Alex and Henry come running around the corner and frantically scan the scene. It looks like Alex took a bullet or two in the shoulder, which Henry is treating. Alex gives you all a serious look, pointing to the server blade under his arm, and says, "You guys know of a decent safehouse where we can crack this open?"
  • [Utseo]

    I look to Em. She has all the connections. "Iceland isn't my normal playground. Em, you got any posh joint where we can bolt?"
  • [Emily]

    I raise an eyebrow. "Posh? You really think you could blend? No, I have a better idea." As we head to our vehicle, I give Yoshi coordinates to an underground Graff squat- one of my homes away from home. There, it won't matter what you look like, what you do during the day, only how well you can Tag. And with the way this place is like a burrow, rooms stacked upon rooms, it'll be easy to find a nook to hide away. Time for another costume change - Masque is coming out to play.
  • == END SCENE ==
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