[DVFP] Doctor Visit (S 4.4)

After your chat with Roth and then June, you knock on the door to 216. After a moment, you hear the familiar voice of Fleece from the other side, sounds like she's not right at the door. "Who is it? Are you sick or are you lost?"
What do you do?


  • I lean my forehead against the door frame. Her steel and silk voice releasing something in me that I had been holding back. I hadn't really believed until this moment.

    "Neither, Ooma, but then again, all who wander are not lost."
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    There's some quick movement, then the door locks are un-done and the door opens up.
    You see Fleece there, eyes wide. "Ooma!" She steps around an opened box and comes up to puts arms around you. She speaks low into your ear, "I heard you were singing here, but when I asked where you were, Peppering said you went on a road trip. Then June mentioned you were learning about The Feed from her. It was as if everyone was hiding you from me."
  • Her skin is warm against mine and I whimper as I melt into her touch. "I came to find you as soon as I heard."

    My eyes are closed, my nose tucked against the soft skin of her neck. I breathe softly against her. "I missed you. Are you alright, I was so worried when I heard what happened."
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    "I am well enough. Most everyone was saved. Esco and Cinch were heroes. I selfishly insisted on packing up my gear. I feel guilty now, but I compartmentalized the threats and decided I would save as much of my gear as possible." The words flow from her in a confession she's obviously held onto since the moment it happened.
  • I touch her cheek, pulling back enough to look into her eyes, "Your gear saves lives, Ooma. And is near-but irreplaceable."

    I take her hand in mine, the one not touching her face. "Are you going to invite me in?"
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    When you ask to be invited in, a look of embarrassment crosses her face, "It is a complete mess, ooma. I am embarrassed of the disarray." She licks her lips, looking at your eyes, reaches up to touch your face in kind, "Will you forgive the appearance of what's left of my clinic?"
  • I run my thumb along her sharp cheek bone, cherishing this direct skin to skin contact. "I wouldnt care," I lean in and whisper low in her ear, "...but even so, I don't think I'll be looking around too much."

    I should be asking about Marigold, JD and the others. But she said everyone mostly made it out, and if they hadn't I am sure this greeting would be different. I can ask later. Right now, I want to be in this moment.
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    Fleece closes her eyes, savoring the touch as much as you, it seems. "Please, Sierra," she says in a soft voice as she holds onto the doorknob. "Come inside." She gently tugs at your shirt to urge-pull you into her room.
    The room is chock full of crates, boxes, cabinets, clothing strewn about, small cases of her equipment. There's a slight bit of order, but too much stuff to be under control. The bed, however, is open.
    "I'm afraid there's precious little room in here," she says as she pulls the door closed, locks it, and walks up behind you. "Do you... mind sitting on the bed?" Her eyes beg you to say yes.
  • When Fleece pulls me in, my heart jumps. I flush and my skin feels awakened, every inch of me on fire, vibrating with want of this woman.

    I see the bed and shiver.

    The door locks and I turn to see Fleece's face in profile, as she stands just behind me, instinctively or purposefully blocking my escape. Fleece is all passion and graceful, quiet power. I can feel myself dropping into a place of submission, something I haven't done once since entering to the DVFP. When she turns her head to look me in the eyes, I feel myself fall farther down.

    I turn around slowly to face her, my arms up in a slow mimic of a ballerina, before settling them around her neck. "All that matters in this room is you, Ooma. And I would go wherever you will have me."
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    Fleece steps into your embrace, Sierra, her body pressing against yours. She doesn't claim your mouth, but she has possession of your eyes, and her hands slide down your hips, holding you. "You left. You were seeking safety, freedom from The Feed. Have you found it?" The question seems critical to what comes next.
  • Her body against mine is dangerous and I move against it without thinking. Her eyes still me though, force me to listen, even as her hands take more ownership of my body.

    It's... it's a fair question. It's why I left. It's why I could leave again. "No, not yet. I I may never be truly safe from the feed. It's all so complicated - but I am working toward those goals and a few new ones... it's frustratingly slow. But, I am not afraid anymore." I lick my lips, and force some part of myself to regain control. "But Ooma, not enough has changed to make me safe. And she has eyes everywhere. If you do not want to do this, I will understand."
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    Fleece's mouth curls into a half-smile, "I'm not worried about my physical safety, Sierra. You know this." She moves her head closer, shifting so the side of her nose brushes against yours and her mouth comes achingly close to yours. "Watching you leave was not easy, ooma. It would be wise if I didn't grow attached again." Her hands meet at your lower back, fingers brushing against your skin, feeling your muscles.
  • I whimper, moving my body closer again, feeling the planes of her against me. "I do not know if my future will be derisann or drumdik. And I cannot promise I will not leave the Depot, but I can promise this, Ooma. I won't leave again, without asking you to come with me." My hands trace the muscles along her shoulders, and down her arms. "I regretted it before I even got into Beckett's car." I whisper low against her mouth, "I promised to come back once, that promise wasn't for the Irons, it was for you... it doesn't matter where you are... I found you, didn't I?"
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    When you run your hands along her arms, Fleece lets out a low, quiet moan. It escapes her and you feel her desire for control warring with her desire for you. "I hope you never ask me, Sierra." She nudges at your chin, gently pushing so she can lean in, bring her mouth to your ear. "You did find me." She draws back again, eyes drinking you in.
    "I felt like... there were other unfulfilled promises you made that day, Sierra."
    What do you do?
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    I whimper, bringing my body even closer to hers. Writhing against her, desperate to give whatever it is of me that she asks. "It was not my intention to leave you feeling "unfulfilled." My voice has taken on a raspy breathy quality and if it weren't for Fleece's hands, I am not sure I would be standing. "Please, how can I rectify that?"
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    Fleece answers with a soft laugh at your play on words, and with sudden ferocity, she claims your mouth as hers in a fiery kiss. As the thrill swells within you, you feel her press against you and then she's walking your backwards, back onto her bed. You fall onto the mattress, the first one you've felt since The Irons, and this one's much better. This all registers as she presses you into the mattress, her warm body covering every inch of you.
    When she's able to break the kiss, which seems like a struggle for her, she looks down at you, her hair hanging down like a curtain, "Sierra. I've never been with a woman. I... need you to show me the ways. Please." Her desire burns for you, Sierra, you feel it in your bones.
    What do you do?
  • I push against her, enjoying just the feel of her on top of me. I have to say her answer takes me by surprise. "You are a doctor, it's not so different enjoying me as it would be enjoying yourself." I blush a bit shyly, my hand moving down her back - "May I?"
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    "No, Sierra, you are quite unlike me," Fleece answers as she nods her approval. "You're unlike anyone I've known. I want to know you even more now than before." She starts kissing the nape of your neck, but seems eager for you to show her more.
  • I moan loudly as she dedicates time to my neck. Her words giving me the confidence to act boldly. I move my hand to her neck and my leg to the side and in one fluid motion, I have our positions flipped. Her head cradled in my hands. "With your permission..." I say as I lick my way down her body, intent on my first lesson.
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    Fleece readily gives that permission, and you unlock in her many secrets, Sierra. We'll fade to black here, but tell me, what's one moment she will never forget from this time with you?
    As you slowly come down from the throes of passion, what's the moment you most treasure?
  • One of the moments I will remember most is the surprise, desire and passion I felt when I took the time to make her cum without touching her clit. Just having my fingers inside her. Learning her, feeling where she is most vulnerable and taking her somewhere new. The trust and control she had to not resist me, not rush me, and to let me take her apart.

    The other is when I finally gave control back to Fleece. She mapped my body with her tongue and fingers. Moved over every inch, blessed me with her words - it was baptismal. I felt made new. Gloriana hadn't speant so much time dedicated to the knowledge of my skin since we were teenagers.

    This body, is not that body - this me, is not that me. Somewhere between her whispered prayers and her calloused fingers, Fleece made that real.
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    One moment Fleece hopes will stick with you was her unfettered worship of your body. Her unwavering dedication to finding what brought you and you alone pleasure, and deftly working towards that aim, sometimes fumbling, but always adjusting and altering her course along the map of your ecstasy.

    Fleece will treasure your slow, sure patience as you coaxed her body into bliss. She nearly gave in to her desire for the climax to hit fast, but you calmly kept control and brought her to unknown heights.

    Don't forget your Special Move fires, so you have a choice to make here.
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    I stretch my body along the side of hers. Luxuriating in the way her skin feels sliding sweat-slick against mine. I feel, in some ways, wholly myself for the first time in what feels like years.

    I lick the sweat from her collarbone and nuzzle my nose against the soft surface of her neck. Moaning low in my throat, "Oh Ooma, that was... I shiver against her, reliving our time together, "wonderful, you are wonderful."


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    "Thank you, Sierra." Fleece replies in a slightly tired tone, "You wore me out. You," she runs a hand along your shoulder, smoothing down your arm. "Are insatiable. I am in awe." An exhale of breath and she lies back to stare at her ceiling.
    "Ooma, this was very special. I feel like I could drift into heaven with you here."
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    I smile into against her neck and laugh. "I feel pretty satiated." I close my eyes, just breathing her in.

    ...I feel like I could drift into heaven with you here. My heart lurches and I think that we shouldn't give her ideas. "But then you wouldn't be here with me. And that, would be tragic." I lean over, propping my head up on my hand, looking at her beautiful face. My breast brush her arm and a tremor rolls through my body, still over sensitive. "I wish I could stay here for the rest of the day, and just enjoy you."

    With my other hand I trace her lips with the edge of my thumbnail before resting the pad of my thumb against the heart of her lips, in a chaste kiss.
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    Fleece nods at your comment that she wouldn't be here with you, "Yes, a fatal flaw in my desire." She looks up at you for a long time, her eyelids seem heavy as if she could literally drift into sleep, if not heaven. When you talk about staying here all say, she rouses, "Oh. Esco's having a get-together tonight. He took over The Pit, and he closed it down for one night. Everyone from The Irons is invited. I... I'm going." She knows you're performing, Sierra, you can hear it in her voice.
  • I smile down at her sleep-weary face, perfect moments like this are incredibly rare in the DVFP. So, of course, it is ruined almost instantly.

    ...I'm going. I take my hand from her face, quickly, as if it's been burned. That leaves very little room for negotiating. "From the Irons?" i don't back away quite yet, but I feel all my muscles already tensed and ready.

    I hadn't heard about that, so the pit isn't closed for repairs, but a party. Disappointment must be clear on my face. "I had heard the Pit had closed tonight, I was hoping to see you and the girls..." I take in a sharp breathe, suddenly guilty, "The girls, did everyone make it out ok? Marigold, Sasha, JD? Does, Esco know I'm here?"
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    Fleece seems dismayed when you removed your have from her face, and she struggles to sit up a little on her elbows. It's a delightful pose for a woman as attractive as Fleece, you realize idly while asking about The Irons, "Esco and Cinch saved The Diamond. Marigold, Sasha, JD, Pixel, Wanda, they all survived. I believe some of the miners at the oil dig were hurt, but the United Front likely enslaved most of them." She sits up, takes one of your hands in her own, "I want to see you perform, too. I want to split myself in two and do both, but I can't. I promise to see your performance soon."
  • I relax a bit, allowing her to hold my hand, relief flowing through me. "I am so glad they are all alright. Please tell them I miss them and think of them, especially Marigold." I sigh softly, Fleece hides things through omission. And it doesn't take a fipper to notice that she didn't answer my question about Esco, which really was a pointless question. If, Fleece knew, with all the promoting we have done, Eco must have found out by now. I suppose I am not invited to the Irons-only party, I suppose that makes Esco's feelings clear enough.

    "I wish you could as well, but it's good. To celebrate surviving - I just... tonight is a big night." I smile nervously down at her. "A proof of concept. If enough people drop enough jingle I will be able to negotiate for more with Peppering, like maybe a derisann mattress like this of my own. Or a retainer, which I need, for my lessons." I don't mention June specifically by name, though if Gloriana is watching me every second or every day, but now she probably knows June is teaching me something. I smile softly, "I even bough a costume of sorts, it's really just a pretty dress, but I'm hoping to transform it into something special."
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    "Of course I'll tell them, ooma." Fleece says smoothly. She's picked up on your hurt, and she pulls you to her, her body is warm and comforting. "You can stay on this derisann mattress after your show, if you like."
    Oh, Sierra, when Fleece gestures at the bed with her invitation, you spot Esco's knife sheath on the bedside table. It's his, you recognize it.
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    I smile and bring my leg between hers as she pulls me down so I am now lying on her chest. I kiss the rise of her right breast and follow the smooth gesture of her arm. I move my head to whisper in her ear, when I see the knife.

    I feel my body freeze, more out of surprise than anything else. At first, it's simply an object that doesn't belong, a set piece out of position. However, things then fall into place, and the answer is overwhelmingly simple, Fleece had never been with a woman before, which means her old lover must be a man. That man is Esco. Esco is the reason Fleece stayed in the Irons. Esco is the person Fleece is bitter about loving.

    "Oh." It comes out of me without thought, without permission. I turn away from the knife and curl in on myself a bit, wrapping myself around her chest. Enjoying the warmth, while I have it. "I would love to Ooma, but I don't want to be in the way." I deep a deep breath, my heart beating fast, "I didn't know, it was Esco."
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    Fleece sighs delightfully as you kiss her, and savors the attention. When you freeze up, she makes a quiet sound like, "Hmn?" and looks up at you. Her mouth tightens when you say it. When you name her love. Her gaze drifts over your face, gauging your reaction for long moments, studying you.
    "Yes. It's Esco." She admits it, and she senses your dismay, "I nearly told you before. But then the two of you became lovers, and I thought he would make you happy..."
  • I bulk a bit at that. "Is that what he said?" I shake my head. "It isn't the term I would use." I sit up, feeling that Fleece might appreciate some space, bringing my knees up and wrapping my arms around them.

    I am torn about what to say here. I don't want to say something that would upset her. But, if she already knows about Esco, I'm not sure my side of the story would be more or less harmful. "We were only together once, it was my first real act of true rebellion. He - he was enraged, really, about the feed. Learning about it changed his world view, I'm afraid I might have done more harm there than good, but I was desperate for someone to believe me. To understand, why I felt and did, what I did."

    I put my chin in between the v of my knees, still looking into her eyes. "He offered himself as a zaradann way to say xiǎo yàng le ba to her, it worked too well. I had no idea he had developed real feelings for me until the fippers came."

    I sigh, my chest aching with guilt. I tuck my head in till my forehead rested on my knees, my hair curtain around my legs, my back bowed out, and all I see is darkness. "I didn't mean to hurt him and I never knew I was hurting you. I am..." embarrassed? humiliated. "sorry, Ooma."

    I let myself breathe into the darkness. It's not that I am jealous, I'm not, I always knew. But I feel uneasy, like I'm alone on the deck of a ship, wracked by waves.
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    "Esco's tough, don't worry about him. And to be honest, when you left, he came running back to me, which was... not terrible. As for hurting me, Esco has been with many women. Before me, while we were briefly together, and after. I'm beyond that pain. It's who he is. He's a flesh peddler, what sense does it make to lay claim to his body, Ooma?" She reaches a hand up to your shoulder, gently smoothing it.

    "Regardless, I accept your apology. Please don't be sad. This was such a wonderful moment, Sierra." She says, using your name like it increases the intimacy.
  • I unfurl at her touch, at the soft use of my name, unable to resist the comfort she is offering. I nuzzle her hand and follow her arm to lay back on my side, close to her, the top of my head touching her arm.

    I lean back to look at her. I want to talk to her. I want to ask more questions. I want to kiss her.

    I kiss her.

    I rise up and claim her mouth in a fiercely, guiding her lips in between mine, her tongue soft and dancing against mine. When I pull back, it takes extreme will and it's with a loud throaty moan. I look her in her eyes, my forehead touching hers. "I don't understand, and I don't... I don't have the best example of love, but would you not rather he share your bed tonight?"
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    Fleece moans into the kiss, her right hand slipping up to your neck, eager for the moment. When you pull back, she sighs lightly, her lips move slightly before she answers, "He's going to get very drunk, and will probably sleep with his girls. Also. I offered you my bed, tonight. If you want it." She smiles a little, "Mind you, I'll be in it."
  • I smile a devilish smile, rubbing my nose against hers. "Fleece," I breathe, "I was really hoping you were going to say that."

    I lean in to kiss her again. This kiss isn't as long, but it is slow and filled with purpose. Pulling away I sigh and smile.

    I hate to do this, but I have to go get ready. I have to take another shower now, for some reason."
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    You draw soft sounds of pleasure from her with the kiss, and she leans a little forward when you pull away. She rises from her bed and moves over to a crate, fumbling through them for a moment, calling back to you, "Wait a moment, ooma." She comes back with a small pouch, reaching into it to pull out a pair of matched earrings, which she hands to you, "Please. Take them."
    Tell me about these earrings, Sierra. What do you love most about them?
  • I reach out and let her place then delicately in my hands. When I look, I find two tiny emerald birds, in flight. They are exquisite. Carved from raw emerald, it looks like something Phoenix clan might have made.

    "Where did you get these Ooma? They are beautiful." Beautiful and perfect. Gloriana never allowed either of us near an emerald, afraid it would clash with her hair. Of course they are the perfect color for Fleece's rich skin. "I couldn't borrow these, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to them."
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    "I... smuggled them in. Don't ask, they've been sterilized." Fleece answers quickly as she moves closer, "I am not lending them to you, Sierra. I'm giving them to you. They... suit you." She slips a hand up to your ear, "Don't be a promok and say no, it will make me cross. Oh, your ears aren't pierced?" She meets your eyes, "Would you like me to help you with that?"
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    Would you like me to help you with that... like it's a real option, like altering my body is my choice now.

    I raise my hand to my other ear, feeling its wholeness, remembering the weight of heavy clip on earrings and screw backs. I had begged Glori to get my ears pierced, she had refused.

    After all, it would have meant allowing someone to briefly touch me.

    I meet Fleece's kind eyes, anticipation easily read in the way my muscles tensed, my breathe shortened. "Please, could you?"
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    Fleece slips away to grab a needle and some kind of sterilizing wash. In moments, she has returned to you, still nude, but now in her doctor's sense of command. At least, it seems so, at first, but without the mask and the gown, with just you two here, there is a sense of delicate compassion as she gently takes hold of your right earlobe, "This will hurt for a moment, ooma." And it does, only slightly. A thousand different pains you've endured supercede it. She gently wipes at the lobe, and moves to the other.
    "In many cultures, Sierra," Fleece says softly. "This is an act of defiance. Taking control of one's body. In others, it is submission." You scarcely feel it this time, and in moments, she's placing the earrings in your new piercings, and looking around for a mirror. She holds it up, showing you the new earrings.
    "Which one is it for you, ooma?"
  • I shiver when I see the needle, but quickly turn my attention to Fleece, her voice, her soft touch, the way her eyes focus and unfocus as the needle goes through my skin. My heart is racing, it's so small, but I feel unbelievably brave. Somehow both in complete control and completely at Fleece's mercy.

    A warm feeling fills me like an old friend. I haven't felt this way in a long time and when I internalize, as she moves from one ear to the other, gently talking about defiance and submission, I recognize the feeling. I have a word for it: Trust.

    I am reveling so much in my discovery, in Fleece's words, that I don't even feel the second prick. When my eyes refocus I am looking at myself. Everything is still the same, the cream-white skin, the long brown hair, the too blue eyes; except now there seems to be self possession in the deep azure. And there, next to those eyes small carved green birds, wings spread and almost moving - it is so intricately carved - placed delicately at each lobe.

    I flex my neck, rolling my head to the side, watching the light play on the lines and curves of th wings. "They are beautiful, Ooma. I will treasure them."

    I look at her and take the mirror from her hands, placing it farther across the bed. I lick my lips and take her hands in mine, threading her fingers inbetween mine. Then slowly, giving her time to pull away I lean back, bringing her over me, my hands above my head, her weight pressing them down into the mattress. "Both. It's a submission to this new version of me, and, to my trust in you. It's a defiance, to everything I was before."
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    Suddenly placed in a position of dominance over you, holding your hands above your head as you lie on her mattress, Fleece says nothing for a long moment, her eyes drinking you in. "Ooma, they have never looked as beautiful as they do on you." She leans in, eyes piercing yours, the urge to explore you further, to dally here in this private place away from the scorched world outside. "You... are making it very difficult to let you go to this performance, Sierra."
    She draws in a breath, inhaling as if she could hold the mixed scent of the two of you here together, then gently releases your hands. "I wish you well tonight. Be insumatt. Delight the soolka and may their tales of your songs trail back to me like waves lapping against the shore, always reminding me of my regret to miss it." She slides off of you, stands, then offers you a hand.
    "If you knock at my door tonight after I have returned from the party, I will open it for you."
  • She releases my hands and I sigh, a spell broken. "I will do my best, Ooma, to transport them somewhere derisann and far from this place." I take her hand and stand, gathering my clothes from the side of the bed. I kiss her cheek, afraid anything more will distract me. "I will see you tonight, give the Irons my love."
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    Fleece slips on a light robe and walks you to the door, kissing you on both cheeks before wishing you well and opening the door.

    End Scene
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