[DVFP] Junkyard Arrival (C 5.2, G 5.2, M 5.3)

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Cinch and Gigg,
After driving along the highway and putting miles between you and Graves' riders, you come up to Junkyard. The sprawling mass of waste and metal gleams with the sunlight of the Scorch bearing down. Ahead, moving between the cars and detritus, you see dark shapes. Gigg, you recognize them, they're Obsids. Armed and engaged in battle, only the excellent sound-proofing of the Fipper car prevents you from hearing the sounds of gunfire.
"Harley save us!" Krin exclaims from the back. "Last! Anyone see Last? Cinch, you gotta get us in there, we gotta help my sisters!" She checks her machine pistol over, practically hopping in her seat, she's so eager to get there. She leans up from the back seat between the two of you, ignoring her fear of you, Gigg, trying to get eyes on one of the Zons, anyone.
What do you do?


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    It's instantly obvious that things aren't right, and without a word I concentrate and scan for signs. You can watch the Obsids, where they're lookin' and where they're shootin' for a clue.
    "On it," is all I say to Krin. Open the rooftop again and get us in there. We're unexpected, maybe we can take advantage.
  • Also reading the sitch: +1sharp
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 10)
  • Let's start with:
    * Which enemy is the biggest threat?
    * Who is in control here?

    Whoever the biggest threat is, probably going for that.
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    Your DVFPS HUD shows at least twenty blips, and you know Last and her Zons were a handful of that at best. These Sand Snakes have effectively taken the Junkyard.

    The satcom intel points out this person:
    Broken Wing
    He calls himself Broken Wing, and he's currently sitting in a perfect sniper position in a construction machine that might still be operational.
  • I see the Obsids and a mutter escapes my lips, "This is what I was afraid of..." I look over at Cinch, who's already studying the situation. "Drive me into the middle of them snakes. I ain't no use stuck in this tank. No need to slow down, I'm just gonna bail and then remind them who their daddy is." I grab my mask from the floorboard and sling it over my face, and a few muttered words again escape, "If those fuggers have killed Mimi, I swear I'll slaughter ever last Obsidian in the valley..."

    I unclip my wrench from my belt and ready my hockey stick. The audacity of the Obsidians to assault my home again. The anger. The rage. The vengeance. It all comes pouring in, rolling in my brain like a red tide -- pushing out Will Isaac -- until there is only Gigg.

    Gigg rolling back into his brain on the psychic maelstrom. Gigg and the Obsidians and all of his memories of fighting them off shoulder-to-shoulder with Mimi, besting their leader, stringing up the dead on pikes, conquering them, flashes of scenes coming fast and furious, fact or fiction? real or dream? a dead man's army? enslaved? commanded? ...

    As Cinch hurtles into the Junkyard, my brain is wide open and full of rage and vengeance and dominance and submission and Obsidians...

    OOC: Opening My Brain...
  • OOC: Open Your Brain to the World's Psychic Maelstrom, roll+weird w/+1 forward from Norman in the last scene
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 12)
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    "Sniper over yonder," I point out where Broken Wing is holed up on the way to drop Gigg where he wants to go, then I'm going to run interference around the sniper's nest.

    Well, unless Krin also has somewhere to be?
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    Gigg, why don't you roll to Seize a position by Force here?

    Cinch Krin wants to pop up from the hatch and fire until she sees her sisters, then move to them.
  • OOC: Sieze something by force, exchange harm, roll+hard (highlighted)
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 11)
    Rasputin and NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH are active here for Gigg, I believe
  • OOC: On a 10+ choose 3:
    You inflict terrible harm (+1harm).
    • You suffer little harm (-1harm).
    You take definite and undeniable control of it.
    You impress, dismay, or frighten your enemy.
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    That works for me. I get Krin in the best spot to be, hope to keep her clear of that sniper and, ideally get her an angle on him. That gun is a threat to all of us.

    I tell her so, and try to make it happen. Keep moving and get her in position.

    Is there a roll for that?
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    You see the Obsids and the anger fills you up, making you feel alive and whole, with purpose. When you glance in the rearview at Krin, you see her watching the junkyard, eager to join her sisters. Also in the rearview is Lala, watching you. The mask slides onto your head and she's there, in you peripheral vision. Lala.

    Flashes of another time. The Obsids in their caves huddled around cracked black and white TVs, powered by some unknown force. The Fat Man appears, demanding their obedience. They prostrate themselves, begging for his favor. He berates them, spittle flying from his ferocious mouth. Demands they kill the Zons for invading his home, for the affront of it.

    "Save my sisters, dead man. They will owe you, then. They will join you. We will destroy your father. Take his head. End this pain. Alone, you died. With my sisters, you will gain your vengeance. her voice is a strong whisper, sliding from ear to ear as you jump out of Cinch's Fipper car to roll into the Junkyard.

    When you bound out, wrench in hand, Obsids fire on you. You savagely bash one man in the arm, sundering it as someone fires on you full auto, but you just keep coming (3-Harm, please apply armor, then roll Harm move unless the Harm's -1).

    As you cut a swath through the Obsids, you spot Isle hiding at your bus. Mimi must have led them there, Gigg. She must be in there somewhere! With bullets bouncing off your helmet and armor, like an undeniable force you make your way to the bus.

    Last is pulling one of her Prospects into the bus, she's bleeding from a bullet wound in the side of her neck, she probably won't make it. Last's been shot herself, in her left arm. Isle is in the bus giving cover fire, but she's conserving shots like she's almost out.

    Mimi's not here.

    What do you do?
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    Cinch, Let's see you Act Under Fire to deliver Krin to a spot where she can take out the sniper.
  • OOC: Gigg is actually naked except for some ripped and tattered leather pants cut off above the knee and his mask. His previous helmet and scrounged pieces of castaway armor left behind likely under the big pile of bodies outside the Depot rotting in the sun. He doesn't care about armor anymore. If anything is causing him pain, it doesn't seem to show. All of his wounds from the Depot are on display without anything covering them up, leading to him to look more scarier than ever. The only "armor" he has is the +1 armor he gets from Rasputin.

    Gigg takes 2 total Harm, roll+Harm
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 11)
  • I take cover in the bus with Last and Isle, and give them both a respectful nod. "Fat Man sent these snakes because of what we did to his palace. I'm with Cinch and Krin, and we passed a some more of his cowboys fresh outta the Depot armed up like Fippers, so it's gonna get worse 'fore it gets better." I look at the girl bleeding out in Last's arms, and try to lie. "But, it's gonna get better. I promise. Cinch and Krin are solid help... and... Lala is here too..." I let that hang in the air for a brief pause, " Cinch can carry three, how many of you are left and how many bikes, rollers you got?" I peek out of the bus windows and survey the junkyard while I'm waiting on an answer. Nobody knows this place like me, and I'm looking for one I've haven't seen yet. My voice almost a whisper now, "Where's Mimi, Last? Isle? Where is she?"
  • The Misfits/Danzig just keeps playing in my head as the soundtrack of this Junkyard scene, and this video is pretty cool, especially in the context of parts of our story.
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    Acting under fire: Cool+2
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 11)
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    Gigg, First of all, that bullet that I said bounced off your helmet, well, it didn't, did it? Blame me for looking at your old avatar. Or blame yourself for rolling an 11 on the Harm move. That's a 3rd tick on your Harm clock, sir.

    Gigg and Cinch, so here's the deal. The Obsids just rolled up on this junkyard thinking they had numbers and advantage, and now a man has returned from the fuggin' dead, a man who ripped the head off their biggest banger, and then. And THEN, a Fipper car rolls up? Yeah, they fired on Gigg before they recognized him, and now they're breaking and running.
    "Twig is out there with Mimi," Last says while putting pressure on Prospect's neck. "We've got three bikes, that's it! Shite." it registers then, and she looks up, still holding a bloody rag to Prospect's neck, "How are you here? Lala...?" She's at a loss for words, sweaty, bleeding and seeing a ghost.
    Isle's still squeezing off rounds at the retreating Obsids, her shots measured and deadly.
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    I step out of the bus and back into the open, and shout as loud as I can muster through the mask at the retreating sandsnakes, "Go! Go back to your caves and to your vid screens! Tell him Will Isaac and Gigg are baaackk! Tell him we're comin' for him!"

    Now... now to find Mimi and scrounge some guns from the dead.
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    I lay a hand on Krin's shoulder, just to feel not alone.
    Once it's clear the shootin's no longer local I pull around to where Gigg's frothin' and hollering. I stop and step out, pull my helmet off and let the air get to my sweaty brow.

    Looks like the plan is probably to make ourselves scarce before the others arrive, I go to help Last. I look for any injured that I can help, I'm not a medic, but I got the required first aid training all FPS go through. If nothin' else I'll take a look at Last's arm... and if there's any chance I can help Prospect... likely not. I know.
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    Mimi and Twig were belly crawling up to try and take out Broken Wing. Twig distracted him, and Gigg, as you come up, Mimi pops out of the hood of a car and shoots Broken Wing... about twelve times.

    Cinch, you get to Prospect and Last is there still futilely to hold her life's blood in, but the young girl grows paler, her breath grows shorter, and as you try to get her patched up, she passes.

    What do you do?
  • "Looks like I left the 'yard in a good hand," I snicker as I approach her, but quickly grow solemn as I draw close, "I was afraid I was gonna find ya dead." I want so bad to wrap her in a big hug and just hold her, but I'm afraid she'd shoot me, so I just stand as close as I dare and look at her through the cracked lenses of my mask and hope she's glad to see me.
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    Without turning to look at you, Mimi replies with a sneer, "Hey! Is that some kind of crack about my one hand? What kind of...." She turns towards you not knowing who you are at first, At once it hits her, the timbre of your voice, then seeing you. The insult she was about to hurl dies on her lips and she gapes at you.

    "Gigg...?" She brings a hand up to your mask, touching the rubber, fingers sliding over bullet holes and rips. Mimi steps closer, trailing her hand down to your shoulder, across the muscle and warped flesh and over blood and who knows what else. She swallows the wonder and replaces her scowl again, pushing the break in her mein down deep. Straightens again, though her hand lingers. "Glad you actually listened to me. I told you I didn't want this fuggin... junkyard."
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    Cinch and Gigg, you hear a pair of motorcycles approaching. It's from the north, not the east, so it probably isn't Graves and her gang. Cinch, you're able to spot Motley with Marigold riding with him, and the dirt bike of Quiet Riot as she rides up faster, then falls back to ride alongside Motley, like some fuggin' puppy with too much energy.

    Motley, you spot some Obsids, dark Sand Snakes, running from the junkyard, heading for their subterranean hideout. Looks like the fight might be over. Cinch is looking as you approach.

    What do you do?
  • I clasp my hand over hers, "Where's the little teeter? Where'd ya'll plant her? Can you take me?"

    There's a moment of silence, and then I'm aware Twig is just standing nearby and I can feel her awkwardness. I glance over at her and nod thankfully, my hand still covering Mimi's, "We brought Krin with us. She's probably back with Cinch. The Fat Man, it was him that sent these sandsnakes to kill ya'll for what we did to his Palace, and there's half dozen of his cowboys on bikes decked out like Fippers on their way to finish the job. So, we gotta diddy mao. Tell everybody to scrounge as many guns as they can carry. Cinch'll decide if we stand and fight, or if we hightail it outta here." I pause for a moment, and then add, "Thanks. Thanks for havin' her back." I look back at Mimi, and my chest feels like its gonna burst open, "I gotta see her."
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    She slips away, again, a young girl I can't save... I know it ain't on me, but it still feels too terribly familiar.
    "Last, I'm sorry," is all I can say, and probably all I should say. Words don't mean much in times like this... words come later.
    I stand and walk a few paces away, normally I'd help bury her, take care of things slow, but I can't... I just quietly say, "whole lotta bad comin' our way... I gotta find Gigg and figger out what's what."
    And so I do. Find him and see who can fight, who can't... I expect we're runnin' but it ain't just my life on the line here. I expect Gigg'll make the call.
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    I ride up to Cinch and stop beside her. I look between Gigg and Cinch. "Sorry it took so long. The crue were a bit indecisive. Anything the three of us can help with or is it already wrapped up?"
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    Gigg, You head off as Motley is riding up. Mimi leads you towards the same place you buried Will.
    "It isn't fuggin deep enough." Mimi says. "These cows were busy crying their fuggin eyes out and all that shite. About a meter down it's hard as metal. Don't know how you planted anyone in shite like that." She keeps sneaking looks at you, then looking away.
    The place where she planted Li is obvious, the dirt turned over and darker than its surroundings. There's a knife stuck at one end, the cross-guard looks like a cross.
  • I stare at the hastily dug shallow grave, and shake my head slightly, thinking of how gigantic the injustice of all this is, and I want to cry but I can't. Not anymore. Just a suffocating sense of panic, and I force myself not to flee. She deserves to know, even in death, especially in death. She deserves whatever regret I can whisper through the veil. No matter what she might do to me, say to me, take from me.

    "She was my sister..." I mutter to Mimi through the mask. "At least I believe she was. He always has little teeters and sprouts 'round him. Like me. What I did... going in there and scoopin' her... she didn't ask for that." I drop to my knees, the metal bike forks clattering against the rocky sand. I lay full long on top of the dark loose dirt, and open my brain and call out to her, hoping to see her, hear her, somewhere out beyond the veil...

    Angling to Open My Brain in search of Li
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    Gigg, Go ahead and roll plus Weird.
  • OOC: Open Your Brain, roll+weird
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 11)
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    Gigg, you look into the darkness, into the space between world and the veils part. The sand blows away till all there is, is dirt. The dirt acts like waves, parting and parting unto themselves, until you see nothing but brightness. Your vision clears to a sea of green. Greener than The Fat Man’s lawn and far far larger, it goes into eternity and is peppered by small yellow flowers. Will has heard of something like this… called Elysium.

    Out of the light you see two figures approach, a little girl holding a large man’s hand. You don’t recognize the man, but you understand without words that this man is the girl’s father. As they come closer, the light dims and you can see Li clearly, her white dress pure and unstained with blood.

    “Don’t be sad monster-brother. There are others who need your help…”

    She touches your hand and the fields disappear. You see Sierra, clearly in the palace, with Reese being led into an elevator - an elevator that goes down.

    A gleaming thread, bright and golden, pulls from out one of her fingertips and away, when you touch it, your world telescopes. Layers upon layers of the elevator span out in front of you and when they snap back, you are in June’s rig. The words We are always playing the game clear in your mind. You know it was June who spoke them.

    You can see June working, and you know, it’s for him. There is a woman there too, Missed, and June is talking to her. “Fat Man just pulled Sierra to work for him, after the Palace attack..little worried about that. But here I am, crawlin' my way towards possibility."

    There is something here, something that can bring him down. The world snaps back and all you are left with is fresh grave dirt and sand.

    What do you do?
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    Just when I'm looking for somewhere to be, it figgers Motely finds me first.
    I'm happy as hell to see him and it must show, "ain't wrapped up..." I shake my head and gaze out at the sadness around us. "More badness blowin' in our dust... you saw them riders... comin' down on us hard I reckon. Any time now..."


    "You see any sign of'em, Motley? I figure makin' a stand's likely to get some of these folks killed... but runnin... ain't sure that's a plan neither..."

    I'm silently asking his opinion... maybe he'll pay me back with wisdom... hope I led him right when he last asked mine.
  • Pushing up, I manage to squat, but the wonky knees and the makeshift braces aren't cooperating, and I lift a hand to Mimi, asking for a pull to get me on my feet.

    Once Mimi helps me up, I remain in close. In my other hand is a fistful of the grave dirt, and I open mamma's purse and dump in. Not sure why I'm keeping it, but it's the only thing left that's part of her. I push back the visions of June Weaver and Sierra working for him. I can't even wrap my brain around that right now. Don't they know what he's like? Ugh. He'll kill 'em if I get near him. Just like Li and all the rest. Shite.

    "I'm done here. Let's go find Cinch. Them cowboys from The Fat Man will be here soon, and she's probably itching to get on the road. What do you think about us sneakin' back into Depot and findin' Fleece or June Weaver and seein' 'bout gettin' that bolt outta your shoulder?"

    As we talk on the way back to Cinch, I make a point to pick up Broken Wing's sniper rifle and whatever other gear and weapons I can scrounge along the way.
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    "I'm down for anything away from these Zons, Gigg." Mimi says with an exasperated tone. "Last's done nothing but mope over her losses, didn't even take care of what she oughta. I'm done with these Zons. You... you gave 'em a second chance, and there weren't doing shite with it. " She looks over at you, "Yeah I want the bolt out. I want Swagman back more, though. Who you think's got it now?"
    You scrounge up a barter's worth of cruddy rifles and weapons together, moving quick since there's more trouble headed your way.

    Motley, you came from the north from Ziggy's old place, The Shadows. You didn't see anyone on the highway because you didn't ride the highway.

    You have five bikes total. And one Fipper car.

    Other than the three of you, there's:
    Quiet Riot

    You know Graves and her riders are coming, you can practically hear the rumble of their bikes, see the bumps of shadow on the horizon as they come closer.

    What do you do?
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    I look at Cinch and see her relief, at least at first. I listen to her giving me the details, "No I didn't so no one other that a few Obsids heading to their lair. 'Course I didn't head in normal. I haven't spotted the highway so I guess they must be coming that way."
    I look over the place trying to spot places that would lend cover and such. "I can hear 'em so we should get ready for hell. They are probably 10 minutes out. There aint much of us, looks like the Crue has decided against joining with me in this." It hurts me to say that, I try not to let it show but Cinch knows me too well, she probably can tell. "But hell if I'm gonna let this be how I go down. We're gonna fight, right? We gonna make them pay in blood for coming against us. Sorta like old days, huh?" I look at Cinch with a smirk as I draw my pistol, checking the clip and clearing the chamber.

    "Gigg knows this place, we need his help to set up somethin'; somethin' that can take out some of these riders as they come through. Show us some fugging spots to ambush. We need to fight smart since they outnumber us."
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    "Swagman?" I've barely thought of Chaz' old roller since... "Not sure. It wasn't in the ruins at the Palace last night when I went back there. They scrounged just about everything I had after they gunned me down and threw my body outside Depot to rot in the scorch. I'm guessing Pops or his cowboys got it. Maybe one of these fools ridin' up on the Junkyard will know. Let's try to keep one of 'em alive... if we can..."

    I walk back into the group of Cinch, Motley, and the what's left of the once mighty Amazons -- just in time to hear Motley throwing the gauntlet down. Some real Butch and Sundance shite, that's for sure.

    I speak up just as Motley finishes, still closing the distance on the group. "Motley's right. There's about 10 or 12 of my daddy's cowboys and they damn near got Fipper gear, and all we got is this sandsnake shite." I dump most all the guns and weapons I collected on the walk back into a pile at their feet. "But... they fight for some coward who lays up in his 'lectric air and uses water to grow grass in the muggaphuggin' desert. But we... we fight for our muggaphuggin' life. And we fight for the ones he has taken from us." I look over at Cinch knowing everyone else is following my lead and looking at her too. "Besides, Cinch has got a fuggin' battle tank! They ain't got one of them!" And then I look around at everybody, one by one, "And they ain't got no Motley, no Last, no Krin, and Lord knows they ain't got no Quiet Riot, and the Devil knows they ain't got no Mimi."

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    I walk over to the rear end of a busted up stretch limousine, "Here's the plan. Hide all the bikes and Cinch's Fipper car. We let 'em ride right into the main area here. I'm hoping they think we hightailed it outta here." I point over at the nearby big yella school bus, "Underneath that bus is a 4-foot deep bunker I sleep in. It's perfect for a couple sharpshooters to just nest under there and have a field day. Just hope they didn't bring no grenades. Mimi's tactic of a few more of yous hiding out around the perimeter in trunks of these cars is a good one. Once the cowboys get here in the middle, those in the trunks and and those under the bus, just open up on 'em from all sides. It'll be a shooting gallery."

    I hold out the sniper rifle I scrounged, "Old Broken Wing had the right idea. Whoever's the best marksman, take this rifle and take a position up high and take out Graves. One shot. Right at the start. Put her down. I need somebody cold-bloodied... and who has two arms... on the sniper rifle. Graves goes down, they'll already be thinking their dead."

    I reach down and grab the frame under the bumper of the limo, and drag it a couple of feet. "The reason they'll know they're dead is because they ain't gonna have no way to escape. I'm gonna drag this limo over by the entrance to the 'Yard, and as soon as them cowboys ride up in here. I'm comin' outta hidin' and draggin' this limo blockin' the exit. I'm the only fugger they gonna see, and they gonna shit their britches when I start walkin' at 'em. Some of them fuggers picked over my dead body yesterday, and I'm damn sure gonna remind 'em." I let that hang in the air for a few moments.

    "That's when my cold-bloodied muggaphugger takes out Graves and the rest of you fuggers pop out and rain hell on their ass."

    I look back over at Cinch. "Cinch, that's when you and the craziest fugger here pops up outta your turret, and ya'll start doing drive-bys and demolition derby -- Arena games, but for reals. You just mopping up the mess. Well... probably makin' the biggest mess, but whatever, right?"

    I drag the limo another couple yards, before I stop and say, "Oh, me and Mimi would appreciate if we can leave one of these cowboys alive... at least for a little while. They got somethin' that belongs to us, and we wanna know where it is."

    I squat and put my legs into pulling this limo towards the entrance, hoping these braces hold out until I can get out the welder and the torch from the shack and make some real gorrum knee braces.
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    I lean in towards Marigold, "I want you beside me so I can keep an eye out for you, keep you as safe as possible considering." I scowl at Gigg's request for a "cold-bloodied muggaphugger" not liking to consider myself that but if it needs to be done I will do it. I look to Last, "You looking to get some payback Graves or you want me to take her out?"


    I watch Gigg pulling on the limo and go to help him out. "Let me help for now,so you can save your strength for the moment. "
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    It's a lot to take in, but yeah. I listen to the plan, hand on my hip and nodding when nodding's called for. Tryin' to look confident, is what I can do. People seem to follow my lead when chips are down and I always try to keep my cool.

    "Okay, we can do that," I do have top of the line armor, but I've deliberately removed all my offensive weapons... guess that's why I need a crazy fugger, "Who wants to ride shotgun?" So to speak, "Gotta have a steady hand or loads'a ammo."

    I kinda hope it's Mimi, and I keep eyes on her. Not cause I love her so much, but I know with her experience in the arena, and mine, she can shoot on the move and I know how to set her up right and smooth for those moments when she needs to aim... that's all part of the game.
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    "I'll ride with you, Cinch. None of these girls can shoot out of a car like I can. They're bikers." Mimi says, and for once, she uses a generally diplomatic tone. She heads for your car, Cinch, and nobody objects.

    Alright, the way I see this, you're all working together here to do a modified Seize by Force, except it's more like you're trying to keep hold of something you have. To do that, you roll to seize by force, but instead of choosing to
    take definite control, you can choose to keep definite control of it.

    Since you're on home turf with a plan, take a +1 Forward on the roll.

    Also, if the three of you are teaming up, choose a leader for the roll. The other two of you can roll HX to help them. And, if you do that and roll a 12+, you can choose 4 options (take one of each, or you can double up on one).
  • OOC: Gigg rolls Keep hold of something you have, roll+hard (highlighted) w/+1 forward (GM) and +1 from Pit Bull
    (Rolled: 2d6+4. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 13)

    Gigg gets an Advancement!
  • [CINCH]
    Gigg seems to have this fighting thing covered. But I'm happy that Mimi caught my signals and joined me in the car.
    Helping Gigg: +1Hx
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 10)
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    OOC: On a 12+, choose 4 (GM's rule):
    • You inflict terrible harm (+1harm). x2
    • You suffer little harm (-1harm).
    • You take definite and undeniable control of it.
    • You impress, dismay, or frighten your enemy.
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    Last and the Zons are still processing that Gigg is around and moving, but they listen to the plan. Most of them find places to hide and prepare. Motley, you end up with the sniper rifle, and Marigold helps you find a good spot to take aim. You know Graves, Motley. What happened the last time you two drank together at The Pit?

    As Graves and her riders fan out along the highway and in the desert scrub, your band takes positions and waits to draw them in. You execute Gigg's plan perfectly. They come into the circle, still riding around the perimeter of the yard by your bus, Gigg. Cinch, you fire up your car and start riding counter-clockwise, while Mimi pops up out of the turret, cursing and firing on them. Gigg, you pull the limo to close them off before they can retreat, and Graves and her gang are trapped.

    Cinch, what's the sickest move you pull off during this pit fight?

    Motley, what was the expression on Graves' face when you took her down?

    Gigg, how do you capture the last of them without killing them?
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    I crawl up and settle in my spot ready to take my shot when it comes time. Marigold by my side watching my back while I have my eye to the scope. I see Graves approach and begin lining up my sights. Waiting to the right moment to pull the trigger. As I look at her through the crosshairs I begin to think back to the first time we shared a beer. We were not necessarily on the same side but at the pit there was a truce...mostly. I remember drinking with her and listening to her passion for her gang and what she wanted to accomplish for them. I may have not agreed with her but there was a respect for that passion. The night got rowdy and a few of my crue got mixed up in a disagreement with one of the groups that isn't around any longer, Steel Samurai or something. It led to a brawl and Graves had her group join in and lend us a hand in the tussle. Surprised the hell out of me but she always had a sense of honor like that. It's a shame really that this has to happen.

    I come out of my daydream to see Gigg has closed up shop. I exhale sharply and align my sights, "Sorry Graves you probably deserve better than this" And I pull the trigger.

    The look of utter shock on her face at the plan falling to pieces doesn't get me, that was mostly expected, it was her eyes that I will remember. A look of disappointment, a look of understanding that her dreams for her gang would not come to fruition. I did that...

  • After blocking the exit with the limo, I take off my mask and start slowly walking toward Graves and her gang of Pops' cowboys. "Which one of you drew all these circles on me with a marker pen yesterday?" I gesture all over my body with one hand. Then pointing to Graves, "Ya know what I don't get? Why they call you 'Graves'? Not like you dug anybody a grave yesterday. Not me. Not any of your fallen buddies you fight alongside with. Not that little teeter girl Li ya'll shot up just like another gangbanger. You didn't plant nobody. You muggaphuggas just tossed us all outside the gate to rot in the Scorch like trash. So why do they call you Graves?"

    All them cowboys were just standing there slack-jawed, and some had even dropped their trigger fingers, unable to process what was happening. Everyone except Graves, who slowly begin to realize what was happening, and her face was revealing she felt the ambush coming. I saw her eyes start to dart around and moving her head slowly and the look on her face -- but -- then her face exploded from Motley's 7.62 caliber round from that old M110, and the loud retort moments later as her body is thrown to the dirt as the shot rings out. Ice cold.

    And then hell erupts as the Zons unleash a lifetime of festering anger and grief and vengeance, and Cinch and Mimi show 'em what herdin' cats looks like. One of the younger kids in Graves' gang tries to make a break for the limo just as soon as Motley takes down Graves. Not sure how he was planning to get that bike over that stretch Lincoln, but he gunned the throttle and tried to blaze by me. As he whizzed by, I swung mamma's purse like a baseball bat and cracked his face open, and he tumbled off the bike in a heap, nose shattered and unconscious. See... while I was hiding by the parked limo near the gate, I saw this big 'ole rusted out alternator from a '93 Suburban lying in the dirt, and I picked it up and put in my purse. Never know when you're gonna need a spare part.

    I sat down on the kid's chest and watched the carnage show unfold. I absently traced the lines of his impeccable arm tattoos, rifling through is pack for snacks, and watched with awe at the beauty of it. All the best guns and riot gear, all the training and swanky barracks, milk and water and meat. None of that meant a gorrum thing. They were no match against a bunch of hungry muggaphuggas who had nothing left to lose.
  • image
    You know what. Mimi and I oughta take a turn in the arena.
    We were runnin' and gunnin' a pack of three bikes through the mountains of junk, and I got her lines up and matched to speed with 'em... she took down the first, shot right off his bike... then just as the others started to return the favor, I ducked behind a pile and keepin' them in mind I got Mimi a shot from directly behind.... smooth as glass... second feller went head over wheels and ate dirt.
    Third shot, caught right up close and kept his gun off us... little tap of the fender and a quick burst of gas and we were right alongside... he ditched rather than take Mimi's lead.
    Hell I'm glad Mimi was out the turret so she couldn't see the smile on my fuggin' face... I shouldn't enjoy this. Gotta admit I did... the drivin' the teamwork... the killing I could do without.
    But that is the point of the whole thing... us or them. I remind myself of that. This time, somehow, looks like we came out on top.
  • image
    "Wooo! Hell yeah, take that, you stupid fuggers!" Mimi screams at the top of her lungs between controlled bursts with her MG. She's figured a way to use a notch on the hatch to hold the rifle while she leans into it and squeezes the trigger. "Five! Six! Come on, come on, lead it... Seven!" As you take a hard turn, she laughs and kicks the back of your seat,
    "Damn you, Cinch, you're a better driver than me! I hate you!" She squeezes off another burst.
    Finally, the gang is defeated soundly, and the only one left is the punk you took down, Gigg.
    Gigg, that kid you beat down and now sit upon whuffs a breath and groans. his wild blue mohawk is covered in dust now, his nose bleeding from both nostrils. "Shite... you killed 'em all, man." He glances to his left, then right, seeing bodies, seeing bikes. "What... what're you gonna do with me, man?"

    Motley, Marigold moves up behind you after the fight is over. "Good shot, baby. You should keep that rifle." she rubs your back. "It suits you. I'm so proud. You do the hard things for us. I'm here for you, ok?" She's watching you close, trying to get a read on you.
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    I don't answer at first, instead take another swig from his canteen of water and then pour some on his face, washing off the blood and dust. I imagine he was pretty, but he won't be after this heals -- if he lives that long. Still, the rest of his pale skin is beautiful, not brown like Chaz's, but like his, soft and smooth, like someone who has spent a lot of their life out of the sun. I run my hand through his hair, to shake the dirt out of it, but also to see if blue feels different.

    "I'm not sure yet," I mutter, sighing before picking up my mask with one hand. "Probably depends a lot on how much you tell me 'bout what I need to know. You kinda remind me of someone that was taken from me, and he left me somethin' special, and I figger someone you know has it now. And I want it back." I continue stroking his mohawk as my mind wanders, a montage of Chaz memories flood back. Him driving Swagman, grinning like a hyena, me bouncing in the seat, unable to sit still after we stole a bunch of scrounge. Like the time I dared him to show his bare ass to that Fipper that always stands outside the Depot hospital, and how he barked at me through bloody teeth to get back into Swagman while that Fipper beat the shite out him. How I swore through masked tears I'd never dare him to do anything again. I remember laying under the desert stars, cuddled with him, staying warm next to an oil drum fire and listening to Dolby. Me asking him where the Gulf of Mexico was*, and him telling me you can't get there from here -- just a place you visit in a song. And how Motley's shot sounded like that one under the Scorch the day it all started, and how I helplessly watched him die in Swagman, covered in blood and borax dust.

    "The problem I have is that you've seen ole Cinch over there help smoke a bunch of the Fat Man's cowboys, and that means I can't let you go back to him and tell him what you've seen." I bend down and kiss him on the lips softly, "Tell me what I need to know, and maybe I'll have a word with Motley 'bout you ridin' out of here in his gang. Otherwise... " I nod in the direction of the mix of dead Obsidians and his fellow soldiers, and slip my mask back on.
    For Craig Misko, RIP, 1965-1994

    I would never normally go bowling • On a Friday morning in New Orleans • But I like to come here to remember • The kind of places you took me • Like the time we stole a Datsun • And drove all night to the everglades • Until we crashed it in a big electric storm • And stood there listening to the bayou rain • The county sheriff had a hair lip • Louisiana's pride and joy • He said politely as he cuffed me • "I've never busted an English boy • But I will accept a contribution • To the Opelousas' Charity Ball • But you better drive this dirty Datsun • Into the Gulf of Mexico" • Under a Cajun moon I lay me open • There is a spirit here that won't be broken • Some words are sad to sing • Some leave me tongue-tied • (But the hardest thing to tell you) • But the hardest words I know • Are I love you goodbye • I love you goodbye • Typhoon Pierre delayed my plane till morning • (Jusqu'au matin) • Let the bontemps rouler from your accordion • (L'accordien) • Under a cajun moon I lay me open • (Y a un esprit partout) • There is a spirit here that won't be broken • (Simple words are sad to sing) • Some words are sad to sing • (They leave me tongue-tied) • Some leave you tongue-tied • (But the hardest thing to tell you my friend) • But the hardest words I know • (Is I love you goodbye) • Are I love you goodbye • (Je t'aime, au revoir) • I love you goodbye • (Je t'aime, toujours) • I love you, goodbye

  • image
    Let's see you Go Aggro here to get Jackabacka to roll on Fat Man and his allies.
  • [Gigg]
    OOC: Go Aggro, roll+hard (highlighted), +1 from Pit Bull
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 12)
  • image
    Jackbacka's completely undone by this, Gigg. When you speak to him, he is cowed, eyes on the dirt, knowing his place. You are undeniable. Then, you turn things around and show him something gentle, but also unexpectedly weird. Jackabacka freezes, unsure of what's next, waiting for death.

    Then you offer him an out. Motley. The Crue! He knows the Crue. Or at least he's heard of them. Rough and tumble, but honorable, he can go for that. "Whatever they took from you... uhh, we can get it back. I'll join Motley. Nobody needs to know about the driver here. I keep secrets!"
  • image

    I nod at 'Gold, understanding but not wanting to talk about it, not yet. I start making my way down to the ground to see how Gigg is doing with our survivor.

    Lost in thought, wishing the rest of the Crue understood my intentions better like Gold does. How did that old saying go...If you love something you let it ride away and if it rides back then it was real... or something like that. I guess I will see if the family I thought I had with the Crue was real or not.
  • image
    Can't help but share a moment of pride, a sense of teamwork with Mimi. Her excitement gets me going too and I probably hollered more'n usual during all this.

    But in the aftermath... I glide quietly to a stop near where Gigg and the others have settled. Power down and step out. Share a hopefully mutual look of respect with Mimi, and stand silently watching.

    Then I hear how Gigg's making threats on my account, at least... I gather than from what's saying.

    "Hey Gigg..." I don't interrupt so much as interject, but then it becomes clear what's being offered... yeah. Give him that chance, I nod, urging Motley to agree. Urging Gigg to give the man his life.
  • image

    Motley walks up, looking at guy on the ground. Still in my thoughts it takes a while to bring me back to the present. I feel 'Gold behind me and notice Cinch nod at me. I realize they are waiting for a response from me. I quickly try to recall what it was Gigg was just saying... ""Tell me what I need to know, and maybe I'll have a word with Motley 'bout you ridin' out of here in his gang."..Now it made sense why he wants to " join Motley". I look over to Gigg, and nod. Sure I'll take him in, I might not have much of a Crue left but hell we are a bunch of Fug-ups anyway,he will fit right in. I squat down to get closer to his face,"Yeah ONLY IF you tell Gigg what he needs I hope its enough." then i stand up and step back, hoping thats enough to scare the truth out of him, even though Gigg seemed to do a good enough job already.
  • image
    Jackabacka eagerly offers up whatever you need to know, Gigg. He tells you that Swagman's been moved to the Garage and The Fat Man's mechanics are busy tearing it down and working on it. He'll roll over on whatever you need.

    Cinch, you notice Mimi's hanging out near you, she keeps looking over at you, and not scowling or cursing at you, but she doesn't speak to you, either.

    Last and the Zons finish scrounging and are preparing to diddy mao, but then you hear the sound of more motorcycles off in the distance. What do you do?
  • I pat Blue lightly on the cheek with an open hand and say, "Good job. That's what I needed to know. Mot here will take good care of you. But you'll probably need to change your name." I grin at him behind my mask and offer him a hand to get up on his feet.

    I reach into mamma's purse and take out the alternator and drop it on the ground, just about the time I hear the bikes coming in the distance. "Motley? Is that your Crue? Or do we have more cowboys inbound?" I cut a glance at Last and Cinch and Mimi, and reach and grab a weapon from the pile that belonged to The Fat Man's cowboys, "Hey, girls, we might have more company comin'. Can someone jump on top of that bus and give us the 411?"
  • image

    I smile at Gigg's comment on the name. Blue Oyster Cult ? We can worry about it later, I laugh, that's when I hear the bikes too. A worried expression come across my face, as I look at 'Gold, could it be them, I honestly don't know. "Fugged if I know, let me check. Get some cover just in case," I say to all as I look at Gold so she gets the meaning. Then I am off running to the high ground, I previously was sniping at. I take the rungs two at a time trying to gain height as quickly as I can. Sweating and breathing hard, I quickly settle down and look through the scope hoping I can see who is approaching.
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    The feeling's mutual.
    As much as I've been chasing Gigg around, it really started by chasing Mimi. So that thread runs right through her and that moment she bailed on our match. It's been itchin' at the back of my neck since.

    I don't say anything, but I return the casual closeness. I think somewhere deeper down, given the way we clicked in the battle. Our backgrounds in the arena... we get each other. Even if we haven't always... heck, barely have been on the same side of things.

    When this little gathering breaks up. I'm guessin' she may ride with me.

    But... seriously? What is it now, "let's be ready for it..." I glance at Mimi and nod towards the car. Though I'm hoping. I'm hoping that that's friendly motors headin' our way. Better to be overprepared.
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    Last and her Zons get back on their bikes or grab some of Graves' rides. Quiet Riot considers one of Graves' gang's bikes, but goes back to her dirt bike, mumbling about how she misses "box truck".

    Motley, you climb up to the sniper spot and look over the desert for the cycles. First look's across the highway, and it stands empty. A glance to the north and you see them. Then, you recognize them. Crue! The Crue is coming! They're late, but better late than never, right? You spot Dokken at the lead, with Tesla and Whitesnake on either side, the rest of your gang riding behind.

    Cinch, Mimi nods and falls in with you, a spring in her step and a half-smile as she seems eager to be "ready for it".

    Gigg, you spot Mimi following Cinch over towards her Fipper car. The two of them work like clockwork. Mimi glances back at you, curious if you're coming with her, or doing something else. What do you do?
  • I give Mimi a thumbs up and slight nod of approval. She's special and there's things I wanted to do with her, but truth is this body ain't gonna last much longer, and she needs to move on... move on with the living, and there ain't no one better for Mimi than Cinch. I call out to Cinch, "Promise me one thing, Stazie. Promise me you'll take her to June Weaver. We've talked. June knows what to do, and if she got Parcher's rig, she'll have what she needs. Will you do it?"
  • image

    Interesting i think as the Crue comes towards us. "It's the crue." I shout to everyone below. I start to stand up to make my way down, then a thought strikes me, why would they wait so long if they were coming down anyways? I know Dokken didn't agree with helping Last and the 'Zons. If he lost the argument then why would he be in the lead.

    Something in my gut gnaws hungrily, I pause on the ladder, wondering. Then I resume my descent. If something were to go wrong with them, I will face them on the ground.

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    Fuggin' relief... I lean back in my chair and exhale. The Crue. Finally some good fuggin' news on the horizon.

    About to rejoin the others and Gigg hollers his plea, "yeah, Gigg, you got it!" I look at Mimi and make a little questioning shrug, though, make sure that sounds alright to her.

    It's her fuggin' decision... Gigg may have a plan for her but I aint her keeper. He ain't neither unless she's makin' that call.

    "I'll get her where she gotta be."
  • image
    The Crue rides up to the junkyard, bikes in a tight formation as they arrive. Dokken leads them in a wide circle of the entire area, and dozens of eyes look over the carnage you've wrought, the dead and broken bodies, the Depot bikes that lie in the sand. With the heavy thunder of their engines, the Crue rumbles into the killing field you set up, Gigg, around The Fat Man's slaughtered soldiers. Approving nods and sneers at the corpses. Queensrÿche spits on Graves' body as she rides past, her flaming red hair cascading down the back of her worn studded leather jacket.
    "Oy, Mot!" Dokken says as he eyes Last and her Zons. He pulls his hog up to you, Motley, turns off the engine, drops the kickstand, "Doesn't look like you needed us after all. You took down Graves? Nice. We been wantin' to get o'er her fer forever, yeah?" He comes right up in your face, Motley, drops his voice. You feel the eyes of all the Crue on you. "You want back in? Wanna be my second?"

    "Yeah, dammit." Mimi mutters to you, Cinch. "My fuggin' stump hurts. All the time. Gigg set up a thing." She practically growls, "Get me there, yeah? I'll... fuggin' owe ya." She spits on the ground, her way of making a pact.
    What do you do?
  • image
    Last and Krin come over to you while the Crue are talking and seem like they aren't going to attack. Last says, "Thanks for coming out here. You saved our asses. We're. We're even now, Gigg." She offers a hand.
    What do you do?
  • image

    I know he has to be hurting for support to ask me to be second. Maybe he needs a bit more support for his play for Alpha and figures I will be it. 'Course if I don't then it could rip apart the Crue between who supports him or me.
    I look him in the eyes and keep my voice down as well. "You sure that's a good idea? I still have this deal with Gloriana or Esco for feeedom of the crue that want it. I plan to ride this to where it takes me. You good with that?"
  • image
    Dokken scoffs, "Fug yeah, I am. We talked it o'er, and we wanna ride free, Mot. We're gonna go with ya, make sure you don't lose yer nerve. If they try to stop ya from guttin' Fleece, we'll have yer back. And when the time comes," he nods seriously, "You do the deed. Yeah?"
  • image

    I smile, feeling a sense of family I didn't know was missing till Dokken says 'we'll have your back' .
    I hold out my arm out to Dokken, as a brother. "Then Shades yeah. I'll be your second. We don't got a lot of time left, what's the first move Boss?"
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    When I met Mimi, no one would would lift a finger to help her. She was outcast, alone, no ally, on the brink of death. No doubt she can take care of herself, but she needed a fightin' chance and a bit of time to rebound. Still, as both June Weaver and Fleece said, all that don't mean nothin' unless Parcher's butcherin' can be undone. I wanted to help her make that happen, since there wasn't anyone else she could really rely on. But things change. I ain't gonna be around long term, and truth be told, it's hard to figure what June Weaver or Fleece would do if they see me again. I can fake out a lot of folks, even though in their souls they know somethin' ain't right about me. But there won't be no fakin' June Weaver or Fleece, and a dead man walkin' is gonna trigger some kinda reaction -- one way or th'other -- them types ain't gonna just go on like they see this shite erryday. Truth is Mimi's better off with Cinch, one of the few still holdin' on to somethin' pure. In another life, maybe me and Mimi are even more than what me and Chaz was. Few get two lives. It's downright greedy to dream about a third, ain't it?

    With the Crue ridin' in and Motley now otherwise occupied, I had turned my attention to more important matters at hand while contemplatin' Mimi's new found shot at a new life. Last and Krin approach me over at the scrap metal heap, as I'm sorting through pieces of rebar, angle iron, various lengths of steel rod and cable, and other pieces of scrap I intend to use to fashion a real set of knee braces. Instead of these scrounged motorcycle forks that have served as something barely passable. I aim to take some of this scrap into the shack over there and use my old spot welder and oxy torch to fab something far more than passable. This old hulk has to stay together for just a few more days -- maybe a week or two. Yes, these should work nicely... as I look up and see Last and Krin, and hear nothing but gratefulness in their voice.

    "Well, I owed ya a debt... for Lala. And justice has to mean somethin', right? It has its price. I'm just sorry her price was little Li and that we didn't get her back to Foster and free the rest of your sisters. Still, in the end, I coulda saved her. The Fat Man gave me a choice... her or you... but, my debt was with you. And my word, too -- not just to you, but to Lala, too. He and I called th'other's bluff and we was gamblin' with a little teeter. And ain't none of that right." I put a piece of rebar behind my neck and begin straining to push on both ends of the rod, bending it around my neck to make some steel cuffs that'll fit around by thigh and calves to hold a brace in place. But mainly straining to keep from breakin' down again. The only thing left is to channel all this rage somewhere. Either he burns, or the whole world is gonna burn. One pays, or everybody's gonna end up payin'. "He's a muggaphuggin' bastard, and I fully intend to extract every penny of justice outta his feckin' skull with this here 8-lb iron wrench."

    I squat slightly and put my legs into it, and strain again with bending the rebar and grunt out, "So, what's next for what's left of the 'Zons, Last?"
  • image
    Gigg, Krin sees what you're doing and while she can't bend rebar, she does pick up a few bits and start fiddling around with something to help make your brace. She doesn't say anything about it, but it's obvious that's what she's up to.
    Last exhales some frustration, looking across the desert as if it has her answers on what's next. "I figure... well, shite, Gigg. I'm going to head out and find Foster and my sisters. Tell her about Li. If she comes around, maybe I'll join up again." Her emotions are worn as she moves on to, "If she won't. Then I'm gonna challenge her for alpha. I'll have to kill her. I never wanted to do that, you know? I-I never wanted to watch any of my sisters die."

    Dokken looks around and proclaims, "Crue! There's lots of good scavenge here, some bikes better'n ours. Once these folks have their pick, let's swap out parts and grab what we need. We're heading back into Depot." He calls to Queensryche and Motorhead, "We're persona non-fuggin' gratta in there, so mark over Crue signs. We know who we are in our hearts, no need to pick a fight at a wall o'er shite like that. Mot here's gonna punch our fuggin' tickets outta here!"
    The Crue raise a cheer and get to scrounging around.
  • image
    I spit on the ground to echo Mimi's pact, nod, "you're as good as there, Mimi." I mean it. Takin' this job special.

    "You got any shiite to take care of 'fore we hit the road, Mimi?" With the crue now swarming, I don't feel like we need to stick around "just in case" any longer. They got this handled.
  • Bending rebar is slow going, because it's rebar. I take a break to catch my breath and chat up Last and Krin a little more. Maybe last time I see 'em. I notice Krin wanting to help, and I give her a couple quick clues as to what I'm looking for.

    I lean back against some pile of junk, and lift my mask to where it's like some cap on my head instead of covering my face. "Sounds good, Last. I hope it works out with Foster and the rest of your girls. Junkyard's prolly too hot for ya'll to hang here, you mos def gonna half to disappear. Fat Man ain't resting 'til he finds and guts ya. But, I'm gonna work on that end of it, so hope just a temporary sitch for ya.

    Listen... uh... Foster may have some of her own justice she wants outta the Fat Man, you know using Li as a hostage and all to get her to do what he wanted. If you happen to tell her what I'm planning, and if she or St. Anger wanna pitch in an' help.... well, I won't decline.

    I catch her eyeing me up and down, I'm sure trying to figure it all out given what I know she saw at the Palace, "If you're tryin' to make sense of this... " I motion quickly to my body, "don't... cuz it don't make no sense... unless perhaps you believe that God or the Devil or Whoever or Whatever is finally cashing all his chips in. I mean, you got folks scrounging every day just for a cup of water, killin' or scroggin' or worse just to stay alive, and he's over there growing grass inna desert. Meanwhile folks like you, Motley, certainly Cinch and Esco, and even June Weaver and Sierra and Fleece and others just tryin' to help each other make it. Some point there's gotta be a reckonin', right?"

    I extend my forearm looking for a grasp from her, "It was my privilege to wear the red 'A'. I was proud to."

  • image

    Mimi glances over at your car, Cinch, like she wants to take off right fuggin now, but she doesn't. "Yeah, just a sec. I know you like to take off quick quick, but I gotta fuggin' do something." She trots over to you, Gigg, waiting for you to stop talking to Last, telling Last about the A. She ends up tapping your arm to get your attention. "Stop jabbering, you big lug! I fuggin' swear, the guy was marbles in his mouth until a fuggin' chopper shot him to shite. Now he's all talky talky like Hamlet's poppa." She steps around to get in your face, "I'm gonna get a new arm, Gigg. One that doesn't make me hate the world anymore. If you're still around, and if you still need a driver, then I'm stealin back Swagman and I'll take you wherever you wanna go. Better than Cinch would." She scowls at Last, then steps right up to you and throws her one arm around your side, burying her face in your mangled chest.
    What do you do?
  • I tried to avoid this kind of goodbye with Mimi, but she never let's anyone off easy. I drop my outstretched arm to Last, and envelope her in a hug with both arms. Holding her tight, feeling the shape of her body pressed into mine, my face buried in her hair, her smell temporarily pushing away the smell of damp earth and tainted meat. For the moment I can't say a word. I just want this moment to never stop. I take in as much of this Mimi, this Mimi with her guard down, her shattering my own guard, and take in every ounce I can.

    Angling for Read a Person
  • OOC: Read a Person, roll+sharp
    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 9)
  • OOC: I'll go ahead spend my 1 hold now. What is Mimi really feeling?
  • image
    Gigg, like everything Mimi-related, there's more than one answer. She's sad because she's saying goodbye. She doesn't expect to see you again. Thankful that she got this chance. Hopeful to be pain free. Terrified of what's next.
  • Finally a soft chuckle escapes, my mouth still buried in her hair near her ear, and I whisper, "The only place I wanna go is this place called The Gulf of Mexico, and I don't think even you can take me there." I release the hug and cup her face with my two hands, lifting her chin to look at me, my mask still riding on my head like a hat. "Don't be scared or sad. No one can break you. The UF couldn't. June Weaver couldn't. You bent, but you didn't break. That's why you're important for what's next. Remember you need friends, so stick with Cinch. It's gonna be chaos when this is finished, and there'll be folks that'll need ya'll's help. Ok?" I'm looking into her eyes and slightly nodding, trying to reassure her. But I feel a choke rising up and tears welling, knowing fully what I don't want to say. Can't say...
    There is a spirit here that won't be broken
    Some words are sad to sing
    Some leave me tongue-tied
    (But the hardest thing to tell you)
    But the hardest words I know
    Are I love you goodbye

    I can't look at her and say it, so instead I press my lips to her forehead in a kiss, and whisper almost inaudibly, "I love you, Mims. Goodbye." I hold my lips to her forehead, unable to move. Hoping she'll punch me, curse at me, and storm off telling me what fuggin' lug I am.
  • image
    Gigg, You speak your heart to Mimi, tell her what she needs to hear, what you need to say, all mixed together. When you pull her face up to force her to look at you, her eyes are bewildered, confused, stuck between those of a trapped animal and someone yearning for just this moment but afraid to show it. She doesn't pull away, Gigg.
    Mimi stands there, your lips pressed against her forehead, the most intimate gesture she's felt in a very long time. She finally breaks the contact, she has to break the contact or she won't be able to bend anymore. Steps back a half step to look up at you, reaches her one hand up to caress your cheek. Mimi opens her mouth to speak, but she has trouble, has to swallow before her words come out reedy at first, growing in strength, "Gut him, Gigg. You do your thing and I'll sing songs about you so you'll never die again."
    She sniffs hard, turns to troy away, head high, pushing a scowl onto her face. She comes over to you, Cinch, doesn't look back at Gigg, simply saying, "Let's diddy mao, Driver."
    What do you do?
  • As soon as she turns and heads back to Cinch, I snap the mask back down over my face. She's not looking back, and neither can I, and frankly I need the mask to give me a moment to gather myself for Last. The sound of Mimi's slightly off-balance trot shuffling through the gritty sand falls away behind me, as I turn to Last with arm once again extended, "Good huntin'. Stay safe, and stay clear of Depot for a few days."
  • image
    End Scene
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