[DVFP] Visitations (S 5.3)

Your tears have dried and you found some peace, some solace here. The mattress is soft, the silky sheets have a hint of a floral aroma, and the room is just slightly chilly, reminding you oddly of The Irons.

There's a knock at the door, three raps.

What do you do?


  • I am about to call out, when I remember my state of undress. I find the robe left for me in the bathroom, a light pink silk thing, and go to the door.

    "Attlevey, who is there?"
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    "Attlevey, Ooma," your hear Fleece's voice. " May I come in?"
  • I unlock the door immediately. "Ooma, of course." I say breathlessly, swinging the door open.
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    When you open the door, you see that Fleece is wearing a new dress, one you're rather sure she didn't bring with her:
    She stands there for a moment, looking at you, at the robe, then past you, into your room.

    What do you do?
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    The sheer dress clings to her curves invitingly and I reach out to trace a seam, my thumb slipping under the fabric to graze the side of her breast.

    I color at my actions, blushing, and backing up to invite her into my room. "Ooma," My voice is breathy and light. "I hope you are not far from me, you are far too beautiful to be walking these halls dressed so daringly derisann."

    I back up till I am in the middle of the room. My eyes on Fleece's dark orbs, begging her to follow.
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    Your touch elicits a sharp intake of breath from Fleece, but she doesn't flinch away. You step back and she is drawn to you, stopping only to close the door and turn the lock before she comes up to you, "Any promok who gives me trouble will find a dalika they can't handle, Ooma." She reaches a hand up to run her palm over the shoulder of your robe, "This robe looks... delicious on you."
  • I smile at her assertiveness and lean into her touch, when it falls on my shoulder. My head turning to watch her fingers path on the material, my eyes half-closed. I breathe out, body thrumming with anticipation.

    I lick my lips. "Thank you, Ooma. How are your rooms?" I take a step towards her, my eyes drawing up to meet hers. "Are they to your satisfaction?"
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    Fleece feels your eyes on her and looks up from where she was touching your shoulder. You know her well enough now to sense that she's barely able to restrain herself from kissing you. She self-consciously licks her lips, "Rooms?" she asks with bite in the word. "Farathoom, Ooma, they have stuck me in a closet with a cot. I was better off in The Irons for accommodations. I am near you, at least. "
  • I frown, maybe she regrets coming with me, "You are always welcome here. You don't regret, coming with me, do you?" I say, moving her hair to the side, so I can run hand down her neck and over her back, draping myself over her.

    I lick my lips copying her gesture. "And tell me honestly, please. I could make a fuss Ooma, get you better rooms, but I don't want to draw too much attention to you in case... in case I become a liability. In case, Fleece might be used against me somehow.

    I kiss her neck and whisper even softer, "You must be wondering about my conversation with June..."
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    "Coming here," Fleece answers before you kiss her neck. "I took the safe path. To hide from Glori, to help you, too. But I should be out there, healing the sick. It's more important than giving check-ups to the Fat Man's crew." A soft moan breaks in her throat at the contact and she leans into you.

    "Yes," she admits. "I wonder. I don't care to pry, but I wonder." She puts a hand on your hip, as much to steady herself as to touch you.
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    I sigh, stepping fully into her space, leaving no room between us. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here. Were you out there, vulnerable, without me knowing if you were alive or dead..." My voice cracks a little at that, my heart beating in a slightly panicked rhythm. "I couldn't have come without you."

    I hold her to me, for a moment. Just breathing in her smell. You are precious to me, Ooma. So precious." I pitch my voice lower, now barely a whisper, "June is teaching me about the feed, but also about how to... how I may not just end at my skin. We can speak to one another... without speaking... just by touching."
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    Fleece nods when you admit you couldn't have come here without her, it's why she's here. You pull her close and she wraps herself around you, hands sliding along your back, delighting in the feel of your body. "That sounds like a groshing trick with The Feed always watching you." She kisses your shoulder softly. "I have many things I could tell you with touching." There's a soft lilt to her voice, she pushes away the worry for a playful tone.
  • I run my hands up her sides till I come to where her body and the belt of my robe meet. I gently pull at the fabric till the knot meets my hand.

    "Perhaps you can tell me how I can make this up to you, through the power of touch." I whisper against her cheek. Kissing her jaw line and tugging the knot of my robe free.

    I want her to take me to bed. I want her to give me memories there that will shut out my fear and bitter betrayals. I want to feel my love for her flutter in my chest, and look into her eyes, and know why I am doing this. Why we are doing this.

    I want her to kiss me. I moan hungrily against her jaw, mouth aching for her. My lips wet and and trembling against her skin.
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    "There is nothing to make up, Ooma," Fleece answers smoothly, "There is no debt you owe me, I am here because I wish to be..." Then you tug the knot free and words fail her for a moment. She slips back a tiny step, her hands sliding up to circle your neck before they move under the fabric of your robe's collar and move down your soft skin, and she reveals your body.

    "Gods, Sierra," Fleece whispers as she looks on you, "You are. So insumatt." Reading your desire, which matches her own, she takes your left hand in hers, opens her mouth as if to speak, but smiles, remembering that she'd like to speak with touch, and leads you towards your bed.
    What do you do?

    OOC: She's giving you something you want. Please remove one hold.
  • Her lightly calloused finger tips smooth my skin, leaving trails for me to trace later, disrobing me. The silk whispers down my skin, falling to the sound of butterfly wings, loud only because it is the only sound in the room -- both of our breathes having stopped.

    I whimper when she steps back to look at me, my body on display. She calls me insumatt and I want to reply, want to go to her, but she stops herself and I can see our game has started. She takes my hand warmly, leading me to the bed.

    I sit lightly at the edge, ready to move when prompted. This is Fleece's game, I am just the board she is to play upon. Still when she steps close, my hands travel the outside of her thighs, moving her "dress" upwards, baring her caramel-colored flesh.

    I look up at her, blue eyes filled with wanting and... and something yet unnamed.
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    You reveal Fleece as well, finding nothing underneath the slip of a dress she wore into your room. When you look into her eyes, she bends down, taking your face in her hands, and places light kisses over your eyes, then she moves down to brush her nose against yours, a playful smile at the corners of her mouth. Fleece moves closer, her mouth inches away from yours. You feel the warmth of her breath, the barely restrained desire, and she waits. Savors. You're the master at this game, of course and it does bring memories of playing this with another.

    Tell me, Sierra, when did Glorianna hold you like this last? What did you do to get her to finally kiss you?
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    Fleece's breathe is warm on my face and I meet her deep eyes, shining playfully. I open my mouth just a little, invitingly, and make my body shudder, undulating my body upwards towards hers, but not touching, testing her resolve.

    Gloriana and I have played this game many many times. The first few times, before we were even lovers - she would tease me - see if she could get me to break. Of course, I have always been a quick learner. The last time... would have been only a few months ago. She had demanded I not make a sound, she was stressed and wanted quiet. I thought she could use a distraction instead.

    I lay naked in her bed and dipped my finger in honey, and traced my lips - making a gloss before tracing my fingers down my body towards my nether lips. When I started keening against myself Gloriana's resolve broke...

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    Your movements hit Fleece and she lets out a tiny groan. Her tongue flicks out like a snake's to wet your lips, and she meets your eyes again, "You are wonderful, Sierra. You are why I am here." She gives in, moving in to kiss you, the contact more important than the game. She pushes against you, urging you backwards, her body warm against you.
    What do you do?
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    I gasp when I feel her tongue touch my lips, my eyes wide, and when she finally kisses me, oh Hoolies I think I see stars. I whimper thankfully into her mouth, falling backwards, widening my legs to give her an easier landing. Everywhere her skin is warm and golden in this light, and I want to tell her...

    My heart is beating feverishly. Adrenaline and fear and truth pumping through me; I can practically feel the full body blush. I push myself farther back onto the bed and feel her weight settle over me.

    Reluctantly, slowly, by little nibbles, and soft licks I separate our mouths, my eyes meeting hers. "Fleece, I... I have to tell you..." I smile, bright, the feeling like a caged bird beating in my chest, desperate for release. I bring my hands to her face, tracing her cheek bones, finding her mouth. "I love you, Ooma."
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    Your confession takes her breath, and Fleece's mouth opens in surprise, her eyes widen as she looks into yours. "Oh." She searches your eyes for a moment, saying nothing. "I... I love you, too, Ooma.". She remains, held above you by your delicate hands, and looks down on you with care and the same unspoken affection you have seen for so many days before.
    What do you do?
  • I smile gently, looking at her face, tracing the lines of it over and over with my hands, as if I was trying to memorize her by touch. "You do?" I smile. "I wasn't sure... I hoped but... I'm glad your heart could find room for me."

    I rise my torso up, bringing my face closer to hers. "I will keep you safe." My whisper is fierce. "I will do everything I can. Everything..." I rise those last inches, my back arching impossibly, kissing her fiercely, her lips supple and soft inbetween mine.
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    Fleece's eyes flutter closed as you touch her and she delights in your attention. When you rise up, she looks at you again, surrenders to your kiss. "I'm..." Fleece protests between kisses as she tries to recover her senses. "I'm no damsel." She takes your wrists and gently eases them to the bed, holding them lightly, "I'm not your burden, Sierra. You and I, we will keep each other safe." She leans down to kiss you. "Are we clear?" A slight upturn of her mouth betrays her mock stern voice.
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    When she takes my wrists in her hands I allow my body to fall to the bed, unresisting. At her stern tone, a whimper escapes me. When her full lips touch mine again I moan into the kiss. my body rolling against hers, desperate for purchase.

    You and I, we will keep each other safe. We will, but I am playing more dangerous games than she knows, and I won't let Fleece be caught in the cross-hairs.

    "You could never be a burden to me, love. You are the reason I have the strength to be free." I gasp, as my hips roll up to find her pelvic bone. "I will still do everything I can Ooma, to keep you safe. I suppose that means, you must do the same." I smile, my eyes half lidded, my wrists turning in hers, wishing she'd hold me tighter.

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    "I will do whatever it takes to keep you whole, to help you survive this place, Ooma. We will find a way for you to be truly free..." Fleece says this as you roll your hips, but then she's undone when she feels that contact. A moan breaks in her throat and she nearly lets your wrists go. You feel the grip loosen and that little fire dwindles. At the last moment, she senses your desire.

    She tightens her grip upon that realization, eager to give you a portion of what you've given her. Fleece bends to kiss at the nape of your neck, biting at your skin, testing for what you like.

    She has grown curious now, Sierra, interested in your particular wants and needs. As we fade to black here, tell me, what is it that Fleece discovers about you this time?
  • Her hands go hard around my wrists and my eyes go wide and nostrils flare with barely contained desire. I give them a quick experimental tug, but my wrists are unmoving in her hands. Oh heavens, that's groshing. A long moan escapes from my throat and becomes something more like a purr.

    And when she bites my neck, I buck up like I've been shocked. Yes, Ooma, like that. Please love, make me yours."


    This time, Fleece learns that Not all who yield are weak. She fans the flames of submission in me and I relent to her dominance. But, there is power in submission, freedom in it's absolute surrender, and through my surrender to her I find both. In the arms of one I trust, I let go of all the games, the decisions, the intrigue, and I simply am hers. Hers to take a part and put back together.

    I wonder what Fleece finds in herself?
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    Fleece finds in herself a very strong devotion to care for and guide you, to help you grow strong. She also finds an inner fire to be the strong person you want, but she also discovers a worry about that control, how to balance her own desires and helping you make your own choices. It is a fine line she's walking, and she doesn't want to hurt you or quench your growth.

    Oh, you should roll to Hypnotize Fleece.
  • OOC: Rolling hypnotize and XP

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    Some time later, you're lying in each other's arms, and Fleece has a soft, relaxed smile on her face. She scoots back to the pillows to sit up a little, clearing her throat, "Sierra. Love." Fleece falls into a bit more serious tone. "We should talk. About our relationship. Tell me, what do you need from me?"
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    I feel loose and free in my skin, worked over and made new. I'm cuddled up next to her, not actively touching or holding, just filling up the space near her when Fleece moves to sit up. I push myself up to, just a little, to place my head in her lap. My hair fanning out over her thighs and stomach.

    When she calls me Love I swear I can feel sunshine on my face. It's derisann. Falling in love with Gloriana was like finishing a puzzle. It was beautiful and complex and complete, but it was inevitable. Falling in love with Fleece is like finding the ray of light in a snow storm. It's a force of nature, it's a respite. I nuzzle her leg and listen to her voice.

    I turn my head in her lap to look up at her when she is done. "What I need from you?" I smile. "I don't need anything from you Ooma, other than to keep yourself safe. All I want from you, is you, when you can find the time and will to be here."
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    Fleece shakes her head and "tut-tut's you. "You cannot afford to waste opportunities, or allies. Think, Sierra. You are playing a dangerous game. As the new doctor, I will have access to the staff and probably a number of supplies. I'm also someone you can consult with and trust." She kisses her palm, then presses it to your cheek. "Also, I want to state openly that I expect The Fat Man will wish to use for romantic entanglements. If you choose to provide this to him, I understand. This is about our survival, Sierra. You must use every weapon at your disposal to gain power over this soolka person."
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    I watch and listen more than a little surprised. I didn't expect to hear June's words come out of Fleece's lips. I turn to kiss her palm. "I am sorry Ooma, for underestimating you, you are right - I can depend on you for so much. And the games have already begun, rest assured, I am not wasting time."

    I bite my lip, trying to think of how next to say this. "I am... I am reborn into a world where I am both innocent and worldly. I've experienced so little, met so few people. Have had so few opportunities to experience things that others... I would be lying to you if I told you that I did not have plans to be with others."

    I reach up to touch her face, sooth the worry lines away, "I... I am not... I don't know what normal is, or if normal exists. I don't want to hurt you with this either, I love you. I don't love anyone else, save one. And she... she doesn't deserve that love. She is no matter."

    I smile softly at her, "I know you love another, have loved him for some time. I will try to be sensitive to that. But, I hope... you will forgive my want to be free a little longer. To have the opportunity of new experiences. I... I sound so selfish."
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    Your lover listens, nods slightly in acceptance when you declare your plans to be with others. She licks her lips, looking over you for a long moment before straightening her posture.
    "Tell me about your plans, Ooma. I will help you if I can, or stay out of your way if not."
  • I lick my lips feeling unsteady by that question, by the way Fleece holds herself still, by how she is reacting measurably, not naturally. I shake my head. "I'm afraid I am not explaining myself well..."

    I sigh and nestle closer to her, my bod now fully outside the blanket, turning so I am looking at the flat expanse of her stomach. I drag my nose across it. Smelling her warmth. "I want to know how you feel. I have only been physical with three people, Ooma. And I... there are people here, experiences I want to have... before..."

    I sigh, unable to finish this hiding and look up at her, "I don't want to presume that you will want me for a long time, but for as long as you would have me I want to be with you. I just want.." I sigh. "I want to know more before I give my body to you and you alone. Plus, as you said, I don't know what it will take for survival in here."

    And I shake my head. "And when that time comes for me, I won't expect you to do the same. I won't put limitations on your heart, Ooma. I will be, patient if I can." I smile up at her, "I've never been free to talk about these things, I think I am doing a bad job of it."
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    Fleece returns the smile, reaching up to trace your lips with her fingers once you've stopped talking. "I have put no claims on your body, Ooma," Fleece says gently. "I want you to experience life and the world. She has caged and controlled you, and now you are free. I am not her. Don't think of loving me as a trap. Please."

    After a moment, she asks again, "Who do you plan to be with? You said you have plans."
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    I smile as her finger moves over my lips. Once she has traced them once I reach out with my tongue, circling the digit before bringing into into my mouth. Suckling it gently, before relaesing it back to Fleece. I nod when she asks me not to see love as a trap, I don't, not her love.

    I color at her next question. "I, it's not so much a plan, we haven't talked about it, we mostly talk around it, but...June. I think we find each other, interesting. The way our abilities work together is, unique."

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    (Rolled: 2d6+3 . Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 12)
  • Question 1: What is Fleece really feeling?
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    "I wouldn't have guessed June, you constantly surprise me, Ooma. You seem... interestingly compatible, though." She runs fingers through your hair, and looks down at you lovingly, "I want you to explore to your heart's content. When we are able, we will spend time together. I will not fetter you, my darling."
    She's slightly relieved. Fleece enjoys your company and adores you, but she's uncertain that she can quench your hunger for touch and experiences. She means every word.
  • I smile, stunned by happiness. Is this what love without boundaries is? I feel... safe. So safe here, I never want to leave. "You could never make me feel chained, my love. You have ever been a guiding light. There are so many versions of this life were we did not meet, how empty those must be..."

    I turn and sit up, my hair falling behind me in a wave. I look at her and she is so beautiful, it could break ones soul. I kiss her neck and her cheek. "I am so blessed to have found you."
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    Fleece slides down, relaxing out of her prim position of "authority", "You are too lovely to be stern for long." She slips fingers into your hair, "I tell you this only because I wish to have no lies or omissions between us. I am no longer involved with Esco."
  • When Fleece slides down I curl up to lie on her chest, listening to her heartbeat. When she divulges about Esco my eyes widen in worry.

    "I'm so sorry, Ooma. I know... I know you felt very strongly about him. Things between you seemed so good. What... what happened?"
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    "I..." Fleece falters, searching for words, which is a rare occasion for her. "Things were good for a while. I feel terrible for abandoning him when he is working so hard to reestablish himself in Depot after the destruction of The Diamond. I bear him no ill. But I cannot lie to him, or myself any longer. I feel affection towards him, but it is not love."
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    I trace her chin with my fingers before gently putting pressure on the point, so that she is looking down, our eyes meeting. "Fleece, you seemed so happy with where you two were, I was sure that... " I don't finish that thought. I was sure that Esco would eventually demand my removal from Fleece's life. I've been silently waiting for that since I realized the truth. "...it's not... my fault, is it? Was it something I did?"

    OOC: Second question, relating to the fat man and this general conversation... What does Fleece wish I my character would do?
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    "No, Ooma, no." Fleece says quickly. "You did nothing, love. It was something that I had been ignoring for a while, and I finally decided I needed to stop seeing him." She scans your face. "Does this bother you?"
    Fleece wishes you would find a way to manipulate The Fat Man and control him. She wants you to take charge and use your power.
  • I bite my lip not sure how to answer. "It doesn't bother me, Ooma, other than that I don't want you to be hurt. And..." I sigh, sitting up, laying my head on her shoulder. "... I can't help but worry about Esco's feelings about me and if... if that had anything to do with it. The timing is coincidental."I brush her hair away from her face. "I know you wouldn't blame me, but I would hate to think I caused you any kind of pain."
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    "Sierra," Fleece says softly, "You had everything to do with it. Not because you were involved with him, but because I got to know you, and fell in love with you. Ooma, my affection for Esco was a complicated matter, but he... He has become someone I could scarcely stand. Where he was once a scrappy young man who rose up to establish a fine brothel, he's now a murderer many times over. Without mercy or hesitation. It was something that bothered me and gnawed at me, and ultimately showed me a piece of his soul that I could no longer abide. I am sorry to sound so judgmental, but I am speaking about my heart. Do you... understand?"
  • I remember the way Esco gleefully killed Ziggy's men was I was too scared to think. He smiled... At the time, it felt like what you should expect from the DVFP, now I know better.

    I kiss Fleece's shoulder. "I do, love. I do."

    OOC: last Question: What does Fleece intend to do?
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    Fleece moves the conversation back to the work at hand, though she does take pleasure in your presence. "I am scheduling checkups for every single person in this complex. I will get a full walk-through of the underground to determine possible health risks. I'm also planning on asking each patient a series of questions to determine a risk assessment, which will give us insight on their personalities and proclivities. It will take several days, but this will give us a treasure trove of details to construct a plan about how this organization works."
  • I move closer to her, closer to her ear, breathing in as I listen. I whisper to her low... "That will be a sizable help, Ooma. That kind of knowledge could be... irreplaceable. Be careful, though. And... if you can... make sure to talk to Koray, he's a Griffin fawn. I believe he shares Miles' bed. I would like to know if he was sent here on a charge or if he was a gift."

    I'm not sure if I have said too much... I sigh against her. "There is much to learn."I lick my lips. "I wonder what he expects of me..."
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    "I will focus on Koray, my love. Esco mentioned The Fat Man was interested in the company of other men but I was unsure about that. That's interesting, perhaps he will not require your body." She runs her fingers through your hair and kisses your neck, nuzzling against you, "We will be victorious, Sierra. Worry not, I am on your side. I will not let you fall."
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    End Scene
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