[DVFP] Meeting The Fat Man (S 5.4)

Soon after Fleece left your room, Horse came by to escort you to The Fat Man. You're led to the elevator and go down two floors, then out to a corridor with very few doors. He brings you into this room, which is currently empty.
Then he leaves. What do you do?


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    I touch the natural rock, it's cool to my hands. We must be pretty far down. I found a skirt blouse combo that is naturally pretty without being too decorative, but it isn't thick enough for this chill.

    I touch the table, I've seen things like this. Rooms where business is done. But I have never sat at the table. I take the chair to the right of the head of the table and wait.
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    You hear the sound of something metal tapping once against concrete. For a moment, it seems like it might be the wall itself. Then you hear it a second time. A moment later, a third. By the fourth, you look out of the window on the door to see The Fat Man, walking with a cane that he taps the ground with lightly every other step. He opens the door and comes inside, then shuts it behind him. He stands over six feet tall, and there is next to no fat on this man.
    With the cane in his left hand, he offers you his right for a handshake, "Sierra the Skinner," his tones are rich and deep. "It is a pleasure to meet you in the flesh. You're even more beautiful than my people told me, and far more attractive here than on The Feed."
    What do you do?
  • I smile and force a blush, putting my hand delicately in his and gifting him with a slight curtsey.

    Skinner, flesh, beauty, attractive... a list of my attributes, of the pieces that make up my non-disguise.

    "Thank you, Miles." I look up, coming out of the curtsey, my blue eyes meet his dark ones. "It's a privilege to meet you as well. The feed has so rarely featured you over the years. I have to say, you're more than I thought you'd be."
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    He looks at you, really looks at you, while holding your hand. "Thank you, Sierra. I will take the more as a compliment." He puts a hand over yours, still holding you there. "I sense that you don't like being called "The Skinner". I apologize. I thought it was an honorific." He lets go of your hand and gestures towards a chair, "Please, have a seat."
  • I smile at him, "I hope you will take it as a compliment. The palace, this operation, it's beyond expectations."

    At his gesture I sit down. I nod, accepting his apology. "It is a title I don't understand, that others have used to box me in, you've mentioned you believe I am more than just a singer. I hope you do believe that..."
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    Miles takes a chair near you, scooting a bit closer, reaching out to place a hand over yours. He seems to enjoy the connection, the touch. "I do, I most certainly do." he says in a reassuring tone. "Before we move on to discussion of those matters, let me ask - how do you find your apartment?"
  • I smile down at his hand on mine. It's easily three times the size of my own. My wrist looks dwarfed, the size of a small childs.

    "It's a lovely apartment, well appointed. It's quite clever with all the moving walls. Thank you for the generosity."
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    "Good, I'm glad to hear it." he says, and yes, he does seem pleased. "I know your life outside DVFP was very posh. I hope that while you stay here, with me, that I can provide you with comfort." He takes a breath as if to say "that's settled" and straightens a little. "Yes, I do believe you are more than a singer. I am beset by enemies, Sierra, and I need your counsel and your ability to tame savage beasts. What I've built here in Depot, Truk Stop, all of eastern DVFP, is at risk. The United Front seeks to enslave my people. There are sightings of the man who led the attack on my palace even though I looked on his dead body. That means he has become a martyr. It means I do not understand the threat that lies in my own walls." He meets your eyes, "I need you to help quell these troubles, or at least to understand them. Who is... Gigg?"
  • I open my mouth a bit in surprise and lick my lips. "Gigg is alive? I only met him once. He seemed to me a very troubled sort, almost innocent. Really, he seemed to me to have a child's mind. Of course, I've learned since then the damage he could do. However, beyond that, I do not know much about him I am sorry to say."
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    The information is obviously less than he'd anticipated, but he accepts your answer without complaint, "Ah. I had heard he'd traveled to The Irons often, and knew you lived there for some time. It was... a stab in the dark."

    He pauses, then moves the conversation on, "I need to re-establish some goodwill within Depot. The people are worried about the threat of the United Front. They're also wondering about my strength after my own home was attacked. Rather than tighten my grip... I'd like to offer you a chance to play to a larger venue. Perhaps a concert in the arena? What do you think about that, Sierra?" He holds up a hand, "There are some matters of diplomacy that I also need your help on, but that will take some time and training. This, however, is your cup of tea, right?"
  • A concert, on top of all that stained sand. Fitting. I smile and squeeze the hand that is holding mine. In reality, I can only squeeze a few finger, but I think he will appreciate the gesture. "A concert is a superb idea. You must attend as well, of course, show the people here you are not afraid. Make a public statement of some kind. Are we, can we get lights in the arena? I'm not sure how ready it is for such an event."

    I shake my head laughing at myself, "What am I saying, I am sure you have thought of all that already." It's a bit of flattery, but one I think will ring true. "As for diplomacy, yes, well... Gloriana used me for a number of different things in regards to her aims. I've been trained in the mastery of a conversation, both verbal and physical, to achieve her goals. Though never in a boardroom." I smile and look around gesturing to the atmosphere. "People are on guard in places like this, I do best when people have let their guards down. As I am sure you can imagine."

    Of course, Gloriana never let me touch anyone, but that should simply make me more effective, not less. Touch is my weapon, as long as it isn't forced on me.
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    Miles ponders your suggestion for a moment, "Yes, you're right, I should be there." He glances down at where your hands meet. "Sierra, I need to share something private with you. I'm... I have trouble with crowds." He looks up at you, his eyes troubled. "You'll find my moods a little different outside. I may seem a bit distant. Please be understanding, I will not abandon you. I offer you the same protection in the arena that I do here."
    OOC: Hey Sierra, I think maybe you're "Hypnotizing" him, here, right? Let's see some dice.

  • Rolling hypnotize, with +1 from Eager to Know

    (Rolled: 2d6+4 . Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 13)
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    Miles' hand goes softer in mine and I can see the way his pupils momentarily dilate and I know, whatever it is that I do to people, I have done to him. Which means, his "problem" with crowds, that must be real. I humm and nod. "Of course, Miles, I trust you to protect me."

    And I do, now.

    I pat his hand softly, "And whatever training you think I need to help you in your other endeavors, I am eager to begin."
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    End Scene
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