[DVFP] Another Place - Gigg the assassin (G 5.5)

You bring Gigg into the hospital room. The one where you were born. The one where you showered with Lala. The one where you emerged without him in your mask any more.

The Fat Man comes through with you, of course. You brought him here. He's your prisoner, Gigg. "Shite!" He wrests himself out of your hands, scooting back, away from you. He butts into the hospital bed, eyes looking around frantically, "How the fug did we get here"/

What do you do?


  • I make a faux move like I'm going to clock him with my wrench, but instead say, "This is where I go to get away from the nightmare of who I am -- of all the things you made me do. I stand over him menacingly. "You've used me and others to do your dirty work while living in comfort with your 'lectric air, grassy lawn, and security guards. Now, it's time to pay for all the blood on your hands, Pops.
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    He flinches at the fake. Then you're talking, and he relaxes just a little, until you pour on the menace, then he averts his gaze. Raises his hands defensively, palms towards you, "Listen. That's just... how the DVFP works. Someone's gotta be the Big Dog to get them in line. Look at Depot! Biggest town in the Prison, and folks live good! Better than the sandgangers or the United Front! Pay? You should make them pay." He doesn't seem to register with your personal connection, Gigg.
  • I know I ain't making this shite up. Right? We've been through all this, Lala, right? This muggaphugga still ain't got a handle he's 'bout to get justice served. I reach down and grab him by the jacket lapels and pull him close in, face-to-face. "Listen up! Now cut the shite. You know and I know you been in my head for 5, 6, how ever many years gettin' me to do all kinds of killing for you. Momma. Will Isaac. Gettin' Ziggy to get me and Chaz in on your plans to shut down the Irons. And that's just a scratch of the surface. Now cut the crap and own up. Man up! This is where you say sorry for all the shite you done and beg for your worthless life." I release him and shove back down next to the bed, and stand over him a few seconds huffing and puffing and gathering myself back together.

    "When I was just a little teeter I 'member walking the palace grounds with you.
    I think it was good then, but then you threw me an momma out, turned her out with them cowboys... to live... to live... in fuggin' junkyard. You don't care 'bout no one. Just about being the Big Dog. That's all you care 'bout. You gotta be some kind a piece of shite for a boy to hate his Pops.
    " I stop to catch my breath, glaring at him from behind this mask.
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    The Fat Man searches your eyes, sees the hurt, the loss. He tentatively offers, "Listen, Gigg. The Palace... it's still there. You want back in? You just... just name it. I can f-f-fix things. You don't need to hate me anymore."
    He reaches a hand out towards yours. What do you do?
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    "Oh we're going back to the Palace, alright. Long enought for you to tell all your people that you're turning the Depot over to a man named Esco -- the same one you ran out of the Irons. Where you're goin', you got no need for a palace.
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    Oh, you're definitely Going Aggro here. Let's see it.
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    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 3, 6. Total: 12)
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    He holds up his hands, "That pimp? Sure, Gigg, sure. He won't hold it. He couldn't even protect The Irons, no way he can keep The Depot. But what happens after that? We're even, right?"
  • This muggaphugga still thinks he's in control, thinks this is a stroll about the grounds. "Even? You don't get it do you The debt you owe is a debt of blood. Let's see how it feels when your fate is decided by the voice inside the mask?

    Lala, what do you think we should do with this spoiled privileged rich man who has lived off the of the blood sweat and souls of the weak and poor?

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    Oh, please roll Norman. Excited to see how this goes!
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    "This one's not your father, Gigg. He's the bait. The dupe. The lure." She snarls, "He's a tool. Use him to get what you want, the real Fat Man."
    The Fat Man, of course, doesn't hear this, he's still waiting waiting for you to stop talking to some invisible woman.

    What do you do?
  • I growl when I hear Lala's words in my ear. "You better start spilling the beans.
    When I invaded the Palace to snatch Li, who gave the order to fire on us while we was carrying that little girl? If it wasn't you, who was it? Who was controlling Foster by holding her little girl in the palace? Who ordered me to kill those people on the Borax Bus? Who's been talking to me in my head all these years and let me call him Pops? IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?
    By the end, I'm in his face yelling, enraged and nearly out of control.
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    The Fat Man falls to the cool tiled floor as you berate him. He raises his hands in a feeble gesture for you to relent, but you won't relent. You demand answers, and he is the weaker one. With trembling lips, he confesses, "My.... my brother. He calls all the shots, I'm just the decoy, just...
    just the one he props up to take the f-f-fall!"
    Lala gives you the feeling he isn't lying. What do you do?
  • Hmmmmmm.... just another fugger like the rest of us. Doing what he has to do. I'm not overly sympathetic, he's had it better than most. Far better.

    I reach down and grab him by the jacket again, and lift up. "Take me to this brother of yours. This one who calls all the shots. He's the one I want."

    With the The Fat Man Decoy's knowledge of where his brother is, I intend to emerge from the psychic maelstrom in his location, and I'm bringing this brother-decoy out with me.
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    Lala peers into this poser's mind and you pierce the darkness to walk into his inner sanctum. You find a twin of the man you drag through, but he sits at a workstation, peering into a series of computer monitors and viewscreens, watching the Arena, looking, searching for the man you've drug here.

    As you approach, he senses your arrival, turns from the screens that show the carnage and chaos, the gunfire, the chopper. Dead Gloriana.

    The Fat Man, Miles. He looks you over. "Well. Looks like you found the bottom of the fuggin' rabbit hole, Gigg." He glances at his twin, back to you, "He didn't know shite. He doesn't deserve... whatever is about to go down. Let him go, he can find his way outta here."
    What do you do?
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    Without taking my eyes off Miles, I say to his decoy twin that I brought here with me, "Go on. Get out of here. If I were you, I'd go find that pimp Esco and beg him to let you work for him. Tell him everything. Tell him I sent you."

    I take off my mask and stuff it into momma's purse, still staring a hole through Miles, "So, Pops, let me tell ya what's about to go down. You're gonna get on them vid machines right there, and you're gonna show me where the Gulf of Mexico is...."
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    End Scene
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