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Much of your discussions with Tia Constance have been about taking a servant under your wing. Tio Alberto was notably skeptical of your devotion to the lineage, and accused you of ignoring your duties by not banishing Mandi, but Tia Constance has assuaged his worries temporarily with the promise that she is looking into it. Her promises will keep him occupied, for now.

Eventide has not been talking to you lately though. In fact, if anything, she's been talking to Seth quite a bit lately. Are you actively courting her now? Or are you trying to lay low since the incident with Mandi after school?


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    I won't push myself too hard on Eventide, but I will look for an opportunity to talk when she's not with Seth. I spend some time evaluating others, too, primarily the girls. I know that Tio will not be patient for long, so I must choose someone soon and find what I can offer to seal the bargain.
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    Well Lali, I won't lie to you... It's slim pickings in your class. Marina is an obvious choice, seeing as she's quite competent, and definitely conniving enough to use such a privilege properly — of course, her loyalty would need to be kept in very close check. Brittany and Elizabeth are the other two options. She's been oddly off center lately, and looks rather haunted. Marina has been picking on her for being paranoid. You can see a schism forming between them... That might be something...

    Brittany on the other hand is hungover all the time. She's extremely well connected, seeing as her father is the President and CEO of a major agency firm, but she's rather ditsy, and doesn't seem to have the energy to care about school. She would probably be really easy to tempt. She would be a big get; but unless the blood gave her a drive, you doubt she'd ever use it to do anything great without your guidance.

    Who are you hanging out with today at lunch? Let's pick up a scene there.
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    I'm going to depend on my drive, here. Brittany would be a big asset, and I'm sure I can make something of her, once she's mine. I'll sit with her at lunch.

    "Hey, Brits." (Is that a good nickname? I don't know, but I'm trying.) "I love your shoes." (They're Jimmy Choos, but still pret a porter. Not my thing.)
  • Brittany looks really confused when you sit down next to her, but you're a big enough name around here that she doesn't say anything. "Oh hi... Thanks! Uh... Lali, right?" She's eating a small salad with tofu in it, and sipping at some iced tea. "I love your top. Very posh." She watches you as you sit, and takes a bite of her food.
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    I have a small lunch of my own, a few paper-thin slices of Iberico ham, a few pieces of cheese, some melon and grapes. "Thank you." I should have prepared better for this conversation. "What did you do over the weekend? Anything fun?"
  • That seems to open the floodgates. "Well, at first I wasn't going to do anything — but then Brad was all like, "some friends of mine are playing a concert at a bar near the beach!" so I went to that on Friday. Then on Saturday, my friend Steph was all like, "I'm throwing a party! You should totally come!" so I went to that, and then Brad showed up later in the night, and we hooked up. Then on Sunday, I went running, and Brad was out skating at the skate park, so I stayed to watch, and we ended up getting high with his friends, and watching a bunch of movies."

    She looks over to you, "It was super bad ass. Did you do anything cool?"
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    Oh, studied up on the history of my vampire line, practiced hypnosis, read up on the process for taking a mortal servant, that sort of thing. I chuckle. "Hardly... my Aunt and Uncle don't believe in cool."
  • She snorts to herself, without shame, and takes another bite of her salad, and flicks her hair back over her shoulder, revealing her neck... Her jugular pulses loudly, demanding your attention. When's the last time you fed, Lali?

    "That's bullshit. Aunts and uncles are supposed to be cool. Are you sure they're really your aunt and uncle?" She puts her fork down, and turns to face you. "Are you busy this weekend? I'm having a party at my place. You should so totally come."
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    I've "fed" (my Aunt and Uncle have a refrigerator full of blood from a well-placed contact at the Red Cross), but I haven't Fed (taken warm blood from a person) since Mandi. As dizzy as she is, Brittany certainly looks delicious.

    "I will ask, about the party. I'd like that."
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    Brittany seems happy about that, "cool! Bring a +1! So long as they're cool."

    How long can you normally go between feedings?
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    I smile at Brittany, trying not to stare at the pulse in her throat. I can "survive" on just the blood in the refrigerator at home, but after a week without a live feed it starts to affect my mind and behavior. I get irritable, prone to wide mood swings, angry and tearful in turns. Tia says that the hunger for a live feed gets more physical as we age, but it's bad enough now.
  • She takes another bite of her salad, and jerks rather unexpectedly. "Shit!" she mutters, putting a finger into her mouth, "Fucking tongue ring... I never should have let Brad talk me into that..." She pulls her finger out of her mouth, and there's a speck of blood on her finger.

    What is it Tio Alberto always says? "Vegans are well spiced." Can you keep your composure together, given the hunger?
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  • Taking 1-Forward for this scene.
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    I keep calm, but I will remember the smell of that little touch of blood. "I look forward to your party, Brittany." I lean forward, touch her hand lightly, and widen my eyes a bit, looking into hers. Lowering my voice, "Maybe you can help me cut loose a little." I give her just the hint of a wink.
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  • Goosebumps roll up Brittany's arm as your skin touches hers, and she looks legitimately confused for a second. She closes her eyes, and giggles a bit under her breath, "I ... I can't believe I'm saying this, but..." She opens her eyes, and you see a little fire flicker in there. She bites her lip nervously, "How could I help?"
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    I keep my eyes on hers as I respond. "We have a few minutes before class, chica. Why don't we go... talk about it?" I stand and start cleaning up my lunch mess.
  • Brittany nods, clumsily packing up her things and standing to follow you... Where do you take her?
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    I remember the little dressing rooms behind the stage in the auditorium. I won't take Brittany to the one where Mandi broke the mirror, but there's one next to it. I don't touch her on the way, but once we're inside and the door is closed and locked, I reach up and brush a lock of hair behind her ear, tracing my finger lightly along the sensitive edge.

    "Are you good at... cutting loose, Brittany?"
  • She follows you dutifully, a nervous bounce in her step as you bring her into the bowels of the auditorium, and into privacy. By the time you're alone, and behind locked doors, she's bubbling with anxiety. She giggles a bit as you reach up and brush her hair behind her ear. "Cutting loose?" she whispers hoarsely, having trouble containing herself, "Yeah... Yeah, I'm real good at cutting loose..." You get the impression she's never used the words "cutting" or "loose" together in a sentence that wasn't arts-and-crafts related before.

    She licks her lips, and steps closer to you, "do you like... Cutting loose... With girls like me?" You can see her jugular throbbing quicker now, she's got goosebumps from the anticipation. "I don't normally... Y'know... Girls... and stuff..."

    Oh yeah, Lali. She wants you. What do you do?
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    I don't normally... either. But I notice that I'm no longer quite "just" pretending so I can make a servant of Brittany. My pulse is a little fast and my senses go into hunting mode, so that every detail stands out clear. I place my hand firmly on the back of her neck and pull her in for a kiss, flicking my tongue out to catch the taste of blood from her tongue stud.
  • She melts into the kiss, and doesn't even flinch when you flick her tongue ring. The familiar metallic taste of blood slowly seeps into your mouth, and fills your taste buds with her. She tastes sweet. You wonder if she's diabetic. Her shaky hand finds it's way to your cheek, but you can tell she's following your lead here... She'd make the perfect servant — even now she bends to your whim.

    What do you do?
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    This moment is too good to waste. I go through the necessary elements in my head. I've got her blood on my tongue, which is one part down. I need to get her to taste at least a bit of mine, then make the offer and ask the question. Her response seals the deal. I know the forms, have read them in several languages, and I don't think precise words matter as much as intention.

    I pull back from the kiss a little, then place my own hand on Brittany's cheek while saying, "Close your eyes, Brittany. Just feel my hand and my lips for a little, si?"
  • What was it Tia Constance said? The best servants are the ones you form a strong bond with, early on? You're doing quite the job of that, aren't you? You feel Brittany nod, a breathless acceptance of what you're offering. A shiver rockets through her as your hand trails across her skin, and your lips find the crook of her neck. "Uh huh,"she moans, "whatever you want!"
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    While her eyes are closed, I let my fangs grow and purposefully nick my own tongue on the sharp points so that my blood trickles into my mouth. Then, quickly, I retract them and lean back in to kiss her on the lips, deep. I'm certain she will taste my blood, but the pleasure it brings should reduce the shock, if not the surprise.
  • Sorry to take so long with a simple question, but what does a mortal feel when it tastes your blood?
  • There is a passage in my progenitor's journals from the time of the Conquista, when he made a servant of a captured native. It reads Va començar a emetre un altre amb expressions d'èxtasi, dient que la seva ment estava parpellejant amb tots els colors de l'arc de Sant Martí. Els seus sentits es van fer més clares, com diuen els hindús de participar de Soma, i visiblement van guanyar energia i força, fent fora els efectes grollers d'una petita malaltia que l'havia assetjat i ha causat el cap per el dolor i el seu nas per funcionar. "He began to issue forth with ecstatic utterances, saying that his mind was flashing with all the colors of the rainbow. His senses became clearer, as the Hindus say of partaking of Soma, and he visibly gained energy and strength, casting off the rude effects of a small illness that had beset him and caused his head to ache and his nose to run."

    Something like that.
  • You can feel that transference of energy as your blood fills her mouth. Her breathing is deep, and rhythmic with the motions of your hands. She grips you firmly, and kisses you with the heat of a raging forest fire. That door's locked right? Because her hand is sliding down your side to your butt with new found curiosity.

    "Oh Lali," she moans, "I've never felt this way before. You're unbelievable!"
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    Her hand on my body feels good, and I'm glad that the door is locked, regardless of what else happens. "You can have this anytime you want, Brittany. But only if..." I pause to kiss her again. "...only if you promise me something."
  • She pulls back, curious more than reluctant, and asks, "promise you what?"
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    I put my hand to the side of Brittany's face, rubbing my thumb along her cheekbone. "Can trust me for the next few minutes? I can give you that feeling, give you strength, even purpose. This is my offer to you. But Brittany..." I pause, remembering not only my Tia's words, but her demeanor, her strength. "...you have to agree to follow me, to be mine. Not for the sex... I won't tell you who to sleep with... but you have to let me lead you." Another kiss. "It will be worth it."
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  • She sticks her tongue in your mouth on that last kiss, and you see her eyes widen when she feels your fangs up against her. She pulls back suddenly, mouth agape, and demands to see your mouth. Enough so that she pulls your lips back to get a look at your teeth. It all happens so quick, you don't get a chance to stop her until it's too late. She saw. Questions fill her mind, and they're quickly replaced with disbelief. "Is this a joke? Are you pranking me right now?"
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    Okay, an oversight can become an advantage if handled properly? This simply means that I must convince her. "No. I am not... pranking you. I am a vampir, a vampire. So you know what I am offering, yes? If you serve me now, someday you can be young and beautiful... and strong, forever."
  • You can see her mulling things over in her head, your blood giving her a newfound focus. "Vampire," she repeats in a near whisper, "a fucking vampire!" She chuckles to herself and looks you in the eyes, "turn me now. I know how those vampire stories go — you turn someone into a slave, and they go all Renfield, and start eating bugs and stuff. Make me a Vampire, and I'll be all Dracula's wife for you!"
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    "Ai, querida, it is not so simple, like in the fictions." I kiss her on the forehead, stalling to give myself time to formulate the lie. "There are stages. You must first, how is it said, pay your dues. And I assure you, there will be no bug-eating." Maybe the occasional cat, but certainly not a bug.
  • She shakes her head, "no deal, chicka – I want fangs. Don't you people turn people all the time? I've, like, never even given blood! I'll let you drain me here and now if you turn me!
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    I shake my head. "Chica, think about it. If my people turned people all the time, who would be left? Math may not be your strongest subject, but this still has to make sense. If I turn you, and you turn Brad, and Brad turns all the sluts he sleeps with when he thinks you're not paying attention... who is there left? If that was the way it worked, we would all be vampir." I pause to let that sink in. "It is like buying a gun, chica. There is a... waiting period."
  • "I totally get it!" She answers emphatically, putting a hand on your chest, as if to comfort you, "but seriously! How long did you have to wait? Really? My dad is like, partner to a huge firm that represents the best and brightest in Hollywood. Think about that." She smiles, "I'll totally be good if you turn me. I'll even, like, be your assistant or whatever! Please make me a vampire?"
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    I shake my head with a touch of sadness. "I was born for this, promised to my line from my first breath, so you might say that I waited fifteen years to be made a vampire. I cannot turn you without permission, and I won't receive that permission until I have made you a servant and proven that I chose well. I promise that I will ask my elders once you have served for six months."
  • "Six months?!" she gasps, biting her lip, and considering the proposition. She takes your hands in hers, and a desperate look overcomes her, "you know they'll say no... What if you just turn me, and deal with the consequences later? Or don't tell them! How would they even know?!"
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    "They would know." I'm certain of this. "And let me tell you the consequences. They would find you and end you. They might end me, as well. I understand how much you want this, but I simply cannot." I am simply telling the truth as I see it, at this point.
  • Brittany pouts, and slumps down again. "Will they kill me if I say no to being your servant? Because I know what you are?"
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    "Perhaps, but I believe I can convince them that you are not a threat. It would be your word against mine, and despite your father's connections, he's no more likely to believe that one of your classmates is a vampire than anyone else is. There is still a chance that they would insist on it, though, to be honest."
  • Brittany almost looks defeated... She sits there, looking down at her hands, for a solid minute before looking back up at you, and nodding. "Alright, I'll do it... But I want fangs, Lali, and I'm going to get them. You hear me?"
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    I nod. "I will approach my elders as soon as it makes sense. For now, though, are you ready to continue, Brittany?"

  • She nods. "I am."
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    "Brittany, we have shared blood without your knowing. Now we must do so with your consent and willingness. Give me your wrist."
  • She lifts her wrist up into your hand, and looks a little uneasy about losing blood... But she's going to do it.
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    I give Brittany a comforting smile, then gently stroke her hand while looking into her eyes. When she seems relatively calm, I extend my fangs and take her wrist up into my mouth, biting gently until I feel the skin break. Blood floods my mouth, warm and salt and nearly sweet. Like the first drink of water on a hot day. I take just enough for Brittany to feel it, then stop.

    "The wound will heal, once you drink from me. You've given me a gift, Brittany, your trust and your blood, which sustains me. I give you a gift, too." I bite my own wrist, then quickly put it to Brittany's mouth. My other hand is on the back of her head, holding her gently to me. "Drink. Be strong." Once she has had enough, I take my wrist away.

    I give her a deep kiss, tasting my own blood in her mouth for the second time, then pull back to look her in the eye. "You are mine now, chica."
  • You need to pull her suckling lips away from your wrist once she's had enough. It truly is her ambrosia. You can feel the connection between you grow, and you're both feeling a little high as that new bond forms. Almost involuntarily, she whispers, "Yes mistress."

    End scene.
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