[DVFP] Earners (C 1.2, E 1.2, S 1.2)

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You follow after Sierra and find that she's in the bathroom. One of your male workers, Wisher, has eyes still full of the fear from earlier, but he's not gone yet, hasn't run or given up. He's loitering in the hall by the bathroom. Oh, and Sasha is following you. She looks like she has something to say.


The thrumming pulse of all that happened before slows and you find a sense of calm amid all the pressure. This bathroom's a whole lot nicer than the common one for the people who live on your floor. What's one amenity in here that reminds you of the outside?

You hear the whisper-soft whir of a motor, something hidden in the walls, probably.

What do you do?


  • I'm practically up to the bathroom by the time I notice Sasha comin' up to give me a piece of her mind — whatever the hell that's about ― and I shove a finger in her face, and shake my head.
    "Now would be a bad fekin' time, Sash. Cook off."
    People think my time ain't fekin' valuable or some shite... People can't just come up and start talkin' at me whenever they want ― today especially. She can take a fekin' number. I get like this some times, when I'm cooked right the fek off.

    I take a deep breath, and knock at the bathroom door.
    "Sierra... You alright in there?"
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    I'm breathing, but the guilt and the fear? That's still whirling around inside me. And the hate? The hate I feel for myself - it's like one of Gloriana's cloaks - cut to fit and heavy enough to weigh me down.

    When the shaking stops I start to actually notice Esco's bathroom. It isn't nice but it's a palace in comparison to what I and the rest of the Irons have - as far as I know. The toilet is actually porcelain and the tile floor is real, glass and terracotta in a pattern that would be real pretty if it was cleaner.

    I don't want to stand, standing means facing... myself and well... everyone. I'd rather stay in here for as long as I can.

    I sigh heavily when I hear Esco. Fate never cared what I wanted.

    "I'm here."
  • I take a deep breath, and lean closer to the door. She's here... That sure as shite ain't OK.
    "You decent? I'm comin' in..."
    I give her a moment to object before reachin' for the knob.
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    Sasha looks like she wants to say something, but you warn her off. She leaves in a huff.
  • I don't say anything and I don't look up when Esco opens the door. That cloak gets a little heavier when I hear his footsteps. It sticks me to the floor.
  • I search the bathroom for her when I open the door, then I spot her on the floor, and step inside, closing the door behind me. It wouldn't be the first time I've been in here with some poor girl – usually drunk, or doped, out their mind – wipin' puke from their hair, or comfortin' them in some way... Cleaned up my share of blood, too.

    I lean against the wall next to her, and look down at her. I pull out a toothpick from my jacket pocket, and stick it in my mouth — my replacement cig, I quit a few years back.
    "I dunno what the fek happened downstairs, but a buncha folks owe you their livelihood today... Me included."
  • I look up at him and he's so sincere, something in me just cracks.

    I bite my lip hard, but it doesn't help, the sob rips through me. There is so much, so much, I can't put my thoughts in order. My walls fall and for the first time since I found myself in the DVFP I cry.
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    As Sierra breaks down, the light whirring sound in the wall happens again.
  • Shite... I'm so fekin' terrible at this... I get down on the floor next to her, and gently rest a hand on her shoulder. Her skin's so fekin' soft compared to folks born in here. It's smooth. Cared for. It's the kind of thing I teach my girls to fake here... It never compares.

    It's a crime she's hurting — maybe an even bigger one I can't get her to stop.
    "C'mon now... How do I make this right?"
  • When I feel Esco's hand on me, I scramble away so fast I don't even have time to think before I've got my legs back out from under me and my back against the door.

    My eyes are wide with fear, true and sudden fear.

    "Do you have a death wish?" I hiss, "You can't touch me. She's watching."

    I look around and try to calm down. There are cameras her too. They are all probably watching right now. Fear was useful in one thing at least, my eyes may be wet, but I'm not crying anymore.

    I walk back over to Esco and as quietly as I can say, "I know I sound crazy. People don't believe in the feed, but I remember everything from the outside and it's real Esco. Reese was only ever nice to me and look at what she did to him."

    I step back. "Frack, I don't even know if he's alive or dead. I never meant to bring this down on you or Diamond. Esco, I'm so sorry, if you want me to leave I'll understand."
  • That catches me off guard; nothin' about today is exactly straightforward, but I'm not so sure I grasp exactly what she's sayin' now. I've heard-tell of this "feed" some folks talk about, but I can't say I believe it. Not really... I don't think less of people for believin' — I just don't believe it myself. I consider her words carefully... Tryin' to make sense of them before even thinkin' about a response.

    Whether there's some fat cooker on the "outside" she's fixin' to hide from, or someone's conspirin' to hurt her, and the folks around her... The only thing I know is I don't want her to leave. The defiant part in me, especially... But another part, too.

    I shake my head.
    "You ain't going nowhere unless you want to, Sierra. If there're cameras in my bathroom, peepin' on my customers without my knowing, then I full well intend to piss off whoever the hell is on the other end of that." I inch closer to her again, "Don't go anywhere... If you need to go see if Reese is alive, I'll take you on up. Whoever this she is, whatever she thinks she can do to you, she ain't here... We're here, and we ain't going anywhere neither." I hover my hand over her shoulder, and search her eyes for permission to rest it on her. "Let the witch come for me — we founded The Irons to get away from all them blazin' rocksuckers. If they think they can hurt one of our own, then I aim to make them regret it."
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    "Reese, yes, I need to know if hes alright." I look at Esco and at his hand. The one thing he's right about is that I'm not going anywhere. I don't know if that is selfish, but I'm not going back. I can't.

    "I wish you understood." I say, "I'm dangerous." I blanch, remembering, "I don't know if I can face them, down there.
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    I follow her eyes down to my hand, and watch the color drain from her face. My eyes narrow, and I gently put a hand on her cheek.
    "I like dangerous." My fingers slip down to her chin, and I brush her soft skin... "Why don't you head on back to my room, like we agreed... JD and me'll clean things up. I'll come check on you once things are under control..."
    Unless ... Well, let's start with that...
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    His touch is so foreign to me that I shiver a bit at it. I don't let it last though, pulling away before he gets bolder. If he doesnt believe me, I cant make him, but I won't sign his death warrant either.

    If it makes me a coward, it makes me a coward, but I nod and walk into Esco's bedroom. It's at least four times the size of mine, but mine is mine , I think fiercely. Which reminds me of the "new" bed - that's mine too. I'm building something here, that's another reason to stay.

    I sit on the chair in the corner, it looks nice, but the cushion sinks even under my slight weight. Still, the only other place to sit is the bed and I am not inviting that trouble.

    "Thanks, Esco. I'm just gonna calm myself down. Let me know if you hear about, Reese?" I meet his eyes full on since the first time he came in, I know they're wet, but I want to see him. "I mean it, thank you."
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  • I don't bother following her into the room. I realize it may not sound like it, but her privacy in that room was a part of the deal, and I respect deals in this establishment. She thanks me, and I nod.
    "Right... Well, we're just downstairs if you need anything. You want me to check in later? Or do you want some privacy for the evening?"
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    I didn't even realize that he wasn't following me into the room. I get up and look at him through the doorway, but I don't cross it.

    I realize that if I was probably anyone else, this would have gone so differently. I wonder if Esco is disappointed.

    I wish I knew how to touch people. I wish I knew how to be open, but I don't know how to keep Gloriana from invading everything I do.

    I wish he was still touching me.

    "No, I'll...I'll go home. I just need a moment. And I need to know what happened to Reese. " I can't stay. He doesn't even know what that means. But, what if, I look towards the whirling in the walls... "Do you hear that sound?"
  • Honestly, that whirring noise is feking everywhere... I'd basically drowned it out. It took me a few tries to catch it.
    "Yeah. I hear it lots. The room is yours, Sierra... All night. No interruptions, if you want it. A deal is a deal..."
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    I get close to him, so close we are sharing breath, and whisper. "You hear it lots because it's everywhere. It's everywhere because the cameras, the mics, are everywhere... Ask yourself, why would the walls of a mine whirl?"

    I lick my lips, temptation settling low in my stomach.

    "And I already told you. I'm dangerous, Esco. I won't be the gal who puts a target on your back." I step back later, breathing harder than I should be. "But thank you, you're a good man."
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  • I shake my head, and take a step closer to her.
    "Sierra, if anyone's put a target on my back today, it's me. I ain't some innocent soul that needs savin'. Say you're right, and some crazy witch is watchin' you, plottin' the demise of folks around you — untimely, or otherwise — I say she can go cook herself." I scream, "You hear me, witch? Come fekin' get me!"
    I look to Sierra, defiant. I don't rightly care if folks want me dead. I'd be surprised if that wasn't the way of it already.
    "We're all on someone else's time here, Sierra... Don't play games with the little bit we have to ourselves."
    OOC: Spending my hold: How can I get Sierra to stop worrying about the eyes that watch her?
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    "Esco," Sasha says urgently from the hall. Looks like she's been waiting for you to actually come out, and gave up waiting. "We've got trouble. Miners are pissed about the bus, blaming us!"

    What do you do?
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    Answer: You get the feeling that is a hard task in the permanent sense. Whoever Sierra is afraid of, she has her claws in tight. In the short term, it would mean sincerely believing her, understanding what Sierra means by dangerous, learning more about the situation. She needs an ally here.
  • When Sasha mentions the bus my eyes go wide. "What does that mean Sasha, did no one survive?"
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    Sasha looks at you for a moment, Sierra, like maybe she wonders if she should answer you. But since Esco shooed her off earlier and he needs to hear it, she answers, "No survivors found by Ziggy's gangers. And now they're taking all the shit from the bus to market themselves. Giving a cut to the miners."

  • My fist finds its way to a nearby wall, hard enough that I have to shake off the pain of hitting a stud.
    "This witch comes into our fekin' home, lets a bunch of raiders sack one of our carriages, takes the fekin' loot from the raiders, gives a small portion of it back to some miners, and we're the ones takin' shit?"
    I shake my head, and look to Sierra,
    "I've gotta deal with this shit... I dunno about this cameras stuff, but I figure there's a larger conversation to be had about it. If you wanna help me understand, then I'm all ears — once I deal with the lack of action downstairs."
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    I take a shakey breath, "Do you think I can be of any help?"
  • Like how she just diffused a bomb of a situation for us downstairs?
    "Yes. Yes I do." I pause a moment before adding, "but that's up to you. You earned your keep today."
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    Farthoom, I am tired. But Esco, Esco wants to know more. If he's for real, if he really wants to understand, it would mean... I don't know what it would mean actually.

    Maybe, that I'm not alone. It's the most seductive thing I've experienced in my life. More seductive than any of the drugs, drinks, or entertainment Gloriana ever lauded on me.

    There are feed-believers here, but they are mostly religious fanatics and paranoid shut-ins. No one with actual knowledge of the outside. No one with real ideas of what to do about it.

    If Esco is willing to put his neck out on the line with Gloriana, whether he even knows what that means or not, what sort of... friend?... ally?... person would I be if I didn't help him with his problems.

    Though I do seem to cause more than I should. And Reese...

    I shut that line of thinking down. If Ziggy isn't giving up the cargo, even after whatever deal Esco gave her, then who knows if any report she gave can be trusted.

    Part of me knows it's better not to hope, but I can't help it. I just can't accept anything as truth right now. So, I have to hope. Hope I didn't Frack everything up, hope Gloriana doesn't send something worse after me, hope Reese is ok, and hope that Esco believes me.

    I nod at Esco, "I'll do what I can."
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    Sasha leads you out of Diamond and into the main shaft.
    "Norvell is the one who's pissed off this time. I offered him some side-work to shut him up, but he's not interested." Sasha seems irritated at that, adding, "I think the plumbing doesn't work so much anymore. You know?" Sasha's wearing her slinky black dress, which shows off her curves and covers the scars along her lower back. Her combat boots complete the outfit in an interesting manner.

    Norvell's waiting outside Diamond with three of his fellow miners, all waiting for you, Esco. This is Norvell:
    "Esco. Ma'am." He ducks his head to each of you, his form of greeting. "Esco, Ziggy's thugs stole our cargo. You and I both know they don't give a whit about borax and the stuff we trade. She's here because of Diamond. I heard about what you did to her gang, and you know she's gonna answer that. It's only gonna get worse. How are you going to resolve this?"
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    I smile when he calls me "ma'am," extraordinary polite for a miner. Before I have a chance to think, I give a small curtsey. My face reddens, embarrassed at my unintentional reaction, but I decide to lean into it.

    "Sir, my name is Sierra, pleasure to make your acquaintance. I sincerely wish it was under better circstances."

    I smile at him. "I'm a friend of Reese's." I let my smile fade, You haven't heard anything have you?"
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    He shakes his head, looking slightly down, out of respect. "No, ma'am. I mean, no Sierra. I figure Esco's told you I'm Norvell. Nice to meet you." There's a look when he sees you, then looks at Sasha. He must think you're one of Esco's girls, but he's still pleasant.
    "Reese defended the bus from attackers. He was up on the turret when it rolled over. Twice. I'm sorry, but he didn't make it. He was a good man. I'm sure he counted himself lucky to have a friend who asked after him."
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    I can literally hear something inside me break. I didn't love Reese, but he was good and decent, and they went after him because of me.

    "That's, he was a good man."

    My hand hurts, when I think to pay attention to it, I realize it's because I'm digging my own nails into my palm. I force my fist open and breathe.

    "Mr. Norvell, I am not from the Diamond, but I am a resident of the Irons like you. And I promise, we won't let anyone stick us with a bad deal." I lick my lips and glance at Esco. I wonder if he'll recognize my next words as his own, "We founded The Irons to get away from all them blazin' rocksuckers, excuse my language. If they think they can hurt our own, then we'll aim to make them regret it."

  • I look to Sierra, pleasantly surprised by her sudden investment in The Irons.
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    Esco and Sierra,
    Norvell chuckles at Sierra's saucy language and seems much more open to a conversation. Esco, those barbs that were at the tip of your tongue might not be needed after all.

    As you're looking for a way to walk back to Norvell's opening salvo, you see several people coming up the main shaft. They're carrying something. No, check that. As they come closer in the dim light of naked bulbs strung overhead, you see they're carrying someone in their arms. Someone calls for Fleece, the closest thing The Irons has to a doctor. Esco, how did you find Fleece, and what did you do to convince them to come work here?

    Not far behind the group carrying that body up to the doc is none other than Cinch, who has a woman and a little kid walking with her.

    What do you do?
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    You find Esco in the mine shaft, not in Diamond, but he's just outside of it. Sierra's there, too. They're chatting with Norvell and a few miners. You've noticed everyone seems on edge in here, worried and carrying weapons openly, which is unusual.

    What do you do?
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    It's pretty hard not to notice the atmosphere. Everyone's edgy and weapons... yeah more than usual. Wonder if the bus has something to do with it.

    I must look a sight, helmet low on my head, little bloody up to the elbows and escorting, as best I can, these two, mother worse for wear then her son.

    Sierra's here? Always good to catch up... sometimes we don't have too much to say to each other but that hardly seems to matter. I tip my head to her, as usual.

    "Esco!" I call out when I see him, "Got a question for ya," I smile softly at Rufe and Winkle, hoping for patience as I wait for him to finish his current conversation.

    "Looks like a hell of day all 'round..."
  • I'm standing back with my arms crossed this whole time, watching this little exchange unfold, when the new arrivals show up with someone on a stretcher. I tap Sash, and whisper,
    "go get Fleece... Let 'em know someone's looking for 'em."
    I found Fleece out in the wilds, tending to a bunch of girls that ran from Fat Man and the Fippers.

    Secretly, though? Fleece totally had the hots for me... Don't know if that's still true or not, given that we've had some time to get to know each other, but there was a time (back before I had the cash-flow the Diamond has now) where I paid out for her services in bed. That's been over for a while, though. She needed the jingle more than she needed a hot piece of arse.

    I straighten up when Cinch comes over, askin' for me by name. I nod, and hold up a finger without uncrossin' my arms. I look to Norvell.
    "Ziggy'll be paid until she's more trouble then she's worth — then we'll just have to see how long she lasts without our support. If you want your goods makin' it to the settlements, I advise you start buyin' protection."
    I ain't his fekin' mother... I raise my eyebrows, lookin' to end this conversation where it is — or at least for now. My eyes keep movin' back to Cinch, and that question.
  • I nod at Cinch and give her a true smile. I'd really like to talk to her about all this.

    Then I remember who Fleece is...

    I look around towards the call, hope painfully filling my chest, moving the broken bits around, hoping to see who came in.

    Cinch would, "Cinch, who needs Fleece?"

    I give Esco a bit of side-eye, but let him play hardball if he wants. It's his place after all.
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    Sasha takes off towards "the clinic", not running, but moving quickly.

    Norvell stiffens at the rebuke. "We had security. But we don't earn enough to outpay The Fat Man. Ziggy is a threat your place brought to our doorstep. What we trade aint enough for her to sniff us out, and you know it. If you pay her and she stays off our backs, then so be it. But we work an honest day, and all we want, like you, is to be left alone. And that isn't happening right now. And we all know why." He realizes he's not getting much more of your attention, so he ducks his head, "Nice meeting you, Sierra. Hello there, Cinch, you look well. And Cinch, when you've got a few free moments, come see me, alright?" He gives you a curt nod, Esco, then turns and heads off, back into the mines. Back to work.
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    I stand there in what should be the delightful cool of the mines, clothing damp from the burn starting to feel chill down my back.

    Does Sierra know Reese? Pretty sure I've seem them together now and again. I step over nearer Sierra and give her the news straight, "Reese... the bus crashed, some sorta chase and... and the crew got the worst of it. Reese... his leg's busted up bad... real bad..."

    Delivering news like this I try to keep it cool. Keep it neutral. As a courier often I bring not just goods and folks, but news... and sometimes I have to tell people some foul kinds of stuff. Part of the job. But this is more personal and my voice cracks as I watch Sierra's face.

    "I reckon he'll live. Sierra he'll make it... only one I found alive but I got'im," I fight back tears as I nod and look slightly down to hide my eyes. Looking at her any more right now would be too much.
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    My eyes water as I listen to Cinch. When she says Reese's name I reach out and take her hand, squeezing tight. I know anything more intimate in the open like this would not be welcomed, but I want her to understand, even a little, that she's given me back something precious.

    "Cinch..." I look towards Reese. "I got to... thank you Cinch. Will you meet me later, sunset, at our place?"

    I turn to Esco, "I'll be back soon, we can finish our talk, but I have to..." I look towards Reese, hoping he understands.
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    "Yeah... I got a lot goin' on today but... yeah. Go," a quick nod to Sierra, she needs to see her friend. Let him know she's there. I get that. I'm thankful for that.Took me a moment to realize where she means. But I get it, I'll be there.

    I take a second to get myself together, do not want to talk to Esco of all people on a day like this, while looking vulnerable.

    I wait my turn... impatient as hell but it shouldn't show.
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    My eyes narrow at Norvell's accusations. I don't take kindly to cry-baby miners who blame all their problems on me, but cry foul about paying their tabs when the trade is good.

    I reach out my hand.
    "Cough up your share then, Norvell – I don't run a fekin' charity, and last I checked, none of you were payin' me to protect your sorry arses."
    I'll let my hand linger there a moment. If he pays, then we have no problem. If not, then he can cook off with his whining and complaining.
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    Sierra, please go here.
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    Esco, it sounds like you're trying to Manipulate Norvell into paying you to pay Ziggy, right? Let's see some dice.
  • OOC: Manipulating Norvell into paying his fair share. Roll+Hot (highlighted).
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    "I owe the families of Taff an' Mabs for their deaths. And the miners will cover Reese's recovery. We're nearly tapped, Esco." He licks his lips, doing the math in his head. "You've got to get them off our backs. All our backs."
    He pulls a gold watch out of his pocket. It's his gold watch, Esco. He's used that thing in the mines for as long as you've known him. And he's handing it over to you to keep his friends and family safe.
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    I eye the watch a second, thinking it will likely do. Suddenly this is my fekin' problem... I'm runnin' security for the irons. A fekin' bartender, and pimp.

    "I'll get it done, Norvell — one way or another."
    Ziggy had better lay off the fekin' BS — I'm not a fan of running around, collecting bribes. I'm not a blazin' mayor, or some shite. I nod back to Norvell, dismissing him, then turn back to Cinch.
    "So what's this about a question?"
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    Don't look like i'm listening to that conversation, but I am. I'm pretty good at looking disinterested... part of the courier thing. Take good and bad, weird and disturbing all in stride. Just do the job. But I take it all in.

    I had taken a moment to comfort Winkle as I was waiting, crouch down to offer him a brief face-to-face. When Esco calls, though, I'm immediately up and walk over to him, a moment of silence before I speak, just a little flicker of the eyes as I can tell, heck, I know first hand there's more going on than just someone needing work... but I'm going to stick to my promises.

    "Esco, I picked up a couple'a strays got their ride taken out by 'snakes," I turn my head towards Rufe and Winkle, I introduce her but not the boy. Pretty sure Esco wouldn't care if I did, "this is Rufe... she's banged up a bit but looking for work and I think she's capable. Thought you could do well for each other."

    I tip my head asking her to come closer, introduce herself.
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    Rufe takes the hint and moves up. Esco, she doesn't meet your eyes. She's in rough shape, but nothing that looks permanent. Has her teeth, even. She's taken care of herself, but she has worked, you notice the calluses on her hands, the way she stands on her feet. "Nice to, ah... nice to meet you, Esco. I'm lookin' for work."

    Winkle, the kid, moves up and hugs her side, protective of her. She smooths his hair and looks at you for a moment.
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    I stand stoic as Cinch fills me in on savin' these two, and flick my toothpick around in my mouth as Rufe steps forward. I consider her for a second... Bruises and scars invite trouble in a brothel. Especially here...
    "What kind of work you lookin' for?"
    My tone is notably softer — I find it works best when talking to potential hires.
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    Rufe meets your eyes now, glances down at her boy before answering, "In Depot, I did lots of stuff. I can cook and mend clothes. I cleaned rooms at Fall On. Served at the Pit for a little while..." You get the feeling there's more she's done, but she doesn't spill it. "I'm a hard worker, Esco. I'll do whatever, ah, whatever you need. I've got to take care of my boy Winkle here."
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    Cinch, while Rufe is talking, Winkle shifts around so he can look back at you. His eyes are full of worry, he can sense the tension in his mother's voice, and he doesn't know Esco at all.
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    All I can do is meet his eye give him a confident nod, I silently mouth the words, "it's ok," and listen.

    Finally though, I have a second of peace... what the hell actually happened? Borax bus got nuked by raiders... who? I should have asked Reese for more info. He mentioned Zig... yeah ok. There's another someone we gotta watch out for.

    Snakes... ok they're just being snakes... but the bus. That's been a fixture 'reound the Irons for just about forever. Now it's wasted... I wonder if it can be fixed. Would anyone want to crew it even if it can? Reese could still handle a gun.

    Keep my ears discreetly open and wait for Esco to make his call.
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    A brothel ain't really the place for a boy his age — not that he'd be the first kid I took in, and most of my girls have a certain motherly quality to them. He'd be well cared for. It just doesn't help the atmosphere. Someone with some cleaning skills might not be so bad given the mess waiting for me inside, though...

    I sigh, and rub my stubble.
    "You got any reservations about cleanin' up blood? It'll happen from time to time... Not that we aim to kill people under my roof — it's just a hazard of the industry." I look down to the boy, sizing him up, "will you two be needin' a room? Or would you make your own arrangements?" I look back up at her, "either's fine."
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    You can tell that the offer to let her clean versus work as a whore is a relief. She nods, "Blood's not a problem, Esco. I worked at the Pit. Scorps and Rats and 'Zons and Crue, all fightin'. Blood all the time, the floor's red."
    She rubs Winkle's head, then quirks her mouth as she considers lodging. "Can I have a look around at options for where we can lay our head?"

    Assuming you don't object to that, she'll head in with Sasha, who just came back from Fleece's.
  • I figured it might. I don't often push whorin' as a job offer right out the gate — I usually let the girls work their way to it themselves, or make subtle suggestions and the like. Right now, though? I really do need a cleaner.
    "Yeah. I'd imagine you're gunna find lots of vacancies tonight, given the excitement earlier... You may just have your work cut out for you today, though. C'mon in. I'll introduce you to JD and the girls..."
    I look to Cinch.
    "You want a drink for your troubles? Call it a finder's fee."
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    A Esco looks over I straighten, but his offer of a drink lets me relax, and he can see my shoulders slouch slightly and my "on the job" expression melts into a near-smile.

    "That... is the best idea ever," I wave to Winkle and Rufe as they go with Sasha, good to know I'll probably be seeing them again. "You got five to join me?"
  • I smile, and put a welcoming hand on her shoulder,
    "Today? I'm takin' ten."
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    I smile back with a genuine smile, "at least," I answer and gently tap-tap a balled up hand on his chest to return the gesture. I know I'm not the only one had a taxing day... can't wait to hear the story.

    "Well come on!" I hustle past him and into the Diamond.
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    End Scene.

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